Title: The Astral World

Speaker: Ivor James

There are seven states of universal manifestation, the physical body, astral body, prana (energy), instinctive mind, intellectual mind, spiritual mind and spirit and these exist in all forms of life. Ivor describes these seven states before describing in detail the structure and role of the Astral world.

The word "Astral" means of the stars but the Astral envelopes the physical plane and is closely aligned to our physical manifestation. We originate from the Astral and return to it after death. 

Title: Earth Temples

Speaker: Stanley Messenger

Stanley begins by defining the word “Temple” and its relationship with time, space and place and how it then becomes a place enabling experience. Anything (our bodies, thoughts, the Earth, places) can act as a temple but in this talkStanley concentrates on our relationship with the Earth and the role of the chakras within the idea of experiencing an earthly life and how they link us to the Earth in a 7 fold structural form and how this enables us to build a deeper understanding of the living world.

Title: Flights to Inner Space

Speaker: Denise Taggart

In this Observing the world around us has been an important part in the evolution of humanities’ thought consciousness; something that has taken many millions years to develop. Intellectually we have evolved to create an advanced technology. Our thought consciousness has advanced to a point where we are now required to evolve our spiritual consciousness so that we remain in balance.

Denise describes how can start to achieve growth in our spiritual consciousness by looking inwards rather than relying on external factors. The inner journey requires commitment and discipline, but contemplation, meditation and concentration are all allies especially at times when we feel the effects of social and planetary upheaval and understand at a deeper level change is necessary.

Title: Gaia. Earth Mother, Goddess or Scientific Theory

Speaker: Trevor Day

The word “Gaia”  re-emerged in the 1960’s as a metaphor describing the inter relationship between all life on Earth. Trevor begins by describing the origins of the word “Gaia” and the role of James Lovelock in presenting the Earth as a self regulated holistic system, before talking about the spirituality associated with the idea of Gaia and its interpretation through science. 

The spirituality of Gaia is rooted in pre-history with modern Gaia grounded in scientific theory. Humanity is required to reconnect and honour a deep connection with all life in order that both might evolve. Gaia provides a unifying template through which we can work to bring about changes harmonious to both the biotic and abiotic environments  on planet Earth through the combination of technology and spirituality.

Title: the Metaphysics of Colour and Sound

Speaker: Grahame Cheater

Sound light and colour are intrinsically connected. In this fascinating lecture Grahame talks about the metaphysical significance of the way in which musical instruments are played and how they relate to the chakras of the human body. He then talks about the role of colour; its expression through our clothing and what it is saying about our state of being at any one moment in time.

Title: the Faery Faith

Speaker: Serena Roney Dougal

A fascinating talk in which Serena provides a synopsis of the link between the Faery Faith and traditional British Shamanism and the how it connects with our psyche. She begins by describing the central animistic philosophy of British Shamanism; how everything has spirit. She then provides an insight into the Faery Faith and its association with magic and psychic ability.

An insight into the Faery Faith can help us as we transition in to the Aquarian Age which is an age of interconnectedness, deeper understanding and reconnection with the Earth and the elemental worlds.

Title: the Quest for the Holy Grail

Speaker: Geoffrey Ashe

Geoffrey talks about the origins of the Grail story which although apparent in many cultures might be described as a Christian myth rooted in Pagan Britain and Celtic mythology.

He concludes that the Grail quest is not about finding a material object, but is about experience, spiritual achievement and transcendence.

Title: Crystals

Speaker: Elaina Harvey

Crystals have the ability to amplify energy, transmute energy and change/balance energy fields. As conduits of universal energy they have many uses.

In this informative lecture Eliana describes the historical and cultural use of crystals worldwide. She then describes how we might attune ourselves to crystals and crystal energy before talking about the properties of the different types of crystal.

The speaker also describes some of her experiences using crystals, how to look after them their relevance in modern world and how they might be used individually, in cluster or with sound or as Chakra sets.

Title: Life Death and Beyond

Speaker: Brian Williams

In this lecture Brian brings together ideas from science, theology and philosophy to discuss what it means to be human and why we incarnate on Earth to experience lives in physical bodies. The physical body eventually disintegrates but what happens to our consciousness when we die? Was there ever a time when we did not exist or will cease to exist?

Our origins are linked to the formation of the universe and the creation of matter out of energy. Understanding where we come from and why are we here can help us live meaningful lives where we gain experience, develop our consciousness and face up to our responsibilities to ourselves, each other and the Earth.

Title: The World of Nature Spirits

Speaker: Patrick Dixon

In this informative talk we learn about the complex relationships between nature spirits (devas), elemental beings (gnomes, undines, salamanders) and the mineral, plant and animal realms.  Patrick describes how humanities path of evolution has taken us away from understanding and connecting with the elemental worlds but ultimately we will reconnect with the natural world at a far deeper level of understanding. This can only be achieved through love and compassion.

The Gods created an orchestra and that is the world

The nature spirits are the instruments

We are the players but at the moment we don’t understand the instruments

Title: Man’s Extraterrestrial Brethren

Speaker: Len Farra

Len describes how a series of channelled messages received by a trance medium from a man who lived as an American Indian over 5,000 years ago; led him to research the idea that extraterrestrial beings (beings from the seven stars) lived amongst ancient humanity. 

His research reveals that stories of such visitations can be found in the mythology of different cultures all over the world. He then looks at the importance of the number seven in relation to the extraterrestrial contact and the possible reasons for the visitations.

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