Meditation can help us on so many levels bringing into balance the body, mind and spirit. The physical body follows the mind with our thoughts and emotions expressed in the alchemy of the physical body. Meditation helps us live in the moment taking us beyond any mental limitations the mind imposes, reducing the possibility of dis-ease and bringing body and mind into balance.

Meditation is also our gateway to the universe. Connection to universal consciousness frees the spirit and reminds us of our divinity as spiritual beings grounded in physicality. We remember that we are multidimensional and far more than just body and mind. 

When meditating focus on positive themes and associated words. Creative or positive thoughts and emotions help maintain a healthy body and free us from lower vibrational (negative) thoughts. Here are some themes on which one might meditate.

Light - We must strive to be the light of the world. Visualising light flowing into every cell of the physical body can help healing and rejuvenate it. 

Joy - The great joy of being - what prevents us from being joyous? Allow ourselves us to let go of hinderances and return us to a joyous state.

Peace - Agitation and apprehension fill our minds yet there is peace all around us if we can see it. Stress transfers itself from the mind to the body. Peace can bring health and healing.

Guidance - Sometimes in life we don’t know which way to turn, producing conflict within us. If we are receptive to guidance meditation can take us on a path of light to wisdom and understanding, the frustrations of thought gone. 

Life - Sometimes life doesn’t make any sense at all, wearing us down as we ruminate on things. Meditation can help us let go of the weariness of life as we rest the mind and know that strength is within. Life is for living!

Love - To love and to be loved are the basic ingredients of health and wholeness. To enter into love we have to let go of our resentments and disappointments and start by learning to love ourselves. Only then we can love others as we would ourself. Love is the higher impulse within us all.

Rest - To rest is to be recreated. Sometimes we need to be still and let go. Human Being instead of Human Doing.


Equinox days have equal day length and equal night length (12 hours each). In the Northern Hemisphere on the Spring Equinox, the Sun rises exactly in the East travels through the sky for 12 hours and sets exactly in the West. The Earth’s energies are now at a time of balance in both hemispheres’ which brings fertility on all levels. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, nature shows signs of activity as the power of the sun increases. This is also the beginning of the astrological year as the Sun enters Aries. Traditionally it is a time when seeds are planted, and fertility and new life celebrated. The Goddess of fertility and new beginnings, Oestre/Eostre, symbolises springtime, new growth, and rebirth.

At this time we can begin to reconnect with the Earth and create opportunities for positive changes in our life and in the world. Ideas and plans we have made have now had time to develop and can be shared with others. It is a time for personal growth and development. 

In today’s world it is important that we try to make time to connect with the Earth. The Earth needs to hear our voice and we are a voice for the Earth. Try to use Spring Equinox as a focus for your future plans for the year and this will help you to embrace the coming of the summer. Take this opportunity to embrace Eostre’s passion for new life and let our own lives take the new directions we have wanted for so long. 


Emotions are energy in motion (e-motion). Emotions may not have a tangible mass as expressed in Albert Einsteins’ equation E = MC2 but they certainly carry an energetic resonance (an energetic imprint or signature).

The teachings of world religions go a bit further. They talk about the idea of Karma (the law of cause and effect). This suggests that we eventually experience the consequences of our thoughts and actions. In one form or other, the energy we project returns to us.

Modern technology enables information to be disseminated rapidly and for us to respond to it very quickly. More than ever there is a requirement for humanity to take responsibility for its thoughts and actions. This applies not just to world leaders, the media and social media users, but to all of us; for with each thought and emotion, we are projecting energy.

One unifying thread of universal truth is that we can change the energetic resonance of our world for the better through the energy we project in our thoughts and actions. We have the ability to improve our lives and the lives of others through projecting love, positivity and compassion. Such thoughts allow energy to flow and we create a much safer and equitable world as we begin to understand we are all connected at some level or other.


Political negotiation has historically (and still is largely) based upon strategies of mistrust that are  based on three assumptions.

The first is that we are separate from each other. The second is that there are not enough resources for everyone, and the third is that the outcome of any negotiation results in having a winner and a loser.

These strategies are driven by powerful institutional structures that influence or govern all aspects of human affairs (political, religious, business, health…etc) and over time they have created their own energetic signatures (cultures) reflective of the ways in which they operate. 

The incoming Aquarian age requires humanity to work together to tackle challenges that are global in context. Everything is now interconnected - everything dependent on the actions of someone or something else. Rather than working from positions of mistrust, separation, self interest and resisting the idea of change, we are asked to move forward in a different and higher way.

Political interaction provides humanity with an opportunity for spiritual growth if we understand that we are not separate, that there are enough resources if we share them and that their needn’t be winners and losers; we can all be winners. Successful political interaction based on unity, respect and compassion will bring more meaning to our lives as we are driven forward with a higher sense of purpose. 


What am I? Why am I here? Questions that each of us have probably asked ourselves sometime in our lives. What do we really know of the human condition? We are surrounded by the mystery of life but how much do we really understand. 

As a result of materialistic philosophy in science we might believe that to be human is to be nothing more than a third dimensional physical being. Science tells us that the universe was formed out of the “Big Bang” when matter must of been formed out of pure energy. The result is a universe that is a multi-layered dynamic entity comprised of energy (Creative Intelligence and Being) from which (or Whom) all manifestation in matter derives.

Matter represents the densification of energy and whatever the form it takes, it is still part of a universal matrix of energy. Our physical bodies are manifestation in matter, but we also have a soul and self consciousness. These are aspects of the self that extend beyond the body and physical plane. By default, human beings are multidimensional. We are a combination of body, soul and spirit with part of us that is self conscious (ego) that part of us that says I am - all co-existing in and out of the physical plane.

We are all too aware that the physical body ages and ultimately dies and with it the physical aspect of the self. The remaining aspects of our consciousness return to the spiritual (non physical) planes and live on and is therefore infinite. There was never a time when we did not exist and there will never be a time when we cease to exist.

A life in a physical body presents an opportunity to develop consciousness at a dense energetic level. Anyone in a physical body, is taking a journey of exploration through the challenge of experience,  the aim is to develop individual consciousness that also contributes to the collective consciousness of the universe. 

Whilst in a body we have freewill and the ability to account for our actions, blending the physical with the spiritual. Understanding we are multidimensional and part of a multi layered interconnected universe of energy / mind / consciousness can change our outlook on life. When we understand that everything is part of this great infinite whole (a universal mind) we are able to live a life living as oneness with all creation and with a spiritual world view. 

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