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Title Bristol Dowsers, Bristol
Venue 14 Tyndalls Park Road , Bristol
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Contribution Guests £4. Members free
Contact Rory Duff
Tel +44 (0)7748 734127
Email bristoldowsers@hotmail.com


Schedule 1st and 3rd Fridays - 19:30
Group Info:
Bristol Dowsers are a friendly group, with a wide range of interests and skills in all aspects of dowsing. We have meetings in the Winter and site visits in the Summer. Interests include archaeology, healing, water, sacred space, geopathic stress and dowsing training.

18-08-17 The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily. A New Interpretation
  Speaker: Rory Duff

Rory will be reading Goethe's famous fairy tale that has perplexed people for decades. Rudolf Steiners interpretation is progressed further due to the recent understanding of some of the symbology found within it. A new conclusion connects up Earth Energies and their Nodes with Immortality and Mediumship in a way in the story that helps us see our true relationship to all that surrounds us.

When Goethe first wrote this, a local publication said this about it It is a fairy story that would remind them of everything and nothing. This Fairy Tale speaks to those who are able to hear and says nothing to those who can’t. Rudolf Steiner went on to say that this Fairy Tale was the archetypal seed of the Anthroposophical movement. Before the reading the audience will be briefed on some of the key understandings and afterwards, there will be a further explanation and time for some QandA

21-07-17 Dartmoor Landscapes. Re-Visioning a Sacred Landscape
  Speaker: Peter Knight

Peter returns to talk on his ground-breaking book which covers his research, including profound personal experiences, based on 'cognitive archaeology'. He uncovers the intricate relationships between tor outcrops and other natural features, with stone circles, stone rows, cairns and megaliths. This book insightfully proposes how our prehistoric ancestors interacted with notable outcrops, simulacra, rock basins and propped stones; Peter gets inside the minds of prehistoric people and their shamans, to walk their Dreamtime.

We are invited to perceive landscapes as interfaces, saturated with cultural and mythic memory. Peter suggests ways to walk and interact with the landscape in a more meaningful and mindful way today, to develop deeper connections with the sacred and ancient mindscapes of Dartmoor. The book also covers earth energies and dowsing, shamanism, acoustics, astronomical and landscape alignments, and much more!

16-06-17 The Truth about Reincarnation
  Speaker: David Pye

In this talk relates the amazing work of Dr Helen Wambach who in the 1970s regressed groups of people to past lives and got them to record their experiences. She then correlated the data against historical facts to produce the nearest thing to scientific proof of reincarnation. David couples this with the ground breaking work of Dr Michael Newton who hypnotically regressed thousands of individuals to the period before they were born to build a fascinating kaleidoscope of the life between lives. The results are incredible and effects each and every one of us, changing our whole view on life and giving insight into the reasons why we incarnated here on planet earth

02-06-17 Dowsing for Beginners
  Practical Session
  A Training workshop where different types of dowsing is taught and practiced. Newcomers are welcome to come along and try it and to test their skills. Feedback mechanisms are taught so belief in ability is built
19-05-17 Elongated Skulls of Stonehenge and the Neolithic Queen
  Speaker: Maria Wheatley

Maria Wheatley returns to talk to us about her latest research into the Stonehenge site, the people that were there, why they were there and that has led her to uncover supressed information concerning an ancient Neolithic Queen with a very interesting shape of skull. Maria will talk more about this Neolithic Queen who was buried in a long barrow/long mound that measured at over 300ft! She will also discuss who these people were, as there is evidence all over the globe of a race of beings seemingly possessing high knowledge for the time, and sharing this same elongated skull feature. This talk will be fascinating as Maria will talk about her most up to date research on this subject

05-05-17 Dowsing for Beginners
  Practical Session
  A Training workshop where different types of dowsing is taught and practiced. Newcomers are welcome to come along and try it and to test their skills. Feedback mechanisms are taught so belief in ability is built
21-04-17 Sacred Geometry
  Speaker: Karen French
  Throughout history we humans have searched for meaning to our existence. In her book The Hidden Geometry of Life Karen French reveals how geometry, in the broadest sense of the term, can provide the key to finding order, structure and significance within the astonishing multiplicity of the cosmos. Karen is a recognised expert in Sacred Geometry and has been giving talks and workshops on this and other related areas for many years
07-04-17 Dowsing for Beginners
  Practical Session
  A Training workshop where different types of dowsing is taught and practiced. Newcomers are welcome to come along and try it and to test their skills. Feedback mechanisms are taught so belief in ability is built
17-03-17 The Medicine Wheel: its Origins and Parts, their Meanings and Applications
  Speaker: Rosemary Stibbons
  Details to follow
17-02-17 Traditional Fairies in the British Isles
  Speaker: Sir Ronald Hutton
  This talk is designed to answer two big questions. The first is what the British and Irish believed about fairies before the year 1600, after which time purely literary images of them, often very different from folk belief, began to take over the popular imagination. The second is what function telling stories about fairies actually serve, in making humans understand the world better and react better with it
20-01-17 Caravaca Templar Window Message Mystery Revealed
  Speaker: Rory Duff

Having come across the legend of the Templar window message back in 2013, Rory Duff has spent three years investigating the meaning behind its 42 strange enigmatic symbols. The message has never before been translated as the symbols are practically all unique in shape and design.

Rory will explain how he discovered that the symbols actually had two meanings an open one and then a hidden one. What helped were the three wall paintings that were found in the corners of the small chapel where this window can be seen. The Latin inscriptions and their Vulgate bible translations highlight a possible cover up of the truth since the 13th Century.

The chapel is in the Sanctuario a church at the top of the hill in Caravaca de la Cruz, one of the top five holiest Christian sites in the World. It is one of the Worlds most sacred places and a place that has an intersection of Energy lines that put it on a par with Glastonbury in those terms.

If you are interested in Symbology, the Knights Templar mysteries and the Holy Grail, this will be a one off talk that will not be repeated for many months until a new documentary on the subject comes out later in 2017

16-12-16 Christmas Gathering
  Group Event:
  Join us for a festive meeting
18-11-16 Soul Realignment
  Speaker: Gill Gregson

Soul Realignment is about learning about yourself, your chosen Life Lessons, your past lives, Karmic blocks and challenges and the removal of previously made Vows and Curses. It is done through accurate Dowsing and with charts that have been channelled through from Spirit. Your Soul group of origination and your Soul profile, plus your chosen life lessons for this incarnation, contribute to the person you present to yourself today

05-11-16 Castle Park Dowsing
  Group Event:
  Castle park dowsing 11am meet at the front of St Peters Church. First time dowsers are welcome to join us
21-10-16 Past Life Regression and Spirit Releasement
  Speaker: Nicola Berry

Nicola will be talking about how traumas/fears and phobias can be carried over from passed lives, and how by revisiting the life you can overcome many obstacles affecting you in your current life. She will also be talking about how energies attach to people and some of the problems they bring with them which would explain the rise in mental health problems and depression, and a whole host of other problems they bring with them

20-09-16 Harmony Day Celebration
  Group Event:
  Harmony day Gathering Stanton Drew at 6pm Tuesday meet in the car park to the main field
16-09-16 Homeopathy and Dowsing
  Speaker: Lea Surs
  Lea is a qualified Homeopath who uses her dowsing skills to help in choosing a remedy for her patients. She will be giving us a talk on how Homeopathy works and answer any questions that you may have about this natural system of medicine that treats the whole person emotionally, mentally and physically. Lea will bring along many remedies and if you wish, you may dowse to see if there is a remedy that would benefit you
16-09-16 St Ediths Day Celebration
  Group Event:
  Meet at Castle Park at 6pm. The meeting will be at the site of the well near the front of St Peters Church in the park
19-08-16 The Sacred Sphere
  Speaker: Paul Burley
  The Sacred Sphere explores world mythologies, cultural and religious philosophies, and ethnographic records from around the world, documenting the history of sacred symbols throughout the past two million years, and analysing sacred geometries expressed in many traditions including the architecture of ancient and indigenous cultures
15-07-16 The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles
  Speaker: Sir Ronald Hutton
  Britain arguably has the richest pagan heritage in Europe, in terms of the number and variety of its prehistoric ceremonial monuments of different religious traditions represented from the Roman and post-Roman periods. More evidence for them is unearthed or perceived every year. The purpose of this talk is to survey what is known about them in 2016, and what the story of them currently seems to be. Professor Hutton is currently Professor of History at the University of Bristol and is acknowledged as the UKs leading expert on Pagan religions
18-06-16 Gathering Earth Energy Harmony Day
  Group Event:
  Stanton Drew
17-06-16 Dowsing Evening on Clifton Downs
  Group Event:
  We will be dowsing the local Earth energy lines and the energy fields around certain Trees. The group will take a short relaxing walk around part of the downs where there will be a chance to dowse and learn from some of the experts from within the Bristol dowsing community
06-06-16 Learn to Dowse
  Practical group session:
  This is a practical session for both beginners and those wishing to progress their dowsing skills. A short talk on how dowsing works precedes the session. Please bring along anyone that might be interested
20-05-16 Earth is the Womb of Angels
  Speaker: David Ash
  Based on his new books CONTINUOUS LIVING and THE VORTEX THEORY and the evidence of near death experiences he explains our soul destiny. From a life time of research as a spiritual scientist, David is convinced the purpose of our lives is to decide through the way we live whether we become an angel in the light with Life and Love, or an angel in the dark separated from Light, Love and Life
06-05-16 Learn to Dowse
  Practical group session:
  This is a practical session for both beginners and those wishing to progress their dowsing skills. A short talk on how dowsing works precedes the session. Please bring along anyone that might be interested
15-04-16 Where Do We Go When We Die?
  Speaker: David Pye

David Pye will discuss these questions drawing on the ground-breaking research of Dr Helen Wambach a clinical phycologist at JFK University, California who in 1973 embarked on a pioneering program to investigate hypnotic regression to past lives. She did this not by regressing subjects individually but by taking whole groups of people back through past incarnations and using statistical analysis to collate her findings. The results are fascinating and by the time of her death in 1985 she had regressed over 6,000 people. Incredibly this fascinating research on reincarnation is largely forgotten and her books are out of print. Come along and discover the amazing results for yourself

18-03-16 Gathering Earth Energy Harmony Day
  Group Event:
  Stanton Drew
17-03-16 Exploring Sacred Space and Sacred Sound + Singing
  Speaker: Susan Hale
  Within each of us is a sacred architecture and music that many ignore: your singing voice. This voice contains our deepest feelings, our spiritual longings, our hopes, fears and personal truths. Singing is the most personalized form of musical expression. It involves the diaphragm, chest, heart, lungs, throat, tongue, face, the exposed frontal part of our bodies where our deepest emotions are stored. When we sing we become a resonator, an instrument vibrating with the beauty of tone. We feel song vibrate through our entire system, linking body, mind, emotion, soul and spirit. We are the only species that can change from spoken language into song
19-02-16 Walking the Leys
  Speaker: Lawrence Main

Lawrence walks the leys all the time. Dowsing leys (spirit paths) and undertaking vision quests at sacred sites has given him an insight into our landscape. His talk is about his experiences over the years from doing this as well as giving us some of the knowledge he has acquire from many years of working with the leys. He is an authority on Camlan (King Arthur’s last battle) and is the author of over 50 walking guides. He has a degree in history and education from Oxford University

22-01-16 Node Patterns and their Changing Energy Shapes
  Speaker: Rory Duff
  Symmetrical and Asymmetrical patterns of concentrations of energy found around a node are examined and compared with examples of node patterns from all around the World. Enigmatic symbols from the Templar Chapel at Montsaunes in the South of France that have never before been deciphered are likened to these changing shapes and a sequence of them is compared to the changing three dimensional energy fields found by dowsing around a symmetrical node during a harmony period. This is a high level talk aimed at those people who have learnt to dowse earth energy lines who have followed the previous lectures on earth energies that have been run by the Bristol Dowsers. It should not be missed if this is an area that interests you as it will not be repeated anywhere again until the middle of 2017

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