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Title Devon Dowsers
Venue Red Lion Hotel, East Street, Chulmleigh, EX18 7DD
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Contribution Non members and guests - Three pounds.
Web www.devondowsers.org.uk

12-12-17 Christmas Dinner
28-11-17 AGM
14-11-17 Stonehenge Landscape
  Speaker: Don Bryan
  For hundreds of years both professional and amateur archaeologists have been studying the stones at Stonehenge. It is only in relatively recent times that attention has been directed away from Stonehenge itself and a study of the whole of the Stonehenge Landscape has taken place. This study has thrown up some simply amazing results. This talk will highlight some of these discoveries and answer some of the mysteries of Stonehenge and its sacred landscape - the landscape of our ancestors
10-10-17 Members Evening
  An evening of dowsing and socialising. Possibly some funny stories about the places we visited in the summer and the stands we have had at various events, plus a question and answer session and maybe a quiz. Anyone thinking of becoming a member will be very welcome to join us to check us out
12-09-17 Gong Experience
  Speaker: Wendy Scott
  An evening experiencing the energetic powers of the Gongs. A talk will describe the uses and qualities of different Gongs, and a demonstration of the energetic reactions of the Human Body, and the environment. There will be an opportunity to dowse prior to the sounding experience and after the Sacred Sound in the room, to see how the sound can transform our environment. Please bring something to lie on and a pillow
10-09-17 Dowsing Lifestyle Changes to Improve your Health and Wellbeing
  Facilitators: Angie Kibble and Gwynn Paulett
  Venue Spreyton Village Hall. Time 9.30 - 4
12-08-17 Visit to Lundy Island
  Group Event
  We will be sailing from Bideford Quay at 8.30am and returning to Bideford at 8.30pm so we should have around 8 hours on Lundy
15-07-17 Visit to Glastonbury
  Group Event
  We will dowse in Glastonbury Abbey on Sunday 16th July. On this trip we propose to explore the earth energies of the Mary and Michael Lines as they weave their way around Glastonbury. As there is too much to see in one day some of us will go on the Saturday and stay over.There are campsites nearby, plenty of B&Bs and even an ashram!
17-06-17 Walk and Dowse by East Okement River
  Group Event

We will walk up the East Okement River valley where there are waterfalls and where we can commune with nature spirits and tree dowse. The Railway Station cafe has refreshments.Adults only

04-06-17 Introduction to Dowsing Course
  Facilitators: Angie Kibble and Gwynn Paulett
14-05-17 Advanced Dowsing Workshop
  Facilitator: David Lockwood
  Venue Trewen, details to follow
09-05-17 Devons Sacred Wood
  Speaker: Terry Faull
  Certain landscapes are often thought of as special and perhaps sacred sites. Places such as Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Carnac and the figures drawn in the deserts of Peru are examples which come to mind. Less celebrated is the sacred site in mid-Devon. In this illustrated lecture Terry will outline why some people believe that the landscape around us once formed part of a pre-Christian spiritual complex
11-04-17 Dowsing for Health
  Speaker: Mandy Bennett
  What is health? It is not just the absence of illness or disease, but wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit. Dowsing is a great way of identifying issues and factors which may be adversely affecting health. From environmental factors such as food and drink and Geopathic stress, to the sometimes surprising root causes of health problems. Mandy will outline some of the major things that can impact health, and how to dowse for which of these are most affecting you, and potential remedies or treatments. This will be a practical session where you will have the opportunity to dowse, so please bring your pendulums or rods
14-03-17 Dowsing Flower Essences
  Speakers: Andrew Tressider & Cathy Talk
  Dr Andrew Tresidder is a Somerset-based GP with a keen interest in integrated medicine and over 20 years experience of using flower essences. He will be talking to us about 'Flower Essences for Personal Development'. He will introduce flower essences as tools to support us in our personal growth some of which is unlearning limitation! Come prepared to make up a personal bottle from any of the Bach, Australian Bush, Indigo, Spirit in Nature and other flower essences. Basic dowsing i.e. the ability to get a yes/no response is required in order to determine which essences to select, so please bring your pendulum or rods
14-02-17 Applying Intiution to Every Aspect of Life
  Speakers: Nigel Twinn and Christopher Strong
  Few people have such a comprehensive and insightful view of life - let alone dowsing - as Christopher Strong. To many, he will be known for his courses about finding lost objects, yet this is just one pixel in the holistic hologram that became the wonderful journey of both Christopher and his late wife, Veronika. In his book The Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser, he relates a multitude of stories and anecdotes, many of which would be laughably bizarre, were it not for the fact that they have been his personal, practical, everyday experience. During this presentation, I am sure we will hear alternative versions of some of these cameos, together with others that we had to leave on the cutting room floor
10-01-17 Geopathic Stress in the Home and in the Landscape
  Speaker: John Moss
  John has been a dowser for about 20 years and is a Registered Practitioner and Tutor for The British Society of Dowsers. John was also Director of the BSD for 9 years. He and his wife Jill now live in West Cornwall where they run the local dowsing group, Trencrom Dowsers. They work on dowsing jobs together, specialising in geopathic and technopathic stress problems and run a regular programme of dowsing workshops, tours and visits to ancient sites
13-12-16 Devon Dowsers Christmas Dinner
  Group Event
22-11-16 AGM
  Group Event
08-11-16 Stolen Images - Pagan Symbolism and Christianity
  Speaker: Peter Knight
  An illustrated talk telling the story of how symbols and myths from Egypt, Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia and elsewhere became absorbed into Christian iconography, and the hidden symbolism of stained glass windows etc. Also how symbols possess energy and power in themselves.

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