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Title Poole Positive Living Group
Venue Broadstone Library, 10 Story Lane, Poole BH18 5EQ
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Contribution £5 (includes refreshments)

Adrian John Oliver


Tel. Adrian 07738 081394

Email Adrian response.ability@gmail.com
Schedule Meetings take place on Tuesdays

07-02-17 Making February the Best Year of Your Life
  Speaker: Sam Sharma
17-01-17 The Power of the Breath
  Speaker: Johnathan Quail
15-11-16 The Joy of Soul Midwifery
  Speaker: Many Preece
01-11-16 Mantra Yoga - Vibrational Chanting
  Speaker: Muz Murray
04-10-16 The Art of Networking
  Speaker: Lorna Trent
06-09-16 Secrets of Natural Walking
  Speaker: Tim Johnson
  Did you know that the way you walk can directly affect your health? Secrets of Natural Walking is an effective and easy to learn way of walking that reawakens the body's natural healing abilities. People have reported, often after only a few days’ practice: more energy and vitality; improved sleep patterns; significant relief of neuralgia, bone and joint pain; improvements to postural problems, such as stooped back or scoliosis; weight loss and improved digestion and metabolism; toned and better shaped body
02-08-16 Let It Sound
  Speaker: Stephanie Roiner
  With LET IT SOUND you will all have the opportunity to express yourself freely without feeling that you are being judged by others or by yourself. You will discover that the voice is a pure reflection of the soul and you will learn how to listen to the voice inside you
19-07-16 Life Alignment
  Speaker: Adrian John Oliver
  Many of us have longstanding, often life-long, patterns or blocks resulting from earlier emotional upsets and traumas. In this talk and demonstration Adrian will show how powerful Life Alignment healing tools and processes can resolve these at a deep level, freeing us to be more aligned with our true natures
05-07-16 Dawn of the New Age
  Speaker: Philip Cookson
  People everywhere are waking up and long for change, convinced that a better world is possible. Awaited by people of all faiths and none, Maitreya, the World Teacher, is here to inspire us to re-build our world. He says: "Sharing and Justice, Brotherhood and Freedom are not new concepts. From the dawn of time mankind has linked his aspiration to these beckoning stars. Now, my friends, shall we anchor them in the world."
20-06-16 An Evening with Arch Angel Uriel
  Speaker: Sarah Haywood
  At this event we will be learning more about these higher beings and having the opportunity to connect with them as a group. You will also have the opportunity to ask spirit questions. This event will take place on the 3rd Monday of each month
07-06-16 Earth Energies at Work at Local Sacred Sites and our Country Estates
  Speaker: Nigel Peter
  My talk will detail to you how secret societies learned about and utilised the invisible conscious energy systems which emanate from the ground and also were collected from the Beech family of trees. Join me (and my Celestial Divining Guide!) for a journey of discovery presented to me courtesy of the spiritual world over the last 2 years. The sites we will be looking at include Kingston Lacy, (my main school of learning), Stourhead Gardens, Badbury Rings, Maiden Castle, Old Sarum, Salisbury Cathedral, the Hardy Monument and of course Stonehenge! You will see how a common theme develops for most, if not all of our sacred sites, and the placement of many features, indicate former (and current) knowledge of the energy systems located there hidden in plain sight for all to see if you know what you are looking at!
06-06-16 Spiritual Development Group - Sharing Knowledge and Reconnecting with Animals
  With: Gemma Stacey
17-05-16 Flower Remedies for Raising Energy Vibration
  Speaker: Lisa Elmore
  Lisa will discuss the Bach flower remedies which work with emotions such as fear, stress, anger, depression and associated problem such as inability to sleep and confidence
03-05-16 Sundoor - Tools for Empowerment
  Speaker: Louisa Potter
  Louisa will share what the Empowerment Tools of firewalking, glasswalking, arrow breaks and rebar bends can bring to our spiritual journey, and how they can be woven into our ceremonial work, celebrations and community events. She gives a brief history of the SUNDOOR training and how she came to be a firewalk leader
19-04-16 Mindfulness Resilience
  Speaker: Francis Raven Vause
  Looking at the Brain and how emotions impact on our lives. What tools can we use to rebalance
05-04-16 Be More Dog - Now Why Would a Cat Want to be More Dog?
  Speaker: Monica Burman
  I will be discussing the conflict of what we are and what we want to be and how realistic our expectations of ourselves are
15-03-16 Egyptian and French Scientific Pendulums
  Speaker: Sandra McKenzie

In the early and mid twentieth century, French physicists and engineers were investigating the energy emitted by the pendulums that were discovered in Egyptian tombs. From these they developed a range of Egyptian pendulums each emitting different frequencies. Sandra will be demonstrate these dowsers and you will have an opportunity to use them too.

01-03-16 Living and Empowering Soulful Life
  Speaker: Shan Simpson
  Feeling a little Lost, No direction, feeling a bit Flat and really no idea on Why you're here and What your True Purpose is?
16-02-16 Alchemy of the Heart: Alaskan Essences for Opening and Healing the Heart
  Speaker: Sharon Keenan
  In this evening's talk Sharon Keenan will help us discover how the healing energy of Nature can support us on this journey, via the Alaskan Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences.
02-02-16 Earth Energies and Ley Lines
  Speaker: Maria Wheatley
  Maria Wheatley has been dowsing ley lines and earth energies for many years and will show you the many different types of earth energy that can influence our health and well being
19-01-16 Deeksha - Opening to Joy and Enlightenment
  Speaker: Andy Komocki
  By opening our hearts and minds, we make it easier to love and care for ourselves and others. But how do we DO this effectively?
15-12-15 Christmas Harmonic Activation Evening
  Speaker: Lynn Ray
  Lynn Ray will be holding a Christmas Harmonic Activation evening that offers you a space to bathe in the soothing frequencies of pure love and peace, as this interactive evening connects in with the Choir of Angels and beautiful sound instruments
01-12-15 Living with Crystals
  Speaker: Fiona Bittlinski
  This talk will be based around how you can use crystals to enhance your everyday life
17-11-15 Plants as Medicine & the Power of Detoxification
  Speaker: Deborah Laniado
  Deborah's talk will be based on easy ways for everybody to start using their own plants & kitchen herbs as medicine. Learning which plants & herbs have medicinal properties for common ailments & how to acquaint oneself with edible plants that are readily available in gardens or nearby open spaces
03-11-15 Your Soul Heritage. How To Improve Your Life Through Love Lessons and Soul Contracts
  Speaker: Ildiko Scurr
  Our relationships with each other are complicated. We are all adrift in a sea of confusion and misunderstanding. Prey to alarming emotions and the perplexing reaction of others to what we do. Ildiko will be giving us an understanding of our soul heritage and how this has an effect on our lives
20-10-15 Are We Asking Enough Questions About Our Products?
  Speaker: Linda Anousta
  If everyone makes a small difference, it becomes a BIG difference.Linda Anousta talks enthusiastically about some of the common ingredients in commercial products that cause problems for humans as well as pollute the environmenty
06-10-15 Dowsing for the Earth
  Speaker: Maria Wheatley
  Maria Wheatley has been dowsing ley lines and earth energies for many years and will show you the many different types of earth energy that can influence our health and well being
03-10-15 Embrace Love - Holistic Fayre
  Facilitators: Sarah Haywood and Jackie Deakin
Bournemouth A day filled with love offering lots of therapies, card readings and merchandise to suit this subject. Venue: The Oceanview Hotel, Bournemouth. Cost £1.00 Time 10am - 5pm.
15-09-15 Rose Alchemy and the Path of Peace
  Speaker: Sandy Humby
  Do you long for a sense of deep inner peace, connection, wellbeing and purpose? All of these feelings come from a heart that is at peace with itself even in a turbulent world. When we find that place of peace in ourselves, when our Heart flame is lit, we can be a beacon for many and a way shower for Peace in the World.  The Rose is pure vibrational medicine for the Heart, bringing beauty, comfort and healing she offers a pathway to LOVE. Love for self, Love for each other and Love for the Planet
01-09-15 Sacred Geometry and Connections to the Stars
  Speaker: James McComish

will talk about my spiritual awakening and how sacred geometry has played its part in that. I will expand further and show how I have found connections between the sacred sites on earth and how they appear to relate to the stars. Last year I also found a relationship between the crop circles appearing in Europe and how they all pointed to one specific place

04-08-15 Live From and Follow the Guidance of Your Authentic Self
  Speaker: Dennis Lindsey
  The evening workshop is designed to be a fun enlightening experience that will give you the understanding and skills to powerfully serve you for a lifetime. It Includes:- Clear yourself of Old Emotions that are keeping you stuck.  Manage your inner energy and create mental and emotional clarity.  Live from, and follow the guidance of your Authentic Self
21-07-15 Pagan Symbolism and Christianity
  Speaker: Peter Knight
  Peter returns to our group with another informative Powerpoint talk about his 10th book, which is all about how the Church usurped ancient symbols and myths to forward its own agenda


  Speaker: Peter Gane
  Peter will explore the biological impact of man-made RF EMF's at non-thermal levels on our health, environment and ecology from mobile and cordless phones, masts, WI-FI , smart meters and other devices
16-06-15 The Art of Happiness
  Speaker: Karen Font Garcia
  Achieving happiness within and exploring what prevents us from living a life of pure joy. How to make each day count and be open to all that we wish to receive abundance, joy and inner peace
02-06-15 Spiritual Empowerment Through Heart Meditation
  Workshop with: Mehrdad Noorani

The workshop will introduce the techniques required to practice Heart Meditation according to an Ancient Gnostic tradition. The class will be a combination of verbal explanations and practical exercises

19-05-15 Sound Healing
  Speaker: Lynn Ray

Please come along to join in a fun interactive workshop of Sound Healing. You will learn how to align and cleanse your energy field to bring harmony into our mind, body and spirit. At the end of the evening you will all be able to connect into the harmony of sound alignment in a few short minutes each day or whenever you feel the instant need to realign

05-05-15 Walk Ins
  Speaker: Shirley Battie
  Shirley will talk about WALK INS and our space friends. Feel like a misfit on Earth? Are you here to help shift humanity and the planet into higher consciousness? You may be a walk-in
21-04-15 Inner Child
  Speaker: Louisa McDonald

Emotional Healing shows us how to overcome our limiting behaviours, gain confidence, release anger and pain so we can move forward to a positive way of viewing ourselves and a fuller life

07-04-15 Past Lives
  Speaker: Steve Hounsome
  This talk will explain and explore the concept of our Past Lives and their influence and effect upon us. Steve will outline the manner in which our previous existences can be discovered, helping us to integrate them into the now and become a more complete, conscious being in our quest to fulfil our mission as spiritual beings having a human experience.
17-03-15 Buddhism in Daily Life
  Speaker: Joyce Thomas
  Joyce will talk about what it is like to be a Buddhist. Why we chant and how we practice She will talk about a few Buddhist concepts, such as The Ten Worlds and Cause and Effect There will be opportunity for discussion and Q.A.
03-03-15 What Water's You
  Speaker: Julie New
  In Julie's talk she will introduce you to the importance of taking care of YOU. Give real life examples of how this has changed lives forever and begin to help discover what 'waters YOU'
17-02-15 Singing Bowls
  Speaker: Anetta Panczel
  A talk about sound healing with singing bowls / gong, the human voice, humming & happiness as a conscious choice
03-02-15 Mind Diet & Exercise for Sustainable Weight Loss
  Speaker: Kathy Webb
  A short presentation introducing the concept of how our mind-sets affect our weight loss and lifestyle goals
20-01-15 Emotional Freedom Techniques
  Speaker: Jo Peace
  By applying Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) you can access this deep wisdom within you to become a powerful co-creator for the New Earth that has been prophesised since ancient times
16-12-14 Laughter Yoga
  Speaker: Heidi Bennett

Heidi will share with you how she went from not laughing and feeling rather miserable - complete mind-fog to raising her inner vibe and attractiveness, and a few little secrets not many people know. She will also share with you what is 'Unconditional Laughter' and how can you access it. Iit's not as hard as you might think, however, it does require practise

02-12-14 Life, Perceptions and Beliefs
  Speaker: Juliet Vorster
  We have perceptions and beliefs about everything we experience in life. Where did they come from? How do they influence our life? Can we change them and thereby experience a happier, healthier, and wealthier life? Join Juliet Vorster to discover your own answers
18-11-14 Angelic Lifestyle
  Speaker: Beverley Densham
  Beverley is going to share her life story with the angels, in particular how she transformed her own life from stress and low self esteem to inner confidence & happiness. Beverley will share how the angels & angel cards can help you everyday no matter what's going on in your life
04-11-14 The Everyday Magic of Astrology
  Speaker: Pam Gregory
  Pam will be explaining how astrology is a powerful tool in our lives, offering many practical and spiritual benefits when we understand it. She will also be talking about the Law of Attraction, how it links with astrology, and how we can use both to maximise our manifestations
21-10-14 The Electric Library and the Magic Wand - Or What a Quantum Wizard Does
  Speaker: Ildiko Scurr
  Do you want to see real magic? Then come along to my talk about Life Retuning. Quantum Wizardry for this age
07-10-14 Soul Plan Reading
  Speaker: Sarah Weller
  In a Soul Plan Reading your life is analysed with regard to your potential, abilities, goals, past challenges and obstacles yet to overcome. It offers an insight into your purpose and illuminates the way ahead, offering guidance on both the conscious and unconscious level
16-09-14 Transmeditation
  Speaker: Anna and Iain
  Physics and Consciousness. The relationship between Modern Science and Vedic Science. A overview of super string theory, the discoveries of brain research; their relationship to human consciousness and the ancient tradition from where we have the schools of Yoga and Vedanta
02-09-14 Walking the Shamanic Way
  Speaker: Charlotte Gush
  An introduction or re-introduction for some, to Walking the Shamanic Way, an insight into the life of the modern day shaman and how many of the ancient tools, simple ceremonies and sacred practices can be undertaken by anyone who wishes
05-08-14 Drumming
  Speaker: Heike Jenkins
  Heike Jenkins of www.heikedrumshare.com is coming to talk about the value of play and fun for it's own sake. For more details go to www.aspire2bfree.com/events. All are welcome. As usual hot drinks and biscuits will be available
15-07-14 Attitude and Behaviour Management - The New Psychology of Success and Well Being
  Speaker: Professor Patrick Jordan

Positive psychology is a scientific discipline that investigates the attitudes and behaviours that lead to high levels of success and wellbeing. It looks at a wide variety of issues including health, happiness, career success, wealth and quality of relationships. All are welcome. As usual hot drinks and biscuits will be available

01-07-14 Healing Relationships with the Violet Flame
  Speaker: Hilary Stanley
  Relationships covers a broad spectrum and is not confined solely to the romantic. It includes relationships with friends, family, neighbours or work colleagues. The Violet Flame can be used in relationships to attract the right person to you. However, it only works for the Highest Good and cannot be used to bend somebody else's will, to make somebody fall in love with you or change frogs into princes! It is magic, but not that kind!
17-06-14 Vision Boards - A Map for Our Subconscious
  Speaker: Victoria Kate
  Victoria will be discussing the concept of vision boards - a map for our subconscious as we look at our creation daily, reprogramming our past disbelief's and setting free our true life purpose
03-06-14 Archangel Metatron and Colour Energy sprays
  Speaker: Amanda Ellis
  Amanda is an experienced Archangel Metatron Healer, Teacher and Colour Therapist, based in Bournemouth. She recently launched a new range of Archangel Metatron Colour Energy sprays that are aimed at the 7 chakras in the body as well as 3 out of body chakras. She will be sharing these with us and we will have chance to sample many of them. Together with sharing information about her work with Archangel Metatron and why his energy is important to us now
15-04-14 Building Resilient Warriors with Mind Chi
  Speaker: Vanda North
  Vanda is a world authority on the brain, stress reduction, learning, joy and creativity. She is the Founder of Mind Chi Ltd. An organisation dedicated to building your resilience, enhancing your leadership skills and directing your mental energy for your increased success
01-04-14 Channelling Spirit Guides
  Speaker: Sarah Hayward
  Sarah will share with you how she came to start channelling Spirit Guides and what has happened since. She will also carry out a live demonstration when some will be able to ask questions of the Spirit Guides, dependent on time.
18-02-14 Uncertainty of Changing Circumstances and How to Embrace them with a Smile
  Speaker: Paul Bellard
  Paul will show us how to boost and maintain focus and increase levels of confidence
04-02-14 Illuminating the Unconscious
  Speaker: Jessica Woods
  Jessica will be showing us how to access and illuminate our unconscious and become deep awake.
21-01-14 the Lotus Seed of Life
  Speaker: Geoff Sober
  Geoff will share his talk on Lotus Seed of Life. Having experienced unbelievable highs and lows in his own life, Geoff Sober found personal fulfilment and emotional well-being after discovering the Lotus Seed Process. These days, Geoff is happily married, hugely successful in business and, more importantly, has dealt with the emotional barriers and obstacles that previously held him back in life. Now a fully qualified Lotus Seed Process practitioner, he uses his own experiences, together with his years of studying and training, to help others learn how to live their lives to the full. All are welcome. As usual hot drinks and biscuits will be available
03-12-13 The Healing & Empowering Energy of Sound
  Speaker: Sara Jane Barford
  This is an Interactive talk and demonstration of Sound Energy; learn about and experience the energy of Toning, the use of the voice to help ease pain, both physical and emotional. Many physical ailments and pains are old emotional hurts that have not healed. Sara Jane's Talk touches on how she works with people to heal childhood traumas and help them feel more confident and happier in their life
19-11-13 Access
  Speaker: Amanda Spinks
05-11-13 Seven Aspects of Reality
  Speaker: Marian Matthews
15-10-13 Live the Life of Your Dreams
  Speaker: Juliet Vorster
01-10-13 A Matter of Life & Death. Poole's first Death Cafe
  Speaker: Noel Lockyer Stevens
  This session is a place where anyone can come and talk about their personal views of life and death. Any fears or questions can be explored safely and gently. And there will be tea and cake! Come to chat or come to listen all are welcome
17-09-13 Diets and Exercise Don't Work - What to do About It
  Speaker: Paul Bellard
03-09-13 13 Moons Meet Avatar
  Speaker: Peter Knight
06-08-13 What Makes Us Tick?
  Speaker: Fiona Sutherland
16-07-13 Antioxidants
  Speaker: Joanne Guy
02-07-13 Alchemy of the Heart
  Speaker: Sandra Keenan
18-06-13 The Secrets of Mindfulness
  Speaker: Robert Gebka
04-06-13 Solving the Mystery of Your Purpose
  Speaker: Brett Morgan
21-05-13 Angel Aura's
  Speaker: Fiona Grant
  Fiona Grant will talk about Angel Aura's and how we can be guided and helped by angels in our lives
07-05-13 Biodanza
  Speaker: Mila Burgin
  Mila Burgin will show us Biodanza, a movement system that invites a rediscovery of our instinctive intelligence and celebrates our unique individuality
16-04-13 Discover 'True Self' and set STANDARDS, NOT GOALS for real success
  Speaker: Derek Mills
02-04-13 Experiencing being a Volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  Speaker: Gill Webb
19-03-13 Memory and Imagination
  Speaker: Harvey Taylor
  Using your memory and imagination to its full potential
05-03-13 Who Am I and Who Are You?
  Speaker: Noel Lockyer Stevens
  A talk about how and why we get on with other people, or don't
19-02-13 Songs from the Heart
  Speaker: Victor Checuti
05-02-13 Touch for Health
  Speaker: Alison Todd
15-01-13 From Losing Weight to Gaining Life
  Speaker: Dr Krishan Ramyead

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