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Title Hawkwood College
Venue Painswick Old Road, Stroud,  GL6 7QW
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Contact Katie Lloyd Nunn
Tel +44 (0) 1453 759034
Email katie@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk
Web www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk
Calendar Below are examples of some of the courses, talks, concerts and other events on offer.
28-01-18 Self Rememberance through Sound. The Naked Voice Wisdom School in-depth Winter Retreat
  Facilitator: Chloe Goodchild
  The Naked Voice integrates a wealth of wisdom, and conscious core practices sourced from energy movement, sound medicine and vocal practices that empower and activate a radical experience of unconditional loving presence. Your authentic voice spoken and sung is your most intimate soul friend. It is a unique bridge between you and the rest of the world. It is the mouthpiece of your souls deepest longing. Once found, your true voice becomes a shining torch that unearths shadow melting the frozen music in your body. Your natural sound and the singing melodies of your soul, bypass the rational mind, and ignite a quality of surrender that releases self-limiting, possessive, narcissistic habits of living and relating. As self-confidence builds, self-remembrance follows as you embody, experience and express love in a way that will revolutionise your life and the lives of those around you.
19-01-18 The Privilige of Being Alive
  Speaker: Mac Macartney

We have arrived on this Earth at a time of great change. Fortune is smiling on us, even while are witnessing massive disruption in climate, biodiversity and society.

A few hundred, some would say thousand, years ago, we began heading down a path that has been precisely charted by countless myths. We became seduced by our formidable capabilities and succumbed to hubris. Our capacity for cognitive reasoning and dubious doctrines that have justified questionable actions which has brought us to the cliff edge. Even with the void clearly visible below, we remain intent on pursuing our doctrinal intention, voluntarily sky diving towards disaster.

We humans are part of a larger family, the family of life on Earth. That family is calling to us, sending their voices from the depths of the oceans, from the heights of the mesosphere, from the four great directions, billions of voices chorusing an entreaty

19-01-18 Coming Home. Finding Purpose and Meaning in Nature
  Facilitator: Mac Macartney
  Deep down we know our strength lies in our togetherness, in our interconnectedness and interdependence. We are woven as cloth and find coherence and peacefulness when coming home to each other and those of all other tribes - the plants, the animals, the rocks, the insects, the fish, the seen and the unseen. This course braids beauty, wildness, activism and the yearning pulse all humans have for a meaningful life, into a compelling story of belonging. It takes us to the edge of a cliff where we can see our children playing, the extraordinary in the ordinary and the exuberant, fecund beauty of nature. It will offer us some beguilingly simple questions and an invitation. An invitation which if accepted will take us into unknown territory, to the edge of our courage, and perhaps, one step closer to home
05-01-18 Rest and Restore Retreat. Embracing the Dark Awaiting the Light
  Facilitator: Mel Skinner
  This is more than just a yoga retreat: Mel will incorporate nature-based mindfulness, creative activities, inspiring poetry, philosophical wisdom, self-inquiry, as well as restorative and healing body movement. This is a retreat to boost your entire well-being this winter so that you leave feeling deeply rested, nourished, and whole
05-01-18 A Mindful New Year
  Facilitator: Sam May
  Start the new year with a clear and calm mind - a weekend of meditation and mindfulness for health and wellbeing, for all levels of experience
01-12-17 Voices of the Goddess
  Facilitators: John and Caitlin Matthews
  Every country has its voices who speak for the spirit of the land. Britain and Ireland have their own tutelary goddess, appearing in many forms to inspire and guide: Cailleach, Queen of the Wood, Scotia, Britannia. Those poets most tuned to her voice address us prophetically from their communion with the land. Our exploration, including poetry of David Jones, Charles Williams and W.B.Yeats, transcends national and political divides
30-11-17 The Harmony of the Hearth. Honouring the Heart of the Home
  Facilitators: John and Caitlin Matthews
  Keeping the hearth of the home harmonious is an essential rite, ensuring that souls are nourished and upheld. This course restores an ancient skill, maintains stability, despite family fragmentation, social change or uncertain times. By exploring the myths of the home, and identifying household gods and spirits, we seek the wisdom that reweaves the home, so that peace and harmony may dwell with us
24-11-17 Transforming Trauma
  Facilitator: Jane Chase
  This weekend will explore the nature and meaning of trauma in our own lives and in the world today. What challenges and questions do wounding experiences bring and how can we courageously transform these encounters into new faculties of perception? Our work will bring deeper levels of authenticity and empathy into our work and the wider circles of our lives
20-11-17 Beyond Conflict: Using Conflict and Diversity for Group Transformation
  Facilitator: Ana Rhodes
  The ability to embrace diversity and facilitate conflict to build sustainable relationships is at the heart of resilient systems, teams, groups and communities in all sectors. In the midst of uncertainty and flux, many of us aim for positive change, yet can still find that we marginalise others; encounter difficulties creating a culture of respect at work; misuse nature and the environment,  and even aspects of ourselves
26-10-17 The Complatiive Voice. The Naked Voice School Silent Retreat
  Facilitator: Chloe Goodchild
  This unique retreat is inspired by Chloes lifelong experience with sound and voice as a contemplative and reflective experience. Enjoy exploring a range of sound skills for self-inquiry, conscious movement, and the healing medicine of dynamic silence. You will take away a direct experience of your own unique sound, and its power to connect you with your own non-dual identity or Oneness
15-10-17 Singing and Stories from the African Rainforest. Baka and Beyond
  Facilitators: Su Hart and Martin Cradick
  The Baka are thought to be the first humans to sing. The techniques of singing rainforest style, builds community, in a beautiful interlocking of natural sound and rhythms. Twenty five years of visiting Baka Rainforest People in Cameroon and sharing their forest life and music has inspired the band Baka Beyond, as well as storytelling and joyful singing in workshops and at Festivals. With just a little practice and willingness a group can conjure up the experience of being in the rainforest
14-10-17 Rethinking Time
  Speaker: Alan Bec
08-10-17 Kindfulness
  Facilitator: Nicola Bell
  This day will explore how to be kind to ourselves and develop a greater sense of well-being, peace and inner radiance
04-10-17 Leadership Adaptablility and Automony
  Facilitators: Richard Oliver and Phyllida Hancock
  Shakespeares play As You Like It presents a world on the threshold of dramatic change. The themes encountered provide a fertile landscape to navigate questions in our own volatile, uncertain and complex era. The challenges of balancing continuity and strategy with the need for freedom and autonomy are evoked through the compelling narrative and language of Shakespeare, combined with constellations and dialogue to offer a rich environment for insightful change making in our own lives and that of our society
22-09-17 Building Wellbeing Together Now
  This exciting, interactive event will explore how we can build wellbeing together; in our own lives, in wider society and in harmony with the natural world
15-09-17 Meaningful Work. Fulfilling Life
  Facilitator: Gill Coombs
  Are you seeking work that is both fulfilling and of value in todays world? Through discussion, creative activity and individual reflection, you will gain a deeper understanding of your unique gifts, more clarity about the difference you want to make in the world, and create some first steps towards doing work you love
01-09-17 Rest and Restore Retreat
  Facilitator: Mel Skinner
  Join Mel for a long weekend of deep and nourishing rest to restore mind, body and soul, and leave feeling stronger, calmer and better than ever
01-09-17 Have You a Pilgrim Soul?
  Speaker: Ravi Ravindra
  What is a pilgrim soul? What are the attitudes and characteristics of a pilgrim on a spiritual journey? Are they different from those of a religious believer? Can we be exclusively committed to one religion and belong to God
01-09-17 Nourishing the Pilgrim Soul
  Facilitator: Ravi Ravindra
  In this retreat we will discuss in detail the meaning of a pilgrim soul. What sorts of practices nourish a pilgrim and what stands in the way? Each pilgrim must begin from where they are, influenced by a particular culture and religious tradition. However, a state of being nourished by truth or God is in essence transcultural and transreligious
29-08-17 Kabbalistic Summer School
  Facilitators: Kurt and Joanna Lapage-Brown
  Kabbalah is a living tradition of universal principles of existence. In its classical and contemporary form it is relevant to every nation and culture. The teaching is expressed in the diagrams of the Tree of Life and Jacobs ladder ascending and descending through the four worlds of physicality, psychology, spirituality and divinity. During the four days, contemplation, lectures, guided imagery meditation and ritual will assist us to bring the principles to life through experience and reflection. The afternoon break gives time for solitude, conversation, local trips or walks in the beautiful grounds and woods
28-08-17 Kabbalah and Astrology
  Facilitator: Johnathon Clark
  The astrological principles embodied by the planets can often be been seen more clearly when placed on the Kabbalistic diagram of the Tree of Life. An introduction to both subjects will be given to show the connection between them and the charts of some prominent personalities used to demonstrate the ideas discussed. Participants are welcome to bring their own natal charts for consideration
26-08-17 Kabbalistic Tree Building
  Facilitator: Johnathon Clark
  This is a companion workshop to the Kabbalistic Summer School offering the opportunity to construct diagrams of the Tree of Life, Jacob’s Ladder or a Menorah (the Biblical ancestor of the Tree of Life diagram) in acrylic paint on canvas. It may be considered as a two day practical meditation with possibilities for personal and transpersonal insights available throughout the process
26-08-17 Grail Quest
  Speaker: David Elkington
  Eminent Grail scholar David Elkington gives the Chair of Wisdom inaugural lecture, open to the public, on the Jordanian Lead Codices
25-08-17 Astrosophy
  Facilitator: Juliette Elgrably
  Come and join an ongoing study group in a creative encounter with the stars. The gathering is inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner and Willy Sucher. We explore planetary gestures with eurythmy and we walk the planets paths to experience their interaction. No previous knowledge required
25-08-17 Grail Quest
  Facilitators: David Elkington and John Matthews
  Two eminent Grail scholars give a radical interpretation about the origins of the mysterious Sangreal, stemming from proto- and early Christian times. They follow the Sangreal’s history from its spiritual origins to warrior monks and secret societies
28-05-17 Nature Consciousness and Personal Transformation
  Facilitator: Tanis Helliwell

We understand from science that nature is conscious. This consciousness is referred to in myths world wide and celebrated in stories and folklore. This fascinating course will reveal how you can live with meaning and purpose in co-operation with nature spirits and the natural world. Bring an open mind and heart and enjoy a new dimension to your life path.

During the weekend we will build on our understanding of how humans, elementals, and other sentient beings, like trees, need to co-create a beautiful, sustainable planet. In particular we will learn to connect and communicate with the realm of Nature Spirits where we are living. We will ask them to show us how we can support them as more and more of their landscape homes are destroyed by development and pollution. This will be a collaboration with the whole group

26-05-17 Esoteric Philosophy
  Facilitator: William Meader
  This intensive study weekend based upon the Ageless Wisdom teachings will be of interest to those familiar with the writings of Alice Bailey and the literature of Theosophy. William's passion is to teach people the deeper implications of modern spiritual development and the means to express the soul more effectively in the outer world. Students who have attended previous talks, workshops, and weekend events with William will be particularly welcome.
25-05-17 Pillars of Strength Salon 2
  Facilitator: Karen Downes

Human virtues are the strengths that reside in our heart yet are not emotional. They can be understood but are not intellectual and have their own wisdom and power, helping us to develop moral strength, integrity and compassion. In each of the salon series of four we will work with three of the virtues, beginning with Devotion, Balance and Perseverance so needed in our world today

20-05-17 The Soul's Return to Ashram
  Speaker: William Meader
  Within each of us is a hidden yearning for home. Whether living in a mansion or hovel, home is viewed as a place of retreat from the hectic pace and pressure of outer life and career. Yet in the eyes of the soul, the notion of home has nothing to do with an exterior place. Rather, it is a place located deep within. Esoterically referred to as the Ashram, this inner home is the soul's eternal abode. In this talk, William Meader will closely examine the souls relationship to the Ashram, and its significance in our individual lives. We hope you can join us
Re-Whilding the Soul
  Facilitators: Mary Reynolds Thompson and Bruce Thompson
  This writing retreat is an invitation to explore the untamed terrain of our souls by connecting to the earth's landscapes and our cosmological origin story. Here we come to see that our personal stories are woven into the sacred web of life, from the flow of rivers to the fiery depths of stars. We will uncover our wild side through contemplating nature's symbols and metaphors. We will write poetry, journal, immerse ourselves in the natural world, and share the wild wisdom awakening within us
22-04-17 Leading with Grace and Resillience
  Facilitator: Karen Downes

A conversational workshop on a new paradigm of leadership from The Flourish Initiative. All over the world women are waking up to their value and their potential to be the agents for the changes they wish to see in the world. A shift is occurring. The old notion of resilience, knuckling down and toughing it out, has exhausted us. We are ready for a new paradigm of leadership, where we tap into our grace, our inner wisdom and creativity and a new definition of resilience, to bring the guidance and leadership in shaping a future we imagine possible.

This day is an introduction to a larger body of work from The Flourish Initiative and springs from a deep knowing and understanding of peace building and working in global corporations. In the developing countries there is a hunger of the belly - for the basics of food and shelter - while in the developed world we see a hunger of the soul

24-03-17 How to Change the World
  Facilitator: John Paul Flintoff
  It doesn't have to be the whole world. Just change your world. This immersive weekend will help to identify what is most important to you, and ways to overcome the obstacles that might hold you back. John-Paul doesn't claim to have all the answers, but he brings thought-provoking questions, an enormous coaching experience and the entertaining style of a performer to transform your world and your whole approach to life
23-03-17 Pillars of Strength Salon 1
  Facilitator: Karen Downes

Human virtues are the strengths that reside in our heart yet are not emotional. They can be understood but are not intellectual and have their own wisdom and power, helping us to develop moral strength, integrity and compassion. In each of the salon series of four we will work with three of the virtues, beginning with Devotion, Balance and Perseverance - so needed in our world today

21-03-17 Wrekin Trust Celebration
  Group Event

Following the recent announcement of the closure of Wrekin Trust, members and friends are invited to Hawkwood College, the spiritual home of the trust, on Tuesday 21 March 2017.

The day will include a presentation by David Lorimer, President of Wrekin Trust on Sir George Trevelyan's work and legacy, and by Sharon Clancy of Nottingham University on the work of Sir George while at Attingham Park. There will also be audio and video footage of Sir George and plenty of opportunity to share stories and reminiscences. The event is still being planned and further details will be circulated as it becomes available

19-03-17 Sweet Darkness
  Speaker: David Whyte
  An evening of poetry and conversation
17-03-17 The Sacred Clown
  Facilitator: Reuben Kay

Emerge into the New Year with fun and interactive exercises using mime, improvisation, dance and meditation. We will slowly explore bringing the mind home through our breath, stillness and soft movement and arriving into the present moment. Open to beginners and those with more experience

12-02-17 Selfish
  Facilitator: Theresa Sansome
  On this day course we will explore the paradoxical truth that the more you look after yourself, the more you can offer others. This is all about permission to shine, be yourself and have your needs met. Come with a journal to write in and stick images in. This is a fun-filled day, guaranteed to inspire and energise you!
20-01-17 Remembering Who We Are
  Facilitator: Jane Chase
  Telling our stories brings a renewed meaning to our life. How can we value what we have experienced? Who are the people that feature in our world, that influence us, support or hold us back? How do we create a life that has meaning, purpose and fulfilment? These questions can seed new intentions which become growth points for change
19-01-17 Rest and Restore Retreat
  Facilitator: Mel Skinner
  Escape for a long weekend and truly rest and recover. Experience complete relaxation as we recover from the excess of Christmas and find deep rest in this dark time of year. Beginning on a Thursday afternoon, we will explore restorative yoga, yin yoga, and yoga nidra, all of which will bring a deep sense of letting go in the body and mind, as well as encouraging good digestion and a good night's sleep.
04-01-17 A Mindful New Year
  Facilitator: Sam May
  Start the new year with a clear and calm mind - a weekend of meditation and mindfulness for health and wellbeing, for all levels of experience. For the beginner, this weekend course gives understanding, confidence and techniques needed to begin practicing meditation and mindfulness in daily life. For those more experienced, it provides an opportunity to deepen one's understanding and practice


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