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Title Somerset Dowsers
Venue Ruishton Village Hall, Ruishton, Nr Taunton, Somerset, TA3 5JD
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Contact Sarah Shaw
Tel 07703 660884
Email secretary@somersetdowsers.co.uk
Web www.somersetdowsers.co.uk

Somerset dowsers are a friendly group organising talks, field trips and workshops

30-11-17 Land and Property Dowsing

Speaker: Mandy Bennett


Following a request to help resolve a health issue, Mandy realised that nothing could be done until the persons home environment was treated. This led to the wonderful world of dowsing and healing of Properties including dealing with the usual culprits of underground water and Geopathic stress, to surprising encounters with other realms involving elementals, spirits, and even a tethered gnome!

In the last few years Mandy has expanded her work to assess and heal land, involving projects such as What is wrong with Taunton, as published in Dowsing Today. Mandy will discuss her work, and some of the fascinating case studies dealing with blocked and contaminated energy lines, battle and accident trauma, spirits, guardians of the land, and even giants and dragons

22-10-17 Water Dowsing

Group Event


Matt French will lead a water dowsing outing in the Langport area. We will have the opportunity to dowse visible overground flowing water, to enable us to tune in to water and get a dowsing reaction. We will then look to dowse for 'hidden' underground water, possibly including services (water pipes). The dowsing will be rounded off with a trip to a pub for lunch

28-09-17 Dragons of Somerset

Speaker: Roy Snelling


Roy will be presenting another interesting and informative talk to the Group based on his illustrated book which details 22 stories of dragons in Somerset and their locations, such as the Gurt-Vurm of Shervage Wood (near Holford).

Roy also looks at other dragon stories from around the World to see how they compare with the Somerset dragons, to analyse the meaning of these tales, and whether the Somerset beasts are part of a Worldwide pattern

20-08-17 Dartmoor Outing. Merrivale Shamanic Landscape, Dartmoor

Group Event


This is a follow on from Peters July talk on his new book, Dartmoor Mindscapes - Re-Visioning A Sacred Landscape. Peter will guide us around the magical ceremonial landscape of Merrivale, near Princetown, Dartmoor. Midst stunning scenery, we shall explore some of the nearby tors, looking at caverns, rock basins, simulacra and more! Then we shall explore the stone rows, cairns, stone circle and megaliths of Merrivale itself. The dowsable energies of the double stone rows are palpable.

Peter will also cover the landscape alignments and astronomical alignments of this amazing complex of sites. This promises to be a profound day of connecting on deeper levels with this primal landscape of the Ancestors

27-07-17 Dartmoor Mindscapes: Re-visioning a Sacred Landscape

Speaker: Peter Knight


Peter returns to give us an inspiring talk about his new ground-breaking book about his research, including profound personal experiences, based on cognitive archaeology. He reveals intricate relationships between tor outcrops and other natural features, and stone circles, stone rows, cairns and megaliths. He proposes how our prehistoric ancestors interacted with notable outcrops, simulacra, rock basins and propped stones; the author gets inside the minds of prehistoric people and their shamans, to walk their Dreamtime.

We are invited to perceive landscapes as being saturated with mythic memory, and Peter suggests ways to interact with the landscape in a more meaningful and mindful way today. His talk also covers earth energies and dowsing, shamanism, acoustics, astronomical and landscape alignments. This is followed up with a trip to Dartmoor on August 20th

27-07-17 Annual General Meeting
11-07-17 Basic Dowsing

Workshop Facilitator: Mandy Bennett

  Dowsing is a way of finding out about things we cannot see, and it is a tool we can all use. This course will enable you to learn the ancient art of water divining, search for pipes and cables, check food and drinks, and much more. You will receive practical tuition in the use of dowsing tools, and hands on experience

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