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Title Wrekin Forum Spiritual Cafe
Address Therapy Suite of the Fold, Bransford, Worcestershire, WR6 5JB  
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Contribution By donation
Contact Sue Braithwaite
Tel +44(0) 1452 840033
Email office@wrekintrust.org
Web www.wrekintrust.org
Schedule The Wrekin Forum Spiritual Cafe is a forum for contemporary spirituality. Talks are held on each first Wednesday of the month. Time 11am to 1pm.

06-07-16 Soul Midwifery. Working Holistically at the End of Life
  Speaker: Flora Freemantle
01-06-16 Finding Your True North
  Speaker: Will Thomas
04-05-16 Back to Nature. An Introduction to Ayurveda
  Speaker: Julie Dent
06-04-16 Spiritual Roots of the Enneagram
  Speaker: Sue Braithwaite
02-03-16 The History of Tarot and its Composition
  Speaker: Eve Robertson
03-02-16 The Feminine Within
  Speaker: Miguel Dean
06-01-16 Why Silence
  Speaker: Brian Holley
02-12-15 Attuning and Connecting to your Heart, Higher Self and Soul Aspect
  Speaker: Brietta Pinder
03-11-15 The Reality of Astrology. Ignite your inner potential
  Speaker: Cassandra Eve
07-10-15 Understanding and Working With Our Dreams
  Speaker: Hester Bate
01-07-15 Compassionate Conversation
  Speaker: Sue Braithwaite
03-06-15 Spiritual NLP
  Speaker: Jack Stewart
12-05-15 The Soul of Humanity Evolves through World Crisis
  Facilitator: William Meader

Humanity is facing a global crisis of unparalleled proportions. Yet, when world events are examined it becomes increasingly clear that we are witnessing the prelude to a great initiatory opportunity facing humanity as a whole. The Soul of Humanity is evolving through world crisis and, for the first time in history, the Soul of Humanity is awakening. In this workshop, William will explore the implications of this emergence,both for our individual and national lives and for the whole of the human race.

William Meader is an international teacher and writer who presents talks, seminars, and workshops in the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. His passion is to teach people the deeper implications of modern spiritual development, and the means to express the soul more effectively in the outer world. We at the Wrekin Trust are delighted to welcome him to the Fold to share with us one of his inspiring workshop topics

07-05-15 Becoming Whole - Whole Person Whole World
  A series of Nine weekly sessions with Emma Mary
  Weekly Study Group exloring HOW to become Whole, through embracing and understanding your mind, body, feelings and spirit.
Discover who you TRULY are. Manifest your Hopes and Dreams. Develop Clarity of Thought. Understand and Welcome Feelings
Deepen your Spiritual Awareness. Connect with Whole Body Consciousness. This will be a great opportunity for you to discover HOW to become a Whole Person and be able to powerfully contribute to creating a Whole World
06-05-15 An Amazing Time to be Alive
  Speaker: Jane Horton
01-04-15 Art from Your Heart
  Speaker: Laurance Mendes
21-03-15 Transformation Through Service
  Workshop: Miguel Dean

When we commit to serving others something beautiful begins to happen. Paradoxically the more we give of ourselves the more we receive, because this way of living brings us back into alignment with who we really are. In this workshop we will explore the illusion of separateness and be shown an array of ways that we can contribute to creating a whole world

28-02-15 Stepping Stones to Love and Wholeness
  Workshop: Miguel Dean

�Inspired by his amazing life�s journey, in this workshop Miguel will share the key principles that have enabled him to transform his life from that of a homeless beggar to one of love, compassion and wholeness

24-01-15 Alchemy Turning Your Lead into Gold
  Workshop: Miguel Dean

"The transformation of man begins in ourselves and no one is too small or unimportant. Change man and you change society. Try to change society without the inner change in man and confusion will be the sole result. And each conscious individual is solely responsible for making changes in himself."

Sir George's words seem to have an even greater sense of urgency today than they had when he was alive. Sometimes it seems as if not much has changed but when we look a little closer with a new perspective it is clear that change is happening. There are over 10,000 organisations across the world now, which are working for social change and the transformation of humanity. This is good news but it seems that it is not just what we do but how we do it that is important. And the how is determined to a large degree on the extent to which we have made that all-important journey from the head to the heart. The more we connect and live from the energy of Love the more we become who we truly are and as such the quality of our contribution in the world becomes greatly magnified

03-12-14 Creating Sacred Space. How to Charge an Atmosphere with Positivity
  Speaker: Kate Bird
05-11-14 Speaking From the Heart
  Speaker: Miguel Smith
01-10-14 Qi Gong
  Speaker: Nadia Smith
03-09-14 Homeopathy
  Speaker: Kelda White
04-12-13 Dowsing for Health
  Speaker: Ced Jackson
06-11-13 Soul Power. The Power to Transform our World
  Speaker: Emma Mary Gathergood
02-10-13 The Hidden Nature of Energy
  Speaker: Paul Mayo
04-09-13 The Importance of Ancestral Healing
  Speaker: Tony Neate
05-06-13 What is Spirit?
  Speaker: Emma Restall Or
01-05-13 Beltaine. A Celebration of Abundance, Manifestation and Creativity
  Speaker: Kelda White
03-04-13 The Healing Power of Sound
  Speaker: James D'Angelo

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