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Title Wyvern Dowsers
Venue The Woodshaw Inn, Garraways, Woodshaw, Wootton Bassett, nr Swindon, Wilts
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Contact Bea Menier
Tel 01793 694943
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The Society organises, talks, field trips and workshops and meets at 8 p.m. on the 3rd Monday of each month

18-12-17 Yule Social

Group Event: An evening of short talks by members and a buffet

20-11-17 Human Design. Exploring Our Energies and Auras and How We Impact On Each Other

Speaker: Erica Mae Yonge

16-10-17 Great Britain. A Tour of the Elements

Speaker: Richard Abbot

18-09-17 Buddhist Exorcism and Spirit Rescue

Speaker: Paul Devlin

17-07-17 Elementals My Dear Watson. Working with Nature Spirits

Speaker: Adrian Incledon Webber

19-06-17 Earth Wisdom for the Twenty First Century

Speaker: Penny Billington

15-05-17 Dartmoor Landscapes. Revisioning a Sacred Landscape

Speaker: Peter Knight

23-06-17 Wyvern Dowsing Society Long Weekend
Dartmoor Group Event: Dartmoor, Devon. Two days of walks to sacred sites and around some tors, with the accent on dowsing and alignments. Non-members welcome
15-05-17 Dartmoor Mindscapes. Re-Visioning a Sacred Landscape

Speaker: Peter Knight

17-04-17 Title to be Confirmed

Speaker: Guy Ogilvy

20-03-17 Vastu - Architectural Science of India

Speaker: Vijaya Laksshmi

20-02-17 Crystals and Letting Go of What No Longer Serves

Speaker: Dawn Wade

22-01-17 A Walk Around the Historical Sites of Calne, Wiltshire
Calne With: Peter Knight
  Organised by Wyvern Dowsers
16-01-17 The Lion and Unicorn Lines: The true earth energies of the planet

Speaker: Summer Bourne

19-12-16 Yule Social

Group Event: An evening of short talks by members as well as time for socialising

21-11-16 Sacred Geometry and Your Reality

Speaker: Karen French

17-10-16 Title to be announced

Speaker: Katy Ratcliffe

19-09-16 Ancient Data Banks of the 16

Speaker: Miles Jonston

15-08-16 Therapeutic Crystals for Mind Body and Spirit

Speaker: Barbara Withers

18-07-16 Village Witchcraft

Speaker: Ronald Hutton


Cuisine from the roof of the World


Speaker: Peter Vaughan

16-05-16 Prague - Ley, Alchemy and Magic

Speaker: Maria Wheatley

18-04-16 Ancient Stones of Dorset - Revisited

Speaker: Peter Knight

21-03-16 Minsters and Valleys

Speaker: Bob Trubshaw

15-02-16 The Avebury Waterscape

Speaker: Andy Marshall

18-01-16 Photographing Subtle Energies Using the Oldfield Filter

Speaker: Bogdan Jochim

21-12-15 Solstice Social

Group Event:

  A chance to share stories, see a couple of short presentations and enjoy a buffet
16-11-15 Elements of Crop Circles

Speaker: Jane Wallis

19-10-15 Geodetic Earth Energies, Sacred Sites and Self-Healing

Speaker: Maria Wheatley

21-09-15 Quantumology

Speaker: Kathy Ratcliffe

17-08-15 How I Learnt to Dowse and Saved the World

Speaker: Pete Cox

20-07-15 Stolen Images. Pagan Symbolism in Church Architecture

Speaker: Peter Knight

15-06-15 Title to be Confirmed

Speaker: Professor Ronald Hutton

18-05-15 Title to be Confirmed

Speaker: Yuri Leitch

20-04-15 The Latest Dowsing Methods from the US

Speaker: Sandy McKenzie

16-03-15 Sacred Symbols

Speaker: Adrian Incledon Webber

16-02-15 Adventures on the St Michael / St Mary Lines

Speaker: Summer Watson

19-01-15 Natural Remedies for Winter Ailments

Speaker: Lyn Blythe

  Lyn is a well known herbalist
15-12-14 Christmas Social

Group Event:

17-11-14 Crystals, Cycles and Good Vibrations

Speaker: Barbara Withers

20-10-14 Latest Dowsing Methods from the USA

Speaker: Sandy McKenzie

15-09-14 Heal Your Home

Speaker: Adrian Incledon Webber

18-08-14 Dowsing Cancer and Me

Speaker: Jane Wallis

21-07-14 The Queen of the Valley

Speaker: Bob Trubshaw

19-06-14 Long Weekend

Field Visit: Shropshire based near Craven Arms. If you are interested in joining us contact Sib

16-06-14 The Interconnections of all things and the Perpetual Choirs

Speaker: Trish Mills

25-05-14 Chitterne

Field Visit: The Chitterne History Group has asked us to locate the hunting lodge belonging to the Abbess of Amesbury

19-05-14 A Conspiracy History of the World

Speaker: Andy Thomas

21-04-14 Plant Signatures

Speaker: Davina Wynn Jones

23-03-14 St Katherines Savernake Forest

Field Visit: Off the Marlborough to Foxfield road(A4) take the Great Bedwyn road then off the right to St Katherine's

17-03-14 Food and Consciousness

Speaker: Mandy Parsons

23-02-14 Cricklade

Field Visit: Visit St Sampson's church and the Preachers Cross, Latton in the afternoon

17-02-14 A Human Design Reading. A Manual for Effortless Living Based on Your Unique Genetic Imprint

Speaker: Erica Mae Yonge

26-01-14 Great Coxwell Tithe Barn

Field Visit:

20-01-14 Feng Shui and Astrology

Speaker: Jackie Notman


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