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Title One Spirit Alliance
Venue MELLOW FARM LODGE, HAWCROSS LANE, Redmarley D Abitot, Glos. GL19 3JQ
Tel (+44) 0750 3215581
Email info@onespiritalliance.net
Web onespiritalliance.net

The One Spirit Alliance is founded on a recognition of the One Spirit that underpins all life. This One Spirit inspires a shared consciousness that takes us beyond all established boundaries. It is underpinned by values and principles that ignite our love for each other and foster care and appreciation of our planetary home and its place in the cosmos. This awareness has grown out of meditation, individual and collective spiritual experience and new approaches to science which have lead to a realisation of the greater whole.

The vision of One Spirit Alliance is to facilitate the coming together of the diverse spiritual paths which draw on a variety of faith, ethical and ecological traditions as well as new explorations. By engaging in conscious conversations and shared silence we can discover the unity that lies at the heart of all paths that seek a harmonious way of life. We believe in the principle of one global family


7 Days of Rest of Reflection

  : Global Event

Skills Workshop for Young Leaders: Telling Stories about Spiritaulity and Social Change

London :

A Weekend of Rumi

Forest Row : Facilitator:



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