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This page contains links to additional sources of audio information, archives held on other web sites. If you would like to link your audio archive to the Wessex site do not hesitate to contact us.
Transfinite Mind - Gahame Blackwell

The web site Transfinite Mind contains the audio archive for lectures given by Grahame Blackwell. It includes the titles The Right-Handed Universe: A Radically New Perspective on a Cosmic Mystery and Layers of Reality: Foundations of our space-time existence. For free access to these and other resources log on to www.transfinitemind.com

Seeds of Love with Sheila Applegate

Seeds of Love is an on-line audio archive that contains Guided Meditations and Spiritual Messages on the topics of Self Love, Soul Mates, Twin Flames & Divine Partnerships. To listen to the material log on to www.sheilaapplegate.com

Druidic Dawn 'a social enterprise'

Druidic Dawn is a Druid and Celtic web resource that features Druid Sound; a unique online facility to listen to audio content from other Druidic resources from all over the globe. The site also contains many other resources including Druid Vision (an online video sharing service that is focussed on Druidic and Celtic History), Druid Exchange, a Newsletter and details of Events and Festivals.

An introduction to Druid Sound can be heard by opening the file below. Alternatively visit the web site Druid Dawn www.druidicdawn.org or log on directly to the Sound Archive Druid Sound


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