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Chartres - The Throne of Europe

Author Roy Snelling

A book that presents the discovery of a landscape zodiac d around Chartres Cathedral that covered most of France, Southern England and parts of Holland and Western Germany.

The author begins with an exploration of the Celestial Zodiac and Precession and other pertinent astronomical facts, exploring landscape zodiacs in general, including those found in Britain. In looking at Chartres he first examines its history, going back to the time when it was a Celtic Temple, and the later when the under-crypt was used as a Mithraic Temple by officers in the Roman Army.

Roy then explores the meaning of the Chartres Zodiac, the twelve lines radiating out from the centre of the Cathedral, and the identification of a number of towns and cities of equidistant radius around the Cathedral.  Plymouth, Gloucester, Norwich, Leiden, Strasbourg and Montreaux all feature. One line passed through Paris, and when extended beyond the Zodiac circumference passed through Berlin. Another Line reached Vienna and Bratislava. Another Barcelona and another reached Madrid. Three of the twelve lines radiating out from the centre of the Church crossed the Atlantis (Michael-Mary) Line in Southern England. 

The book examines the geography, history and culture of each zodiac segment and points the way to the future, leaving future researchers to continue the exploration of what this remarkable building means to us. The book contains 32 maps, illustrations and photos and is available as an e-book from Amazon Kindle, W.H.Smith, Kobo, Rakuten and all other e-book libraries. The author (Roy Snelling) can be contacted at

Contact roysnelling88@gmail.com

Christopher Strong- Autobiography of a Sceptical Dowser Practising Intuition in Every Aspect of Living

Author Edited and Compiled by Nigel Twinn

This is the story of one of the UK's most experienced dowsers, who has undertaken a quite remarkable journey: physically, psychically and philosophically in this life cycle. Christopher Strong is a consummate raconteur in his own right and this book is written primarily using his own words; describing amusing, alarming and downright astonishing case studies selected from a portfolio of thousands, spanning several decades and numerous countries. As the title suggest he explains how a professional agronomist, initially sceptical of the dowser's craft, came to be one of it's most respected practitioners. 

My part in this exciting project has not only been to get his life's experience into print, but to draw together the themes and threads of his work into an integrated philosophy, which really does come pretty damn close to a coherent explanation of life, the universe and everything, albeit using one man's metaphor of reality
Contact Nigel Twinn
Purchase www.penwithpress.org.uk
Title The Language of Crop Circles
Author Judith Moore and Johan Keijser

Crop circles (formations) are a worldwide phenomenon. Who makes the circles, how are they made and why are they here? Each circle has it's specific formula and effects for influencing humans, the plant and animal realms, water, air, cultures and society, and Mother Earth. Formations are also interrelated, each one part of an all-embracing master plan.

This book examines the crop circle phenomena and its relationship with the structure and function of the cosmos.

Contact j.m.l.f.keijser@ncrvnet.nl
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Title Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God
Author Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton
Punk Science explores the increasing links between the worlds of high-energy physics and ancient mystical wisdom. It provides a modern scientific explanation for phenomena such as ghostly apparitions, distant healing, psychic mediums and much more, all explained in language that is accessible and easy to read.

Having described the mysteries of human experience, Punk Science then explores new ground, revealing a new vision of the cosmos. This is the Black Hole principle, which heralds the biggest scientific revolution since Einstein and explains the mechanism behind creation itself.

Drawing on the latest research data from physics and cosmology, this book provides proof for this universal principle and explains why this is the answer to current scientific conundrums, such as the origin of mysterious gamma rays, seen throughout the universe. With this new 'theory of everything', we gain insights into the mechanisms behind the formation of galaxies and planets as well as human evolution, auras and charkas, DNA and even the weather.
Contact www.punkscience.com
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Title Angels and Man
Author Mark Age - Nada-Yolanda
In the very words of the seven archangels, heads of the angelic kingdom for this solar system, are revealed the true nature and powers of the angelic forces. In this companion volume to Evolution of Man, channeled by Nada-Yolanda, the angels unveil a cosmic understanding of their relationship with us throughout our history on earth.

These divine truths correct many misconceptions about angels and their role in our spiritual development. They explain the nature, heritage, functions, powers, history and future of man at this pivotal stage of our entry into the fourth dimension and the Golden Age of Aquarius.

Angels cocreate with God, and manage and direct, all forms that exist. In our solar system, they also have an additional function: to be our guardians and teachers until we assume our proper spiritual responsibilities and functions via the resurrected, light-body form.

Man, also a cocreator with God, has a responsibility not only to the angelic but also to all other kingdoms: devic elemental, animal, plant and mineral. We act as governors to the lower kingdoms and are responsible to aid them in their evolution. When we recognise anf fulfill this responsibility, we will have proper relationships with God and all creations.

Now is the time to manifest our spiritual nature, powers and responsibilites as sons of God. As we do, we help bring all other kingdoms in to proper harmony and balance. Earth once again will be a Garden of Eden.
Contact www.thenewearth.org/markage.html
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Title Starchild Skull -- Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?, The
Author Lloyd Pye
Truth is very much stranger than fiction in this fast-paced, fact based narrative that chronicles the author's eight year journey to scientifically establish the genetic pedigree of a highly unusual skull known as "The Starchild." Testing a skull sounds unremarkable, right? But there is a serious catch; the skull looks alien, feels alien and as far as every scientific test yet conducted on it has shown, it may well be part-alien.

The Story begins nine hundred years ago, when two beings died in a mine tunnel in northwest Mexico . In 1930, a teenage girl found their skeletons, one lying supine on the mine tunnel floor, the other visible as a "misshapen" hand emerging from the grave to wrap around the exposed skeleton's upper arm bone. So begins the bold adventure of epic and quite likely cosmic, proportions chronicled in The Starchild Skull- Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?
Contact www.starchildproject.com
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Title Geopathic Stress and Subtle Energy
Author Jane Thurnell
The word 'geopathic' literally means suffering or disease of the earth.

This is a comprehensive look at this fascinating subject with many case studies from experts in this field.

Read about the people who got better by getting their houses 'fixed'. Understand how the author predicted on a TV programme that a man she had never met would suffer with leg or back problems, and that someone in the house probably had migraines.
Contact www.healthandgoodness.com
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Title Streams of the Soul
Author Craig Downer
A volume of poetry, Streams of the Soul is essentially a book of contemplation, an exercise in mysticism.

Somewhat in the nature of a prayer book, the style of the author brings to mind William Blake mixed with a touch of Walt Whitman.
Contact ccdowner@yahoo.com
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Title Conversations with the Goddess
Author Peter Knight
Guided by a series of visions, dreams and synchronicities the central character in this novel undertakes an incredible journey to receive ancient wisdom and spectacular visions of the past and possible futures. After many challenges 13 insights and other profound messages for Mankind are revealed.
Contact www.stoneseeker.net
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Title The Snake and the Rope
Author Dr Edi Bilimoria
Science claims to be objective and to deal only with proven facts, but the innumerable conflicting theories that science propounds remain unresolved. In his book, the author, an engineer and musician, argues with ample supporting evidence that since time immemorial the universal secret wisdom of the Adepts has held answers to all unresolved problems and explains mysteries concerning Divinity, Space and Time, Energy and Matter, and the role of Sound and Light in manifesting the Cosmos. He also makes predictions about the future course of science and suggests how science and occult science may be harmonized.
Contact TBC
Title Paradise Reconsidered: 9/11 and 7/7, Reincarnation, and the Lost Gospel of Jesus
Author R. E. Slater
This book contains an overview of the Western History and theory of reincarnation set in the context of 9/11 which raised questions not easily answered by standard theological perspectives.

It explains why reincarnation came to be excluded from religious debate within churches, includes biblical verses that are indicative of belief in reincarnation or the pre-existence of a soul and contains references to a lost unified gospel with unambiguous teachings by Jesus concerning reincarnation.
Contact BCM Box number 1398, London, WC1N 3XX
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Title Windsmith
Author Kevan Manwaring
In essence this novel is a good old-fashioned adventure story, though it is based upon research into the Celtic culture in general, and the Bardic Tradition in particular. It features the Gundestrup Cauldron (found in a bog in Denmark , 1891, and made in 1st Century BCE); Iron Age Europe; horse nomads of the Eurasian Steppe; chalk giants; afterlife traditions and shamanic practices.
For further information email Kevan
Contact kevanmanwaring@yahoo.co.uk
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Title Spirals: The Pattern of Existence
Author Geoff Ward
Geoff describes the full significance of the fundamental relationships between the human mind and spiral energy fields that are all around and within us.

These energies pattern our very existence, determining structures from the tiny vortices of sub-atomic particles and the DNA molecule, to the universes of galaxies where stars are born and conditions for life created.

A marvellous book that embraces molecular biology, anthropology, zoology, astronomy, quantum physics, Jungian psychology, earth mysteries, religion, philosophy and the wisdom of the ancients.
Contact gjohnward@btopenworld.com
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Title The Cosmic Scale
Author Dean Carter
This text discusses the role of the cosmic scale in underlying universal order as revealed through sound. The relationship of the major scale to the harmonic series, archetypal forms, gematria and sacred geometry are considered.
Contact deancarter54@hotmail.com
Title The Bardic Handbook: The Complete Manual for the Twenty First Century Bard
Author Kevan Manwaring
Contact bard@tallyessin.com
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Title Music and Numbers through the Looking Glass
Author Lui Di Martino
A mirror universe, or a mirror plain of existence? This is the subject explored within the book. The processes discussed include Number cycles, the Phi ratio, the Fibonacci numbers, musical scales, harmonics, Colour, I-Ching and Binary, the Mayan calendar, and prime numbers. All these structures will be presented with the inclusion of their mirror side. With the exception of a musical exercise called Retrograde Inversion, an investigation into the structural components of a mirror side has not been undertaken. What is unearthed is that the mirror side shares information with this side, and the two sides form one whole equation.

The dozens of examples in the book lead to one overall conclusion, a Merkaba structure residing at the heart of natural cycles. Mirror partners unite at one specific point, a Tonal Fountain. The dual flows leave this point of perfect symmetry, journey through their inherent cycles, and come back to the point of One-ness. At no stage of their journeys are they ever lost from sight, as the point of perfect symmetry shepherds their flows and keeps the seeming duality of expression as One Whole expression.

The mirror flows are clearly shown, with many diagrams and even animations to help the reader understand the mirror process involved. In order to fully understand Nature according to the many cycles (including the nature of spin and vortexes) we need to unveil the formula and the cycle fully. And when this is done, Nature shows that perfect symmetry, as held within a Merkaba structure, is the only result to emerge. Carl Jung talked of the marriage of the male/female, and this concept is no stranger to Nature, as this is exactly the manifestation of its overall expression.
Contact lggl007 at ntlworld.com
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Title The Star Temple of Avalon
Author Nicholas Mann & Phillippa Glasson - Foreword by Robin Heath
A book that examines the importance of the Isle of Avalon to our distant ancestors; how the unique conjunction of landscape with key celestial movements would have made it a place of extraordinary sanctity to Neolithic peoples and their Mesolithic forebears. Contact Temple Publications, Wells, Somerset for more information.
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Title The Sun Miners
Author Kevan Manwaring
In Darkmoor, a land of endless night, an orphan pit-boy called Tallin Candleson is plunged into a dangerous quest to find the source of the sunblood, the bright liquid slaved for in the lightmines. He makes strange allies on his magical journey; a telepathic shambler, a trickster marsh-sprite and an exiled princess called Rosa . Together they try to escape the clutches of Kowl the Nightbringer in a race to the edge of the world. Beyond, they are rescued by a lost tribe who live on the Starry River . Guided by Uku, a warrior-priest, Tallin and Rosa return to meet their destiny – to liberate both Dunmires and the Bright Ones from the sinister Tenebros, who keep them all in darkness. They must unite the worlds in a final battle, and Tallin must face his Kowl in the Void, before the secret of the sunblood can be discovered and the wound of the land healed. For older children & adults.
Contact Kevan Manwaring
Purchase http://www.lulu.com/content/1592148
Title The Psychic Children: Dolphins, DNA and the Planetary Grid
Author Hugh Newman
Inspired after meeting a group of Indigo children on a spring equinox in Hawaii, Hugh was initiated into working on the planetary grid system that included decoding the mysteries of the dolphins and the changes that are happening within our DNA. From that work has this book been written, an adventure story that takes the reader from Glastonbury Tor to the pyramids of Guatemala and the volcanoes of Hawaii. It includes revelations about galactic alignment 2012 and a coming shift in consciousness, which the children all know about and are part of.
Contact Hugh Newman
Purchase http://www.psychicchildren.co.uk
Title Love Life Live Life
Author Sue Stone

Sue Stones life hit rock bottom in the late 1990's, both emotionally and financially. Not accepting that this was going to be it she set about researching ways to improve her life. She learnt about the incredible power of our thoughts, our subconscious mind and the astonishing power of our feelings. This power is within every single one of us but so few have any real understanding of it.
Sue has transformed her life to one of complete happiness, inner peace and financial abundance. In this inspiring, easy to read and practical book she educates, empowers and motivates the reader by sharing all that she has learnt. She includes solid content and practical life transforming techniques that can be to use immediately at home and at work.


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Contact   www.suestone.com
Title The Art of Being Psychic
Author June Elleni Laine
A brilliant book for anyone wishing to develop their intuition, creativity and psychic ability. It is truly wonderful, one of the best books on psychic development currently available. Fascinating and thought provoking exercises abound and open one up to an awareness of the right/left brain functions and how to balance them. Readers are shown how to access their creative right brain and so tap into their intuitive knowledge and psychic ability, this in turn opens the door to spirit communication. June-Elleni Laine uses examples of her own spiritual awakening to encourage readers to explore their own potential. For further information about the book contact June-Elleni Laine at info@psychicartworks.com or log on to www.psychicartworks.com
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Contact   www.psychicartworks.com
Title Wisdom Affairs: Towards a Cartography of Enlightenment and Joyism for Wisdom
Author Thomas Clough Daffern

This book explores the powers and dynamics of human relationships, as a vehicle for the advancement of wisdom, learning and enlightenment on planet earth. Philosophers have hitherto tried to work out systems of thought analysing ultimate reality (Aristotle, Shankara, Hegel, Marx) without somehow seeing that the core context in which humanity lives our journey towards enlightenment is in the context of our everyday relationships. Some spiritual teachers have therefore argued that for liberation mankind must effectively renounce relationship, especially sexual relationships, and adopt celibacy as a strategy towards liberation and moksha. But there is also another way, the way of the Druid, the Sufi, of Krishna , of the Sikhs, of Mahayana Tantric Buddhism, and of the Christian mystic who stays in love with the world, and rather than trying to flee it, seeks to transform their everyday life into a zone of love, wisdom and enlightenment.

This book argues for this radical middle way between renunciation and hedonism and examines examples from history, theology and mythology of exemplars who have walked this path towards salvation, not of the personal self but of the entire cosmic and social world system of which we are a part. The book is a revolutionary reframing of the true sacredness of marriage vows and intimacy, placing the duty of non-violence and peace at the forefront of all intimate relationships. It is a manifesto for the liberation of mankind from false desires and towards the realisation of authentic nirvana and enlightenment within the context of human relational existence. All serious spiritual seekers and those who are not wishing to leave behind the path of personal relationships and love are invited to study its arguments and philosophy in depth, and to explore its ideas.

Contact Thomas Clough Daffern
Purchase http://www.lulu.com/iipsgp


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