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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: The Celtic Tradition of Myth and Magic.
Speaker: Marion Green
Prior to the written word dominating our conscious and intellectual thinking, the Celts combined sound with an oral tradition that was in keeping with their intuitive and (by modern standards) extra sensory and deep perceptive awareness of the oneness of everything. Marion provides a marvellous description of Celtic society and how the beliefs of the Celts often contrasted with those of the Romans.
Title: The Weaving of Geometry, Evolution and the Human Story.
Speaker: Heather Paton
In this detailed lecture, Heather begins by relating how through studying physical form in art she began to see it as energy patterns in space and time; a journey that led her to the work of Rudolf Steiner who through clairvoyant experience had described in detail the evolution of the Earth as a process of the densification of energy in to matter. Heather describes how this process has shaped the evolution of humanity from a time before the earth was a physical form through to its future predicted state.
Title: Astrology and Self Understanding.
Speaker: Zach Matthews
A marvellous introduction to the subject of Astrology, its role, uses and meaning today's world. Science came out of Astrology, but where Astrology itself originate? Zach describes how Astrology is imbedded in pre and Christian culture and how it relates to our soul, ego and fate. He then talks about the role of the planets and the twelve signs of the Zodiac
Title: Channelling Pure and Simple.
Speaker: Susan Luffman
A wonderful talk and a description of a personal journey of learning that has enriched the speaker's life, teaching her how to be open and loving of herself and others. Susan describes how she was introduced to channelling and how she works with guides and ascended masters. There then follows a demonstration of channelling that involves communication with and a message from the ascended master known as Sananda. A marvellous insight for anyone interested in this form of communication.

Title: Angel Helpers.
Speaker: Father Rene Claudot
The universe is constantly evolving and in a state perpetual transition and progression. Humanity is intrinsically linked to this universal evolution and is linked to a hierarchy of beings that exist in non physical form such as Angels, Spirits and Deva's. These beings are working with humanity to help us to expand our awareness to a higher state of consciousness. Our task is to recognise that we are physical, mental and astral beings that exist not in isolation but as part of an unfolding universal blueprint that is creation.

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