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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: The Soul of Britain.
Speaker: Nigel Blair and Sir George Trevelyan
This lecture discusses the historical contribution of the folk souls and in particular the Anglo Saxon folk soul to the current age of the consciousness soul. It considers the role of Britain past and present as a melting pot for the mixing of cultures and the exchange of ideas.

Each folk soul has its spiritual task and is a facet of an evolving humanity. Humanities task is to cease identifying with our separated selves and enable each folk soul to make its contribution to building a new world where the totality of humanity is recognised as one great spiritual being.
Title: Christmas and the Awakening of Man.
Speaker: Russell Evans
Russell begins by discussing the pre Christian and Christian origins of Christmas in the context of it being a time of birth and rebirth and as a transition from the dark and in to the light. If this time of year is symbolic of the true awakening of mankind what does it mean to be human?

Despite our technological based existence, loss of inner meaning is described as the biggest neurosis of our age. Are we living in our lives really fulfilling ourselves as spiritual beings on a path of growth and development, or are we ignoring those treasures that are truly human in constant pursuit of the material?
Title: The Prophetic Alliance of the Mayan and Druidic Calendars.
Speaker: Mark Heley
Our lives are lived by a calendar that considers only the solar year and the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. By living in this way and ignoring other important calendrical cycles are we reducing our awareness of the cosmos and narrowing our understanding of wider influences that affect us and the planet?

In a comprehensive and well researched lecture Mark discusses the calendars of the Mayan and Druidic cultures and describes the significance of 13 moon calendars, the 3 year lunar cycle (37 lunations), the 5 year cycle, the 8 year cycle (99 lunations), the 19 year cycle (used by the ancient Greeks) and the procession of the equinoxes.
Title: Poetry and the Awakened Mind.
Speaker: Sir George Trevelyan
In this superbly delivered lecture, Sir George considers the emergence of a new world view in relation to human consciousness. In doing so he describes the secrets of the ancients and in particular the Temple Sleep, the symbolism of myths and legends and the oneness of everything in respect of humanities cosmic and spiritual evolution.

Title: Reincarnation: Many Happy Returns.
Speaker: Jean Smythe
In this enthralling lecture Jean talks of death as being an essential part of the human condition, for whilst it is the destiny of the body to return to dust and ashes, it is the destiny of the spirit to continue along a continuous and infinite path of learning. We all have lived many lives in physical form as different creeds, sexes and colours in a bid to achieve our own individual Christhood.

If our present lives are personal journeys of self discovery, what influence do previous incarnations have and what is the role of freewill and spirit in fulfilling our potential as spiritual beings? Is living through unconditional love, tolerance and kindness the hardest lesson of all to learn?

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