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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: Mythology of the British Isles: Celts, Goddesses and Heroes.
Speaker: Geoffrey Ashe
Where does the mythology of the British Isles really begin? In this fascinating lecture Geoffrey discusses the importance of our Celtic heritage in shaping the mythology of the British Isles; one that pre dates Anglo Saxon culture. What can we learn from a Celtic age where little was ever written down and how accurate is the work of medieval scholars such as Geoffrey of Monmouth in portraying the mythology of these islands?
Title: The Energies of Natural Medicine.
Speaker: Michael Endacott
Michael provides a marvellous insight in to the energies that are associated with natural medicine and healing. Most illness occurs due to inbalances at an emotional or soul level, but as individuals we all grow on the physical, spiritual and intellectual levels and through an acceptance and knowledge of wider universal energies we can heal ourselves. The essence of any healing is to help the person come to terms with their own problems and embark on a progressive path of personal development and understanding within ourselves.
Title: The Genius of the Few.
Speaker: Christian and Joy O'Brien
Who designed the great stone monuments of Avebury Ring, Stonehenge and Silbury Hill? It was this question that prompted a long line of enquiry that led initially to the Middle East and the Lebanon and then to other parts of the world. In this superb lecture Christian and Joy O'Brien present the findings of that research that formed the basis of the book The Genius of the Few and has led to the posing of a whole new set of questions regarding the common origins of humanity, the Old Testament, the accounts of Enoch and the garden of Eden. Incredible research which provides proof of the advanced civilization in the archaic world.

Donated from the Archives of the Patrick Foundation
Title: The Holistic Philosophy of Nature.
Speaker: Prof Glen Schaefer
Glen by background is an atomic physicist and biologist. His work in these fields has led him to believe that mankind's view of evolution and nature is largely deterministic and mechanistic. During the first part of this marvelous lecture he outlines the flaws associated with this perspective, and argues that the creation and evolution of the universe could not have occurred by chance alone, but are guided by a higher universal intelligence.

If evolution is a process of unfoldment, how does it relate to man's existence given that the way the planet is currently viewed and managed. Our current approach of trying to control nature is bringing the scenario of catastrophe to our paradigm as we gradually denature our environment. Earth is the human beings only home and we must alter our thinking and work as one with our home if it and us, are going to survive.

Title: Bloodline of the Holy Grail.
Speaker: Sir Laurence Gardner
Sir Laurence Gardner starts by describing the background to the writing of his best selling book 'Bloodline of the Holy Grail' and then proceeds to separate fact from fiction and by asking, "why is it that the New Testament gospels, and other books of that era tell us things that we are not taught and why are we taught lots of things that aren't in the new testament as if they are"? In the second part of this superbly researched and delivered oration he discusses in detail aspects of the Holy Bloodline and considers the possibility of Jesus surviving death and having at least one child with Mary Magdale.

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