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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: Life After Death.
Speaker: Harry Johnson
It is only in recent Western European society that the existence of non-existence after death is considered. The concept of life after death and reincarnation is taken for granted by every other society. Harry gives an excellent lecture in which he presents analytical evidence for the continuation of life after death, a description of what happens after death and discusses the possibility that life after death is a life of the mind without the body and not subject to the physical nature of time. The totality of experience relates to the larger soul self and not the individuality expressed through a particular brain in any one lifetime spent physical form. The relationship between the soul and brain is also discussed.
Title: Working with the Invisible Guides of Humanity: The Masters Beyond Error & Illusion.
Speaker: Carol Fraser
At the beginning of this fascinating lecture lasting nearly 3 hours, Carol presents the listener with a fundamental invocation that is an entrance to a spiritual path. How ready are we as individuals to work without illusion? If we aspire to connect and work with ascended masters and higher forces, we must learn to work in a spirit of truth so that we are not open to manipulation and deception. The work and role of ascended masters in guiding humanity towards ascension and the incorporation of the Christ consciousness in to ourselves, is discussed with special emphasis on the green, violet and golden streams of energy.
Title: Crop Circles: A Gateway to a New World.
Speaker: Stanley Messenger
What is the spiritual significance of crop circles? What is it that beings from other dimensions are trying to convey and is humanity grasping the concept of what is being asked of us? In a truly mesmerising lecture that includes channelled information from Steiner himself, Stanley describes how Planet Earth and humanity is in the process of taking a major evolutionary step forward, which for humanity involves thinking from the heart rather than with the intellect.
Title: UFO's Man's Cosmic Test?
Speaker: Nigel Blair
A well researched lecture suggesting that since 1947 levels of UFO activity around planet Earth has become more frequent. Why are Extra Terrestrials observing human activity with an increased level of interest? What are the spiritual and philosophical significance of the messages that we have already received and continue to be sent in the context of religious belief, the raising of the planetary vibration and the second coming of the Christ consciousness? During the course of this informative and exciting lecture many of the messages given to us by extra terrestrials are once again conveyed, raising more questions about the destiny of mankind.

Title: The Mystic Beatles: The Fab Four as Transmitters of the Perennial Philosophy
Speaker: Dean Carter
Dean presents the findings of his research in to the role of the Beatles as transmitters of the Perennial Philosophy. The talk begins with a summary of what is meant by the term 'Perennial Philosphy' before relating it to the spiritual development of the Beatles (in particular John and George)as portrayed through songs written prior to 1967.

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