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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: A Guide to Extra Terrestrial Contact: How to Respond
Speaker: Palden Jenkins

Palden presents a five point plan based on his own encounters with UFO's and his work with cosmic beings. It outlines how we should respond to extra terrestrial contact. Would we as individuals be ready to shift our consciousness, awareness and perception so that our immediate response to spiders or robots that emanate unconditional love would be welcoming and open? What is required to ensure that humanity is ready to make the transition and take its place as part of a wider galactic community? Can answers be found within the context of our earthly existence?

Title: Light from Ancient Egypt
Speaker: Rev. Patrick Blakiston

A marvellous insight in to the philosophy and culture of ancient Egypt , it's ageless mystical qualities and its influence upon and relationship with esoteric Christianity. Patrick then plays examples of ancient Egyptian music and describes some of his own mystical experiences whilst visiting the country.

Title: Snakes and Ladders: 2012 Game Over or Next Level
Speaker: Geoff Stray

Geoff who has studied calendrical systems for more than 23 years suggests that many belief and wisdom traditions (including the Chinese I Ching, Peruvian, Maori, Hopi and Mayan teachings) consider the precession of time through a 26,000 year cycle and so include lunar calendars to measure this. These calendars would indicate the convergence of time around the year of 2012, signifying the start of a golden age and a new time cycle.

Are we about to witness the coming of a new energy system to our galaxy, pole shifts and opportunities for mankind to evolve from Homo Sapien to Homo Spiritus? Geoff has compiled the his findings and other research at www.diagnosis2012.co.uk

Title: A Laymans Guide to Spirituality
Speaker: Barry Anson
Religion, Science and Spirituality present three very different perspectives on the idea of existence. Barry begins by defining and discussing the differences between religion, science and spirituality, the first two (science and religion) each presenting fixed views whilst the idea that we might be spiritual beings remains fluid, unempirical but possibly known of from within. He then talks in more detail about humanity as a spiritual entity

Title: The Christ Impulse in an Age of Turmoil
Speaker: Sir George Trevelyan

What is expected of us if we are to unfold and grow in to the new age of Aquarius? Sir George suggests that any turnaround in human consciousness has to come from within each and every one of us. The way forward cannot be found within the parameters of current scientific, economic or social models of existence, but we must expand our awareness to consider that we are the living manifestation of consciousness (spiritual and physical beings). We therefore are part of the Earth and part of a wider universe, itself an ocean of thought and love. Are we ready to open ourselves to the impulse of love; the outpouring of the waters of Aquarius?

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