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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: The Early Years of Life
Speaker: Tony Neate

The Early Years of Life consists of information channelled directly from Helioarcanophus (a spiritual being and teacher) about the first 14 years of life. The talk concentrates on the relationship between the body and the spirit that enters the body at conception. The first part of the lecture concentrates on the first seven years of life when the spirit is building a relationship with it's physical shell (the body) and starts to experience the physical. The years 8 to 14 are considered in the second part of the talk. Source: The archives of the Atlantean Society.

Title: The Paradox of Mysticism
Speaker: Irina Tweedie

A wonderful lecture, that draws on the truths of many spiritual teachings as well as Irina's experiences as a mystic. She begins by presenting definitions and describing the nature of mysticism, the paradox being that mystical experience has to be experienced and cannot be easily conveyed or explained to others to the satisfaction of the human mind. Irina then describes the spiritual life path of the mystic, the path leading to union and oneness with all things. If humanity could reach beyond the confines of the intellectual mind and re-discover and recognise itself as a divine spiritual entity, how might we then raise our general level of awareness and recognise the joy of the true self and the potential to work through the heart to be at one with God.

Title: The Second Coming of Christ
Speaker: Brian Williams

Brian gives his interpretation of the second coming of Christ based on his assessment of doctrinal teaching. He concludes that any such event might not be about the physical and literal return of a spiritual teacher, but rather a spiritual and mystical awakening, underpinned by the emergence of the Christ impulse and a new planetary energy system. In the first part of the lecture he presents information about past instances of an expected return before outlining his ideas and debating the subject in greater detail.

Title: Understanding the Living World
Speaker: Alan Hall
The variety of mineral, organic and radioactive substances dumped into the global ecosystem through anthropogenic activity is immense. Alan gives an outline of the scale of the problem before describing sustainable approaches using plants to cleansing water and rebuilding aquatic habitats. He then discusses the impact of electro magnetic radiation on trees and methods for the alleviation of this source of stress upon them.

Title: The Language of Atlantis
Speaker: Murray Hope

Channelled by Murray Hope, here is an example of the Atlantean language that was spoken prior to the fall of that civilisation around 7,000 years ago. As a tongue Atlantean contributed to many of the early languages notably Greek, Latin and Egyptian. The nearest language in use today to which it could be equated is Basque, but there are also a few guttural sounds which are met with the Celtic and allied tongues. Atlanteans were also capable of communication by telepathic means as well as through the spoken word. Source: Material kindly donated from the archives of the Atlanteans

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