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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: The Cycles of Heaven: Cosmic Influences on Human Behaviour
Speaker: Guy Lyon Playfair

Vast amounts of information about the solar system have been collected, but do we yet fully understand the relationship between human behaviour and the energy cycles and fluxes of the wider universe? Guy presents an evidence based summary of the mechanics of existence and the knowledge of such relationships. We know for example that sunspots adhere (on average) to a cycle of time that lasts 11.08 years but what might their influence be on the occurrence of epidemics and voting patterns?

Title: Nourishing the Divine Seed Within Us
Speaker: Carol Fraser

A marvellous talk, that considers the nature of mankind from the perspective of the Hindu wisdom tradition (part of the ancient wisdom teachings). Carol begins by talking about the role of ritual (and sound in ritual), in connecting the cosmic microcosm with the cosmic macrocosm, before describing in more detail the nature of the cosmic dance and the divine seed. She then elaborates on the nature of humanity; its origins and its evolution as part of space and time. We all have the divine seed within us and by choosing to open to it, humanity can take a quantum leap forward in its evolution, fulfilling its role as a creator being. Carol describes how we might begin this process, by letting go of artificial thought structures and identities, and by opening to cosmic truths

Title: Beyond Channelling and into the New World
Speaker: Stanley Messenger

Humanity is surrounded by other forms of consciousness that are very keen to communicate with us. Verbal communication might therefore not be the main form of communication as we learn to interact and communicate inter-dimensionally. Stanley recounts his thoughts on channelling and his experiences as a channeller, discussing how humanity has to raise itself to a state of instantaneous consciousness with no sense of history or future but a sense of living in the now. In this state we will live inter-dimensionally unrestricted by the material limitations of matter

Title: An Introduction to Astrology
Speaker: John Watson

A lecture in which John talks about the different types of astrology (natal, electional and horary) and the relevance and influence of the different houses. Using examples taken from natal charts he shows how they can be used to assess the character, potential and challenges that a person might face based upon the interpretation of their chart or heavenly map

Title: Conversations with Pan
Speaker: Rock Ogilvie Crombie

During his life time, Rock Ogilvie Crombie was able to communicate with the elemental kingdoms and the beings associated with nature. Conversations with Pan, is an account of his meetings with Pan, providing a wonderful insight in to the relationship between the worlds of man and nature

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