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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: The Gnostic Gospels
Speaker: Andrew Welburn

Lost for nearly 2000 years, the Gnostic Gospels provide a wonderful insight in to the beginnings of Christianity and the original teachings and life of Jesus Christ. Andrew tells how the gospels came to be found and discusses the relevance of their content; how early Christianity embraced and is rooted in the teachings of the ancient mystery traditions that consider humans as cosmic spiritual beings, inextricably linked to a universal consciousness.

Title: The Old Religion: The Psychic and Spiritual Craft of these Isles
Speaker: Dr Serena Roney Dougal

The roots of the old religion originate from within the spiritual beliefs of ancient cultures; these earliest civilisations primarily being goddess worshippers, who lived in tune with the sun, moon and seasons. These beliefs still exist in our modern literary, religious and folk traditions, the development of civilisation having led to the ritualisation of this ancient wisdom and a shift from the Celtic (lunar) calendar

Title: Reincarnation and the Evolution of Consciousness
Speaker: Pat Law

The lecture begins with a description of reincarnation and karma; the karma that we carry through from successive incarnations and that which we create in our present incarnation through our thoughts and actions.

Pat then describes the evolutionary path of universal consciousness, how we have progressed from existing in a non physical form to our current state of physicality where our physical form has evolved more quickly than our consciousness. We are now at a point in our evolution where we are called upon to rebalance this progression through the development of consciousness

Title: Virtual Reality and the Paranormal
Speaker: Stanley Messenger

What is reality? Are we presently conditioned to a false reality, which we will only begin to see through when we embark on a path of inner development. We each create our own realities, but collectively have now crossed a threshold where we must embark upon a journey and grasp a new higher reality to realise our full human potential. Stanley suggests that the very nature of time itself is changing, bringing a new, wider realsation to each and every one of us. Paranormal events like UFO's and Crop Circles serve to remind us that one day the paranormal will become the norm.

Title: Spirit Release
Speaker: Jane Satchwell

Jane talks about her experiences as someone who helps release earth bound spirits. Earth bound spirits can remain in the earthly plane for a variety of reasons attached to people, places, or objects or become confused through an event such as a sudden death and so existing in the eternal now. Jane's approach t o releasing spirits is to communicate with them to find out what issues hold them to an earthly plane. Spirits it seems like people can often become stuck!

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