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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: The Enlightened Body: Unlocking its Secrets through Light Touch Therapies
Speaker: John Wilks

John discusses the differences between the holistic approach to health and the allopathic approach and explores some of the esoteric aspects of holistic medicine including Kundalini energy and states of enlightenment. In the latter part of the talk he describes how Osteopathy and Cranial Sacral Therapy have evolved since the 20 th century and also about his experiences as a therapist

Title: Colour, Crystals and Sound
Speaker: Lin Law

Lin begins the talk by describing her life's journey and how she came to be working with crystals, colour and sound as mechanisms for healing. She then talks about how she works with energy, how the emotional state can affect the physical state and how and why the techniques work. As we fully enter the Aquarian age the importance of each (crystals, colour and sound) will become even more apparent as we realise that everything is energy and that everything (including our selves) resonates.

Title: Psyche in Transition. Travelling in to the Unkown
Speaker: Anita Gregory

Anita begins by discusses the role of psychology in studying consciousness, the key to understanding the inner nature of man's existence. She then goes on to describe how the nature of the psyche is changing, how more and more people are having inner experiences that are beyond a mechanistic perception of humanity, consciousness and existence.

Title: Spiritual Man and the End of an Age
Speaker: Canon Peter Spink

In this lecture Peter examines the relationship between the cult, religion and the dynamic (the energy of transformation). He starts by defining each and then explores the characteristics of the relationship, how ideas form and come to manifest as cult, religious order and new age thinking.

Title: Yoga as a Way of Life. Wholeness through Meditation and Exercise
Speaker: Pauline Thelwell

We can live for weeks without food, for days without water but how long without breathing? The way we breathe can influence our health but how much attention do we pay to this fundamental process? Yoga reminds us of what we really are, complex beings outwardly anchored in physicality, yet with also an inner, spiritual side.

Pauline, a yoga teacher for many years describes how Yoga has been part of her life time journey of spiritual unfoldment. As a teacher she began to see how she could work with her intuition through Yoga to help and empower others. She then talks in more detail about the seven main aspects of Yoga from the idea of physical exercise, to consider the affects on the body's energy centres as well as the inner aspects of consciousness. A marvellous talk that also includes some simple exercises.

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