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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: Adventure in to God
Speaker: Sir George Trevelyan

Sir George begins by discussing perceptions of what the self is. At what point is the self at one with the universe? The universe is one great mind, an ocean of living thought, and in each of us exists the totality of that universe. Humanity, a spiritual being in a physical body, is being asked to awaken and fulfil its potential as a divine being. To open to the universe letting go of our ego and tendency to intellectualise, is the great challenge of our time.

Title: The Confluence of Science and Religion
Speaker: David Lorimer

The renaissance was a time when humanity was infused with ideas. Great scientists who were also great esoteric adventurers, philosophers or artists came to the fore. David starts what is a fascinating talk by taking us back even further in time to Pythagoras; possibly the first great mystic and scientist. He then discusses the nature of science and religion in terms of human thinking. How did the two streams diverge? Is it a leap in human thinking that is needed to facilitate a confluence of the two? We need both science and religion (spirituality) for together they make a whole. What then prevents us from embracing this idea? Log on to www.practicalwisdom.org.uk for further information about David's work

Title: Psychic Healing
Speaker: Kenneth Valkeitz

In a fascinating talk Kenneth, outlines what psychic healing entails. He begins by describing our relationship with the universe, how fluctuations in energy in outer space ripple out to affect the Earth and all life on it (As Above so Below). Everything is affected by energy and psychic healing restores energetic balance and well being. We all have the potential to heal if we trust the universe and allow ourselves to become vessels for the transmission of energy. Kenneth then describes how he works as a healer and recounts some of his experiences.

Title: Genesis Unveiled: The Lost Wisdom of Our Forgotten Ancestors
Speaker: Ian Lawton

In this talk Ian presents his findings from the research he has undertaken re-evaluating the content and meaning ancient texts and traditions from across the world and in particular the pre-flood traditions. One common theme that emerges from looking at the ancient wisdom traditions is the idea that everything is created from a divine source and that everything is energy. Whatever their background, ancient peoples had a spiritual world view, a universal understanding of the cosmos that included the ideas of cycles of time, life and perpetual change or progression. Ian then talks about the descent in to matter and the challenges in anchoring the spiritual world view in to the physical plane. What then can we learn from the events of the past in respect of the present time of transition?

A fascinating and well researched lecture and Ian has continued to research; the new findings presented in his book called the History of the Soul. For further information log on to www.ianlawton.com

Title: Dimensions in Space and Time
Speaker: Lilla Beck

We are at a time in our evolution when we are set to experience a merging of the dimensions in space and time. In this lecture Lilla describes the nature of some of these higher dimensions or vibrations; their characteristics and their meaning as expressions of energy, colour and consciousness and how they relate to our own spiritual growth. There are an infinite number of dimensions, some containing cities and great halls of learning, others containing absolutely nothing. Earthly life puts us in a very special dimension, one where we can learn to love unconditionally out of our freewill

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