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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: Beyond Ego
Speaker: Charles Tart

In this lecture the speaker presents the hypothesis that we all use Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) sub-consciously and therefore use these faculties far more than we might otherwise believe during the course of our daily lives. This brings him to the idea of transpersonal or spiritual psychology, where we have experiences (e.g. telepathy or time transference) that take us beyond the ego or beyond the illusion of reality that we create for ourselves.

Title: Expanding Our Awareness
Speaker: Carol Fraser

A wonderful talk and very timely for this time when the universe is offering us the opportunity to shift and ground ourselves in truth and love. Perceptions of reality are set to change, for we are in transition a time in which we return to unity with the cosmos. Carol talks about how we need to re-assess our sense of inner perception, our relationship with nature and how we need to free ourselves from information overload so that we might experience and so expand our awareness

Title: The Celtic Lunar Calendar. Stone Circles and the Cycles of the Seasons; Tuning in to the rhythms of the Sun, Moon and Earth
Speaker: Serena Roney Dougal

A fascinating lecture that begins by talking about the importance of calendars to humankind, how every society, every culture or tribe has one and how they represent templates for order. Serena goes on to describe in detail the nature of the Celtic lunar calendar and the wheel of the year. Has our modern Gregorian calendar become an artificial template in terms of representing our relationship with the Earth and wider cosmos?

Title: Ye Are Gods
Speaker: Ann Hughes

Human beings are on a path of awakening, a journey that eventually takes us to the point where we become the future co-creators of living ideas. This process is not borne out of the intellect, but out of the heart. It is something that we must feel from within us, radiating out a higher vibration that is based on compassion and love. In this talk Ann talks about the various stages of this journey (the concept of duality, the development of the self and the relationship between mass and energy) and how we have incarnated onto the physical planes to project divine love and consciousness to 'divinitise matter'.

Title: Expanding Our Awareness
Speaker: Sir George Trevelyan

The path of human history is inextricably linked to the evolution of consciousness. During this epoch it has taken us totally into the world of matter, with the etheric and spiritual realms replaced by the physical. We have reached a point in our evolution where it is time to rediscover ourselves as spiritual beings re-connecting with the worlds of spirit, gaia and living ideas. Intellect must now re-connect with these other realms and we must take the conscious decision to release our consciousness out of its bond to matter

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