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The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educational tool. Permission is sought for all other forms of reproduction.

Title: Raising the Planetary Vibration
Speaker: Wesley Tudor Pole

Wesley Tudor Pole presents us with the idea that a new ray of blended energy; one that combines cosmic wisdom and love has come to the Earth. This ray of energy provides humanity with an opportunity to move forward and upwards, reassessing our attitudes to the way in which we treat the Earth and all life upon it.

The speaker then goes on to talk about how a person might raise ones vibration through meditation, creative imagination and positive thinking and how this can counter negativity. Raising ones vibration requires one to look inwards and consider our relationship with the universe. It requires self-mastery, discipline and a belief that you are an indestructible being of light; ready to act of compassion and service to improve the planetary vibration through realigning with the elemental and spiritual kingdoms
Title: Japanese Buddhism
Speaker: Rev. Ganishan Rock

What is in a name? Ganishan begins by describing the meaning of his name and its implications before recounting his story, the journey that led him to Japanese Buddhism and beyond. He then goes on talk about the different branches of Buddhism

Title: Releasing Earthbound Souls
Speaker: Eddie Binks

Eddie recounts stories relating to his work with the spiritual worlds in helping to release earthbound souls. Souls can become stuck or trapped upon death for a variety of reasons prior to moving on into the Summerland or spiritual plane of illusion after death. He also talks about the process of self-reflection that takes place after death; when a soul analyses the last incarnation.

This fascinating lecture which reminds us about the continuity of consciousness after death, the idea that we are all multidimensional beings existing in a multiverse and that any psychic gifts should be used for service

Title: Celtic Spirituality. A Vision of Wholeness
Speaker: Anthony Duncan

Celtic spirituality is a religion of the heart rather than the head. Anthony begins by talking about the arrival of Celts to the British Isles prior to the arrival of the romans and the origins of Celtic spirituality. He then goes on to demonstrate its vision; the idea that creation is the transfigured image of the creator, with Heaven and Earth inextricably linked in that idea of creation. Anthony goes on to refer to ancient scripts and writings that demonstrate the depth of the Celtic spiritual tradition

Title: Redemption through the Power of Love
Speaker: Sir George Trevelyan

In this lecture Sir George Trevelyan talks about the time in which we live and how we must strive to change and reconnect with a fundamental universal concept; that of love. Through love (rather than war, greed, ego and materialism) we can change the world for the better and reconnect with the spiritual universe, realising our living potential as the part of nature that has become conscious.

Title: Psychic Healing
Speaker: Kenneth Valkeith

In a fascinating talk Kenneth, outlines what psychic healing entails. He begins by describing our relationship with the universe, how fluctuations in energy in outer space ripple out to affect the Earth and all life on it (As Above so Below). Everything is affected by energy and psychic healing restores energetic balance and well being. We all have the potential to heal if we trust the universe and allow ourselves to become vessels for the transmission of energy. Kenneth then describes how he works as a healer and recounts some of his experiences.

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