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Bath Positive Living Group holds monthly speaker evenings and a monthly breakfast at Bath Business meetup.

Bath Positive Living is a growing community where people can come together to learn from top class speakers who are experts in their chosen subject.

Breakfast in Bath is a 2 hour monthly business meeting of like-minded people coming together to share their experiences while supporting each other. You don't have to be at the top of your game those who are just starting up can have the freshest ideas to bring to the table. People involved in this group range from the plumber to the healer with web mistresses and retreat facilitators to name a few.

Our intention is to spread positive information far and wide by developing a network meeting space once a month. If you feel you could benefit by being with like-minded people then please join us.

12-09-19 Finding and Following Your True Soul Path
  Speaker: Jo St Clair
13-07-19 Three Secrets to Understanding Duality. The Mind, Body and Universe
  Speaker: Alec Stansfield
13-06-19 Balancing the Bodys Energy Centres
  Speaker: Masha Kastner
09-05-19 Spiritual Healing and Psychic Surgery
  Speakers: Louise Hedges & Jonno Webster
11-04-19 Creating a Buzz around Health
  Speaker: Paula Carnell

The Wisdom of Christ Consciousness. From the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius

  Speaker: Reena Kumarasingham

Why Don't We All Heal

  Speaker: Lyn Stones
  Spiritual Healer Reiki Master, Lyn Stones, will open a discussion on the question why some of us heal, and others do not?
We will be experimenting with our own energies and how they can be affected by our surroundings and other people. We'll be travelling together on a healing meditation. Lyn will be sharing a few of her own experiences, amd at the end of the evening you will go away with tools to help you continue your own healing journey

Compassionate Care. Seeing the Individual

  Speaker: Janet Shreeve
  The measure of a society is the way in which we treat our most vulnerable members, yet care for the elderly is a topic that is too often neglected. Having worked for over a decade in providing tailored care for the elderly, Janet is skilled in listening to the needs of older people, who can be to easily sidelined by the priorities of local authorities and relatives. Drawing on antidotes from her many years experience, Janet will provide insights into challenges of ageing and how quality of life can be best supported in our twilight years

Sacred Sound

  Speaker: Angeline Stevens
  Discover how sound can profoundly affect us, on many levels, and how it can reduce stress, ease pain and uplift you. Using voice and a range of instruments, Angeline will talk us through the healing effects of sound, finishing with a relaxing sound bath

Hypnotherapy. A Key to Creating Lasting Positive Training

  Speaker: Tricia Maitland
  In this thought provoking and informative talk, Tricia Maitland, Clinical Hypnotherapist, wil dispel the myths about hypnotherapy, explain why in this modern world we suffer so much from the effects of stress and anxiety, and teach some techniques you can use to get you on the path of creating the life you truly want to live. You will also experience the hypnotic state through guided meditation, and see how easily you can make this a part of your life

Dynamic Ageless You

  Speaker: Anne Acushla Hassett
  Anne has worked as a psychic and spiritual counsellor for over 35 years. It is her passion to empower and assist others by holding regular workshops in the uk and abroad. Anne combines ancient wisdom with modern science to show we have the understanding, information and tools to live longer fully functional lives

Animal Communication

  Speaker: Susie Shiner
  How can we understand what our pets and other animals are saying to us? Susie is a Seer, a healer and a professional animal communicator. Her talk will explain the universal language animals use to communicate with one another, and include a mini workshop on how to develop your own communication skills

The Quest

  Speaker: Kirsten Bolwig
  Kirsten, a spiritual healer and Quantum Therapist, will share stories, insights and practices from her latest book, The Spirit Kettle, which completes her Quest trilogy. In this book, she continues her personal search for the indigenous people who can show us how to create a harmonious future of peace and balance

Spinal Health

  Speaker: Dr Thomasina Craston
  How it affects our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being through posture and self-healing. Thomasina will talk about her work as a Doctor of Chiropractic specialising in a neurological technique called Network Spinal Analysis and will share methods for self-healing

An Evening of Song and Music

  Speaker: Vicki Burke
  Following a life-changing experience Vicki Burke shares her quest to discover the connection between all things. She unearths a map which shows how the years seasonal journey offers a mirror to the relationship we each have with our life experiences, our spiritual path and astrology. These insights offer keys to many doors, all of which will lead us back to the one door that takes us home. 
Combining ancient ways and wisdom with her personal understanding of the world, Vicki Burke weaves her ideas around twelve archetypal stories, taking the reader on an uplifting, autobiographical journey filled with wonder and synchronicity. Believing that synchronicity can bring back meaning and direction into our lives, Vicki explores the idea that if we are receptive to the magic, we can begin to discover our own personal story and true purpose. Tonight Vicki will be reading excerpts from her book 'Journey to the Golden City' and singing songs from her solo album Keys to the Golden City as she takes you around her seasonal, astrological journey around the year.Both will be on sale at the event

Soul Story. Evolution and the Purpose of Life

  Speaker: Tim Freke
  In this presentation, based on his groundbreaking book Soul Story, philosopher Tim Freke offers an alternative to this pessimistic worldview. He will explore a new philosophy he calls Emergent Spirituality, which reconciles modern scientific knowledge and perennial spiritual wisdom, by suggesting that everything is emerging into existence through the evolutionary process, including those qualities of life considered spiritual

The Inconvenient Reality. Can Wireless Technology Affect Us?

  Speaker: Dr Andrew Tressider
  Dr Andrew Tresidder, a Somerset GP since 1989, is well-known for his holistic overall approach to health. He will talk about the impact of Radio Frequency Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) on our health. We are all exposed to unprecedented levels of man-made EMF due to exposure to WiFi routers, computers, mobile and cordless phones. As a result, many people are experiencing symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, fatigue and/or "brain-fog." This is a major problem, but do we care enough to bother about it or do we remain in denial? This talk will explore possible solutions to a very important issue

The Principles and Practical Application of Homeopathy

  Speaker: Mike Bridger
  'Mike will talk about the principles and philosophy behind homeopathic medicine and its relationship to other alternative therapies as well as how it can work alongside orthodox medicine. Although homeopathy has been in existence for over 200 years Mike will suggest that it is increasingly relevant today and should be at the front of healthcare considerations and policy

Evolving EFT

  Speaker: Rowena Beaumont
  Rowena has pioneered EFT since 2002 and works alongside Dr Rosy Daniel in Bath supporting clients with cancer, serious illness, anxiety and lifes stresses. Known as an EFT expert by her peers Rowena has been working with energy based energy techniques for over 20 years discovering methods to support people clearing their past programming, blockages, limitation, emotional and physical pain and to compassionately support them on their Souls Journey. She specialises in EFT and Emotional Freedom Light Techniques which she designed, adding further depth to EFT which includes working with colour, past life and ancestral clearing as well as the Timeline of the Soul

The Power of Sound

  Speaker: Bea and David (the Bards of Avalon)
  Bea and David will introduce you to various sound therapy tools and techniques which will enhance your health and wellbeing. Weaving vocal harmonies with Gongs, Himalayan bowls, chimes and other percussion instruments, they will also create a relaxing soundbath for you to enjoy. They will also use tuning forks to demonstrate how sound can help reduce pain

What is at the Heart of Healing

  Speaker: Dr Rosy Daniel
  Dr Rosy Daniel will share inspirational stories of those that have healed from cancer, identifying the specific holistic keys in each case that unlocked their healing potential. She will then offer each participant the opportunity to see their own mind, body, spirit and environmental balance and where vital changes can be made to prevent and reverse illness with her enlightening Picture of Health self-assessment tool. You will leave uplifted with new confidence in the magnificent potential of our bodies to heal and with insight about the unique keys for your own healing and healthy evolution

Practical Ascension

  Speaker: Tim Whild

Tim Whild is coming to Bath for the first time with a high frequency talk on Practical Ascension. He will focus on how we can smoothly navigate the shifts and challenges on our pathway with the correct knowledge and action. During the evening Tim will be leading us through several meditations/visualisations to raise our frequency and fully activate our 12 ascension chakras. There will also be time to work on personal questions and Tim will be happy to answer any queries that you may have, as well as running through what we can expect from the current energies.

Tim Whild is a Hay House author, public speaker and workshop facilitator from Poole, Dorset. He was born awake and clearly remembers his Lives as a High Priest in the era of Atlantis, and Ancient Egypt. He is using his collective memories to bring through the spiritual gifts and information stored away in those times.

His current work with ascension and ancient Atlantean technologies is helping those on a spiritual path around the world.
Tim became good friends with author and Angel expert Diana Cooper in 2003, reconnecting after many lifetimes. Together, they have written the immensely popular Archangel Guide to Ascension - 55 Steps to the Light, and The Archangel Guide to Enlightenment and Mastery - Living in the 5th Dimension, both published by Hay House


Dartmoor Mindscapes. Re-visioning a Sacred Landscape

  Speaker: Peter Knight

Peter gives a powerpoint presentation about his latest book, telling of his deep, personal connecting with the landscape and sacred sites of Dartmoor. It includes stone circles, stone rows, rock basins, propped stones and how prehistoric people regarded natural granite features as sacred. He also suggests how we can connect with landscapes today in a more meaningful, shamanic way.

Peter is well known for his entertaining and enthusiastic workshops, convention lectures and field trips. He is an authority on our ancient landscape and weaves this wisdom into his many books. He is the co-founder of the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group, an Honorary Member of the Dorset Dowsers, Antiquarian Society and the Wessex Dowsers as well as sitting on the committees of the Wyvern Dowsers and Society of Ley Hunters. Peter is also an Adult Education Tutor on archaeology and earth mysteries, holding seminars at Bournemouth University. As a freelance magazine writer, his work has appeared on radio and TV, most notably on Channel 4 with Monty Don in Don Roamin


Secrets of the Inner Smile

  Speaker: William Bloom
  The Inner Smile is a crucial meditation and healing technique that can benefit everyone. Its powerful psychological and spiritual effects cascade through the body improving physical and mental health, and awakening compassion. It makes you a better person. In tonights inspiring and experiential talk William will describe exactly how to practice the Inner Smile. He will also explain the science of how it achieves its benefits.

William Bloom is one the UKs most experienced teachers and authors in the field of wellbeing and spirituality. Currently, number 73 on the Watkins list of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People he is director of the Spiritual Companions Trust and recently created the first UK Ofqual accredited Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness. He spent 30 years on the faculty of the Findhorn Foundation and co-founded the Alternatives Programme. His books include The Endorphin Effect and The Power of Modern Spirituality



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