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Title Crewkerne Awareness
Venue Meeting Room, Unitarian Chapel, Hermitage Street, Crewkerne, Somerset, TA18 8ES
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Contribution £2.50
Contact Anastasia
Tel 01460 351019
Email collingridge1@sky.com
Web www.anacolourastro.wordpress.com
Schedule Crewkerne Awareness meets on the 3rd Monday of the month. New topic and different guest speaker every month. Time to socialise and network among friends. Light refreshments served, everyone welcome.

17-06-19 Demonstration of Mediumship
  Speaker: Nicky Friendship
20-05-19 Cosmic Vibrations
  Speaker: Pippa Handley Cooke
15-04-19 Feng Shui
  Speaker: Amanda Calderon
18-03-19 Releasing Past Life Negativity
  Speaker: Sandy Barley
18-02-19 Bach Flower Remedies
  Speaker: Pauline Wickens
21-01-19 Demonstration of Clairvoyance
  Speaker: Mitch Garlington
17-12-18 Aura Transformation
  Speaker: Sarah Jennings
19-11-18 Celtic Astrology
  Speaker: Marie Field
15-10-18 Demonstration of Psychic Mediumship
  Speaker: Sybella Loram
17-09-18 Mayan Dream Spell Part 2
  Speaker: Amy Ek Mau
20-08-18 Cosmic Ordering
  Speakers: Nicole Dyke & Lisa Cole
16-07-18 Power Animal Medicine
  Speakers: Nicole Dyke & Lisa Cole
18-06-18 Demonstration of Clairvoyance
  Speaker: Mitch Garlington
21-05-18 Mayan Dream Spell
  Speaker: Jo Kenworthy
16-04-18 Numerology
  Speaker: Paula Jackson
19-03-18 Demonstration of Clairvoyance
  Speaker: Mitch Garlington
19-02-18 Colour Wisdom
  Speaker: Pauline Wickens
15-01-18 Energy Boosts for the New Year
  Speaker: Peta Kierstan
18-12-17 Working with Celtic Angels
  Speaker: Marie Field
20-11-17 Demonstration of Clairvoyance
  Speaker: Mitch Garlington
16-10-17 Journey of the Soul Between Lives
  Speaker: David Pye
18-09-17 Psychic Surgery
  Speaker: Jo Pearce
21-08-17 Spirit Guides
  Speaker: Ruth Freya
17-07-17 Psychometry
  Speaker: Nikki Gard
19-06-17 Flower Readings
  Speaker: Nicole Dyke
15-05-17 Life Cycles in Astrology
  Speaker: Terrie Birch
17-04-17 Dartmoor Mindscapes
  Speaker: Peter Knight
20-03-17 Goddess Healing
  Speaker: Pauline Elsworth
20-02-17 Understanding Runes
  Speaker: Teagan Craig
16-01-17 Divination By Tea Leaves
  Speaker: Paula Jackson
19-12-16 Colour Mirrors
  Speaker: Kath Drayton
21-11-16 Psychic Detective
  Speaker: Wendy Drayton
17-10-16 Reincarnation
  Speaker: David Pye
15-10-16 Mind Body Spirit Fayre
  Group Event
  Venue. Unitarian Chapel Hall, Hermitage Street, Crewkerne . Time 10am-4pm. Free Entry
19-09-16 An Icelandic Spiritual Tour
  Speaker: Jane Duggleby
15-08-16 Hopi Ear Candles
  Speaker: Ruth Freya
18-07-16 Astronomy at Sacred Sites
  Speaker: Peter Knight
20-06-16 Graphology
  Speaker: Graham Brewer
16-05-16 Exploring the Power of Essences
  Speaker: Pauline Elsworth
18-04-16 Soul Astrology
  Speaker: Terrie Birch
21-03-16 The Five Clair Senses
  Speaker: Ruth Freya
15-02-16 Numerology
  Speaker: Colin John
18-01-16 Spiritual Messages in Photographs
  Speaker: Heather MacDonald
21-12-15 Ghost Busting
  Speaker: Jennifer Gould
16-11-15 Shiatsu
  Speaker: Hannah Taylor
19-10-15 Journey through Wheel of the Year
  Speaker: Pauline Elsworth
21-09-15 Buteyko Breathing
  Speakers: Ruth Freya and Steve Darch
17-08-15 Meditation
  Speaker: Rachel Rendell
20-07-15 Helix Healing
  Speaker: Tina Paul
15-06-15 Pagan Symbolism in Christianity
  Speaker: Peter Knight
23-05-15 Holistic and Craft Fayre with Fancy Dress for Children
  Venue: Chard Football Club
18-05-15 Name Colour Analysis
  Speaker: Mary Hykel Hunt
20-04-15 Palmistry
  Speaker: Emma Leverton
16-03-15 Mediumship
  Speaker: Ruth Freya
16-02-15 Soul Re-Alignment
  Speaker: David Wallace
19-01-15 Sacred Chanting
  Speaker: Ann Evans
15-12-14 Angel & Unicorn Healing
  Speaker: Fiona Pinney
17-11-14 Understanding Astrology Charts
  Speaker: Terrie Birch
20-10-14 Crystal Wisdom
  Speaker: Corryn Webb
15-09-14 Electrosensitivity - A Significant and Increasing Health Problem
  Speaker: Peter Gane
18-08-14 Sound Relaxation
  Speaker: Jane Duggleby
21-07-14 Ley Lines and Earth Energies - The Pulse of Mother Earth
  Speaker: Peter Knight
16-06-14 Soul Mates
  Speaker: Sheila Beck-Reynolds
14-06-14 Spirit Of Awareness Day
  Holistic & Spiritual Fayre
  Children's Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos. Star line-up of West Country psychics, therapists and holistic traders. Fundraising stall for charity Horseshoes and Handprints. Cafe open, limited free parking for visitors. Venue. Chard Rugby Football Clubhouse, Essex Close, Chard TA20 1RH. Time 10am-4pm. Free Entry
19-05-14 Atlantean Healing
  Speaker: Zena & Neil Hammond
21-04-14 Understanding Tarot
  Speaker: Anastasia Collingridge
17-03-14 Power Animals
  Speaker: Tina Jensen
17-02-14 Spiritual Geology
  Speaker: Jane Butterworth
20-01-14 Astrology
  Speaker: Linda Fawthrop
16-12-13 Aura Protection
  Speaker: David Eastoe and Helen Guild
18-11-13 Psychometry
  Speaker: Tony Whitehead

Join us for the November meeting of our monthly spiritual group in Crewkerne. Anyone who is interested in exploring the mysteries of life, developing their intuition and spiritual understanding in a safe and sacred space is most welcome.

The evening will include a talk and demonstration entitled Psychometry followed by an informal discussion and a chance for like minded people to socialise and network among friends.

Guest Speaker Tony Whitehead is a nationally registered spiritual medium with 30 years experience working as a psychic and clairvoyant. Tony is also a registered member of UK Hypnotherapy Association, the International Healer Practitioners Association, the Association for Meridian Therapies and a Master/ Teacher of Reiki


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