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Title Findhorn Foundation and Community
Venue The Park, Findhorn, Forres IV36 3TZ Morayshire. and Cluny Hill College, St Leonards Road, Forres IV36 2RD Morayshire
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Tel +44(0) 1309 690311
Email enquiries@findhorn.org
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Schedule The Findhorn Foundation offers a range of holistic workshops, certificated trainings and special events throughout the year, from our own Essential Findhorn programmes to international conferences, all set in the unique environment of our working community and ecovillage. Our programmes are an integral part of the community's work and give participants practical experience of how to apply spiritual and holistic values in daily life.
Events For a full calendar of our workshops and events please click here. http://www.findhorn.org/workshops/calendar.php
  Listed below are just a few of the many events organised by the Findhorn Foundation
30-03-19 Erraid Retreat Week
23-03-19 Erraid Retreat Week
16-03-19 Christic Mantras
  Facilitator: Haniel Sofia Riviere
09-03-19 Life Purpose
  Facilitators: Jena Griffiths and Susan Miles
09-03-19 Findhorn Spiritual Retreat Buddhist Meditation
09-03-19 Eldest Daughter Retreat
  Facilitators: Lisette Schuitemaker, Jayn Sterland, Gill Emslie
23-02-19 Erraid Retreat Week
16-02-19 Erraid Retreat Week
29-12-18 New Year Retreat on Iona
  Facilitator: Hannah Morjan
29-12-18 New Year Retreat on Iona
  Facilitator: Hannah Morjan
29-12-18 New Year Celebration. Crossing the Threshold
  Facilitators: Barbara Swetina and Javier Rodruigez
29-12-18 New Year Retreat. Turning Within Moving Forward
  Facilitator: Astrid Gude
20-12-18 Christmas Retreat
  Facilitators: Inneke Vollebregt and Judith Bone
01-12-18 Spiritual Retreat. Primal Painting
  Facilitator: Craig Gibsone
17-11-18 The Alchemy of Transformation
  Facilitators: Joy Drake and Yasko Takahashi
17-11-18 Spiritual Deepening. Living from Purpose and Soul
  Facilitator: Margo van Greta
17-11-18 Nature. The Sacred Stage
  Facilitators: Craig Gisborne and Laura Pasetti
03-11-18 Shamanic Visioning for Personal and Planetary Healing
  Facilitator: Astrid Gude
27-10-18 Integral Mondo Zen Retreat
  Facilitator: Doshin Nelson Roshi
22-10-18 Deepening Your Presence Through the Healing Art of Esalen Massage
  Facilitator: Mika Oishi
13-10-18 Essentials of Psychosynthesis
  Facilitators: Brian Graham and Diana Whitmore
06-10-18 Spiritual Practice - Permaculture
  Facilitator: Craig Gibsone
28-09-18 This Being Human. Telling True Life Tales
  Facilitator: Sue Hollingsworth
22-09-18 Co-creative Spirituality Conference. Shaping our Future with the Unseen Worlds
  Conference Event:
15-09-18 Advanced Essence and Empowerment
  Facilitator: Stephanie Mines
08-09-18 Working with Subtle Energy. Embodied Skills and Capacities for Life
  Facilitator: Stephen Busby
01-09-18 Learning to Sacred Dance
  Facilitators: Peter Vallance and Judith Bone
25-08-18 Life Purpose
  Facilitators: Jena Griffiths and Susan Miles
18-08-18 Summer Retreat Week on Iona
  Facilitator: The Iona Team
18-08-18 Embracing Change. Open Floor Movement Workshop
  Facilitators: Deborah Jay Lewin and Bettina Jespersen
11-08-18 Whole Body Mindfulness. Increasing the Power of Your Intuition
  Facilitators: Alex Maunder and Susan Miles
11-08-18 The Authentic Investor
  Facilitator: Findhorn Team
04-08-18 Summer Retreat Week on Iona
  Facilitator: The Iona Team
04-08-18 Animal Communication and Nature Connection I
  Facilitators: Jacqueline Buckingham and Leslie Downie
28-07-17 Your Exquisite Body of Light
  Facilitator: Tjitze de Jong
28-07-18 The Alchemy of Transformation
  Facilitators: Joy Drake and Yasko Takahashi
14-07-18 Mindfulness. Findhorn Spiritual Retreat
  Facilitator: Kajedo Wanderer
14-07-18 Festival of Sacred Dance Music and Song
07-07-18 Creations in Nature on Iona
  Facilitators: Dietmar Voorwold and Hugo Klip
30-06-18 Erraid Retreat Week
30-06-18 Communicating with Crystal Consciousness for Healing
  Facilitator: Robert Burlinson
16-06-18 Wild Natue. Findhorn Spiritual Retreat
  Facilitator: Kajedo Wanderer
28-05-18 Fire in the Heart. Writing and Living the Poetry of Your Life
  Facilitator: Jay Ramsey
26-05-18 Systemic Constellations. Restoring the Natural Flow of Love
  Facilitator: Elizabeth Fischer
19-05-18 The Longing to Belong. Listening to the Call of Your Soul
  Facilitator: Astrid Gude
12-05-18 Yoga and Meditation Retreat
  Facilitators: Rog Coulsen and Teresa Berg
12-05-18 Music and Consciousness
  Facilitator: Sarah Perricone
12-05-18 Animal Communication and Nature Connection I
  Facilitators: Jaqueline Buckingham and Lesley Downy
05-05-18 From Trauma to Transformation
  Facilitator: Jeff O'Driscoll
28-04-18 Findhorn Spiritual Retreat. Deepening into Meditation
  Facilitator: John Abdey
21-04-18 The Childrens Fire. Ancient Wisdom Fuels a New Story
  Facilitators: Mac Macartney & Rosa Sommer Martin
21-04-18 Being with the Inner and Outer Spirit of Nature
  Facilitator: Franco Santoro
15-04-18 Findhorn International Forum on Sustainability 10
  Facilitator: Robin Alfred
07-04-18 Reclaiming the Power of the Embodied Feminine. A Mythodrama Retreat for Women
  Facilitators: Belinda Davidson & Leslet Quigley
07-04-18 Findhorn Spiritual Retreat. Permaculture
  Facilitator: Craig Gisborne
31-03-18 Living Your Purpose. Enneagram Retreat on Soul Calling and Life Purpose
  Facilitator: Robert Holden
24-03-18 Practical Shamanism: Bridging Ancient Wisdom into Everyday Life
  Facilitator: Astrid Gude
17-03-18 Eldest Daughter Retreat
  Facilitator: Findhorn Team
10-03-18 Life Purpose
  Facilitators: Jeena Griffiths and Susan Miles
10-03-18 Findhorn Spiritual Retreat Week
  Facilitator: Findhorn Team
24-02-18 Erraid Retreat Week
17-02-18 Erraid Retreat Week
03-02-18 Erraid Retreat Week
28-01-18 Amazonian Magical Sounds
  Facilitator: Kurikindi
20-01-18 Walking the Amazonian Shamanic Path
  Facilitator: Kurikindi
28-12-17 New Year Retreat. Turning Within Moving Forward
  Facilitator: Astrid Gude
28-12-17 New Year Retreat on Iona
21-12-17 Returning of the Light on Iona
  Facilitator: Hugo Klip
20-12-17 Christmas Retreat
  Facilitators: Inneke Vollebregt & Judith Bone
09-12-17 Reiki Training Levels I and II
09-12-17 Erraid Retreat Week
02-12-17 What Makes Life Work? The Concept, Practice and Application of Natural Intelligence
  Facilitator: Jeddah Mali
02-12-17 Inner Alchemy
  Facilitator: Esther Maria Lindner
25-11-17 The Tree of Life. Dance and Movement within the Harmony Method
  Facilitator: Nanni Kloke
25-11-17 Mysterious Movement in Curious Depths. An intuitive Approach to Hatha Yoga
  Facilitator: Lousie Simmons
18-11-17 Spiritual Deepening. Living from Purpose and Soul
  Facilitators: Margo van Greta & Dominique Remi
11-11-17 Spiritual Practice. Mindfulness Retreat
11-11-17 Guts and God. Using Spiritual Direction to Discover the Hidden and Obvious Presence of the Divine in Your Life
  Facilitator: Caroline Myss
04-11-17 The Art of Enquiry
  Facilitator: Claus Springborg
28-10-17 Unlock Your Hidden Talents. The Way of Holistic Manifestation
  Facilitator: Franco Santoro
28-10-17 Erraid Samhain Retreat
21-10-17 Meditation in Movement
  Facilitator: Maria Gabriele Wosien
14-10-17 Spiritual Practice. Permaculture
  Facilitator: Craig Gisborne
14-10-17 Let Love In
  Facilitator: Faith Canter
07-10-17 Integral Mondo Zen Retreat
  Facilitator: Doshin Nelson Roshi
30-09-17 Embodying Higher Consciousness: Healing the Whole Self
  Facilitator: Stephen Busby
23-09-17 Space for the Heart on Iona
  Facilitator: Margo van Greta
16-09-17 Spiritual Practice. Living Intuitively
  Facilitator: Nadasree Geogete Gadras
16-09-17 Shamanic Visioning for Personal and Planetary Healing
  Facilitator: Astrid Gude
16-09-17 Equinox Retreat on Iona
  Facilitator: Susan Miles
16-09-17 Advanced Essence and Empowerment
  Facilitator: Stephanie Mines
02-09-17 Systemic Constellations: Restoring the Natural Flow of Love
  Facilitator: Doris Elizabeth Fischer
02-09-17 Mindful Dance: Deepening Body Awareness
  Facilitator: Lindsay Fovargue
26-08-17 Summer Retreat Week on Iona
26-08-17 Biodanza. The Dance of Life
  Facilitator: Nadasree Georgete Gadas

How would it feel to be at ease in your body, trusting its wisdom and feeling free to enjoy yourself as a sensuous, vibrant being? To reconnect with your life force and reawaken to the beauty and pleasure of being alive, able to move and relate?

Biodanza leads us gradually into deeper contact and permission to believe in the goodness of our instinctive passions and to express the emotions that arise from that experience. Using music and movement to create integrative vivencias (the intense lived experience in the moment), this system has a profoundly rebalancing effect on our bodies and psyche. The group becomes the healing matrix where transformation happens, as we open up to each other and allow ourselves to express our feelings and passion more authentically

19-08-17 Summer Retreat Week on Iona
19-08-17 Practical Shamanism. Bridging Ancient Wisdom with Everyday Life
  Facilitator: Astrid Gude

Shamanism has always evolved and adapted to the needs of the time. In this week we will explore shamanism as a way of life in our contemporary world. As a path of direct revelation shamanism is a path of empowerment. We will open up to the guidance of helping spirits in the invisible realm and will experience nature as a powerful ally. Walking this path brings passion and meaning back into life, supports us in releasing limiting beliefs about ourselves and our collective future, helps us tend our inner gardens and open up to a new and better dream for ourselves and all of life

12-08-17 Summer Retreat Week on Iona
12-08-17 Spiritual Practice - Wild Nature
  Facilitator: Kajedo Wanderer
  We will explore our relationship with the wilder places around us and within us through observation, contemplation, meditation, ritual and the hands-on experience of conservation of the land. An opportunity to connect with the sweeping beauty of Findhorns Scottish Highland setting: the dunes, forest and sea
05-08-17 Summer Retreat Week on Iona
05-08-17 Your Exquisite Body of Light
  Facilitator: Tjitze de Jong
  The emphasis of this week is on exploring and uncovering your unique individual healership. You will familiarise yourself with directing energy flow and with embodying a bridge of positive intention between heaven and earth via hara and core
29-07-17 The Alchemy of Transformation
  Facilitators: Joy Drake and Yasko Takahashi
  This hybrid workshop combines two proven tools for uplifting consciousness; the Transformation Game and SoulCollage. It offers participants an opportunity to follow the emerging impulse seeking expression in their lives, and make a graceful shift into new ways of being that are infused with aliveness
22-07-17 Animal Communication and Deep Nature Connection II
  Facilitators: Jacqueline Buckingham and Lesley Downie
  This weeklong retreat is for you if you have previously studied Animal Communication and feel comfortable with the basic elements. This is an exciting opportunity to add depth to your interspecies communication skills through supported practice within the unique energy field of the Findhorn Foundation
15-07-17 Festival of Sacred Dance Music and Song
  This year we celebrate 25 years of our Festival which began in 1992. During these years we have shared so much passion, tenderness and love and we want to take this time to re-connect with the essence of live music and dance. Building on the success of last year’s Festival which saw so many of you return to dance with us we wish to celebrate again the transformative and healing power of the dance
08-07-17 Conscious Relationships
  Facilitators: Jan Day and Frieda Fischer
  The workshop focuses on how we can create a deep and fulfilling WE space whether we are starting from a committed relationship or are seeking to form one. It is designed to enable you to see and let go of old patterns that get in the way of intimate relationships and to open courageously into a new way of relating in connection with your body, sensual nature and unique essence
29-04-17 Healing the Fragmented Heart. An Astroshamanic Journey in Spiritual Intimacy and Loving Relationships
  Facilitator: Franco Santoro
  This is a unique workshop in which you will explore relationships from a spiritual, holistic and shamanic, as well as pragmatic perspective with the aim of healing connections with partners, relatives, friends and significant people in your life
22-04-17 Working with Crystals and Subtle Energy for Self Healing
  Facilitator: Robert Burlinson

This workshop gives participants an informative, experiential and transformational training in working with crystals for self-healing and inner development within the magical environment of Findhorn. During the week we’ll discover how the mineral kingdom can help support and heal us on our journey through life.

Participants will learn how to sense, choose, cleanse and tune crystals, about grounding and protection, and how to use crystals in daily life. They will learn about the subtle anatomy system, how to be a channel for healing energy, and of various healing techniques using crystals. We will also be working with crystals to connect to the Divine/Universal Consciousness, our guidance, the Angelic and with the Devic Kingdoms within nature. Included are profound meditations on working with the mineral kingdom for spiritual development

22-04-17 Relationships. A Path Towards Wholeness
  Facilitator: Jay Rodruigez and Susan Miles
  This workshop will help us each discover a dreaming pattern, a creative pattern that lies underneath our relationship with others and which makes life and relationship worth living. We will also explore how to facilitate ourselves in relationships, so that we can be mindful and authentic with others in creating healthy and nourishing relationships
15-04-17 Choosing Joy for a Transformational Event
  Facilitator: Jeff Olsen
  In this workshop Jeff will share his powerful story and open a space for individuals to heal and find answers to questions about whatever they might be experiencing in their lives. Olsen connects his audiences with his unique passion, helping them experience the divine love that he found during his journey and deepen into the truth of who they really are. Many discover with him how divine energy heals, teaches and is always available to us if we are simply open and in tune to receive it
15-04-17 Easter Retreat on Iona
  Facilitator: Niels Paulsen
08-04-17 Speaking with the Earth through Sacred Sound
  Facilitator: Nina Umai Spiro
  Healing through authentic, sacred vocal sound is a traditional shamanic medicine path that has been widely used by every indigenous culture in the world since the beginning of time to maintain wellness, balance, a clear connection with the nature and the spirit realms, and a full union with all of life. Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing has woven the heart of this ancient practice into a new method of self-healing and empowerment that supports mindfulness, spiritual awakening, full connection with the earth and all living beings, and tremendous personal transformation in daily life
08-04-17 Spiritual Practice - Permaculture
  Facilitator: Craig Gibsone
  We use Permaculture principles to look at how we live our lives day to day, and to connect with the wisdom of the Earth and ourselves. This ecological design system can inspire and empower us to create and find answers within us
01-04-17 Spring Retreat on Iona
  Facilitator: Margo van Greta
25-03-17 Spiritual Practice. The Power of Intention
  Facilitator: Astrid Gude
  Learn tools from the ancient tradition of shamanism that can easily be integrated into everyday life, allowing you to transform your inner landscape, create new neural pathways that bring about personal healing and contribute to the creation of a healthy and balanced world for all of life. This retreat will focus on releasing blocking beliefs and reconnecting with our unlimited potential to shine
11-03-17 Astroshamanic Quest for Manifestation: Shining your Talents in the World
  Facilitator: Franco Santoro

This workshop is for those who wish to take a decisive leap into the discovery and manifestation of their unique potentials and talents, to provide benefits to themselves and the whole environment. Drawing from his shamanic and holistic skills, Franco will guide you into a pragmatic and shamanic journey of discernment aimed at unveiling your true calling and gaining clarity on how you can best express yourself in the world.

The workshop also aims at showing how apparently insurmountable obstacles and crises can be used to give shape to most ambitious dreams. We also unveil how in every moment of life, dark times included, we are never alone and there are immense forces available to provide support. The astroshamanic circle and the sacred landscape at Cluny Hill will be employed to map your experiences and receive further guidance on your potentials and their connections with the web of life

04-03-17 Life Purpose
  Facilitators: Susan Miles and Karen Luedtke

This key and long running Findhorn workshop provides a space for you to connect more consciously with your deepest motivation for being in life. A variety of creative, meditative and practical exercises help you connect with the steam of intuitive information available to you. Learn to align with your inner knowing, gain clarity on your next steps and appreciate the nature of your own deeply personal lifelong journey towards fulfilment

04-02-17 Sprinklings of Light. Spring Cleaning at the Park
  Facilitator: Park Home Care Team

Would you like to offer your energy, love and service in preparation for the new season at The Park? As a group we will cleanse ourselves and the spaces used by our guests and community on outer and inner levels. The week also includes an outing, time for personal sharings and is a good way to meet people living here. Join us for an active week of fun, focus, service and creativity

28-01-17 Living a Life Less Toxic
  Facilitator: Faith Canter
  Join empowerment coach, author, nutritional specialist and self love lover Faith Canter for a week of healing the toxicity in our lives. Together we will learn hands on techniques for living a life less toxic in mind, body, home and environment
28-01-17 A Gift to Cluny: Spring Clean Celebration
  Facilitator: Findhorn Foundation

Do you feel drawn to offer your energy as a gift to the wonderful Cluny and all the people who benefit from being here? This week will be a time of purification and renewal as we complete tasks and play together to clean and transform the building and ourselves. The week also includes an outing, time for personal sharings and is a good way to meet people living here. Join us for an active week of fun, focus, service and creativity

21-01-17 Integral Mondo Zen Taster Weekend
  Facilitator: Findhorn Team
  Integral Mondo Zen is the practice of traditional Japanese Zen updated and upgraded for the 21st century. This combines the radical simplicity of this awakened mind which is always present, with the understanding and tool to work with our complex psychology, shadows, attachments and delusions that get in the way of this deeper truth of who we are in everyday life. We choose to let everything in and exclude nothing, knowing that when we do this we truly discover our angst is our liberation
07-01-17 Walking the Amazonian Shamanic Path
  Facilitator: Kurikindi
  Kurikindi, an indigenous Kichwa Amazonian shaman, leads this exploration of Amazonian shamanic practices for healing and bringing deeper connection with ourselves and the world of nature. Born in Ecuador to a traditional shamanic family, he brings a lifetime of immersion in the traditions to this Findhorn workshop. Having worked with both male and female shamans and westerners, he designed this workshop to help people recognise their own energy more clearly, as well to understand Amazonian shamanism and its relationship to mother nature and our future



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