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Title Open Minds Open Hearts Group - Frome
Venue The Cheese and Grain, Market Yard, Frome, BA11 1BE (first floor)
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Monthly meetings for like-minded people to gather and listen to talks and discussions on a wide range of esoteric and alternative subjects. First Thursday of the month- 19:30

07-03-19 An Evening of Mediumship
  Speaker: Joanny Goddard
  Another awaited evening with the brilliant Joanny Goddard, a firm favourite with the Frome Group. Expect an amazing demonstration of Mediumship with many receiving messages from loved ones

Black Mirror: The Influence of Technology and Social Media on the Therapuetic Relationship

  Speaker: Max Dalda Muller

10 years ago the iPhone was first released. Today, 80% of the UK population own a smartphone and spend an average 2 hours a day using it, mostly on social media. Smartphones and social media are changing the way we communicate with one another, as well as influencing the way we see ourselves and the world. How can we as therapists respond to these changes? Can we use technology and social media as a therapeutic tool? What about our own relationship with technology?

My name is Max Dalda Muller, I am a teacher, trainer and counsellor in private practice. I have felt the presence and impact of technology in the lives of my clients and in my personal experience. Sometimes it has been a useful tool which brings people together. At other times it has been the cause of discord, arguments and conflict. At its worst, it has developed into addiction and isolation. I will explore these issues in my talk, focusing particularly on my own personal attempt at doing a digital detox

01-11-18 Balancing the Body: Alignment to Purpose?
  Speaker: Jo Hanstead

Jo has been working in the field of subtle bodywork for over 30 years. She founded The Well, Natural Health Centre in Birmingham, has been a senior tutor at the McTimoney College of Chiropractic and is now working in Frome and Bath using gentle spinal alignment techniques, craniosacral therapy and Spinal touch.

04-10-18 The Future of Spirituality, Religion and Meditation
  Speaker: William Bloom
  The cultural pressure cooker is intense. Atheism. Fundamentalism. Plant medicines. Mindfulness. Empty churches. Pope. Dalai Lama. Yoga. Jihad. Globalisation. Small is beautiful. Where is it all going? In this evenings talk William will explore the challenges of our current state and some hopeful possibilities
06-09-18 Portals and the Changing Energetic Template of Planet Earth
  Speaker: Dr Robert Mulliss
  Energy is being poured into the etheric body of planet Earth from cosmic sources raising its energetic vibration. This is being done through a network of portals; points on the planet where inpouring energies are concentrated then radiate out through the planetary grid. Tonight Robert will talk about how this process has been on-going for millennia, how it is being managed by the Elohim and the role of humanity in this developing scenario
02-08-18 Is It Time for Sirius Renewal?
  Speaker: Mark Herbert

Sirius a threefold stellar system, the brightest northern star, has been revered by civilisations since time immemorial, even into the 20th century. The ancient Egyptians not only regarded her as home for departed souls, as did the African Dogon, but also The Great Provider, pulsing out cyclic rhythms of cosmic consciousness regulating human animation. It can be discerned that humanity presently finds itself at the end of two concurrent periodic cycles relating to Sirius; a 1461-year Sothic cycle; the basis for the Egyptian calendar and the Dogons 60-year Sigui cycle celebrating World Renewal. The Druids also respected a 1500-year rotation to the celestial seasons as exemplified by the life cycle of the sacred oak, comprising three 500 year periods: ripening, maturity and decline. Mankind thus now finds itself at the dawn of fresh, acquiescing Sirian emanations. A time-gate of opportunity opens to forge a new beginning, lifting Earth out of crisis. Heavenly gifts come from the Light of Sirius deemed to be the Greater Sun. The time is right and we are the responsible souls present on Earth to effect this renewal!

05-07-18 Dowsing Finding the Unseen. Ancient Skills for the 21st Century
  Speaker: Matthew French
  This talk will focus on various aspects of Dowsing, its history, its uses, how it can be applied to everyday life and to various disciplines such as water divining, health and archaeology. Pendulums and rods will be available for people to try themselves. Please bring your own devices if you have any. Matthew is a transformational energy Healer Certified source energy Healing Practitioner Quantum Healer of people, buildings and land Water Diviner BSD Registered Professional Dowser
07-06-18 Electrosensivity. Symptons Causes and Partial Answers
  Speaker: Dr Andrew Tresidder
  This talk aims to look at what ES is, and to understand symptoms, sources and solutions. Increasing numbers of people are affected by the environmental pollution of Radiofrequency Signals and Electromagnetic fields, but dont always make the connection. If ants, birds and bees are affected, then why shouldnt humans be? Some sensitive people are particularly affected. Electromagnetic hygiene involves recognising the issue and doing something about it. Industry will help, when the mistaken presumption of no harm becomes obvious, and when the ICNIRP derived safety limits, which ONLY apply 6 minute tissue heating limits, and ignore increasing evidence of biological effects. Dr Andrew Tresidder, Gp and Educator, aims to cover the main issues and answer questions
03-05-18 Mind The Gap
  Speaker: Alan Bec

Alan Bec creates energy and humour from the notion of time to urge you to change the way you inhabit the gap between the cradle and the grave. There is only one animal on planet earth or indeed the universe that can tell you the time and tell you what day it is. Time is a made up human concept! Designed and redesigned by many civilisations before us as an abstract measurement to help us make sense of the past, present and future. Unfortunately, clock time has separated us from our true nature and neighbourhood. In this reality checking talk, he will be looking through the lenses of social-science research, your everyday experiences, death denial and mediumship to upgrade your time behaviours.

About the speaker: Alan Bec's uplifting and skilful speaking skills draw on being an information designer, an educator in psychology, an international coach and interviewer of socially responsible souls. He's a Fellowship Councillor for the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Commerce and Manufacturing (RSA) in the South West, TEDxBristol Speaker, a member of the International Time Perspective Network, a medium and member of the Spiritualist National Union, a husband, father and grandfather. Oh, and an inventor of the Wellbeing Indicator Badge

05-04-18 The Mystical Origins of the British People
  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  This talk will reveal the true origins of the Celtic people from their roots in ancient Israel following their migration across Europe to the British Isles. Along the way we will look at the journey of the prophet Jeremiah and the arrival in Ireland of Alam Follac. As part of this talk we will look at two of the great treasures of Great Britain, the Stone of Destiny and David's Harp, the treasure of Ireland
22-03-18 An Evening of Mediumship
  Speaker: Joanie Goddard
  Another, what promises to be, brilliant evening of Mediumship with the wonderful Joanie Goddard back again by popular demand! You won't be disappointed so come along and be amazed!
07-12-17 Village Building at the End of the World
  Speaker: Chris Wilson
  I think most of us probably realise that we are at some sort of critical juncture in our history when old certainties are starting to unravel and it has become obvious that we're exploiting the riches of the Earth in a way that's well beyond her carrying capacity. It also seems to be well beyond our power to put a stop to this exploitation, which is still increasing at an alarming rate, not only because our system of financial capital demands it but because there are far too many of us on the earth to live in harmony with Nature. The bottom line is that we can only live like this because of temporary abundance of fossil fuels, and this abundance is coming to an end
02-11-17 Star Ages and their End Times
  Speaker: Anne Stallybrass
  Star ages are important to our understanding of history, of the incarnation of Christ, of the true New Age and of Star wisdom old and new. The work underlines some essentials from Anthroposophy concerning the significance of Christ using Steiner's methodology, while clearly shifting his dates for the Star Ages
05-10-17 The Hidden Hive of History - Talk Cancelled
  Speaker: Andrew Gough
Talk Cancelled Andrew Gough is a writer, television presenter and enthusiast of ancient lands, mysteries and traditions. He is the editor of the Heretic Magazine. His presentation, The Hidden Hive of History, will examine the lost tradition of what he believes to be the most deified god or goddess that has ever existed; the honeybee, the forgotten god of the ancients. Andrew will graphically chronicle a sacred tradition that his research suggests has existed for over 100 million years. In the process, he will reveal how an awareness of the veneration of the honeybee brings new insight into enigmas such as Atlantis, the Labyrinth of Knossos, the Sphinx, Goddess Worship, the Grail, the birth of Religion, Politics, Illuminati, and much more
07-09-17 The Alexander Technique and Wrong/Right Thinking
  Speaker: Frances Butt

The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for change. Unlike any system of exercise it's about doing less - stopping doing things that are getting in your way - rather than trying to fix them by doing even more things on top, which exacerbate the problems. The Alexander Technique is the name given to the discovery and work of F.Matthias Alexander (1869-1955).

Think more effectively, move more easily, use less effort, have more energy, reduce stress, tension and anxiety, improve continually
03-08-17 An Eveniing of Mediumship
  Speaker: Joannie Goddard

Joanny is back for another evening of brilliant Mediumship, she really is excellent and invariably delivers messages to almost the whole room during the evening, often very important messages to people who really need the reassurance and solace the message can bring. For those who have not met Joanny before she has worked in many venues over years - Spiritualist churches, village halls, groups such as ours and also does face to face readings in her home. Come along and be prepared to be amazed! 

06-07-17 Steiner and the Mystery of the Human Soul
  Speaker: Stan Maher
  A human life is often thought of as averaging seven decades, but from an esoteric viewpoint it can also be seen as ten seven-year periods, each offering particular challenges and gifts. The spiritual scientist Dr Rudolf Steiner taught that human beings develop in body, soul and spirit during our lifetimes. Physical birth is followed by two further "births", those of the etheric and astral bodies during childhood and puberty, as well as the establishment of the human individuality or Ego at 21 when true adulthood begins. Each of us then experiences the further adventure of the soul as it develops in new forms as the Sentient Soul, the Intellectual Soul and the Consciousness (or Spiritual) soul. This occurs in three further seven-year stages between the ages of 21 and 42. This in turn is followed by three stages of spiritual development. Stanford Maher has studied Steiner's teachings for 45 years and has had a career in journalism, followed by a second career as a teacher in Steiner schools. His talk will discuss soul development in childhood but will focus in more depth on the further development of soul growth in adulthood
01-06-17 The Quest of the Holy Grail
  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  The Holy Grail Is an Archetype that has lain deep in the human psyche since man arrived on the planet. The Grail may belong on earth but belongs to the heavenly realms. It's purpose is to heal the wounded land of this world and our own lives. The Grail exists on many different forms which we'll be looking at this evening, it is anything from the Emerald tablet to the cup that Jesus drank from
04-05-17 Is Your Life Choreographed? Exploring Soul Resonances in Time and Space
  Speaker: Mark Herbert

Have you ever wondered why life events have synchronistic and repeating patterns? Would you like convincing proof of the soul's entwined connections with other souls? Are you lost or seeking to clarify an outcome caused by decisions or events in your life?
Mark Herbert is an independent scientific researcher, educator and writer in spiritual matters relating to Earth and sky at this unprecedented time of rising cosmic consciousness. His ten years of pioneering research has made visible the subtle signatures of Soul Resonance caused by vibrational harmonics of date and energetic alignment in the landscape. His fresh and innovative perspectives are able to reveal patterns of influence that shape the souls life path and play-out of life events. Join Mark and allow him to demonstrate how these novel concepts can enable more informed decisions in the future by mapping soul resonances from the past!

06-04-17 Angels and Aliens
  Speaker: Marian Matthews

Who are these other worldly beings who seem to exist in our reality with us? What are they, and what are they doing here with us? Both angels and aliens seem to have been interacting with humanity since the beginning of time. Join me on this journey looking at the different types of these beings, their interactions with us, and what their very existence means for the nature of our reality

02-03-17 Tarot Talks: An Introduction to Learning the Tarot and My Own Journey with Clairvoyance
Frome Speaker: Lucy Guy
My name is Lucy Guy, I have been a practicing clairvoyant since the 1990s. Clairvoyance means 'Clear sight' and I'd like to talk to you about what that has meant in my work. I will do a brief introduction to the Tarot, and describe how I teach, I'll tell you generally about the Tarot cards and their overview, and in more detail about the the first seven cards of the major Arcana, and how you might remember what they mean. I'll explain my journey as a healer, clairvoyant and an animal communicator and then we will have a Q & A section where you can ask me about the issues you want to discuss, whether that be in your own practice or just general enquiry.
Come along and explore a new way of looking at the world!
01-12-16 Evening of Mediumship
Frome Speaker: Deborah Tye Duck
  After joining a development group in Bath's first Spiritualist Church Deborah has been a practising Medium for six years including four years of platform work. She is very passionate about her work and the help she can bring to others whether it's at a demonstration event, spiritualist church or private reading
03-11-16 Angels vs Aliens. Spiritual Consequences of UFO Disclosure and Contact with Extraterrestrials
Frome Speaker: Alan Foster
  There is a large amount of evidence to indicate that UFOs and E.T.s have abilities beyond our earthly laws of physics, and this is part of the problem when discussing UFOlogy within mainstream society. It has also been widely recognised within UFO study groups, Exopolitics and the Disclosure movement, that when Disclosure happens, there will be many theological implications to consider. Debates will ensue trying to discern and differentiate between an Extraterrestrial interaction or a more Divine, Holy or Angelic interaction, either currently or throughout history. Alan will discuss the above, and put forward reasons why Angels, regarded as being of a Divine spiritual origin, should not be confused with the physical properties and motivations of Extraterrestrial beings. This does not have to be an either or scenario, as it will be easier for many people to accept Disclosure if it doesn't come at the expense of their core Religious beliefs
06-10-16 The Lodge of King Arthur
Frome Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  The legends of King Arthur are telling us that in the midst of a corrupt world there is a better way that we may aspire to. The story of Arthur is the story of truth and justice and is an archetype deep within the heart of man and when we realise this we can say Britain is everywhere and my heart is Camelot. In this talk we will explore the legends of Arthur and how they relate to us
01-09-16 Why Did You Chise to be Born in this Lifetime and What Happens when you Die?
Frome Speaker: David Pye
  David Arthur Pye will discuss this question drawing on the ground-breaking research of Dr Helen Wambach a clinical psychologist at JFK University, California who in 1973 embarked on a pioneering program to investigate hypnotic regression to past lives. She did this not by regressing subjects individually but by taking whole groups of people back through past incarnations and using statistical analysis to collate her findings. The results are fascinating and by the time of her death in 1985 she had regressed over 6,000 people. Incredibly this pioneering research on reincarnation is largely forgotten and her books are out of print
04-08-16 Evening of Mediunship
Frome Speaker: Anne Wright
  Anne was born with the wonderful gift of being able to See, Hear and Communicate with Spirit and has journeyed around the World meeting people from all walks of life through workshops, demonstrations, private sittings and much more. She is also a healer and hypnotherapist
07-07-16 Stolen Images - Pagan Symbolism in Christianity
Frome Speaker: Peter Knight

Peter (author of 10 books) returns to our group with a presentation based on his new book about how the Church adopted and assimilated pre-Christian myths and symbols for its own use, to help promote its Agenda. Most Christian icons can be traced back to an older origin, and many churches were also sited on ancient holy places. The Church also took over existing Pagan festivals and turned them into saint's days. This talk links Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Celtic and other cultures to the new religion you will be surprised at what you find!

02-06-16 Merlin - The Merlin Behind the Man
Frome Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  Hugh is convinced that the person of Merlin is not a fabrication of medieval writers but was a magus who came out of the dark ages. This talk will focus on the spiritual forces that shaped the character of Merlin. Expect some startling revelations!
05-05-16 Earth is the Womb of Angels
Frome Speaker: David Ash

David Ash will talk on the EARTH IS THE WOMB OF ANGELS. Based on his new books CONTINUOUS LIVING and THE VORTEX THEORY and the evidence of near death experiences he explains our soul destiny. From a life time of research as a spiritual scientist, David is convinced the purpose of our lives is to decide through the way we live whether we become an angel in the light with Life and Love, or an angel in the dark separated from Light, Love and Life. David says death is a delusion. It is not an end, but a beginning. Death is our birth as an angel!

David concludes with a Sacred Sabai Blessing accompanied by spiritual songs. The blessing is profound, providing a deep peace and connectedness to Spirit as a direct experience of the angelic realms of Love and Light.

David is author of:The Vortex: Key to Future Science (Gateway Books 1990), The New Science of the Spirit (College of Psychic Studies 1995), Activation for Ascension (Kima Global Publishing 1995) The New Physics of Consciousness & The Role of Evil in Human Evolution (Kima Global 2007), The Vortex Theory & Continuous Living (Kima Books 2015)

07-04-16 Magical Music and the Number Nine
Frome Speaker: Michael Tyack

Michael Tyack has spent much of his life playing music and contemplating pleasant thoughts. A couple of years ago the number 9 came to his attention and began to reveal itself and its interconnectivity with all things. From musical harmony to the speed of light we see the cosmic beauty of the number 9 multiplying, dividing and increasing through a golden spiral. To counteract the often overwhelming effect of numbers the talk will be interspersed with musical examples in sound and song.

Michael currently lives in Glastonbury and is founder of the medieval rock band Circulus. He is a truth seeker, dowser, medieval minstrel and piano tuner. Last year he hosted in Glastonbury a second exhibition and gave several talks about his continuing rollercoaster adventures in number land
03-03-16 An Evening of Mediumship
Frome Speaker: Joanny Goddard
  A return visit from Joanny who did an excellent demonstration of her considerable skills in mediumship in April 2014. Joannie is a trained medium/healer who has worked in many spiritualist churches and centres for more than 10 years. Joannie's gift for clairvoyance was apparent from childhood when she recalls seeing spirit beings in her bedroom. Joannie also offers 1:1 consultations
03-12-15 Connectivity & Communication In Nature
Frome Speaker: Wendy Datta Animal Whisperer and Healer

In this forth coming talk Wendy will introduce the theme of energy work and Connectivity And Communication In Nature. Wendy will describe how we can develop our true feelings and sensibilities with ourselves, one another and animals such as our pets. Detached from emotional and mental agendas we can find the peace and harmony in our lives. Everything is energy, what is energy work? and how can it affect ourselves ,other people and animals? What are the implications for sustainable living? Wendy will touch upon how we can develop our perception, our true feelings and sensibilities detached from emotional and mental agendas.

Wendy Datta of www.pegasus-animal-healing.com works with both people and animals on a multi-dimensional level, she
was trained by the late metaphysician and mystical author Stuart Wilde.

05-11-15 Druids. Guardians of the 13 Treasures of Britain
Frome Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  In the most ancient times the land of Britain was the home of the Gods, they bequeathed 13 gifts to the British people. The priesthood of the British people were the Druids, they were the guardians of the mysteries or the 13 treasures of Britain. In this talk we will be looking into the origins and purpose of Druidry and the hidden meaning behind the 13 treasures.  Expect some surprises
01-10-15 Crop Circles and the Squaring of the Circle
Frome Speaker: Michael Glickman
  The squaring of the circle is very important for the square symbolises the material world while the circle symbolises God / Heaven / The Divine. The squaring of the circle or the circling of the square symbolises the marriage of Heaven and Earth. These ideas have been brought to us in crop circles for decades and seem to imply that the crop circle authors are promising a new spirituality on earth. Michael has studied this phenomenon for 25 years and has written six books and produced many videos as well as lecturing widely
03-09-15 Past Present and Future
Frome Speaker: Heather Walkley
  Heather Walkley, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Regression Specialist will take us on a journey using Hypnosis as a healing tool. Exploring the benefits of using regression therapy within our lives, whether they are past, present, or future
06-08-15 An Evening of Mediumship
Frome Speaker: Shaun Gray
  Shaun is a very gifted medium and has spent eight years on circuit. He has attended courses at the Arthur Findley Centre 17 times training to be a tutor, this he has achieved. He has travelled widely in this country and abroad conducting private readings. This promises to be a very interesting evening
02-07-15 The Sun, the Pineal and the Ley Lines
Frome Speaker: Mark Herbert
  A Symbolist's view of ancient Egypt attests to the ubiquity, spiritual significance and prominence of the winged Sun over Temple doorways. Those lintel-supporting uprights, themselves an allegory for the left-right halves of the human brain, form an opening of harmonic proportion an ethereal threshold capable of evoking higher consciousness, a figurative pineal gland or sacred Third Eye, so revered in Eastern traditions. And so the Sun-pineal intimacy was set in stone. Millennia after such teachings were exquistely committed within Luxor's Temple of Man, a twenty foot high pine cone mysteriously resurrects outside the Vatican enscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphs! What on Earth do we make of this? www.midsummersearthhealing.co.uk
04-06-15 Channelling Spirit Guides to Help Manifest a Better World
Frome Speaker: Sarah Haywood

Sarah has been working with spirit guides since February 2011. This was all new to her but it has been a journey of inspiration and discovery since. Having finished channelling four books she is ready to go out and share her message. She has been working individually wit clients for a while with spirit guides and is still doing this work.

Tonights talk will be to share her story, why channelling is important, how it is possible for you to connect to it and some of the work she is currently channelling. Sarah will also carry out a live channelling session. If there is time there will be an opportunity for some questions to be asked of the spirit guides. To read more of Sarah's story, events she is running or to find free downloads of channelled pieces you can go to www.aspire2bfree.com or www.theangelwhisperer.co.uk

07-05-15 Ley Lines, Templars and Destiny Amid Our England Landscape
Frome Speaker: Mark Herbert
  Is it possible for soul relationships to be expressed as precise geometrical alignments along etheric pathways over Earth’s surface? Is it also feasible that the same soul associations can be depicted in sacred geometry upon the celestial sphere? What could any of these novel philosophies have to do with Midsummer's Day, or the Cross of Light or the Knights Templar?
02-04-15 The Yezide and the Peacock Angel
Frome Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
19-03-15 Spiritual Development and Exploration Group
19-02-15 Spiritual Development and Exploration Group
15-01-15 Spiritual Development and Exploration Group
04-12-14 3 Deep Trance Channels Come Together for the First Time
Frome Speakers: Simon Rowe, Damien Jordan and Harry Ferwerda
  When you consider what humanity has done and achieved during the last 200,000 years, you can begin to understand the true potential and creativity that humanity has the power to bring forth. What should humanity do next? What is the purpose of humanity and why are you in particular here on Earth at this time. It is unusual for deep trance channels to come together and channel in the same company, however on December 4th 2014 three channels will come together at the WRG Frome, Simon Rowe and Damien Jordan who have channeled at the WRG before and Harry Ferwerda another channeller of universal energies. Each channel will bring through different energies to answer your questions about life and the univers, the future of humanity, life purpose, longevity health and happiness, wealth and abundance and any other area of human life that you need explaining

The Manifestation of the Sons of God - The Next Stage of Our Cosmic Evolution

Frome Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  Hugh believes that the tumultuous times that we appear to be going through at this time with the breakdown of all that we know and hold dear, is in fact a time of great hope because something wonderful is about to happen and the old must go in order that the new might come
02-10-14 Conversations with the Universe
Frome Speaker: Simon Rowe
  We all have an intuitive voice or nature that we listen to from time to time that guides us to doing the right thing, and there are other times when you know you are connected to something much greater than yourself. In these situations you are connected to a much higher energy source than your physical body. Simon Rowe will be joining for an evening of Conversation with the Universe where he will channel universal energies, bring them into conversation with your higher selves. As humanity seeks to evolve from its present position, you can explore the meaning of life, your place in the Universe, what a life purpose is and how it impacts your day to day way of being in the world. If you are seeking a sense of direction, the answers are out there, so come and connect with the Universe. Simon Rowe, an out of body channel for 'Altheris' and 'Christ Consciousness' has been channelling for 18 months. He is the co-creator of UnityNow.co.uk, a grass-roots social movement
04-09-14 Who on Earth Am I? Soul Contracts and Life Lessons
Frome Speaker: Hazel Newton

Hazel Newton, Regression Tutor, Hypnotherapist and Inner-Child Specialist will take us towards the phenomenon of Hypnosis as the healing tool, that moves beyond the now present life, into past life regression and life-between-life. Based on the understanding that we are vibrational beings made up of energy, healing can come about when we learn to consciously and consistently raise our vibrational frequency out of disease, pain and suffering into a balanced and sustainable life of peace, joy and happiness.

We begin to understand the energetic soul contracts that we made with others in our lives and from this knowledge it is possible to take responsibility for the life we are experiencing now, and the life lessons we are learning. To help us move to understanding this esoteric life, Hazel will lead us in a healing guided meditation, and will happily share information about her new diploma course in Holistic Hypnotherapy that you can find on her website, www.thecentreforlife.com . For more information about private therapy sessions email Hazel on hazel.newton@yahoo.co.uk , www.radiantsouls.co.uk or call 07824 468099

07-08-14 The Cosmic Christ
Frome Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  The Cosmic Christ is the Universal Man who fills all time and space. Within him also is found all the fullness of God. The talk will deal with the origin of the Cosmos and also the anthropic principle which seems to indicate that the Universe was created for Man's existence. We'll also deal with how this affects us on a daily basis

Electro Sensitivity - A Significant and Increasing Health Condition

East Woodlands Speaker: Peter Gane
  Peter discusses the main causes of electrosensitivity (RF EMF's (pulsed microwaves) used by wireless technologies) and explores the positive and negative biological effects of pulsed microwave radiations at non-thermal levels; To include effects on our health, environment and ecology from mobile and cordless phones, Wi-Fi and Smart Meters. Peter also puts forward basic ways in which we can help ourselves and encourage safer technologies
18-07-14 The Gathering of the Forces of Light. The Spiritual Mission to Help Earth
Frome Speaker: Victoria Gater
  Please note that this meeting will not be held at the Rugby Club but at a private venue where spaces are limited. Please telephone Marina if you are interested in attending
03-07-14 What is Enlightenment? Do We Need It?
Frome Speaker: Jacqueline Hobbs
  In this talk Jacqueline will give her own unique perspective on the Tibetan Buddhist and Indian traditions of emancipation – based on her personal experience of the early stages of the food-free pathway. Using her linguistic ability to read the ancient text and her time spent living in Tibet, India and China since 1998 she will discuss the many different cultural definitions of enlightenment and their spiritual practices, exploring what they really mean and questioning whether we really need them
05-06-14 A New World in the Making
Frome Speaker: Victoria Gater

People everywhere are waking up and long for change, convinced that a better world is possible. Awaited by people of all faiths and none, Maitreya, the world teacher is here to inspire us to re-build our world. Sharing justice, brotherhood and freedom are not new concepts, from the dawn of time mankind has linked his aspiration to these beckoning stars. Our job is to anchor them into the world.This talk is based upon the lectures and books of Benjamin Creme of the Share International Foundation.

01-05-14 What is the Origin of Our Present Civilisation
Frome Speaker: Kevin Hicks
  If you have ever pondered this question why not come along this evening and may be that question will be answered. An evening of debate is in prospect
03-04-14 An Evening of Mediumship / Clairvoyance
Frome Speaker: Joannie Goddard
  Joannie is a trained medium/healer who has worked in many spiritualist churches and centres for more than 10 years. Joannie's gift for clairvoyance was apparent from childhood when she recalls seeing spirit beings in her bedroom. Joannie also offers 1:1 consultations
12-03-14 Concerned About GM You Should Be
Frome Speaker: Lawrence Woodward
  This talk will cover the agricultural and environmental consequences of the use of this science and the effect on our health. Lawrence has researched the subject for many years since retiring from organic farming. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions
06-02-14 Annie Besant: Feminist, Socialist, Theosophist and Fighter for Indian Freedom (1847-1933)
Frome Speaker: Kevin Tingay
  Annie Besant was a remarkable woman who emerged from an unhappy marriage to a cleryman into an independent life in which she championed many causes as a feminist and socialist in the field of educational, social and political rights. She also took up the banner of the theosophical society becoming its president in 1907 and in addition the cause of Indian freedom from British rule. This talk will concentrate on the Theosophical movement and her contributions to esoteric thought, in the first three decades of the twentieth century.
02-01-14 2014 A Year of Living Ideas
Frome Speaker: Robert Mulliss
  The idea that we are part of a great interconnected whole is not new but 2014 is the year in which we must make a conscious decision to reconnect with the worlds of spirit and Gaia and recognise that we are part of a living universe. This is the most exciting of times for we all have the opportunity to extend our consciousness beyond the physical plane and into the ethereal. In doing so we begin to realise our human potential and help the Earth in raising its own consciousness. Please note that there is a change of venue for this event so please contact Marina for details
05-12-13 2013 and the Fifth Dimensional Template
Frome Speaker: Lindy Cowling
  Lindy will be talking about the new fifth dimensional template for humanity. This template is for the embodiment of all at the frequency of pure love. She will be talking/channelling about how to navigate these new energies and to have the courage to live from the heart. She will also share heart opening techniques, talk about soul partnerships and her experience of the twin flame union. Lindy is also a healer/hypnotherapist, past life therapist and future progressionist and trained in mediumship with TVs Tony Stockwell. www.lindycowling.co.uk
07-11-13 Star Law
Frome Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  This talk will focus on the beings and influences that exist beyond the realm of this world, beings that we call Angels, ETs and Damons and how they have always influenced the course of human history
02-10-13 Where 13 Moons and Avatar Meet
Frome Speaker: Peter Knight
  Peter (author, dowser and sacred site guide) presents an inspiring presentation comparing his critically acclaimed novel 'Thirteen Moons - Conversations with the Goddess' and the film 'Avatar'. With the use of uplifting images, he demonstrates ancient wisdom from both these works, bringing to the fore timely messages about how we must once again develop a spiritual and ecological connection with planet Earthwhilst there is still time
04-09-13 Leylines and Earth Energies
Frome Speaker: Cathie Welchman
  In 2011 Cathie received information from Mary Magdalene about her role in initiating the 2000 year old French North / South leyline, the Roseline. Since this chanelling Cathie has done much research on the purpose of leylines, for inclusion in the book she is writing, 'parallel lives'. She will reveal astounding information on how these energy lines were created, their purpose and their links to crop circles. During a short meditation we will experiment with some of these energies. Cathie will also talk about some of the odd experiences that occurred while working on the Roseline in Paris and in Rennes Les Bains in the South of France
01-08-13 Clairvoyance and Demonstration of Trance
Frome Speakers: Jane Fishlock & Pete Hamblin
  Jane is a highly gifted clairvoyant and healer who has communicated with the spirit world for many years. This evening she will give us a demonstration of clairvoyance by conveying short messages to as many people as possible. Pete will offer us a rare opportunity to witness direct coomunication with this guide through trance.
04-07-13 Earthing. The Most Important Discovery Ever?
Frome Speaker: Diane Egby Edwards

We're all concerned about the effects of electrical waves - mobile phones, routers, microwave ovens, and now smart meters (find out at th talk). Earthing offers you the way to address these problems. Our ancestors lived barefoot on Earth for million of years, but humankind is no longer Earthed - we have very little direct contact with the ground. This not only means we are vulnerable to the electrical fields that surround us, but we don't get the much needed healing electrons flowing from the Earth to protect us from free radicals and illnesses. Find out how you can be Earthed while asleep, watching TV, using your computer etc and how you can go home and sleep earthed this very evening after the talk!

Diane is a Hypnotherapist and Sound Healer; she lives in Bournemouth and has been in full time practice for 30 years. Her aim is to inform as many people as possible about Earthing.

06-06-13 The Golden Age to Come
Frome Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  In this talk Hugh will be dealing with the future of humanity and the future of the planet and its place in the cosmos. We will see that tomorrow can be lived in the here and now (in other words, its not 'pie in the sky when you die', but 'steak on a plate while you are living'). Hugh will also speak about human anatomy.
02-05-13 Ring Quest II - What Came After
Frome Speakers: Cassie Martin & Caroline Milton
  In 1999, at the closing stages of the Age of Pisces, a group of people including Cassie and Caroline had just been told Tolkiens Lord of the Rings was a true story-a story that had been trapped in time, at another dimension as real time moved on. This has happened time and time again because humans make the same mistakes. As dimensions overlap, they were told they had a unique opportunity to interact with unfolding events and change them for the better. What came after is the topic for this evenings talk.
03-04-13 The Cerne Giant - Myths, Landscapes and the Stars
Frome Speaker: Peter Knight
  Peter returns to the group to give another inspiring talk about his new book and his amazing discoveries about the myths and the landscape and astronomical alignments of this famous Dorset icon
06-02-13 The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light
Frome Speaker: Adele Robertson

In this talk Adele will give a brief introduction to the Pleiadians and how they work to remind us that we create our own reality - this is particularly important as we work through the energies of the transformational shift that occurred in December 2012.

Some of the things we create in our lives come from our fears, limited beliefs and unconscious patterns of behaviours. When this happens our lives can feel like a struggle rather than full of ease and grace.

Adele will discuss techniques that allow us to clear our energy fields, identify and release old limiting fears and behaviours and maintain strong and healthy boundaries. This helps us to raise our vibrational field so we can access our Higher Self and connect to more inner wisdom. Then we can create our lives more consciously and make more positive choices.

Adele will also offer some simple grounding and clearing techniques to enable you to feel more energised and comfortable in your own body. Adele has been working with the Pleiadians for the past five years and feels that they are a very supportive presence.



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