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Two Burials and a Battle - King Arthur in Glastonbury

  Speaker: Don Carlton

A devastating article by David Dumville in 1977, in which he pointed out that the evidence that would enable us to write genuine or authentic history about King Arthur does not exist, brought serious academic study of the historic King Arthur to an end. Dumville urged historians to stop writing about Arthur and, above all, to exclude him from the titles of their books. Academic study thereafter concentrated on the reception of Arthur, how he has come down to us as a literary figure.

Don Carleton's new book Arthur Warrior and King is therefore perhaps the first study of Arthur of history for more than two generations. Carleton says the way to find the Arthur of history is to forget everything you thought you knew about him. Then you read the existing material closely and see also what additional information there is in forgotten accounts in Wales, Scotland and Ireland and in the small unregarded details in the legends and the romances. The figure of Arthur which emerges from that scrutiny is new and may be, to some people, uncongenial. He is certainly different and he seems to be historical.

In this talk, Don Carleton concentrates mainly on King Arthur in Glastonbury. 'I have found this new historical picture of the king and warrior', he says, 'because I started with no theory about Arthur. I still do not have a theory about him. What I have is some observations about him and Glastonbury is central to those ideas. I look forward to putting this new Arthur before the Wessex Research Group'

11-10-18 Electrosensitivity
  Speaker: Dr Andrew Tresidder
  This talk aims to look at what ES is, and to understand symptoms, sources and solutions. increasing numbers of people are affected by the environmental pollution of Radiofrequency Signals and Electromagnetic fields, but dont always make the connection. If ants, birds and bees are affected, then why shouldnt humans be? Some sensitive people are particularly affected. Electromagnetic hygiene involves recognising the issue and doing something about it. Industry will help, when the mistaken presumption of no harm; becomes obvious, and when the ICNIRP derived safety limits, which ONLY apply 6 minute tissue heating limits, and ignore increasing evidence of biological effects. Dr Andrew Tresidder, GP and Educator, aims to cover the main issues and answer questions
13-09-18 The Mysteries of the Tarot
  Speaker: Peter Mills
  To many people, the Tarot cards are nothing but a fortune-telling device. However, there is a great deal more to these occult tools. There is a coherence of image within the traditional Major Tarot cards which can be followed in detail through the centuries. It is possible to trace the Tarot designs back into the depths of history. In fact, it is quite possible that the Tarot actually originated in Ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians wrote their messages in an alphabet of pictures (hieroglyphics) and this is quite possibly the original source of the Tarot images, updated and re-rendered over the centuries by artists and designers who illustrated their versions in the styles of their own times, but adhering to the original basic symbolism. Today, in the right hands, the Tarot cards can be ancient stereotypes of life's conditions and situations and, if used properly, these occult tools can offer help and guidance in difficult circumstances.

Peter Mills, who is nearly 70 and has written several books on various occult matters will discuss these claims and images and demonstrate the proper use and application of the Tarot cards. He has been a professional Tarot card reader for 45 years and a
Wiccan since 1968
28-11-17 What Are the Western Mysteries
  Speaker: James North

Sometimes spiritual teachings focus on general and universal truths in a one sided way. But in the 21st Century it is important to remember and revitalise the spirit of the local. This includes knowledge of power places, traditional folklore and distinct spiritual traditions.

This talk will examine the re-emerging concept of British Mysteries with reference to three Avalonian teachers - Dion Fortune, Wesley Tudor Pole and Ronald Heaver. It will show the connection of their ideas with the Matter of Britain, the corpus of Arthurian and Grail lore. We will also consider how to separate the concept of British Mysteries from its racialist and imperialist distortions. This requires putting the role of Avalon and Britain in a wider context, by examining the current role of the Western Mystery Tradition and the rewakening of the Celtic and Hibernian Mysteries. We will close by looking at practical ways we can engage with the Sacred Landscape in Britain and elsewhere, through connecting with the landscape and its elemental energies.James North is an Initiate of the Western Mystery Tradition and has 20 years experience as a student and teacher in several Hermetic traditions. His current focus is on how Dion Fortunes work may be taken forward in the 21st Century

10-10-17 Approaching the Angelic Hierarchies
  Speaker: James North

The doctrine of the angelic hierarchies has always been central to the Western Esoteric Tradition. But although the subject of angels has become fashionable in recent years, the traditional teachings are not often discussed and studied. This talk gives an outline of the great Western teachings about the angels, especially in the Jewish Kabbalah, Esoteric Christianity and Hermeticism. We will discuss the different ways humans have encountered angels through mysticism, magic and vision, and explore their nature and connection with our daily lives. We will conclude with a short introduction to the practical methods of experiencing and cooperating with angelic beings, through meditation and ritual

12-09-17 Jose Arguelles and the Harmonic Convergence
  Speaker: Paul Weston
It is 30 years since the Harmonic Convergence, the New Age Woodstock, created by Jose Arguelles, a visionary professor of art history, who had become immersed in the mysteries of the Mayan calendar. Paul will talk about Arguelles life and the many inspirations for the event that range from Martin Luther King to Tibetan Buddhism, Nicholas Roerich, and the Face on Mars!
11-07-17 Key to Qabalah and the Western Mysteries
  Speaker: James North
Whether you aspire to be a practical magician, a Qabalist or just want to understand how the Machinery of the Universe works, Hermetic philosophy is the key. For hundreds of years, the great mystics and occultists of the West studied the Hermetic tradition and passed it down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, with the mass popularisation of the occult in the 20th Century, the central principles of Hermeticism were largely lost. In the New Age, there is a lot of talk about the nature of Angels and how to work with them, Masters, Alchemy and so on. But lacking a solid foundation in the tradition, much of it is insubstantial and doesnt lead to durable positive changes in peoples understanding or outer life. This talk gives a solid introduction to the principles of Hermetic Philosophy, and how to apply them on your spiritual path. James is a student and teacher in the Western Mystery Tradition with many years experience of Hermeticism and Qabalah
13-06-17 Is Your Life Choreographed? Exploring Soul Resonances in Time and Space
  Speaker: Mark Herbert

Have you ever wondered why life events have synchronistic and repeating patterns? Would you like convincing proof of the soul's entwined connections with other souls? Are you lost or seeking to clarify an outcome caused by decisions or events in your life?
Mark Herbert is an independent scientific researcher, educator and writer in spiritual matters relating to Earth and sky at this unprecedented time of rising cosmic consciousness. His ten years of pioneering research has made visible the subtle signatures of Soul Resonance caused by vibrational harmonics of date and energetic alignment in the landscape. His fresh and innovative perspectives are able to reveal patterns of influence that shape the souls life path and play-out of life events. Join Mark and allow him to demonstrate how these novel concepts can enable more informed decisions in the future by mapping soul resonances from the past!


The Ancient and Occult Secrets of Menoroth

  Speaker: Peter Mills
A "lost book" printed in 1805 has been rediscovered! This book, Artes Magicae or the Ancient & Occult Secrets of the Menoroth by John Parkins presents an incredible and fascinating new understanding of the Qabbalah and enlarges the Qabbalistic concept beyond all bounderies, taking Qabbalism into new and Biblical dimensions. It has been believed for 2 centuries that no copy of Parkin's astonishing book remained. Its existence was known merely from an entry in a catalogue of the famous London booksellers Lackington Allen & Co. which ceased trading about 1840. However, a ragged, fragile and fragmented edition came to light and Mr. Mills has restored the text for publication by Marsh Lane Press. The esoteric knowledge within this lost book simply boggles the imagination and even transforms the Old Testament into a set of coded occult instructions!

The Elongated Skulls of Stonehenge

  Speaker: Maria Wheatley
  Stonehenge once had a neolithic high queen. She shared her looks of a long skull with the priesthood of malta and Egypt. Her people created some of the largest monuments in the prehistoric landscape some if which have strange earth energies. The Queen and her people were murdered and their kind was wiped out. Maria's recent discovery has changed our understanding of the people who created the first British megalitic stone temples. Their story reads like an Agatha Christie novel but fact is often far stranger than fiction. The people of prehistory are hardly ever mentioned. Maria tracked the remains of the stonehenge queen and will show you what her skull looked like and her long lost history will be revealed. She is one of our ancestors and should be remembered

Dartmoor Mindscapes

  Speaker: Peter Knight
  This presentation covers the author's research, including profound personal experiences, based on 'cognitive archaeology'. He uncovers the intricate relationships between tor outcrops and other natural features, with stone circles, stone rows, cairns and megaliths. Peter proposes how our prehistoric ancestors interacted with notable outcrops, simulacra, rock basins and propped stones; the author gets inside the minds of prehistoric people and their shamans, to walk their Dreamtime. We are invited to perceive landscapes as interfaces, saturated with cultural and mythic memory. Peter suggests ways to walk and interact with the landscape in a more meaningful and mindful way today, to develop deeper connections with the sacred and ancient mindscapes of Dartmoor.

Conversations with Angels, Nature Spirits and Elementals

  Speaker: William Bloom
  Since his teens William has been exploring how to understand, communicate and cooperate with the parallel dimension of the angelic and elemental world. In this evening's talk he will share openly about his personal experiences and learning. Dr William Bloom is one of the UK's leading educators in the field of spirituality and health. His many books include the classic 'Working with Angels'.

Rudolf Steiner and the Rebirth of Tintagel

  Speaker: Paul Weston
  Tintagel became a major Arthurian tourist attraction in the nineteenth century, primarily due to the success of Tennyson's poetry which had featured it as the supposed birthplace of the king. Since then, regardless of the arguments of historians and cynics, it has established itself alongside Glastonbury as a mythic locale. Rudolf Steiner visited Tintagel in 1924. He supposedly saw with clairvoyant vision that the place had been an ancient mystery cult centre. The mysteries of Arthur were reviving during the new age of the rulership of Archangel Michael. Paul will look at Tintagel from a mystic perspective that takes in Tennyson and Steiner and try and see if real history in any way harmonises with that vision

The Terrestrial Alignments of Katherine Maltwood and Dion Fortune

  Speaker: Yuri Leitch
  Occult intrigues of the 1930's revealed by two Glastonbury women; Publishing books at the same time. Great alignments across the land; places of power; the lines of Michael. In this age of Michael according to the father of alchemist Johannes Trithemius there is so much more to Glastonbury than meets the eye. Artist and researcher Yuri is has also authored several books

The Earth is a Womb of Angels

  Speaker: David Ash

David Ash will talk on the EARTH IS THE WOMB OF ANGELS. Based on his new books CONTINUOUS LIVING and THE VORTEX THEORY and the evidence of near death experiences he explains our soul destiny. From a life time of research as a spiritual scientist, David is convinced the purpose of our lives is to decide through the way we live whether we become an angel in the light with Life and Love, or an angel in the dark separated from Light, Love and Life. David says death is a delusion. It is not an end, but a beginning. Death is our birth as an angel!

David concludes with a Sacred Sabai Blessing accompanied by spiritual songs. The blessing is profound, providing a deep peace and connectedness to Spirit as a direct experience of the angelic realms of Love and Light.

David is author of:The Vortex: Key to Future Science (Gateway Books 1990), The New Science of the Spirit (College of Psychic Studies 1995), Activation for Ascension (Kima Global Publishing 1995) The New Physics of Consciousness & The Role of Evil in Human Evolution (Kima Global 2007), The Vortex Theory & Continuous Living (Kima Books 2015)


Change Your Frequency

  Speaker: Dr Jacqueline Hobbs
14-06-16 The Heart Centres of Britain
  Speaker: Gary Biltcliffe

The Michael Line, The Qabalah and the Tarot

  Speaker: Paul Weston

Consciousness and the Magical Imagination

  Speaker: Gordon Strong
  To be conscious is to be aware. If we are able to perceive our existence from some different perspective, we open up the potential of the mind. Magic changes what is before us, the imagination does the same. Thus, our vision of the world is enhanced. Laughter gives us yet more insights - bestowing joy, and showing us the truth

Ley Lines, Templars and Destiny Amid our England Landscape

  Speaker: Mark Herbert
  Is it possible for soul relationships to be expressed as precise geometrical alignments along etheric pathways over Earth's surface? Is it also feasible that the same soul associations can be depicted in sacred geometry upon the celestial sphere? What could any of these novel philosophies have to do with Midsummer's Day, or the Cross of Light or the Knights Templar?

Psychic Protection

  Speaker: William Bloom
06-10-15 The Sacred Land of the British Tradition
  Speaker: Yuri Leitch
  Yuri Leitch Artist and Author tells the story of how esoteric writings of Somerset artist and mystic, Katherine Emma Maltwood (1878-1961) revealed mysteries of the landscape to the modern world; leading to the discovery of the most famous ley line in Britain , 'The St. Michael Line'. This talk will appeal to those who are interested in dowsing, ley lines, psychic questing and the occult history of the twentieth century Britain

The White Goddess and the Lady of Shalott

  Speaker: Paul Weston
  Paul will explain how a powerful personal experience revealed an understanding of the numinous appeal of JW Waterhouse's immortal painting the Lady of Shalott through an examination of Robert Graves famous work The White Goddess, the archaic landscape goddess Elen of the Shining Paths, and the Saxon concept of the Web of Wyrd

Stolen Images: Ancient Sites, Pagan Symbolism and Christianity

  Speaker: Peter Knight
  In this lecture international speaker and author Peter Knight shows how the church adopted and assimilated pre-Christian myths and symbols for its own use, to help promote its own agenda. Most Christian icons can be traced back to an older origin, and many churches were also sited on ancient holy places. The church also took over existing Pagan festivals and turned them into saint's days. This fascinating talk links Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Celtic and other cultures to Christianity

The New Spirituality

  Speaker: Dr Jacqueline Hobbs
  What exactly is the "new vibration"? Many of us are experiencing a much higher frequency; time going faster than ever before; feeling lighter; astonishing synchronicities; and going through intense personal change in very short periods. In this talk, I explore the shift away from ancient systems such as chakras, karma, past lives and enlightenment and systems in general towards claiming our own divinity and unlimited potential as human beings. For more information go to oraclegirl.org , Oracle Girl on FaceBook or @GirlOracle on Twitter

Shamanism, Carlos Castaneda, and the Invisible World

  Speaker: Gordon Strong
  Although specific to Siberia, the Shaman is an ancient figure, one who has an equivalent role in all tribal societies throughout the world. More than a ‘priest' or ‘sage', the shaman is one who acts as a messenger from the spirit world. Carlos Castaneda, a controversial figure in anthropology, wrote a series of books describing his own shamanic training under a Yacqui ‘Man of Knowledge' known as Don Juan
21-04-15 Healing Earth Energies and Power Places
  Speaker: Maria Wheatley
  Maria is a second-generation dowser who is a leading authority on earth energies and ley lines. She has researched the esoteric design canon of prehistoric sites, Druidic ceremonial enclosures and the Knights Templar for many years. Maria combines her knowledge of archaeology, and earth energies with state of the art equipment to locate and detect the hidden frequencies that the earth emits. Her findings challenge our understanding of sacred sites
10-03-15 Reincarnation and Past Lives
  Speaker: William Bloom
  Many Religions teach reincarnation and many people believe in it, but what is the purpose and meaning? In tonight's talk, William Bloom will explain the meaning of reincarnation, as taught by ancient mystery traditions and by a more theosophical approach, as one of Britain's most experienced mind body spirit teachers. His books include The Endorphin Effect, Working with Angels and The Power of Modern Spirituality. Please note that due to illness William won't be speaking tonight however Jacqueline Hobbs has offered to speak instead.
17-02-15 Planetary Angels. Do's and Dont's. A guide to using Angels in planetary Magic, focusing on Agrippa and Trithemius
  Speaker: Sef Salem: The Visible College
  Angels have their roots in the very foundation of the western tradition. Planetary systems developed following older Egyptian text and the Greco-magical papyri into an elaborate method of placing oneself into the universe. Sef will take those attending, through the seven planetary Archangels - how and when to seek contact with them, and why an Angel is not the key to everything. By the end of the evening, every one present should have a way to begin working with these powerful forces

The Mystical Inner Life of Carl Jung

  Speaker: Gordon Strong
  Jung was a pioneer of psychoanalysis, at a time when the art was in its infancy. By suggesting that the imagery and symbolism of dreams was significant, Jung brought new understanding to the idea of the unconscious.

Although an academic with a strict religious upbringing, Jung readily embraced the mystical element in himself and others. He believed the inner life was as essential to the individual as the conscious world. Jung also promoted the concept of the anima and ‘animus', the male and female elements present in both sexes. A courageous, charismatic leader, much of Jung's own life seems paradoxical, often bizarre. By delving into personal and universal myth, he followed his own soul's journey. In this way he was able to provide emotional healing for all those he encountered

Angels, Archetypes and Nature Spirits

  Speaker: William Bloom

Throughout history and in all cultures we can find these mysterious beings. Are they real or imaginary? What do they mean for us today? William will present you with an inspiring perspective that is good for you and good for the planet. William Bloom is one of Britain's most experienced mind-body-spirit teachers. His books include The Endorphin Effect, Working with Angels and The Power of Modern Spirituality. He is founder of the Spiritual Companions Trust. www.williambloom.com

09-09-14 Aleister Crowley and the Loch Ness Monster
  Speaker: Paul Weston

A Typhonian entertainment. Aleister Crowley is the second most famous inhabitant of Loch Ness, having owned a home there in the early years of the last century. Occult folklore has suggested a link between his activities and the later return of the monster. This appears to be absurd but can lead into a fruitful surreal consideration featuring the magick of Crowley's Aeon of Horus in connection with monster hunting and UFOlogy. The lecture material is based on the chapter Loch Ness Leviathan and the Boleskine Kiblah in Paul's book Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus.

15-07-14 The Belinus Line and the Fate of Albion
  Speakers: Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare
  Tonights speakers will talk about their experiences along Britains longest Ley Line called the Belinus Line which stretches from the Isle of Wight to the North coast of Scotland, from their latest book The Spine of Albion. This secret alignment connects 6 cities including the ancient capitals of England and Scotland, geographical centres of power and many famous prehistoric complexes. Having a natural ability to detect the yin and yang dragon force in the land the authors followed this north/south equivalent to the St. Michael line and discovered key places of power where the dragon lines crossed. The authors will talk about the significance of these places of power and how they have an influence on the past and the future of Albion
10-06-14 J.R.R. Tolkien Teller of Tales, Man of Faith.
  Speaker: Gordon Strong
  Known as an Oxford academic and the man who wrote Lord of The Rings, Tolkien's personal life is rarely scrutinized as it appears to be so uneventful. His inner life, however, is endlessly fascinating and was not only the wellspring of his inspiration, but helped to create an endless landscape of the imagination. Tolkien's spiritual world is complex and sometimes contradictory. When examined there emerges a man of noble ideals and, above all, compassion. Gordon Strong has written numerous books on myth, legends and metaphysics. His Merlin - Master of Magick was a runaway success in the U.S. and his novels with both Medieval and Modern themes are very popular. As an authority on the Neolithic age and the Arthurian Tales, he has appeared in the National Geographic T.V. feature The Truth behind King Arthur.
20-05-14 The Neolithic Wonders of Europe. A Personal Megalithic Pilgrimage
  Speaker: Peter Knight
  Author and Sacred Sites guide, Peter has spoken to our group several times. Tonight he will give us a power point guide around the many Neolithic sacred sites he has visited including those in Ireland, Brittany, Minorca, Sardinia and Malta. He will inspire us to visit these magical places and experience their magic and power
22-04-14 What is Prana, Chi, and Living on Light? Does it really exist?
  Speaker: Jacqueline Hobbs (Oracle Girl)
  In this talk I will describe the history of, and academic research on, the energies named 'prana' and 'chi' more recently developed into ideas of 'living on light.' I will also give you a new perspective on and unique insights into the yogic traditions of India; the immortality cults and martial arts secrets of China; and the 'breatharian movement' of the New Age based on my own personal experience of slowly going food free, and my previous career as a martial artist. Was man always an eater and why do some sources reveal a dramatic switch away from the consumption of vital forces (prana), to the king as an eater of food (anna)? Is there a connection here with new and old stories about the 'annunaki'? What is the origin of the ancient concepts of prana and chi and are they still as relevant now, as then?
18-03-14 The King and the Land are One
  Speaker: Mark Taylor

The story of St Edmund Anglo Saxon King of East Anglia, martyr and England's first patron saint embodies many Arthurian and celtic concepts of sacred kingship. This illustrated talk explores how and why Edmund's myth became an exemplar of the mystic bond between sacral king, land and other worldly power.

Mark Taylor is a writer and researcher. He runs the publishing house Fordaro. His latest book "Edmund: the Untold story of the Martyr King and His Kingdom" was released in November 2013 and featured on BBC Radio. More information on www.secretsuffolk.com

25-02-14 Walking a Sacred Path
  Speaker: John Wadsworth
  The camino of Life- from the Compostela to the Glastonbury Zodiac John Wadsworth is a professional astrologer living in Glastonbury. He runs the Kairos School of Astrology and is the founder of the Alchemical Journey, a contempory zodiacal mystery school
26-11-13 Seven Aspects of Reality
  Speaker: Marian Matthews
  This talk deals with the nature of the reality in which we find ourselves and the way that the main aspects interact to give us our seemingly material world. Marian Matthews is an author intereseted in the interface between science and spirituality and the true nature of our reality.
08-10-13 Jnana Yoga
  Speaker: Derek Thorne
  An inspiring talk on the yoga of insight and self knowledge, based on the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi and the ancient wisdom of the Upanishads
10-09-13 Dion Fortune. Priestess and Master of Magic
  Speaker: Gordon Strong

Dion Fortune was not only a unique magical practioner, she also had the gift of explaining magical principles to a wider audience through her writings. A near contemporary of Aleister Crowley, she had the advantage of not being cursed with his egotism. Dion was altogether a force for good- the only true motive for an occultist. Her life was often eventful. always fascinating and makes for an interesting story. Her contribution to the Western Magical Tradition will always guarantee Dion a supreme position in the world of the occult.

Gordon Strong is the author of published works on magic, Merlin, the tarot, stone circles, Arthurian legends and the Holy Grail. He travels regularly to the West Coast of America to lecture. Gordon has appeared in various documentaries and on theNational Geographic Channel. He has been involved with magic for over 40 years, particularly through the works of Dion Forune and her followers. The Sea Priestess, Dion Fortune's magical novel is set at Brean Down. Gordon was born in the village nearby.

06-08-13 Avallonnais
  Speaker: Yuri Leitch
  Avalon was 1st mentioned by Geoffrey of Monmouth in 1136 as "Afallonis" is an enchanting area of France, between Vezelay and the hill top town of Avallon. In the heart of the Avallonnais there is an ancient centre of healing. Yuri will reveal many fascinating mysteries about this ancient Celtic landscape and will explain its unique relationship with Glastonbury. This talk looks into the esoteric intrigues of the 12th and 13th centuries and the Arthurian machinations of Henry 2, Richard the Lion heart and the many authors of Arthurian romance. Everything that you thought you knew about Avalon is about to change. Yuri Leitch is a researcher and artist who is well known in Glastonbury. For many years he has undertaken research into the myths and history of Glastonbury
09-07-13 Annie Besant: Feminist, Socialist, Theosophist, Fighter for Indian Freedom
  Speaker: Kevin Tingay
  Annie Besant (1847- 1933) was a remarkable woman who espoused a number of causes in her life. She took over the leadership of the Theosophical Society after the death of Madam Blavatsky. Her work in this respect will be the focus of this talk. Kevin Tingay is a retired Anglican priest and interfaith advisor and an occaisional lecturer at Bath Spa University. He has made a study of the Theosophical movement amongst other aspects of the history of esotericism.

The Mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel: Quest of encoded wisdom

  Speaker: Karen Ralls

Come and explore the unique carvings, history, lore and landscape of this 15th century medieval Scottish Chapel- home of the largest number of green man carvings of any medieval building in Europe. Why was memory of the wisdom of the past encoded in stone. What do the enigmatic carvings of Rosslyn Chapel symbolise. And what of the landscape of Rosslyn glen and its rare trees and plants.

Karen Ralls is a medieval historian, author of books on western mysteries and was former Director and Curator of the Rosslyn Chapel Museum art Exhibition for 9 years

09-04-13 The Cerne Giant. Landscape, myths and the Cosmos
  Speaker: Peter Knight
  Peter Knight is a sacred sites guide, dowser and author and returns to give an inspiring power point presentation about his new book about the famous hill figure in central Dorset. Peter will cover the legends, archaeology, astronomy, alignments and pagan symbolism of this proud figure, and adjacent sites such as the well and the abbey
19-03-13 Sacred Sites, Hidden Powers
  Speaker: Maria Wheatley
  We will look at the esoteric designs and hidden energies of ancient sites such as Avebury, Stanton Drew and Stoney Littleton. The ancient architects skillfully integrated earth and ley energies into their monuments. This talk uncovers healing sectors within sacred sites and how we can locate and interact with the Earth's healing power to enhance our mind body and spirit
05-03-13 Madame Blavatsky. Lion of Light
  Speaker: Gordon Strong
  Madame Blavatsky's life was an extraordinary enigma, one of outward travel and inner experience. Her mission was to inform and enlighten the world and doing this she became one of the most significant figures of the New Age. Her beliefs and her vision are perhaps even more relevant now than when she first voiced them. She inaugurated Theosophy and was a prolific writer including the Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled. Please note. This talk has been carried over from January when it was cancelled due to snow
19-02-13 The Nephilim at the End of the World
  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  This talk will present an alternative view of aliens focusing on ancient religious texts and will look at them as interdimensional beings rather than as extraterrestrial beings. The talk will explore how they have affected ancient history and how they will affect the world to come. Hugh Le Provost is a well known local speaker and researcher who lives in Glastonbury.
04-12-12 The Magic & Mystery of Stanton Drew Stone Circle
  Speaker: Gordon Strong
  The Neolithic age saw the construction of long barrows, standing stones and stone circles. Among the many thousands of these sacred monuments that once existed, the most interesting local example is in the village of Stanton Drew. This site exceeds the dimensions of Stonehenge. Gordon Strong is the author of 3 books about Stanton Drew and has spent many years exploring earth energies, local folklore, ritual and sacred geometry. He will share his observations and insights and offers the visitor to these sites vital clues for making their own inner connection to the British Mysteries
06-11-12 The Inner story of the Mystery Schools
  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  This talk will deal with the purpose of the mystery schools, their aid in inner development of mankind towards the realisation of the God within. Hugh Le Prevost is a well known local researcher and lecturer who has studied esoteric subjects for many years
09-10-12 A Twist in Coyote's Tale
  Speaker: Celia Gunn
  This is the true account of a young English woman who was drawn into the extraordinary renascence of a Native North American tribe. Celia spent six years living amongst the Arrow Lakes people of North America. Her experience of traditional teachings and ceremonies, wise teachings and the healing power of nature help reconcile her to an acceptance and inner peace that she has never before known. Celia Gunn has a deep interest in the North American Indians. She is a writer who pursues a lifelong interest in the mysteries of reality
11-09-12 The Teachings of Ramana Maharshi
  Speaker: Derek Thorne
  Derek Thorne is a highly accomplished teacher with more than 20years experience of guiding individuals and groups in spiritual awareness. following a life of personal practise, Derek established the YogaLiving community in 2001. It exists as an innovative source of inspiration, teaching, and fellowship to many. He is an inspiring and experienced speaker and delivers authentic spiritual answers to the questions of who am I and what is this life. He is a writer, poet and artist, author of numerous original works, creative outputs and published materials. Derek is committed to making the beautiful and ancient teachings accessible to all through profound yet simple interpretation, this is the aim of YogaLiving

Arthur and Quetzalcoatl a comparison of 2 mythic historical archetypes

  Speaker: Paul Weston

These 2 figures have a surprising ammount in common. Looking at them together throws each into sharper relief. Both have gathered around themselves motifs from the entire of history of their countries and have huge emotional energy invested in them and the hope of their return. 2012 is a good time to look at how the matter of Britain blends in with the matter of the world. Paul Weston is the author of Avaloian Aeon, Alister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus, and Mysterium Artorius


Blissology. The Art and Science of happiness

  Speaker: Andy Baggott
  You can have the life you want, and you can have it now. Reclaim your personal power with a simple four step processthe combines powerful law of attraction techniques, cutting edge science and the wisdom of some of the worlds oldest spiritual traditions. Andy Baggott is a healer , spiritual teacher and the author of 13 books. He runs a busy healing practise and has over 20 years experience

Mystical Avalon from King Arthur to Dion Fortune

  Speaker: Gordon Strong
  From the time of Joseph of Arimathea, Guardian of the Grail, Glastonbury was acknowledged as the spiritual centre of Britain. The most powerful figures of magic have been drawn to Avalon throughout the centuries. Gordon Strong is the author of books on Arthurian myth, Neolithic monuments and the Tarot, and is published internationally

Glastonbury Trips

  Speaker: William Bloom
  William will explore the psychological and energetic dangers and blessings for all of us who live on a sacred site and powerful Earth centre. William bloom is britains leading author and educator in the mind-body-spirit field and has published numerous books

Katherine Maltwood and the Melkarth Line

  Speaker: Yuri Leitch
  Yuri will give a detailed explaination about the secret tradition that Katherine Maltwood represented and will explore her famous Melkarth Line. Yuri is a local author, researcher, and artist who has spent many years in Glastonbury researcing Katherine Maltwood and other personalities

Spiritual and Eco Messages of 13 Moons and the Movie Avatar

  Speaker: Peter Knight

An illustrated and inspiring presentation telling of the hero's journey of connection with the Planetary Spirit and Landscape in Peter's novel Thirteen Moons-Conversations with the Goddess, comparing it with the movie Avatar. The talk holds knowledge about connecting with the land and sacred sites as a means to healing the planet- and of all mankind before it's too late. Peter is an author and international researcher and speaker. He has given several talks to the Wessex Research Group in the past


Disciples of Experience Day

  Facilitator: Clint Denyer
  Venue: George and Pilgrims. Contact Clint for further information by telephoning 07403 436942 or emailing cosmicrebirth@btinternet.com

On the Origins of Spirituality

  Speaker: Robin Cade

Charles Darwin brilliantly analysed and described the evolution of earth and of our species. He created a wide range of spiritual and religious options which generated meaning and purpose. Robin discusses how much is now wasted and what the possibilities are for regenerating some of the lost energies. Born in London Robin was a farmer and has lived in the area for forty years. He is an author whose book "On the Origin of Diversity" was published in 2011


Disciples of Experience Day

  Facilitator: Clint Denyer
  Venue: George and Pilgrims. Contact Clint for further information by telephoning 07403 436942 or emailing cosmicrebirth@btinternet.com

The Great God Lugh and the enchartment of Olympic London 2012

  Speaker: Anthony Thorley
  This illustrated presentation will trace the geomantic and mythical history of the London Olympic Games. As well as exploring the galactic centre of the tradional Gypsy Switch British landscape zodiac this talk will tell the tale of the spirit of the ancient god Lugh and his role as guardian of the sovereignty of the land, the origins of the europe-wide celebration of the great gatherings and sacred games that have emerged as the Lughnasa August Festival and how this sacred event comes to be uncannily enacted in the Olympic Games of 2012. Anthony Thorley is a retired psychiatrist who has been researching landscape energies, traditions and history for over 30 years. Together with astrologer, John Wadsworth, he co-facilitates the experiential workshops The Alchemical Journey

Alien Races; their relevence to the Earth

  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  Long before the anunaki the Earth was visited by life forms of incredible antiquity going back over billions of years. Many of these life forms are still on this planet and are still influencing our lives today. Hugh is a well known researcher and international lecturer who lives locally



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