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Title Glastonbury PLG
Venue Glastonbury Town Hall, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9EL
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Contribution £5.00 / £4.00 (concs)
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07930 007419

Web www.glastonburyplg.com
Schedule Wednesday - 19:00 to 10.00. Pleas visit the web sites for more detailed information about the talks

24-04-19 Gurdjieff and the Inner Circle of Humanity
  Speaker: Paul Weston
17-04-19 Hub of the Universe
  Speaker: Ranchor Prime
10-04-19 Medicine Symbolique: Healing the Soul to Heal the Body and Mind
  Speaker: Pascal and Claire Roussey Simon
03-04-19 Sitting With Feeling. How the Therapeutic Process has Transformed my Journey as and Artist
  Speaker: Lorraine Hazell Linder
27-03-19 Our Incredible Human Potential. The True Story of Christianity
  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
20-03-19 The Alchemical Zodiac Calender. Integrating the Medicine of the Zodiac Wheel into Your Life
  Speaker: John Wadsworth
13-03-19 A Classification of Earth Energies, Leylines and Nodes
  Speaker: Rory Duff
06-03-19 How to Live in 5D Consciousness Now
  Speaker: Chris Bourne
28-11-18 The Astrology of The Avalonians
  Speaker: Neil Spencer
24-11-18 All Love Spiritual Healing Journey Workshop
  Workshop: Karuna Joy
21-11-18 All Love Spiritual Healing Journey Evening
  Speaker: Karuna Joy
15-11-18 Clarence Bicknell: Man of Marvels
  Speaker: Renchi Bicknell
07-11-18 The Sounds of Harmony of the Heart, Mind & Soul
  Speaker: Tareth
31-10-18 A Circle of Honouring: Natures Cycles, Our Loved Ones, Our Ancestors, Ourselves
  Speaker: Samia and Friends
25-10-18 Prosperity and Spirituality. Mundane and Sacred Merge in these Awakening Times
  Speaker: Dr Alsion J Kay
17-10-18 Lyran Lion Light Code Transmissions
  Speaker: Madeleine Walker
11-10-18 Glastonbury Underground. What Lies Beneath the Holiest Earthe?
  Speaker: Geoff Stray
04-10-18 How Vibrations Influence Our Life
  Speaker: Alaia Iten
03-10-18 Working with Wells. Our Plastic Free Journey
  Speaker: Plastic Wells Team
26-09-18 Living in the Present
  Speaker: Nandini
19-09-18 Symbol Medicine
  Speaker: Claire and Pascal Roussey Simon
12-09-18 Druidry Meets in Avalon of the Heart
  Speaker: Thalia Brown
05-09-18 the Pheryllt. The Secret Story of the Druids
  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
08-08-18 William Blake Festival
  Festival Event
25-07-18 Essence: Living Alive, Awake, Open, An Exploration in Being
  Speaker: Joy Hicklin-Baily
18-07-18 Sacred Landscapes: Ways of Connecting, Ways of Remembering
  Speaker: Peter Knight
11-07-18 The Pheryllt: The Secret Society Behind The Druids
  Speaker: Hugh Le Prevost
04-07-18 An Evening with the Archangels
  Speaker: Shaun Kirwan
27-06-18 Wild Wild Guru: Osho and his 'Experiment to Provoke God
  Speaker: Phil Genoux
20-06-18 Merry Midsummer Meet

Group Event

Purple Dragon Mother: Healing from Child Abuse
  Speaker: Eva Louise Henderson
06-06-18 Synchronicity and Repairing one of the World's largest Earth Energy line Nodes
  Speaker: Rory Duff
30-05-18 An Evening of Shamanic Storytelling. Stories from Beyond the Edge of Our Existence featuring the Four Genders
  Speaker: Nick Clements
23-05-18 Lightening and Roses Thunder and Bricks. Replacing Forcing and Effecting with Aligning and Allowing
  Speaker: Dr Alison J Kay
11-05-18 Experience Divine Consciousness. Awaken Your Sacred Heart to the Divine
  Workshop Facilitator: Divyael
09-05-18 Divine Consciousness and the New Energies
  Speaker: Divyael
02-05-18 The True Origin of the British People. The Cymri Revealed
  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
25-04-18 The Song of the Soul
  Speaker: Tareth and Vicki Burke
18-04-18 Being Rock! A Fresh Look at Listening and Support
  Speaker: Mandy Preece
04-04-18 Secrets of Alchemy, Hermetic and Glastonbury
  Speaker: Benjamin Turale
29-03-18 Turning the Wheel of Your Zodiac Soul. 12 Gateways to Wholeness
  Speaker: John Wadsworth
  Please note that this talk is on a Thursday
21-03-18 Hemp in Avalon. Spring Equinox Celebration
  Speaker: Free Love Cannabis
14-03-18 My Introduction to Unicorns and Their Effect on My Life
  Speaker: Bitten Salin
07-03-18 When Magic and Fiction Meet
  Speaker: Paul Weston
01-03-18 Grail Found
  Speaker: Rory Duff
28-02-18 Beyond Breatharianism
  Speaker: Dr Jaqueline Hobbs
21-02-18 UFO Encounters and ET Connections
  Speaker: Fay Vale
14-02-18 Connecting to the Cosmic Heart
  Speaker: Tim Whild
07-02-18 Storywheel: Creatively Awakening the Soul of Britain
  Speaker: John Morrissey
24-01-18 Who is She Who Calls Me?
  Speaker: Marion Brigantia
17-01-18 Activating Your Atlantean Ascension Blueprint
  Speaker: Tim Whild
13-12-17 Nicholas Roerich. His Life and Work
  Speaker: Paul Weston
06-12-17 A New Vision of Astrology
  Speaker: A.T. Mann
08-11-17 A Journey through the Ragas and Music of North India
  Speaker: Katinka Haycraft
05-11-17 Chasing Rhinos With The Swami
  Speaker: Shyamasundar Das (Sam Speerstra)
  Venue: Shekinashram, Dodd Lane
01-11-17 Pakoras of Light. A Journey through the Culinary Delights of India
  Speaker: Bharti Baron
25-10-17 The Four Hallows and the Thirteen Treasures of Britain
  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
18-10-17 The Revival of Witchcraft in the Twentieth Century. The Birth of Wicca
  Speaker: Reill Greyeyes
11-10-17 The Gateway of Peace
  Speaker: Tareth
04-10-17 Sense and Sensuality
  Speaker: Joseph Hunwick
20-09-17 The Truth about Death and Reincarnation
  Speaker: David Pye
13-09-17 The Atom and the Aether
  Speakers: Colin Power and Heike Bielek
06-09-17 Mysteries of Chartres Labyrinth
  Speaker: Geoff Stray
26-07-17 What on Earth is Geomancy?
  Speaker: Shaun Kirwan
19-07-17 Piercing The Temple: Acupuncture and The Spirit
  Speaker: Matthew Fellows
12-07-17 Maximising Your Ability to Manifest
  Speaker: Glen Tucker
05-07-17 ETs, Transhumanism & this Planets Future
  Speaker: Dr Jaqueline Hobbs
28-06-17 Living in Awareness: A Satsang Experience with Nandini
  Speaker: Nandini

Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning in the company of Truth and is an invitation to re-discover our true nature through the means of Self enquiry (Vichara), thus bringing about inner peace, contentment and happiness. In Satsang, there are no rituals or ceremonies and is not connected to any particular tradition. All are most welcome.

Satsang frequently consists of a brief period of meditation and silence followed by an invitation to ask questions or to dialogue with Nandini. This can take the form of sharing insights from the silence and meditation, or simply listening and absorbing the atmosphere of love, freedom and peace

14-06-17 The Nature of Reality
  Speaker: Rosemary Adams

Rosemary is a qualified astrologer who for many years developed chart readings for clients and children of clients and wrote a weekly astrology column for Irish radio and occasional articles for astrological journals in England, Ireland and Italy. For thirty years she also worked alongside this as an international legal translator and occasional interpreter and for four years worked in the field of statistical psychology.

Her lifelong interest has been in the world of spirit and her talk will cover the nature of reality from several viewpoints.  She hopes to show why reality is not what we are led to expect and will talk about her own experiences as a mystic and about what her visions might mean for our view of reality. Rosemary presently hears from higher spiritual beings, in particular a Lady, whom she has been told is the Lady of Avalon, and this lady has brought a message of love

07-06-17 Circle of Perpetual Choirs
  Speaker: Paul Weston

The Circle of Perpetual Choirs is perhaps the most evocative and controversial British landscape mystery. John Michell, starting from sources mentioning Glastonbury as a location where a constant liturgy was recited, went on to postulate alignments with sites with similar associations, creating a decagon centred on White Leaved Oak in the Malverns.

Paul will talk about all this and Druidic mythology, William Blake, the Enchantment of the Landscape, Psychic Questing, and his own vision quest that led him from a moment of revelation in Glastonbury to live out his dream at White Leaved Oak

31-05-17 Getting to Know, Love and Trust our Inner Feminine Wisdom
  Speaker: Lasare Maloney
24-05-17 Practical Ascension
  Speaker: Tim Whild
10-05-17 The Journey of the Right Elements
  Speaker: Ranchor Prime
03-05-17 The Quest of the Holy Grail
  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
26-04-17 What is at the Heart of Healing?
  Speaker: Dr Rosy Daniel

Tonight Dr Daniel will share inspirational stories of those that have healed cancer, identifying the specific holistic keys in each case that unlocked their healing potential. She will then offer each participant the opportunity to see their own mind, body, spirit and environmental balance and where vital changes can be made to prevent and reverse illness with her enlightening Picture of Health self assessment tool.

You will leave uplifted with new confidence in the magnificent potential of our bodies to heal and with insight about the unique keys for your own healing and healthy evolution

19-04-17 Soul Sounds. The Language of Creation
  Speaker: Tareth

We all know the universal language of divine love because that is who we are. Tonight, Tareth will speak about his awakening to it and Celebrate it with you in a deeply healing meditation. He will ask for the sounds of soul healing to manifest so that each of us can open our mind and heart to the miracle that is within us

12-04-17 How Can Better Breathing. Change Your Life and Improve Your Health and Well Being
  Speaker: Julie Ann Horrox

Transformational Breath is considered by many to be the most comprehensive and cutting edge breathing system available on the planet today. There are 1000s of Facilitators and Trainers worldwide, who meet regularly to update one another of new science and other discoveries.Were you aware that 90% of all the pain we experience is down to trapped emotions? This emotional Baggage can stay with us and disrupt our lives. Transformational Breath is extremely efficient at clearing blocked energy out of the body and setting us free to reach our full potential. Transformational Breath is a system which teaches us to breath better. Breath is life and we cant live without it, so the way that we breathe tells us a lot about the way we embrace life!

05-04-17 the Alchemical Journey to the Golden City
  Speakers: John Wadsworth and Vicki Clarke

Astrologer John Wadsworth & musician Vicki Burke present an evening of music, poetry and story, weaving a journey through the twelve zodiac signs of the astrological and seasonal year, and their archetypal themes.

In 2008, John created The Alchemical Journey, a zodiac mystery school programme run over twelve months, taking participants on an experiential adventure into the myths and archetypal themes of each of the twelve signs. This course still runs in Glastonbury to this day
29-03-17 The New Age, Truth And Illusions: Getting Real About Money
  Speaker: James North

Understanding the connection between spirituality and economics is the key to making the New Age more than a marketing slogan.

Prophets, clairvoyants and dreamers have been talking about the Age of Aquarius for over a hundred years. We hear about 2012, Ascension and so on. But at the same time, the environment is in crisis, the threat of global war hangs over the world and inequality is increasing.

This talk shows that relating with our imagination and common sense to planet Earth is fundamental to facing our financial and social challenges. Drawing on the life and thought of the Irish painter and mystic AE, and the Austrian occultist Rudolf Steiner, we will discuss how new approaches to money and land can change the spiritual movement and our wider society

22-02-17 The Hemptation of Free Love Cannabis. Anniversary special - Celebrating 20 years of Hemp in Avalon
  Speaker: Free Love Cannabis

In tonight's special celebration of twenty years of Hemp In Avalon, Free will explain why he loves Cannabis so much that he legally changed his name to Free Cannabis. Free will be discussing Hemp as a source of highly nutritious food, strong durable fibre, sustainable clean burning fuel and most importantly, a safe natural medicine which is experiencing a massive renaissance in its use.

Once described as one of the most valuable medicines we posses, by Dr Reynolds (Queen Victoria's personal physician), modern day science is discovering just how vital Cannabis is to the functioning of our bodies. There will be poetry, music and the sharing of Hempy Birthday cake and various Hemp treats to sample

15-03-17 Art of Sacred Geometry. The Flower of Life Revealed
  Speaker: Louise Bellairs

What if the Flower of Life was, actually, a key to unlocking a whole system of information for the structure of life on this planet? Like a coding language without words; A language that all people can speak. A language to surpass all other languages. An ultimate, unifying truth that transcends verbal translation.

Did our ancestors leave clues to unlocking the nature of reality in the patterns and symbols they left throughout the architecture of churches, temples and other religious and cultural buildings? What if the Flower of Life was the key to a dormant language, inherent within you and when you interact with it, you are awakening the energy of creation within? Imagine The Flower of Life represents a 3D system of blueprint geometry, which is perpetually creating itself and the world around us!

Louise invites you to join her on a journey of discovery, where she shares with you her insights to a deeper understanding of what this truly incredible symbol could actually mean

08-03-17 Conscious Dreamer
  Speaker: Jo Kenworthy

Jo has been exploring the Mayan Wavespell since she first came to a Glastonbury Positive Living Group talk in 2011. This talk has been designed to be experiential and magickal to connect to our dreamself. Jo will share her journey of this process and how it has expanded her own conscious awareness in a very practical way as well as on a spiritual level.

The Mayan Wavespell is a powerful tool to assist the human being who is ready to consciously transform Part of this process is to become aware of their structure - Saturnian Codes which reveals patterning and conditioning Ancestral and Spiritual codes of creation
Karmic Understanding and most importantly how to transform this structure It allows awareness of their potentiality - Starcode and Mayan Signs reveals this.

01-03-17 Deities that Challenge Mainstream Concepts of Spirituality and Sexuality
  Speaker: Martin Campbell

Martin Campbell was a senior manager in the NHS. In 2012 he narrowly survived a catastrophic stroke. However, with love, spirituality and positivity, made a significant recovery. It changed his life. He is now a historical fiction novelist, crystal therapist and runs a bnb guest house with his partner in Glastonbury. He is also the first UK priest of the revived faith of Antinous the Gay God. Martin writes about the lost history of Gods, Goddesses and historical figures who did/do not conform to standard concept of spiritual sexuality (one man and one woman). There are a surprising number of them, and Martin asks the question: why were we never taught about these? This talk will set the context of the historical and modern World in which these conversations need to be considered, describing the known range of deities which challenge mainstream constructs of spirituality.

Martin will describe his own God and ask us to consider his importance to people, especially young people, in the UK and Glastonbury today.

22-02-17 Into the Light
  Speaker: Miguel Dean

From a challenging start to life, Miguel spiraled down into a life of crime, violence, addiction and homelessness. The love of his new born son inspired him to take responsibility and make changes. This evening Miguel Dean will weave together his own inspirational story with that of humanity's unfolding story at this pivotal time in our evolution. Here we will find the threads of gratitude, befriending the darkness, heart vision, and Love in action. Miguel's message is one of hope and empowerment and it is his hope that we leave inspired, moved and equipped with new perspectives and ways to contribute our gifts in service of the Great Shift which is unfolding on our planet. From a higher soul perspective, in the grand cosmic scheme of things it may be that everything is unfolding perfectly

15-02-17 Celebrating Love
  Speaker: Dr Jaqueline Hobbs
  Dr Jacqueline Hobbs will join us for an evening close to Valentine's Day as we celebrate LOVE
08-02-17 How Soon is Now? Personal Initiation to Global Transition
  Speaker: Daniel Pinchbeck

Tonight we are delighted to be joined by New York Times Bestselling author Daniel Pinchbeck.

'How do we cooperate to make the drastic changes we need to avert global catastrophe? How do we transform our fears, of what is coming, as well as what needs to change into a positive global project, realizing this transition as our great destiny? In other words 'How Soon Is Now?' Daniel Pinchbeck

Drawing on a huge range of resources and research Daniel presents a compelling argument for the need for change on a global basis it is only when we see ourselves as one planetary tribe that this change can occur. The central thesis is that humanity has brought about this ecological crisis in order to bring about the necessary conditions for transcendence. This collective ordeal is necessary for us to evolve from one state of being to the next. By passing through this initiation we realize ourselves as one unified being, a planetary super-organism in a symbiotic relationship with the Earth's ecology and the entire web of life.

Covering everything from energy and agriculture, to culture, politics, media and ideology, Daniel's book is ultimately about the nature of the human soul and the future of our current world. He calls for an intentional and consciously designed metamorphosis of our current systems, which transform capitalist and exclusive structures into participatory, democratic, and inclusive ones, based on an integration of Eastern metaphysics, social ecology, and radical political thought

01-02-17 Vali Drum Celebrating St Bridget at Imbolc
  Speaker: Vali Drum

Vali will tell us about St Bridgets many aspects and her own journey on the Priestess of the Goddess, path in Avalon over the past 3 years. Come and enjoy this evening discovering more about this Wonderful Triple Goddess.

25-01-17 Learning the Landscapes of the Spine
  Speaker: Lys Wild
18-01-17 Star of Ishtar
  Speaker: Paul Weston
11-01-17 Change Has Happened Reveal Your Best Year Yet
  Speaker: Michael James
17-12-16 The Integration of the New Higher Energies on Mother Earth
  Workshop: Divyael
  By experiencing the original energies of pure Love and the higher vibration of Divine Consciousness, we are reminded of who we really are, where we came from and to where we must return: perfection. International spiritual teacher and practising healer Divyael joins us for an afternoon of healing. The session will combine the sharing of information that Divyael has received, meditation and healing
14-12-16 The Awakening of Your Divinity
  Speaker: Divyael
07-12-16 Machines of the Ancients
  Speaker: Stephen du Ross
30-11-16 Flat Earth and Soul Implications (Spinning Globe Earth Deconstruction)
  Speaker: Waykiwayki
  During more than a decade of research, Mark Knight, aka Waykiwayki, has covered subjects which have ranged from the New World Order, to Western Mysticism, through to True Cosmology and Flat Earth. Mark will be joining us for this special first-time evening in Glastonbury in which he will present and explain the increasingly popular concepts of Flat Earth
23-11-16 Evolving EFT
  Speaker: Rowena Beaumont

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is now being scientifically validated faster than any other therapy in history.

Rowena has pioneered EFT since 2002 and works alongside Dr Rosy Daniel in Bath supporting clients with cancer, serious illness, anxiety and life's stresses. Known as an EFT expert by her peers Rowena has been working with energy based energy techniques for over 20 years discovering methods to support people clearing their past programming, blockages, limitation, emotional and physical pain and to compassionately support them on their Soul's Journey. She specialises in EFT and Emotional Freedom Light Techniques which she designed, adding further depth to EFT which includes working with colour, past life and ancestral clearing as well as the Timeline of the Soul

16-11-16 The Secrets of the Inner Smile
  Speaker: William Bloom

The Inner Smile is often described as the most effective self-healing meditation and mind-body strategy of them all. It can benefit everyone. Its powerful physiological and psychological effects cascade through the body improving physical and mental health, and awakening compassion. In tonight's inspiring and experiential talk William will describe exactly how to practice the Inner Smile. He will also explain the science of how it achieves its benefits.

This technique is usually associated with Taoist meditation practice, Qi Gung and internal martial arts. But William first learned it as a young man in the Jewish mystical tradition of Kaballah. He practiced an exercise in which students visualized and worked with an internal Tree of Life giving it positive energy. He then found the same exercise taught in many different Tree of Life traditions around the world, as well as those mystical schools which use symbols such as the Chalice, Cauldron, Pot and Grail

09-11-16 An Evening of Mediumship
  Speaker: Kim Moore-Cullen
  Join us for a fascinating evening of Mediumship with Kim Moore-Cullen. Kim is a working international medium, healer and tutor in spiritual development, awareness, trance and physical.
02-11-16 The Alchemy of Perfume: Exploring the Beauty and Healing Properties of Aromatics
  Speaker: Joseph Hunwick
  Natural Perfumer, Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Joseph Hunwick, will take us into a deep exploration into the profoundly healing and transformative power of perfume and aromatics, and their relation to our memories and our psyches.
In this evening which will include practical hands-on experience, we will explore how the spiritual properties of scent connect us with the essence of the plant, representing a powerful soul connection.

Joseph spent many years in Egypt, beginning in childhood and continuing into adulthood, where he was inspired by his mentor, Omran Hassan, a Perfumer who came from a long line of traditional healers. Hassan's shop was filled with raw perfumes, and spending much time here, along with explorations through the city's markets with their spices, dust, people and traffic, such visions and smells were imprinted on his mind, inspiring the realisation that perfume is one of the great Healing Arts

26-10-16 the Lodge of King Arthur
  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
19-10-16 Mysteries of Sexuality
  Speaker: John Dalton
12-10-16 A Short History of Paganism and Witchcraft from Prehistoric times up to the 20th Century
  Speaker: Reill Greyeyes
05-10-16 Where, When & How We Find Ourselves & How To Thrive On It In The Modern Taoist Way
  Speaker: the Barefoot Doctor
28-09-16 What is the Journey?
  Speaker: Gill Routledge
21-09-16 Energetic Wisdom
  Speaker: Tony Mills - Soul Whisperer
14-09-16 The Gurus and the Second World War
  Speaker: Paul Weston
07-09-16 the Song of the Soul
  Speaker: Tareth
20-07-16 How the Law of Attraction Really Works
  Speaker: Michael James
  There is so much written about The Law of Attraction and people are confused. Join Michael in this practical evening where you will discover the answers you are looking for: Proven ways that have worked for thousands of people and will work for you
13-07-16 My Incredible Journey with the Orbs. A Voyage of Discovery and Transformation
  Speaker: Anna Leonie

have often been approached with many questions about the meaning of orbs: what or who they are, what is their purpose and why they come so close to us at this present time. Never before in the history of humanity have so many orbs drawn so close to earth, in such large numbers and so frequently. More and more people are becoming aware of their divine presence; but there is the constant question: why? what? who?

So I would like to invite you to join me for an evening of clarity and discovery; an evening focused on the answers to these frequently asked and often puzzling questions, and a sharing of my own deeply personal journey with these divine beings of light; how they carried me through a particularly traumatic time of my life with their messages of healing, love and light through my very own dark night of the soul.

It was some years ago when I was on a sacred sites spiritual tour that I began photographing orbs. And at first this happened only occasionally, but gradually as my journey unfolded they began to appear more and more, until almost every time I picked up my camera there they were in all their splendour: beautiful shapes, colours, vibrations and sizes. And through the loving support of my spiritual guide the Ascended Master Almora, I was encouraged to meditate on these most magnificent beings, and by so doing discovered just what their purpose is. And I have never looked back since! A real whirlwind of a journey began!

Please join us for a wonderful evening of orb magic and inspiration!

06-07-16 The Peacock Angel
  Speaker: Hugh le Provost
29-06-16 Your Hero Within
  Speaker: Andy Bryne

This evening Andy Brine will be talking about how the hero's journey applies to you and your life. He will be sharing an overview of The Hero's Journey as a whole, as we look back at its origins in history. He will then look at how this natural structure plays out in each area of your life and how you can then use it as a guide for your spiritual growth and transformation.

As Andy takes you through the journey, you will go on a walk down memory lane and as you look back at your past, this will help you to gain clarity on your present situation in order to build a vision of what you want to create in the future. Throughout each stage of the journey he will teach you how it relates to you and your life whilst guiding you through each step on your path.

He will also speak about how your spiritual journey builds your character and your persona. Sharing how your path is a place on nurturing a each aspect of your Ego, your Self and your Shadow to become a complete soul. During the second part of the talk, he will speak about archetypal characters you will meet on your journey and path to support in your individual growth and development

15-06-16 Purify and Transform
  Speaker: Jacqueline Hobbs

As a human being, you can now receive a new much lighter frequency within your body which will raise your vibration and integrate denser energies which you no longer need. In this talk I describe my work as a physical bridge for this new frequency and will take you into a group healing. This planet is rapidly purifying: we must now drop denser frequencies and outdated systems from our body, heal and move on or miss a golden opportunity. We cannot resolve our challenges on the level that they exist. But if we open to the indestructible purity within our own selves the entire field of our being and Earth herself is transformed.


08-06-16 How Healing Works
  Speaker: Judge Prime

Healing, or more correctly Spiritual Healing, is a worldwide phenomenon. Dozens of schools and styles of Healing are on offer, and Healing works. It is effective. But what is actually going on when a Healer holds their hands over a sick or hurting person and that person feels better, or improves in condition, or is even cured as a result?


02-06-16 Further Talks between the Soul and God
  Speaker: Ranchor Prime

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Ranchor again to offer this profound experience to all those who would love another opportunity to hear some of these stories and more, as well as for those who were unable to attend the evening in October.

This evening will offer an introduction to the incredible work that is The Bhagavad Gita, carefully translated by Ranchor to make it fully accessible to everyone. Whether you are new to The Gita or know it well, Ranchor tells the stories in a way that is poignant and inspiring, and he accompanies them with exquisitely illustrated slides, live music, and powerfully enriching mantras for us all. There will also be discussion.

The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient channelled message. The conversation is between the Warrior and Krishna. Although the teaching is set on a battlefield its subject is the search for inner peace. The conflict we all experience in life is an inner one, between our eternal self and our temporary covering of mind and senses. Peace lies in resolving this conflict.

Once we realise that we are eternal beings life on Earth takes on a whole new meaning. Our journey leads to opening our hearts to eternal love this journey is the essence of Krishna’s teaching

25-05-16 The Divine Mind: Our Birthright
  Speaker: Vali Drummond
  This evening we will explore what makes us tick and indeed what helps us to return to our Divine Mind, that very likely, we were born with. We will be unfolding, what is it that took us away from this tranquil wholeness apart from growing up? Speaking of a variety of ways to help us experience this state of mind
18-05-16 Let It Sound: Awakening Your Inner Voice
  Speaker: Stephanie Roinier

LET IT SOUND is inspired by The Naked Voice work of Chloe Goodchild. It will empower children and adults to build their self-esteem and self confidence through music, singing and body expression. The world of dualities where we live is challenging and full of surprises.

With LET IT SOUND people will have the opportunity to express themselves freely without feeling they are being judged by others or by themselves. They will discover that the voice is a pure reflection of the soul and they will learn how to listen to the voice inside them. This is where the change in their lives will start.

This will be an evening for everyone, whether you love your voice and sing or speak in ways that you already love, or whether you feel that using your voice is something that you would like to feel more confident in. It is also for those who are simply curious and would like to explore the ways in which we can use our voice to have fun, improve well-being, self-esteem, confidence, and to heal ourselves in a myriad of ways

11-05-16 Cathar Astrology. The Cathar Temple of Albion

Cathars used a unique astrological system from ancient Hyperborea. Discover how sixteen kind constellations can restore our lost connection with divine, immaculate worlds. Relocate your spiritual wings and bodies of light with previously hidden esoteric knowledge and wisdom. Following the deeply fascinating and melodic evening with The Cathar Temple at Glastonbury Positive Living Group last autumn, here is another wonderful opportunity to relax into the beauty of Cathar artistry, songs and philosophy.

The Cathar Temple of Albion is part of an international Cathar movement led by modern Cathar prophet John Bogomil. They are the successors of the spiritual tradition of medieval Catharism. These spiritual guides travel around the world, giving workshops and public talks. They share Cathar esoteric knowledge and practical experience

04-05-16 Mastery and Enlightenment
  Speaker: Tim Whild
  Tim Whild is returning again for another evening of Mastery and Enlightenment with us in beautiful Glastonbury. Please join us for this lively and high powered evening filled with the latest information on our ascension process, and powerful guided meditations that will leave you glowing with Light. Whatever is appropriate for the current energies will be discussed and Tim is always happy to answer any questions that you may have.
27-04-16 Where Do We Go When We Die. Why Did You Chose to be Born in this Lifetime?
  Speaker: David Pye
  David Pye will discuss these questions drawing on the ground-breaking research of Dr Helen Wambach a clinical psychologist at JFK University, California who in 1973 embarked on a pioneering program to investigate hypnotic regression to past lives. She did this not by regressing subjects individually but by taking whole groups of people back through past incarnations and using statistical analysis to collate her findings. The results are fascinating and by the time of her death in 1985 she had regressed over 6,000 people. Incredibly this fascinating research on reincarnation is largely forgotten and her books are out of print. Come along and discover the amazing results for yourself
20-04-16 Overture to Peace. An Evening of Harp, Song and Journeys
  Speaker: Vicki Burke
  As I journey into the labyrinth, join me as I contemplate my own relationship between religion and spirituality and come to terms with the minotaur that lies within the heart of me. As I journey through the 6 petals of the labyrinth I reflect on my own personal history to try and understand a little more where we are on our journey towards world peace
13-04-16 The Dynamic Sphere: Geronimo, O Sensei, Babaji, and the Breath that connects them
  Speaker: Dave Balian
10-04-16 Journey of the Heart. A Celebration, Invitation and Sharing of the Gift of Presence
  Workshop Facilitator: Fiona Ameleh

Beyond ideas of limitation, we are limitless expression within the Cosmic Heart, living in the Sacred Now with Love, Respect, Reciprocity and Joy. This is the key to our highest personal and unified evolvement with each other and all life. It is our Mastery. Living in the Now offers creative initiation; new ground; a challenge to grow and transform through aligning with the radiant wisdom of the Heart. Join me for a day of blissful surrender and joyful awakening, an opportunity to re-activate the third-eye through the radiance of Love, Compassion and Empathy. This workshop is to focus one in the Heart, so that ultimately we all speak a shared language of the Heart, one that respects and honours all life and where we all Thrive. Venue The Miracle Rooms, Glastonbury Time 9.30.

06-04-16 Playing in the Field: Luminosities and the Elemental Kingdom
  Speaker: Fiona Ameleh

An invitation to an exciting, interactive and thought provoking presentation with Fiona Almeleh.
Playing in the Field covers a body of Fiona's work in the exploration and raising of consciousness awareness. Join her for this mind-expanding and heart-opening evening as she shares some of her experiences of the subtler fields of energy that interpenetrate our own with amazingly, captivating photographs.

This presentation is an Interdimensional Portfolio; an exploration and invitation to explore opening a sacred portal to these finer levels of dimensional realities, furthering communication and also primarily effecting a renewed positivity, commitment to guardianship and collaboration for the highest good of all living beings and our beautiful Mother Earth

30-03-16 The Secret Life of Merlin: From Ancient God to Kings Seer
  Speaker: Hugh Le Provost
  The Merlin is a title, the spirit of the land and the Guardian and Guide to it's people. In the examination of some of the glorious tales of Merlin we can see the human incarnation of one of the most powerful spiritual entities involved with the guidance of humanity, and more particularly, the dwellers of this Land of Britain, or Clas Merdin: Merlin's Enclosure
23-03-16 The Revolutionary New Remedies They Don't Want You To Know About
  Speaker: Clive De Carle

Clive's journey into health was sparked by a major health crisis in the 1980's. A fit and healthy man in his early 30's Clive was prescribed a course of antibiotics by his doctor for a skin condition which left him eventually hospitalised with a range of critical health issues including Type 1 diabetes and advanced and disfiguring rheumatoid arthritis with, according to doctors, no hope of a cure.

With no solutions being offered other than pharmecuetical drugs and surgery, Clive was forced to do his own health research discovering that the symptoms were caused by a simple nutritional deficiency brought about by the antibiotics which had inhibited his body's ability to absorb nutrients. Consequently, Clive put himself on a regime of nutritional supplements and within one year found he had completely reversed the arthritis

16-03-16 A Southend Glastonbury Cremation Ground Mandala Initiation
  Speaker: Paul Weston
  After Paul turned into a dolphin in Glastonbury and took Reiki and Osho sannyas initiations in the same week he was thrown into an extraordinary initiatory ordeal involving past lives, serial killers, Sai Baba, a Kali machete murder, the Southend werewolf, the Whore of Babylon and David Lynch's Twin Peaks coming to life. This is an 18 certificate tale of how Shakti Kundalini does its thing in the modern world. It is shared in the certain knowledge that others are getting their own version and may appreciate encouragement
09-03-16 Saving the World Restoring Wellbeing
  Speakers: Roger Higman and Christopher Kerr

The Network of Wellbeing (NOW), holds vision of a world in which everyones wellbeing needs are met within the planets natural limits. NOW is committed to holistic wellbeing. That a persons wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of the community in which they live and work, while the wellbeing of their community depends on the wellbeing of society as a whole, and the long-term health of the natural world on which we all depend.

The work of NOW involves:

- Developing networks, where people can connect, engage and find out more about wellbeing;
- Supporting community wellbeing, through setting up projects and providing events and resources;
- Furthering the wellbeing agenda, by helping raise awareness about wellbeing as a key societal issue.

In tonights talk we will be welcoming members of NOW to talk about ways in which, as individuals and as part of our Glastonbury community, we can make a genuine and significant difference to the wellbeing of ourselves and one another, our local environment, and our world.

02-03-16 The Power of the Mind and the Wisdom of the Heart
  Speaker: Toby Negus

The meaning of life is in our mind and the reason why we do what we do has put it there. The wisdom of life is in our heart and we have known it all along.

We have within our mind, a God-like ability to create our life and give it meaning, we may think anything about anything we choose any reason for anything we do. We also have within our heart; a touchstone for what is truly important, for it is always our heart that we go to for our purpose in life. This inspiring and sometimes radical talk will drawn from Toby's book The Sacred You - how to be your own saviour (available on Amazon).

We carry in our mind an inordinate amount of expectations and conditions about what should or should not happen, what things should and should not mean and what we will and will not feel because of it. Before we meet life we have already told it how it should be, this is ok if we know everything but we know only a cardboard phantom of life. There is a vast unknown universe of life and meaning just beneath the surface of all that we see.

When we truly learn from life it is always from what was unexpected, this unexpected learning gets through the barrier of our expectations and its power can be profound, changing our view of life and ourselves. It may be a small glimpse of life from the laughter of a child or a moment of peace or it can be life changing event that takes away our view of who we think we are. Whatever the cause, it gives us a chance to remake ourselves in the light of the experience

24-02-16 Art. The Bridge Between Nature and Science
  Speaker: John Dalton

We are surrounded by nature. It includes everything, from the stones beneath our feet to the most sublime realms of thought - and we are a conscious part of natures creative dance.

The sciences arose as a means of explaining the laws and living forms in nature. Nonetheless, the sciences leave open a space where human beings can create the higher nature which can be apparent to those who see natures intentions. In this space lies the source of the arts which may be as necessary for the world as air and water. This view helps us understand the essential quality of beauty and artistic freedom. This evening, accompanied by songs of the harp, we explore artist / scientist Goethes belief that the great works of art are truly forms of higher nature

17-02-16 The Truth About Tantra. Sacred Sexual Healing in the 21st Century
  Speaker: Pauline

Tantra offers fresh perspectives on intimacy with self and others, on how we behave in relationships, make choices and agreements, and express our true selves in all areas of our lives. It supports us to recognise how we limit our pleasure, our self-determination and our full potential. It shows us what we hide from, and what limits us, in life.

Tantra or Tantric Practice are terms heard often, and yet sometimes it has not been made clear about what they exactly mean.

Tantric practice is the ancient art of connecting with ones self. We learn to embrace and nurture ourselves in the full expression of our being. This self-connection and understanding offers subtle and profound growth and healing.

Pauline will clarify what Tantra is and talk about some of the ways in which tantra might increase your capacity for feeling pleasure and your connection with your body, senses and emotions. Tantra brings greater awareness of self, more body confidence and self-esteem. It introduces us to the concept of developing and growing into our full potential as we better understand the nature of our intimate relationship with ourselves, and with others.

Pauline has experience in tantra, sexological bodywork and psychosexual somatics. She is trained in massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki healing. A nurse by professional background, she has a particular expertise and understanding of the ways in which physical limitations may impact on sexuality and sense of self. She is skilled in supporting clients to find greater pleasure in, and connection with, their bodies and their true potential as erotic beings

10-02-16 The Integration of the Plasma Energies of Lemuria
  Speaker: Divyael

We are incredibly excited to welcome Divyael following his wonderful evening at the group last September.

This evening he will bring his healing gifts again and he will share with us more information on the energies that are coming to our planet.
Many people report feeling more sleepy than usual lately and others much more lively and energised. Divyael will be discussing and illuminating us further about the new vibration on Mother Earth and the integration of these new energies

03-02-16 Homeopathy. A Regenerative Medicine
  Speaker: Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward R.S.Hom will present a complete re-vision of homeopathy. He will reveal what it really, truly is and what it is not. He will explain what it can do and what it cannot.

Most people either think they know what it is or they have some wild ideas and views based on what they have heard in the press. Andrew will counter these myths and will explore how useful homeopathy can be in restoring our health and regenerating our organisms to a much healthier level. He will be using some case examples and he will be welcoming an open and interesting discussion with the audience. He invites as many questions as possible in what will be an highly interesting, educational, interactive evening about health!

27-01-16 Journey of the Heart. In Conversation with Fiona Almeleh
  Speaker: Fiona Almeleh
  When we tap into the innate source of our creative freedom, joy increases in our lives and profound change takes place which invites greater lightness of being. We see life through the lens of compassion and love. This in turn, opens the door to a renewed sense of purpose, hope and vision; greater understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and a deeper insight into the miraculous nature of the human spirit. There is the desire to speak ones truth and to act responsibly and with integrity; to live authentically, empathetically and attune to life through the Higher Heart
20-01-16 Bearfoot Walking and the Temple of Ursa
  Speaker: Louisa Potter

The Temple of Ursa, a space for all those whose hearts are called to connect to and honour the Spirit of She Bear in Brigid's Isles. How would it be to see bears roaming this land again ? How would it be to feel the Spirit of She Bear wake in your heart ? She is sleeping below this land and as She sleeps and snores Her messages drift up through the earth, listen, listen for Her.

Louisa Potter - 'Weezer' is following the footsteps of the She Bear, creating workshops and ceremonies which honour She Bear and strengthen our connection to the land. Temple of Ursa Workshops are woven from four concepts called the Four Pawprints of Sleeping Bear. In this evening, Louisa will create a beautiful space in which we will be introduced to this deeply earth-connected Shamanic work.

13-01-16 Walking the Glastonbury Zodiac
  Speakers: Anthony Thorley and John Wadsworth
  In this talk, Anthony and John will take you on a fascinating tour of the Glastonbury Zodiac and its mysteries. This eleven mile circle of giant zodiacal effigies, mapped out subtly in the rivers, contours and ancient trackways of the Somerset countryside, was discovered by Katharine Maltwood in the 1920s, and it has proved a source of revelation and serendipity ever since. John and Anthony have been leading groups on a monthly pilgrimage in the landscape figures for the past seven years, as part of their zodiac mystery school programme, "The Alchemical Journey", and in this talk, they will share some of the wonders of this marvellous imaginal adventure
06-01-16 New Year - More You!
  Speaker: Lasare Maloney

Personal Transformation Coach, Lasare Maloney joins us to start the New Year off with some vavoom! Bringing 25 years of experience in exploring how we can change our state of mind, emotions and manifestations, Lasare will take you on a ride into amazing new possibilities for 2016!

With a background in Spiritual Psychology, Law of Attraction Teachings, Sound and Movement Practices, EFT and other Energy Clearing Tools, Lasare's approach to waking up to who we are is vitalising and yet grounded. From her work on retreats, her radio show, online groups and individual coaching, Lasare has been honing her craft in inspiring people worldwide to let go of limiting beliefs, judgments and fears.

Tonight Lasare will discuss practical tools, attitudinal changes and vibrational understanding for an entirely new Paradigm of Self-knowledge and Self-expression. Inherent in her work is the incitation to us to recognise the Divine inside ourselves and to discover our own unique ways to let our light shine!

So bring your highest hopes for the New Year, prepare to let go of the old stories you've carried and to take some powerful new steps towards the freedom and joy that you want to be living with!




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