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Title Hawkwood College
Venue Painswick Old Road, Stroud,  GL6 7QW
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Contact Katie Lloyd Nunn
Tel +44 (0) 1453 759034
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Calendar Below are examples of some of the courses, talks, concerts and other events on offer.
29-03-19 Deepening the Sage Within
  Facilitator: Jerome Kerner
25-03-19 Beyond the Hero. Authentic Leadership
  Facilitators: Richard Oliver & Belinda Davidson
03-03-19 A More Beautiful World
  Facilitator: Chris Taylor
22-02-19 Leonardo. Shaping the Invisible. Singing weekend
  Facilitator: Robert Hollingworth
21-02-19 Crossing Boundaries: The Adventure of Rudolf Steiners Inner Path
  Speaker: Marjatta van Boeschoten
03-02-19 Self Remembrance through Sound. The Naked Voice Wisdom School in-depth Winter Retreat
  Facilitator: Chloe Goodchild
31-01-19 The Seven Mantras of the New Revolution
  Speaker: Chris Taylor
28-01-19 Advanced Gong Training
  Facilitators: Aidan McIntyre & Tim Byford
18-01-19 A Good Messenger. A Dark Angels Writing Workshop
  Facilitator: John Simmons
04-01-19 A Mindful New Year
  Facilitator: Sam May
03-01-19 Rest and Restore Retreat
  Facilitator: Mel Skinner
10-12-18 Rising Women Rising World
  Monthly Gathering
09-12-18 Soulscapes Painting Day
  Facilitator: Herewood
30-11-18 The Harmony of the Hearth. Honouring the Heart of the Home
  Facilitators: John and Caitlin Matthews and Janet Paedilato
30-11-18 True Life Tales A Storytelling Weekend
  Facilitator: Sue Hollingsworth
11-11-18 Crossing the Bridge. A Day for Men
  Facilitators: Jay Ramsey and Nick Clements
05-11-18 The Adventure of Rudolf Steiners Inner Path
  Speaker: Marjatta van Boeschoten
02-11-18 The Art in Listening
  Facilitators: Nicholas and Ra Twilley
28-10-18 Mindfulness in Nature
  Facilitator: Andy Raingold
27-10-18 Being in Awe: Deep Wonder Natural Respite and Sensory Delight
  Facilitator: Andy Raingold
26-10-18 Nourished by Silence. The Naked Voice Wisdom School Silent Retreat
  Facilitator: Chloe Goodchild
13-10-18 Empowering Activism Weekend
  Facilitators: Andy Raingold and Kara Moses
08-10-18 Rising Women Rising World
  Monthly Gathering
10-09-18 Rising Women Rising World
  Monthly Gathering
31-08-18 Rest and Restore Retreat
  Facilitator: Mel Skinner
  Mel is delighted to return for our annual Rest and Restore retreat at this very special time of year. As we slowly transition from summer into autumn, this retreat offers us the perfectly opportunity to create time and space in our lives to embrace the changing season and to reflect on how we want to forward forward in our lives
31-08-18 A Life Without Suffering
  Speaker: Ravi Ravindra
  All spiritual teachings call for a radical transformation of our being, freeing us from our conditioned self, and moving from reation to response. Suffering which occupies our psyche and body keeps us deeply connected to our past. Yoga assists a practitioner to become increasingly free of the attachment to suffering and, in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna explicitly says that yoga is breaking the bond with suffering
31-08-18 Yoga Philosophy for Self Transformation
  Facilitator: Ravi Ravindra
  In the Bhagavad Gita, Hinduisms seminal text, Krishna teaches the value of study, action and devotion. This conversation enables us to engage with the battle of life while remaining clear and detached. The weekend will foster freedom, motivation and peace of mind through philosophicial discussion
28-08-18 Kabbalistic Summer School
  Facilitators: Kurt and Joanna Lapage-Brown
  Kabbalah is a living tradition of universal principles of existence. In its classical and contemporary form it is relevant to every nation and culture. The teaching is expressed in the diagrams of the Tree of Life and Jacobs ladder ascending and descending through the four worlds of physicality, psychology, spirituality and divinity. During the four days, contemplation, lectures, guided imagery meditation and ritual will assist us to bring the principles to life through experience and reflection. The afternoon break gives time for solitude, conversation, local trips or walks in the beautiful grounds and woods
27-08-18 Kabbalah Quantum Physics and New Biology
  Facilitator: Mike Bais
  The new biology and quantum physics are two such revolutionary developments. They shed a different light on what we think of as matter, DNA, other hereditary factors, and the place of consciousness in this whole scheme. The task of connecting these new explorations with the metaphysics of the Tree of Life and Jacobs Ladder is a fascinating and exciting Kabbalistic adventure
24-08-18 Icons of the Heart. Painting our Sacred Images
  Facilitators: Caitlin Matthews & Felicity Wombwell
  Icons are sacred windows of genuine visions of divine beings and holy ancestors, already observed by the eye of the heart. Mediating the sacred images for ourselves and our community enables essential myths of many traditions to continually inspire us. We will learn the art of egg tempera to make our own sacred icon, painting, praying, and mediating the sacred presences that we have first met in our souls. Some preparation is required for this course which is for people of any tradition. No artistic experience needed
09-08-18 Qi Gong and Meditation Retreat
  Facilitator: Andy Preston
  The focus of these five days is the study of Taijiwuxigong (a Qi Gong system) for self-healing, allowing us to come more into our real nature or our true state of being. This is characterised by an increased sense of physical health, emotional ease and mental clarity. The retreat includes movement, meditation and time outdoors in beautiful surroundings and like-minded company
03-08-18 Simply Women on Purpose Summer Retreat
  Facilitator: Michelle Preston
  This retreat will support you to improve wellbeing and create a purpose driven life using a combination of presentations, interactive workshops and networking underpinned by positive psychology, mindfulness, creativity and nature based work
13-07-18 Gong Master Training
  Facilitator: Don Conreaux
  History, Science and Philosophy of the Gong, Playing Gongs, Understanding Universal Correspondences, Becoming a Gong Master, Tone Combination, How to play Singing Bowl and Conch, Gong and Bowl Master classes, Working with the Rotogong, Group and one-to-one therapy sessions, Gong Baths and optional pre-breakfast Yoga
10-07-18 Create a Singing Bowl Summer School
  Facilitator: Ton Akkerman
  Generations of smiths and coppersmiths have dedicated their work to the search for the One Perfect All-Transcending Sound. Under Tons friendly, professional supervision you will learn the technique of forging to create your own singing bowl. The rhythm of metal work, the heat of the forge and the alchemical process of shaping your own instrument in an outdoor studio offers a unique combination of physical and spiritual engagement
10-07-18 Singing Bowl Initiation
  Facilitator: Ton Akkerman
09-07-18 Learning from the Tibetian Masters. Sound Study Day
  Facilitator: Ton Akkerman and Carolina Schomper
  Learn how ancient wisdom has been lost, but that it can be accessed through sound, as if musical scales were a form of storage for wisdom, predicting how humanity would unfold. This is an in-depth introduction to the study of sound and its effects on us and on our natural surroundings
08-07-18 Imersion
  Facilitators: Peter Owen Jones & Jay Ramsey
  This thoughtful journey acknowledges the fragility of life as we know it, but it encourages us to live and act from a place of interdependence and communion with all that sustains us. Time spent outdoors, talks, poetry and group work will cultivate a generous and authentic way of being, with two experienced guides
07-07-18 Writing Imaginative Fiction
  Facilitator: Kevan Manwaring
  A vivid imagination is a writers greatest resource. This dayschool will help you awaken it and explore its rich depths for the benefit of your writing, your readers and yourself. We will look at great writers of Fantasy and Science Fiction and the treasure hoard of myths, legends and dreams, but the focus will be on your ideas and how to turn them into enchanting short stories and novels. Creative writing exercises, discussion, feedback and advice will feature, while readings and other journeys of the imagination will help to midwife your masterpiece. For beginners and writers with some experience
06-07-18 The Harmonic Temple Summer Retreat
  Facilitators: Nickomo and Rasullah Clarke
  The Harmonic Temple is the magical sound space created when a group meets together in vocal harmony. The chants we sing, composed by Nickomo, bring about a sense of deep well-being and healing. They are mainly in four part harmony and use texts from different spiritual traditions. You dont need to be an experienced singer to participate, and no reading music is involved

Carpe Diem Regained

  Facilitator: Roman Krznaric
28-06-18 The Art of the Healing Voice in Celtic Shamanism
  Facilitator: Cait Branigan
  The healing voice speaks directly to the soul, bypassing all barriers. In this course, we shall explore the use of the voice in shamanic practice, using toning and keening to access our inner worlds, and exploring the use of chant to heal and unblock our energetic bodies. Based upon the three musical strains or modes of ancient Ireland
17-06-18 Introduction To Practical Spirituality - Taster Day
  Facilitator: Sarah Jane Williamson
  This is a taster day for the accredited 10-month training starting in September 2018. You do not have to complete this day to book the full diploma course, but it is a good opportunity for you to find out about the training. You will also gain an experience of deepening your own spirituality and the potential to support others in their own spiritual development as part of a professional network
15-06-18 Discovering Ayurveda
  Facilitator: Anne McIntyre
  We will introduce the basic principles of Ayurveda and the subtle anatomy of the heart and mind. We will explore our own mental and emotional constitutions and discover how the tools of Ayurveda can help us to cultivate peace, joy and balance. We will look at the importance of daily practices and the role of food, herbs, essential oils, meditation, pranayama and the natural world
10-06-18 Working for Transformation
  Facilitator: Miki Kashtan
  Miki sheds light on aspects of new thinking that can support authentic, compassionate and inclusive change making, so we are not simply changing those in power and the names of things, but we are changing the fundamental logic that underpins our relationships and systems
04-06-18 Stepping into Personal Purpose
  Facilitators: Edward Rowland & Sarah Rosenthuler
  The purpose of this transformational programme is to help you step forward more fully into your unique personal purpose, gifts and contribution in your work. It will support you to identify the contribution that your deeper self is calling you to make in your work and to embody more of your true potential in your organisation and in the world
01-06-18 Clowning and the Art of Communication
  Facilitator: Reuben Kay
  This course offers a fun and creative introduction to clowning. This interactive weekend begins with gentle warm up exercises, using the breath, voice and mindful movement. We will cultivate the practice of presence and stillness and explore a range of emotions through mime, play, improvisation, mindfulness and dance. The weekend gives the opportunity to practise clowning individually, in pairs and in small groups.
01-06-18 The F.M. Alexander Technique
  Facilitator: Robin John Simmonds
  Pain reduction, performance improvement, posture updating, prevention of psycho-physical ills: the Alexander Technique is a proven self-help method that has been learnt by people for over 100 years. You get a totally new experience of yourself when you engage the Technique and you can apply it to any activity in life
28-05-18 Journey of Consciousness and the Dark Night of the Soul
  Speaker: Tanis Helliwell
  What can we do when we feel in the grip of difficulty, despair or crisis, sometimes called the dark night of the soul? This could be triggered by personal issues or ecological, political or social wrongs that we are witnessing
27-05-18 Healing with the Body Elemental
  Facilitator: Tanis Helliwell
  In this 2 day workshop you will develop a deeper relationship with your body elemental; your body consciousness to diagnose causes of physical, emotional, mental weaknesses and co-create with it for optimal health
19-05-18 Writing the New Story
  Facilitator: Jay Ramsey
  What are the stories we need to tell ? What are the stories we need to drop ? We're living at a time of deep transition and that also means we need to find a new story, both personally and collectively
07-05-18 Open Day at Hawkwood

A special 70th anniversary celebration. Hawkwoods annual May Day Festival is a fun day out for all the family and a place to meet old and new friends in beautiful surroundings

06-05-18 Introducing Sounding Bowls
  Facilitator: Tobias Kaye
  Discovering Your Music with Sounding Bowls The amazing thing with Sounding Bowls is just how easy it is to make them sound really good


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