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Title Research into Lost Knowledge Organisation
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2 Journals in colour, issued per year
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Schedule Fridays (monthly) Doors open at 18.45pm for a 19.15pm start
We are an organisation providing a platform for the dissemination of hidden knowledge incorporated in myth and legend, number and geometry, art and music, architectural proportion, megalithic structures and the geomantic layout of cities and landscape. These aims are effected by the publication of books, the production of a bi-annual journal containing articles based on research and correspondence, and by public lectures.
The late Elizabeth Leader was a keen student of Folklore, especially that of Somerset , and took a great interest in Mrs Maltwood's researches into the Glastonbury Zodiac. Whilst attending talks at the home of Mrs Von Harten, she met Janette Jackson who was also interested in the area and especially the work of Frederick Bligh Bond who had supervised the excavations at Glastonbury Abbey. Miss Leader introduced Keith Critchlow ARCA, Architectural Lecturer in Arts, History and Structure, to a book THE CANON by William Stirling. He considered that the contents involving a system of measures relating to sacred structures, which were no longer taught in schools, merited further investigation.

At this period Miss Leader was working in the office of Commander G.J. Mathys and he took an interest in the subject and suggested how to set up an organisation to promote the traditions relating to the Isle of Avalon and other matters. The Research into Lost Knowledge Organisation was founded in May 1969 with Commander Mathys as Chairman, Janette Jackson as Honorary Secretary and Elizabeth Leader as Archivist, with founder members, Keith Critchlow, John Michell and Professor Mary Williams. A number of other distinguished members gave valuable support in the founding and the subsequent running of the Organisation.

RILKO became a registered charity in 1974 and we were honoured when Professor Alexander Thom B.Sc., D.Ac., M.A., Hon L.L.D., Professor of Engineering Science Oxford University, accepted the position of Professor Emeritus. He retired in 1981 and we were fortunate to have as his successor the late Mr John C. Irwin FRSA., FRAS., FRAI., FSA., former First Keeper of the Oriental Section at the Victoria and Albert Museum. In 2011 RILKO was further honoured when Professor Keith Critchlow, a major inspiration and influential founder member of RILKO in 1969, most graciously accepted the position of Professor Emeritus

29-03-19 The Green Man
  Speaker: Sylvia Francke
22-02-19 Lights in the Chartres Labyrinth
  Film Evening
  Speaker: Caroline Wise

Caroline will be speaking about the quest to find Elen of the Ways, an elusive figure who is associated with deer and the ancient tracks of the land. In Britain, her story is conflated with that of St Elen of Wales, Elen Luyddog, whose mythic story is told in the Mabinogion.But her tracks and her ways take us much further afield. Who is Elen? Where does she come from, and where can we find her?

Caroline Wise has contributed to several books on goddesses, is the author of Finding Elen, the Quest for Elen of the Ways, and co-editor, with John Matthews, of The Secret Lore of London.

She was involved in Earth Mysteries from the late 70s, taking part as a volunteer in the Dragon Project, which investigated the reality behind the claims of strange phenomena at ancient sacred sites in Britain and Ireland. She was associated with the Ley Hunter magazine in the 1980s, and was a founder member of ASSAP in 1982. In 1981 she met Andrew Collins at the home of the counter-cultural Sage of Notting Hill, John Michell, and fell into the intriguing world of Psychic Questing following dreams and intuition to uncover enigmas in the landscape. A former owner of Atlantis Bookshop, she also worked for the spiritualist newspaper, Psychic News.
06-10-18 RILKO Annual Conference. Star Patterns and Sacred Sites
  Group Event
  Speakers include: Maria Wheatley (Celtic Constellations and Associations with Sacred Sites), Duncan Lunhan (Radio Echoes, Green Children and a Cosmic Mystery), Chris O'Kane (The Pharoh, the Stars and a God named Horakhti), John Wadsworth (Star Myths and the Turning Wheel of Your Zodiac Soul), Hartmut Warm (Harmony of the Celestial Spheres - Musical Intervals and Planetary Ratios)
  Speaker: Andrew Baker

Andrews talk explores two kinds of lost knowledge: the ideas behind 18th century Shugborough, and the nature of the place itself. He will look first at the historical background, the facts about the mysterious Shepherds Monument, and the artistic and intellectual circle around Thomas Anson, a secretive patron of arts and ideas. The Monument is the earliest surviving building of the Greek Revival, a quiet revolution in art, but also an attempted revolution in ideas, opposing Platonism against the materialism and deism of 18th century England. This was not so much a matter of changing the world, but of changing perceptions.

The second part of his talk will look at Shugborough in terms of the creative imagination, and the meaning of the Arcadian landscape.

Andrew Baker has been interested in how landscape has meaning since living in Bunyan country in north Bedfordshire as a teenager. He moved to Staffordshire in 1982 and lived in a former estate cottage on the Shugborough Estate. Beginning with research material by Michael Baigent, he started uncovering the story of the secretive owner, Thomas Anson. In 1984 he ran a weekend conference at Shugborough with Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln.

In recent years more material has become accessible and from 2007 Andrew began researching from scratch and has made many discoveries about individuals and ideas that influenced Shugborough, some of which he has written-up on an extensive website:  andrewbakercomposer.com. As a retired Music Librarian and Composer he is particularly pleased to rediscover the musical life of Thomas Anson. In his own work Andrew uses music to explore the Spirit of Place
  Speaker: John R Gordon
  John has been working with the sacred landscape west of Penzance and will talk about his approach to working with the elemental beings and the land, despite the fact that he himself is not clairvoyant. John works with the principle put forward by those who formulate the concept I and the land are one.
28-04-17 RILKO AGM
  Group Event
23-03-18 THE ORIGIN OF LIFE. A New Understanding from an Ancient Knowledge
  Speaker: David Ash
  Where we have come from and where we go to are questions that have vexed humanity since the dawn of time. Traditionally we relied on religion for answers but now, increasingly, we are turning to science instead. India is the mother of science. An ancient lost knowledge from the Indian Yogic tradition, applied to modern physics, provides answers to these questions and points to a meaning and purpose for every human existence. David will address the questions: Why are we here? Do we live on after death? Is there an ultimate destiny for our race? In his new book The Origin Of Life his answers to these questions are presented not as absolute truth but as a new mythology, so we are each free to believe or not as we choose. In a sense this is true of everything. Our world and everything in it could be a myth, nothing but pure imagination, because from a quantum perspective applied to the insight of Yogis in ancient India, particles appear to be more like thoughts than things
23-02-18 PSYCHIC ASPECTS OF RELATIONSHIPS. Clearing Old Patterns that Block Relationships
  Speaker: Francesca G Rossetti
  Francesca talks about who we think we are, including outmoded patterns of thought that may cover a deeply buried authentic Self. You may have deep insights enabling you to feel layers of emotion or ancient ghosts that may need to be transmuted through the power of love. Then you will be able to feel what love is from your own depth of experience. Psychic problems include subconscious fears, agreements, as well as psychic interference. There may be vows of poverty, chastity and obedience from past and present lifetimes. You may need to overcome difficulties of loving yourself, before you are able to love others
  Speaker: Karen French
  Just five simple geometric shapes and patterns combine to make the universal, powerful model called the Gateway to The Heavens.. Discover their inherent meaning and purpose and hence why they have been used down the centuries as potent symbols and tools across all cultures, particularly when used with sacred intent. Once you appreciate their significance it will change the way you regard them and afford you the opportunity to use geometric shapes to positive effect in your life
24-11-17 Voices of the Ancestors. Adventures in Prehistoric Sound
  Speaker: Steve Marshall
  How did prehistoric people regard music, sound, and acoustic phenomena such as echoes? Steve leads us on a sound journey through prehistory, showing how sound was crucial to the design of many megalithic structures. Using stunning images, video and sound recordings, he demonstrates how the monuments of Avebury and other ancient sites are alive with echoes; some have infrasonic resonances that are too low to be heard, but can produce altered states of consciousness. The audience can actually experience this, when the resonances of the West Kennet long barrow are recreated live in the lecture hall
27-10-17 Working with the Elemental Landscape
  Speaker: John Gordon
  John has been working with the sacred landscape west of Penzance and will talk about his approach to working with the elemental beings and the land, despite the fact that he himself is not clairvoyant. John works with the principle put forward by those who formulate the concept: I and the land are one.
29-09-17 A Harmonic Universe. Geometry, Harmony and the Measure of Heaven and Earth
  Speaker: Adam Tetlow
  Explore the ancient science of harmonics with geometer Adam Tetlow and discover astonishing connections between the arts of number and the origins of human culture. Bringing together new research with the work of John Neal, John Michell, R.A.Schwaller de Lubicz and a cast of scientists and visionaries. This talk promises to radically deepen your perception of ancient humanities' understanding of sound, geometry, measure and the universe. With monochord demonstrations and beautiful diagrams
28-04-17 The Lost Technology of Ancient Egypt
  Speaker: Marcus Allen
  In his illustrated presentation, Marcus will show evidence indicating that the skills seemingly in use over 4,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt are virtually impossible to replicate today using the tools we are told were available there at the time. The elegant and sophisticated artefacts seen today across Egypt, from Giza to Luxor to Aswan, are evidence for an apparent lost technology
28-04-17 RILKO AGM
  Group Event
31-03-17 A Journey Through the 12 Senses
  Speaker: John Dalton
  In addition to the well known five senses, we consider those of the body, soul and spirit, seeing how they all work in harmony and allow us to perceive everything from sights and sounds to concepts and character. We find how the senses work at physical and spiritual levels and understand how, though the senses can be polluted like the environment, we can work meditatively with these wonderful windows on the world
24-02-17 The Perpetual Choirs
  Speaker: Giles Bryant
  The circle of perpetual choirs was discovered by the late, and great John Michell, someone who inspired the speaker through his writings and in personal conversations. The perpetual choirs, John said, were an ancient mechanism to enchant the land with harmony. In this presentation, featuring beautiful images and charming stories and songs, Giles will explore the story of the perpetual choirs through his worldwide study that has taken him to sing in ancient abbey's in Wales, aboriginal sacred sound chambers and Indian temples
27-01-17 Shamanistic Healing (releasing and transforming blocked energy patterns)
  Speaker: Francesca Rosetti
  Shaman and Healer, Francesca Rossetti tells us about the uncovering and clearing of present day problems and past life blockages. Francesca covers a wide spectrum of problems, including the Psychic Repair of Broken Hearts, also Regression and Shamanistic Healing, Spirit Release as well as Empowering Your Wealth. This sacred system, includes the use of sound and ceremonial rattles, and working with the Divine Forces. Through Rossetti's unique method change and transformation occurs, unblocking energies that no longer serve us in our lives today
25-11-16 John Wood and the Cosmological Vision of Albion
  Speaker: Simon Wilson
  John Michell described an ancient land which held encoded within it a primordial mystical vision. Inspired by Michell, this talk examines the thought and work of one of his predecessors: John Wood. Wood (1704-1754) was a visionary who mapped Albions ancient monuments. They revealed to him the native mysteries of both Britain and Greece
28-10-16 The Correspondance Between Music and Planetary Ratios. The Genuine Harmony of the Spheres
  Speaker: Hartmut Warm
  Modern astronomical procedures have enabled Hartmut to discover astounding harmonic and musical structures and wonderfully aesthetic movement figures in our solar system. The results of his work are represented with the aid of computer projections which are remarkable to experience. Hartmut also shows how the ratios between music and certain planetary velocities are in statistically significant accordance. The ancient idea of a harmony of the spheres is thus really confirmed for the first time

RILKO Conference 2016


The R.I.L.K.O. Trustees are delighted to invite you to the R.I.L.K.O. 2016 Conference at Rudolf Steiner House, London, on Saturday October 22nd, to celebrate the achievements of the Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation, since its origins in the 1960s.

The RILKO Conference will provide an opportunity for members and non-members to hear talks by Guest Speakers: Nicholas Cope, Amanda Critchlow Horning, John Dalton, Christian Kyriacou and RILKO Chairman Sylvia Francke, as well as to meet informally and to socialise

30-09-16 Our Journey from Naivety to Wisdom
  Speaker: Thomas Saunders
  An authentic Tarot deck is an encyclopaedia of enigmatic images representing a system of mythical wisdom encoded in the 78 pictures and numbers. The cards tell an ageless story of our journey through life and our quest for self-fulfilment

RILKO Summer Outing

  Visit to Shipley and Somting - West Suusex

Shipley Church was formerly the Knights Templars southern headquarters, surrounded by a preceptory and three extant Templar farms. The river Arun flows through the meadows in front of the church, from where a short distance downstream the Templars sailed to the Holy Land. Meet at the George and Dragon at Dragon's Green, Shipley at 12.00 noon. After lunch, we will leave for Shipley Church, We will also be able to visit another Templar Church a few miles away at Sompting. We are expected at Sompting around 4.30 p.m


Poussins Search for the Golden Age

  Speaker: Guy Patton
  Research, following the discovery of a unique geometry in the sub-structure of Les Bergers d'Arcadie, revealed that Poussin was closely affiliated to a European wide network of intellectual circles who were involved in a noble, but at that time heretical, quest. This was nothing less than the restoration of the mythical Golden Age through scientific discovery, personal spiritual enlightenment and social reform

Art and the Archetypes of Super Consciousness

  Speaker: Neil Hague
  Drawing on his unique work, artist and author Neil Hague illustrates the language of the visionary in art throughout history and the 'power of art' to awaken the super consciousness

Ley Lines, Templars and Destiny Amid Our England Landscape

  Speaker: Mark Herbert
  Can soul relationships be expressed as precise geometrical alignments along etheric pathways over Earth's surface? Is it feasible to depict the same soul associations as sacred geometry upon the celestial sphere? How do these matters relate to the innovative terms 'Soul Geomancy' and 'Natal Time Resonance'? What could any of these novel philosophies have in common with Midsummer's Day, or the 'Cross of Light' or the Knights Templar?

In an illustrated presentation of his own spiritual journey, Mark Herbert - Earth Sensitive, Ley - man and Astrosopher, explores and interprets his findings to discover 'Soul Heritage' making a compelling true life case for the pre-natal intelligence of the soul and its post-natal spiritual guidance

Where Moses Stood

  Speaker: Robert Feather
  Robert Feather describes his latest book 'Where Moses Stood': exactly where Moses received the Ten Commandments, the Exodus from Egypt together with its route, the exact location of receiving the Ten Commandments, remains of Part of The Tabernacle; the Copper Snake Moses used, the 2,600 year old bones of the 'scapegoat'; a First Temple stone weight; and a sacred item once carried in the Ark of the Covenant
27-11-15 Sir Isaac Newton: Englands Greatest and Mystic
  Speaker: Edi Bilimoria
  This lavishly illustrated talk will show that Newtons greatest discoveries owed their origin to his deeply religious and mystical insights of which his science was only a component. His deep forays into alchemy, theology, prophecy and chronology will be amply demonstrated. He truly understood Divinity and the nature of Light.

An award-winning Consultant Engineer by profession, Edi Bilimoria is the author of scholarly papers and a prize-winning book on the relationship between science and the perennial wisdom. Edi's written work has been published extensively in the fields of science, engineering and the esoteric philosophy. His book The Snake and the Rope was awarded a prize by the Scientific and Medical Network on which he serves on the Board of Directors

The Nine Resonance Patterns

  Speaker: Sylvia Francke
  Dr Gernot Graefe, an Austrian Biologist, and Dr Maria Felsenreich, who had a background of environmental work together studied the life-bearing properties of water, finding that "In its naturally healthy state water can be dowsed for nine clearly identified resonance formations. The transformation of these resonance formations leads to the build up of corresponding information fields, which stand in relation to specific chemical elements, vital functions and magnetic patterns." The talk will re-view their work and attempt to link the results of their research with the ancient notion of "The Music of the Spheres" and contemporary research into the arising of the various forms in nature.

Sylvia Francke is the author of 'The Tree if Life and the Holy Grail (Temple Lodge Publishing) in which she has used her knowledge of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy (Spiritual Science) as an aid to solving the Mystery of Rennes-Le-Chateau

RILKO Conference - Studies in Patterns Cosmic Dimensions


Speakers include:

Frank Perry - Sonic Equivalents to Whole Planetary Patterns with Himalayan Singing Bowls
Paul Broadhurst - Axis of Heaven, The Greenwich Meridian
Hartmut Warm - Signature of the Celestial Spheres, Discovering Order in the Solar System
Malcolm Stewart - Fire on the Holy Mountain

Venue: Rudolph Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London, NW1 6XT
Time: 10am to 7.30pm

Born in 1948, Frank Perry is an improvising musician and astrologer. He trained in spiritual healing in 1965, in White Eagle Astrology from 1974, and in the mid 1980s founded his own Spiritual Sound Healing system using only Himalayan Singing Bowls. Frank's book Himalayan Sound Revelations places him as the world's leading authority on singing bowls.

"Whole Planetary Patterns" relate to how the ten planets can be distributed among the twelve astrological "Houses."
First developed by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones in 1941, and further developed by Dane Rudhyar in 1973, as seven types it is possible to find that the arrangement of the planets through the twelve astrological houses, can be seen to conform to a range of patterns. This indicates a certain gestalt of the person. Here we explore the characteristic
dynamic of each type (also illustrated through charts of prominent figures) within the individual sound
world characteristics of Himalayan Singing Bowls. Bowls of differing design produce a sound type similar to the Whole Planetary Patterns.

Paul Broadhurst is well known for his books exploring ancient mysteries, many of which have become inspirational classics in their field and prized collector’s books. These include The Sun and the Serpent and the Dance of the Dragon (with Hamish Miller), Secret Shrines, Tintagel and the Arthurian Mythos, The Green Man and the Dragon and his
most recent (with Robin Heath), The Secret Land. The Greenwich Meridian was seen by those of previous ages as an ancient Axis Mundi or World Axis, a symbolic connection between heaven and earth. Kings and Queens of England, along with certain Secret Societies, understood this and aligned themselves with its power… What we today call the
Prime Meridian was originally a Cosmic Axis or World Tree that had a deeply mythic significance for our ancestors. Historic and archaeological evidence shows that this axis was originally set out by an ancient priesthood who were masters of astronomical observation and believed that the polar axis of the land reflected the celestial pole, the
cosmic sacred centre around which life revolves.

Hartmut Warm was born in 1956, is a civil engineer and independent researcher in astronomy, geometry, the history of harmonics and musical aesthetics. He has taught, lectured and published widely on these and other subjects, and in particular on his discoveries relating to the solar system and its inherent order. He lives in Hamburg, Germany.
Is the solar system ordered, or is it simply the result of random and chaotic accidents? Hartmut Warm’s work incorporates the distances, velocities and periods of conjunctions of the planets, as well as the rotations of the Sun, Moon and Venus.

He will show the extraordinary beauty of the geometrical forms that result when the movements of the several planets are viewed in relation to one another. He will relate this research to the ancient concept of the music of the spheres and Kepler's revolutionary ideas. Hartmut will also show how his remarkable research supplements contemporary
materialistic views of the cosmos.

Malcolm Stewart is an ordained RC Priest. He has an MA in English Literature from Christ's College Cambridge and a Royal Drawing Society Arts Diploma. Producer of Religious Programmes at London Weekend TV. Worked as BBC Religious Producer. Arranged eight spiritual-folk concerts in St Paul's Cathedral in London. Entered the Arica School
of Knowledge. International Lecturer on Esoteric Paths. Married with Children.

Are our souls are buoyed up upon waves of love, prayer and intentions of others? That was my experience at death's door. Cosmic geometer, author of Patterns of Eternity, and Symbols of Eternity, Malcolm Stewart recently returned from a very interesting few months in a coma.

Fire on the Holy Mountain explores transcendence, the lattice of light and the flow forms of eternity. The Eternal Eye, the far seer the river of souls, everything in universe spins and spirals across time. Physicists are writing about Hyperspace and entanglements of synchronicity.


Angels and the Seven Governors

  Speaker: Joseph MacDermott
  Unlike other RILKO Lectures in the series, this meeting is open to RILKO Members ONLY

The Evidence for Prehistoric Surveying. The Annual Robert Cowley Memorial Lecture

  Speaker: Robin Heath
  This illustrated lecture will present robust evidence that the world was surveyed and measured in prehistoric times. The technological residues from this activity will be shown to be recognisable in modern times, and are found permeating presently employed measures, astronomical, geometrical and geodetic techniques and within prehistoric monuments, where this evidence remains almost completely unrecognised within archaeology. Find out why!

Creating True Lies

  Speaker: Dr. R. A. Gilbert
  In this lecture Dr. R. A. Gilbert moves beyond the parameters of masonic and Templar pseudo-history (the subject of an earlier lecture) to examine the manipulation of historical and critical data to create predetermined conclusions in the fields of paranormal research and of 'lost knowledge' in general. Over the last decade pseudo-history and false data have proliferated with the rise of the Internet and social media, and this has resulted in the crippling of objective debate and research in the study of alternative history, science and religion. Using examples from such diverse fields as astronomy, Gnosticism, Tibet and the Western Esoteric Tradition, Bob Gilbert shows how we can understand the nature and origins of this false knowledge, expose the motives of those who propagate it, and find ways to replace the false with the true

Springtime - The Morning of the Year

  Speaker: Louise Coe
  This talk will explore the significance of the early part of the yearly cycle when the earth is preparing for the wonderful flowering of spring. Time devoted now to envisioning the year ahead on an inner level will help the promise and potential that lies within us to come into flower. This talk will offer time for inner reflection, an opportunity to clarify our intentions. How we start makes a difference. We will look at some traditional rituals of purification and dedication that are enacted at this time. As the old yields to the new, this is a time to light a candle of dedication to the year, lighting a fire in our hearts, in the heart of our community and our world

Stone Age Drugs and Rock n Roll

  Speaker: Paul Devereux
  In this highly illustrated audio-visual presentation, Paul will look at the archaeological evidence for the use of psychoactive substances and altered (trance) states of consciousness in ancient times, and will also describe some of the more recent work on sounds at ancient sites

The John Michell Memorial Lecture

  Speaker: Philip Carr-Gomm


  Speaker: Michael Hazeltine


  Speaker: Harry Oldfield


  Speakers include: Sylvia Francke, Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince, Gary Biltcliffe, John Allen & others to be confirmed.
Doors open 10 am, 10.30 till 8pm at venue: Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT
Earlybird price for Rilko Members £30

GEOMETRY AND ILLUMINATION. The Annual Robert Cowley Memorial Lecture

  Speaker: Malcolm Stewart
  This talk is about a journey into Sacred Geometry, where logic, imagination and intuitive perception come together as a tool for realising and expressing the spiritual domain in society and in the individual. It has been used in this way from ancient times in all traditions of illumination.


  Speaker: Peter Knight
  This PowerPoint presentation will describe the findings detailed in Peter Knight's 8th book. It looks at the fertility folklore, earth energies and the landscape setting of the iconic Cerne Giant hill figure in Dorset. The Giant's identity and date of origin will also be discussed in the light of the speaker's discovery of related astronomical alignments. We will also hear about an Egyptian Stargate that aligns with the Giant and alignments to other mythical stellar figures, such as Orion and Hercules. Peter will ask the question can such hill figures be used today for planetary healing?


  Speaker: Steve Wilson
  For hundreds of years after the Reformation, Londoners could rely on a whole class of professional magicians to find stolen property, bring back departed lovers or tell their fortunes. Using grimoires of ancient lore they were as well known a profession as doctors, lawyers or accountants. In this talk new sources of data will be used to tell their stories


  Speaker: Bob Brown
  There is a puzzle awaiting a solution in the landscape surrounding the medieval Benedictine Priory of Sele in Sussex. The geometric configuration of ancient churches around the Priory to be found on the map of the River Adur valley near Shoreham by Sea is undeniable and its symmetry is quite remarkable. While some would like to attribute its creation to the Knight Templars, it nevertheless continues to defy rational explanation by the experts in the placement and alignment of ancient churches. Our speaker will describe the background to his mysterious discovery and offer some possible explanations

ABOUT THE PYRAMIDS OF BRITAIN. The Annual John Michell Memorial Lecture.

  Speaker: Alan J Watts
  In The View Over Atlantis John Michell illustrates a pyramidal triangle – one whose proportions are the same as a meridian cross-section of the Great Pyramid. Tonight's lecture describes the speaker's discovery of a great scheme of pyramidal triangles linking the major archaeological sites of Wessex and surrounding areas that was set in place by an unknown but very ancient civilisation. Sites like Stonehenge and Silbury Hill were apparently developed on archaic navels much older than their traditionally ascribed dates. Dowsers sense the influence at the corners of the grid of triangles, which may explain their attraction as gathering places over the millennia


  Speaker: Yuri Leitch
  Tonight's lecture will give a glimpse into the minefield of the speaker's ongoing research. It will include a detailed and entertaining account of the recently discovered Melkarth Line, as well as shed light upon the discovery of the more famous St. Michael Line and also the landscape mystery of the Somerset Parallelogram. These Earth Mysteries are not coincidental patterns upon the land; they are a deliberate mechanism used by certain initiates and esoteric antiquarians, Freemasons and so on, referred to by Katharine Maltwood as 'The British Secret Tradition'


  Speaker: Nigel Pennick
  The ancient philosophers asserted that the world consisted of a perfect harmony from the Earth to the starry heavens. In traditional cosmology there are nine spheres above the Earth consisting of the planets, the moon and the sun. Each corresponds to an aspect of existence and is ruled by one of the nine Muses, as well as corresponding to the metals and colours used in Anglo-Norman heraldry and the notes of the musical octave. The numerical proportions between the spheres was discovered by Pythagoras and is the basis of the Western diatonic musical scale, hence his single-stringed musical instrument the Monochord. Robert Fludd wrote in 1617: "The Monochord is the internal principle, which brings about the harmony of all life in the Cosmos".

The Annual Robert Cowley Memorial Lecture

  Speaker: Sylvia Francke

Who was 'Kyot,' referred to by both Chretien de Troyes and Wolfram von Eschenbach, how did he discover the Grail Story from 'Flegetanis' being thus able to form a bridge between the original Grail Mysteries and the time in which he was living, apparently parallel with the life span of an actual 'Parzival' individual in the Ninth Century? Sylvia Francke will pick up glimmers of insight which seem to fit into a vast canvas of precisely dated events and exact locations that point to 'Parzival' as real-life Drama, stretching across the breadth of Ninth Century Europe tracing a Rosicrucian thread from Ancient Chaldea to the 20th and 21st centuries.

Please note: The RILKO AGM will be held from 6.45 to 7.15 to be followed at 7.30pm by the lecture.



  Speaker: John Billingsley
  Is the head the seat of the soul? Or just an emblem representing the individual life-force? The human head and the ‘tête coupée', or severed head, has been a key image around which a variety of concepts have constellated in religious and magical thought from the earliest days of human history. John Billingsley traces the recurrence of the motif through history, legend and other lore, and untangles a consistent implication of meaning that may still be active today


  Speaker: Sarah Dawkins
  Sarah will recount some of her experiences on pilgrimage within the British Isles which connect with the triple zodiac of the British Isles , Britain (England and Wales), Ireland and Scotland and the main chakra system which connects these three lands and their heart centres. She will also consider the myth of Europa and the Bull, the overlighting myth connecting the British Isles with mainland Europe, which provides a key to understanding the role of Europe in the world. Finally, she will look at pilgrimage as a way of healing and gaining knowledge, initiation and a wider understanding of nature


  Speaker: Geraldine Beskin
  Manly Hall was the towering figure of mystical thought in America in the twentieth century. His work was Theosophical in essence but the many books he wrote and published were written with the Average Guy in mind. He popularised European mystical thought in America and was highly respected during his long and rewarding life. He travelled extensively, had a real rags to riches life, he knew everybody, was much loved and deeply respected. And then he hired his own killer. The man was jealous, and very greedy and overstepped the mark one hot Californian day

The John Michell Memorial Lecture.

  Speaker: John Martineau
  In this highly illustrated talk, cosmologist John Martineau will examine the puzzle of fine-tuning in the universe, and, closer to home, will discuss the strange abundance of synchronous coincidences in the solar system, particularly around Earth. What kind of solutions best explain the evidence? Are we ready for them?


  Speaker: Robert Stephenson
  The labyrinth pattern is found on five-thousand-year-old Egyptian tomb seals, on 1st century BC Cretan coins and in medieval cathedrals throughout Europe. Labyrinths were popular for Romans pavements and nearly every culture around the world has examples. England, with eight surviving examples, has the largest number of ancient turf mazes of any country. What is the secret of its enduring fascination? This lecture will explore the history of the labyrinth, its variations in design and demonstrate how they may be constructed.


  Speaker: Janet Dare
  Brought to the public awareness through the channelled writings of Alice Bailey in the 1940's, Esoteric Astrology was based on the idea of a system of Seven Ray energies, said to emanate from the one Divine Source. In Esoteric Astrology, the birthchart, and in particular the Ascendant of the birthchart, represents the potential for the journey and development of the Soul in any given lifetime. Each sign is representative of one or more of the Seven Ray energies as they flow down to earth via the constellations, and into our physical being. Janet's interest in Esoteric Astrology began some 20 years ago, when she met the late Dr. Douglas Baker, a tireless lecturer on all things esoteric, and attended many of his lectures and workshops

Metaphysics and the Media. An Inquiry into Values
The Robert Cowley Memorial Lecture

  Speaker: Michael King
  Socrates great question was "How should one live?" and this has been the inspiration for this illustrated lecture. H G Wells and Aldous Huxley found it necessary to begin with metaphysics when considering the nature of truth and knowledge. Pirsig, Kerouac and Hess wrote semi-autobiographical novels detailing their own spiritual journeys, while others now see an emerging synthesis between modern quantum physics, Pythagorean cosmology and paranormal psychology. Similarly, research into altered states of consciousness indicates that early magical practices and beliefs are a function of an innate human spirituality. Many regard the arts and media as a creative wellspring while others see the production of ‘social knowledge' by a commercialised media as a threat. The promises and dangers posed by the economic and cultural technologies in the 21st century bring a new dimension to Socrates' question

The Earth's Magnetic Field, Dowsing & Sacred Sites

  Speaker: Serena Roney Dougal
  Subtle magnetic forces affect the workings of our pineal gland, which leads to a new understanding of our subtle connections with this planet, dowsing, Earth Mysteries and Sacred Sites. Dowsing is a method of using the body's sensitivity to the earth and to slight changes in the earth's magnetic field to discover whether or not water is flowing in measurable quantities underneath, or whether there are metal ores for mining. It is also possible that the modern technique of dowsing "Earth Energies" at sacred sites, stone circles, crop circles, etc, could perhaps be using this subliminal body sense of ours

The Quest for Hermes Trimegistus

  Speaker: Gary Lachman
  From antiquity until the beginning of modern times, the name Hermes Trismegistus was one to conjure with, literally. Thought to be the source of all ancient wisdom and knowledge, founder of civilization, master of magic, the arts, and sciences, Hermes Trismegistus was believed to be a contemporary of Moses and the teacher of Plato. Yet in the early 17 th century this legendary figure lost all credibility. Who was this remarkable individual, why did his mystic teachings lose their standing, and is there anything we can learn from him? This talk explores the possibilities his teachings may hold for us today
27-01-12 The Geometry of Creation
  Speaker: Milena Ivovic
  This talk is based on her book Memento 13 Remembering the Self through the Geometry of God's Love. It will explore the shapes and numbers related to the unfoldment of Creation; the Pythagoreans' genesis of Numbers, the Platonic solids, the Flower of Life figure, Fractals, shapes behind Sound, the geometry of the "Logos", and this will be done in a playful but sincere manner. "Long paths lead to a beautiful eureka moment when all our spiritual intent and all our scientific inquiry fits together in oneness…a crowning moment".

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