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Title Thames Valley Dowsers
Venue The New Jordans Centre
Welders Lane, Jordans HP9 2SN Bucks
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Contact Susan Scott Powell
Tel +44 ( 0) 1494 813 214
Email chair@thamesvalleydowsers.org.uk
Web www.thamesvalleydowsers.org.uk
Schedule Sundays 14.30pm

08.12.19 AGM and Christmas Lunch

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13.10.19 Working With Your Plant Spirit Allies to Hold Your Centre and Maintain Your Energetic Sovereignty
Beaconsfield Workshop: Davyd Farrell
22.09.19 Holographic Dowsing Autumn Field Trip
Hertfordshire Workshop: Geoff Crockford and Nigel Hughes
07.07.19 TVD Lunch and Garden Party
Beaconsfield Workshop
14.06.19 A Weekend in Yorkshire
Yorkshire Facilitator: Adrian Incledon Webber
08.06.19 Learn to Dowse
Beaconsfield Workshop
13.04.19 A Day with Patrick MacManaway
Oxfordshire Facilitator: Patrick MacManaway
24.03.19 Crystals. Natures Answer to Techno Stress
Beaconsfield Workshop with Kelly Peacy
  Crystals have long been used to shield and transmute energies and are now being shown to assist in grounding and earthing the human electromagnetic body. Explore and experience for yourself the powerful effects of crystals as we dowse to confirm their effectiveness
17.02.19 E=MC2 Your Biofield
Beaconsfield Workshop with Mark Harris

A Workshop with Mark Harris. Dowsers are familiar with the yes/ no response which is usually a right hand spin for yes  or left handed spin for no as this indicates yang or yin expansion/contraction of the electric field. Every time we make a decision about what to eat, wear, buy, drive in, we dowse with the same expansion and contraction of your chakras and whole energy field. So come along and bring your favourite book, CD, DVD, dowsing items and supplements (not medical prescriptions) to see what is expanding or contracting for you.

02.12.18 AGM and Christmas Lunch

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02.11.18 Keys to Grace
Beaconsfield Speaker: Patrick MacManaway
  We are privileged to have Patrick MacManaway return, this time talking to us on the theme Keys to Grace in which he will teach us how to get into the optimum state of mind for dowsing and working in the realm of subtle energies
21.10.18 Holy Sites Sacred Spaces
Beaconsfield Speaker: Adrian Incledon Webber
14.09.18 BSD Conference
22.07.18 A Day of Water Dowsing
Beaconsfield With: Day Trip

At Nuneham Courtenay, this side of Oxford (45 minutes from High Wycombe). A day of learning about water dowsing both theory and practical led by Linda Prenter, an experienced water dowser who has worked for several years alongside Peter Golding, one of the BSDs most experienced water dowsers

30.06.18 Summer Weekend Away
Beaconsfield With: Kris Lee and Liz

This year our weekend away will be to Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds with Leaders Kris Lee and his partner Liz. Many of you will know them already from previous guided days out with TVD. Kris is an historian and Liz a dowser you will have the best of both worlds

20.05.18 Witches and Wise Women
Beaconsfield Speaker: Maureen James
12.05.18 Learn to Dowse
Beaconsfield With: Susan Scott Powell
  An afternoon of teaching dowsing to celebrate International Dowsing Day with rods and pendulums and practical exercises
22.04.18 Spring Field Trip
Beaconsfield Facilitator: Ron Dudley Smith

In the region of Leighton Buzzard, Linslade, Broughton and Willen Lakes, Milton Keynes. Ron, our leader for the day is an expert earth energy dowser and is a Guardian of the Rollright stones in the Cotswolds

25.03.18 Animal Communication and Healing
Beaconsfield Facilitator: Ann Lodyowski
  A dowsing workshop with Ann Lodyowski, a well known animal healer and communicator. We will be working individually and remotely on an animal of your choice who you think may need some help and Ann will talk us through the protocol for identifying existing  problems
18.02.18 Face Reading
Beaconsfield Facilitator: Simon Brown
  A talk by Simon Brown on using face reading to gain an insight to someones character
28.01.18 Therapeutic Aura Reading
Beaconsfield Facilitator: Helen Ford
  A talk by Dr. Helen Ford on Therapeutic Aura Reading for understanding and healing the underlying causes of illness and emotional distress. Helen was trained as a medical doctor
03.12.17 AGM and Christmas Lunch

Details to Follow

19.11.17 Shamanism
Beaconsfield Facilitator: Deena O'Brien
  With Deena O Brien. Explore the meaning and history of Shamanism and discover your Power Animals along the way
22.10.17 Dartmoor Mindscapes. Re-Visioning a Sacred Landscape
Beaconsfield Speaker: Peter Knight
  We are pleased to welcome back Peter Knight who will talk to us today about the subject of his latest book. Peter is an experienced author, presenter and dowser
16.07.17 Healing using Sacred Symbols
Beaconsfield Speaker: Adrian Incledon Webber

Intent is so important when we are healing, but how do we underpin this once we have finished? We lead such busy lives these days therefore it is very difficult to find any spare time to send healing to others and as, important, to ourselves. Using Sacred Symbology is the answer as they can help us underpin and anchor our intention. These symbols have been with us for millennia, our ancestors used and developed them but over generations we have forgotten much of their teachings.

During his talk Adrian will be explaining how we can use these ancient cyphers to help heal earth energies, our homes, our food and water as well as ourselves and families. There will be plenty of practical work during the talk, describing  and detailing how we can also use them for all kinds of healing so bring along your pendulum/rods and your favourite crystals

24.06.17 Working with Nature Spirits
Beaconsfield Facilitator: Dr. Patrick MacManaway
  Dr. Patrick MacManaway is coming to give us a Master Class for the day, working with Nature Spirits in the landscape
10.06.17 Wales Weekend
  Facilitator: Ros Briagha
  We will be going back to Wales again with our guide Ros Briagha. This year we will be going to the area around Llandovery
06.05.17 International Dowsing Day
Beaconsfield Facilitator: Susan Scott Powell
  We are holding a day with free training in the use of rods and pendulums. Time 2pm - 5pm
23.04.17 Dowsing Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Health and Well Being
Beaconsfield Facilitator: Barry Witton
  A workshop with Barry Witton. Barry is head of the Health Energies Special Interest Group in the British Society of Dowsers and has compiled a workbook which is based on lists and charts of suggested life changes which you may need to make to be operating at your highest level
03.03.17 Elementals My Dear Watson - Working with Nature Spirits
Beaconsfield Speaker: Adrian Incledon Webber

There must be fact behind our Folklore, otherwise it would not have stood the test of time. The Leprechauns of Ireland, the Troll of Scandinavia and Iceland, the Fairies on the Isle of Man, so many countries have their tales of the little folk and all are slightly different.

They are the unseen (by most) and tireless workers of the world and they are linked to the four elements: earth, wind, fire and water. By identifying and working with them their energies can be harnessed for the good of us and the planet.

During his talk Adrian will identify various groups of elementals, how we can recognise their presence and how to connect with them to benefit us, our homes and gardens. He will also explain how they can become trapped in our homes, the sort of problems that they can cause us and our pets, and importantly how to rescue them.

19.02.17 Egyptian and French Scientific Pendulums
Beaconsfield Speaker: Sandy McKenzie

In the early and mid twentieth century, French physicists and engineers were investigating the energy emitted by the pendulums that were discovered in Egyptian tombs. From these they developed a range of Egyptian pendulums each emitting different frequencies. They also discovered the Thoth pendulum that absorbs, detects and emits frequencies on command. They went on to explore other shapes and created Scientific Energy pendulums. These devices do not rely on mental questions by the dowser. These tools can detect the frequencies and the quality of energetic emissions from people, objects and places. They can also be used to change frequency patterns to correct imbalances or to create beneficial energies. Some specialised pendulums can remove curses and black 'spells'. Sandy will demonstrate these pendulums and and you will have an opportunity to use them as well

04.12.16 AGM and Christmas Lunch

Details to Follow

25.11.16 Tales From a Dowsers Case Book. Case Histories and Stories from 20 years of Practice in the Field
Beaconsfield Speaker: Patrick MacManaway
  Patrick MacManaway is returning to share stories and case history details to examine, illustrate and explore practical issues when working with a wide variety of dowsing jobs around the world
23.10.16 Stolen Images. Pagan Symbolism in Christianity
Beaconsfield Speaker: Peter Knight
  Peter returns with a presentation about his 10th book, a critically-acclaimed exploration about how the early Church usurped pre-existing myths and symbols for its own agenda. Roman, Greek, Egyptian and other ancient symbols found their way into the new religion, and ancient sacred sites were also taken over. Peter will also look into the lives and work of Moses, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, whose lives show us that they were wise souls/shamans. Peter will also look at how we can use symbols and myths to enhance our lives today
18.09.16 Cotswold Neolithic Sites
  Facilitator: Peter Knight
  We shall meet at Noon at the Nympsfield Chambered Tomb, which is now the location of a picnic site. It is sited to the southeast of the B4066 around 6 miles (10 km) southwest of Stroud and approx 14 miles (23 km) west of Cirencester. - It is one of the earliest examples of a barrow with separate chambers.[It was constructed around 2800 BCE. In common with other barrows in the area it lies on the edge of a scarp of the Cotswolds. It is now roofless but the chambers are well laid out to sit in and dowse.The barrow is 27 by 18 metres in size and overall trapezoidal in shape. A small part of the north chamber was separated off to form a cist The long axis of the barrow is orientated  to the midwinter solstice. We shall then condense cars, due to limited parking, to make the short journey to the Uley Chambered Tomb, or Hetty Peglers Tump. This is a wonderful place to visit. Like so many chambered long barrows in this area, it has an eastern forecourt leading to internal chambers, measuring 36 metre by 25 metres, although it appears from a distance to be circular. The roof is intact and one has to crouch down to enter through the 2 upright stones that support a huge lintel. Inside is atmospheric, as we enter a fabulous 7 metre passage with a pair of chambers on either side (like the transepts of a church). Peter will drum for us to show the acoustics inside and we can end the afternoon with some earth-healing inside.
11.09.16 Amersham Heritage Day
  Group Event:
  TVD will be giving demonstrations and teaching on dowsing
18.06.16 Penn Big Weekend
Beaconsfield Group Event:
  We have a stand at the Penn Big Weekend. We will be doing teaching and demonstrations. Afternoon and early evening
04.06.16 TVD Summer Weekend Getaway
Pembrokeshire Facilitator: Jeff Griffiths
  This year Jeff Griffiths is kindly arranging our weekend away for which we will be going around Pembrokeshire. Pembrokeshire is a county with a fine coast and countryside which has a range of dolmens, holy wells and ancient churches. We will make Haverfordwest our centre with two day trips, north-east in the direction of Fishguard and south-east towards Tenby. Our itinerary will take in Pentre Ifan, the largest and best preserved neolithic dolmen in Wales; Nevern church with its ancient stones, and the Gumfreston holy wells. We shall plan again to travel as a group in a mini-bus as this proved so successful this summer
15.05.16 Bosnian Pyramids - An Update
Beaconsfield Speaker: Nigel Grace
  Nigel Grace is returning to give us an update on his findings at the Bosnian pyramid excavations
07.05.16 TVD Open Day
Beaconsfield Facilitator: Susan Scott Powell
  We are holding an open day with free training in the use of rods and pendulums. Time 2pm - 5pm
09.04.16 TVD Spring Day Outing
Kelmscott Manor Facilitator: Kris Lee & Liz O' Sullivan

For our Spring field trip, Kris Lee & Liz O'Sullivan will be leading a day of dowsing, history and artistic appreciation at Kelmscott Manor, near Farringdon, the final home of artistic design pioneer, writer and socialist William Morris.

In 1861, Morris founded Morris & Co whose designs and ethics came to embody the Arts and Crafts Movement. William Morris's own designs for fabrics, wallpapers and numerous other products became a massive influence in Britain - the Laura Ashley aesthetic is a lineal descendant of Morris's rustic nostalgia.

The house dates from 1570 and contains an outstanding collection of the possessions and works of Morris, his family and associates (Benson, Burne-Jones, Rossetti and Webb amongst them), including furniture, original textiles, pictures, carpets, ceramics and metalwork. And there are pleasant gardens including an Icelandic sea monster!

We will dowse earth energies at Kelmscott Manor and also the 15th century Kelmscott church, which is the burial place of Morris and his wife Jane, who was the inspiration for many pre-Raphaelite paintings. Kris and Liz will be able to give us plenty of fascinating background on Morris's work and influence and also the tangled relationships of the Morrises and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who shared the Manor for several years

Start time 10.45
20.03.16 Healing With Sacred Symbols
Beaconsfield Speaker: Adrian Incledon Webber

Intent is so important when carrying out any form of healing, but how do we underpin or anchor our intent when we all lead such busy lives? Full time dowser, geomancer, author and film maker Adrian Incledon-Webber explains how working with sacred symbols can help. Bring your rods, pendulums and favourite crystal for a practical afternoon, that will leave you with a tool bag full of new ideas.

A former Vice President of the BSD, Adrian has been running Dowsing Spirits for almost 10 years and has helped clients all over the world deal with issues such as geopathic stress and spirits in their homes. He lives in the Yorkshire Dales but travels all over the country giving talks, lectures and teaching courses.

21.02.16 Members Afternoon
Beaconsfield Presentations and Talks

Including talks on Physic Protection and NET by members of TVD. Please speak to Sue if you are interested in contributing

17.01.16 The Basics of Feng Shui "Happy Healthy Home, Happy Healthy Life"
Beaconsfield Workshop and Presentation by Susan Scott Powell

Learn how to maximise your potential for personal achievement, health and happiness by balancing the energies in your home so that your home is supportive to your life. Using floor plans of your own house, we will work through the concepts and basics of feng shui, learning how to place the Bagua template over the plans of your house, and to relate this template to the “  9 Life Areas” in your house.

You will learn about the Five Element Cycle and how it affects your house and your lives and how to balance and enhance the chi in all these areas by careful placement using colour, shapes, crystals, plants and other appropriate symbolism. We will explore how artwork and predecessor chi can affect your house and workplace and discover how to deal with some of its negative aspects.

No previous knowledge of  Feng Shui is required for this workshop.  We will be using the Three Door Gate Bagua. Please bring:  Plans of your house, each floor on an A4 sheet of paper and preferably to scale, rulers, pens and pencils and coloured pencils in blue, green, brown, yellow and  red plus your dowsing tools.


Susan is an experienced Feng Shui Consultant, accredited with the Feng Shui Society.  She has had 35 years experience as a dowser ,using dowsing as a tool for healing  people and places.  She is on the Professional Register for the British Society of Dowsers. See website:   www.energeticsolutions.co.uk

29.11.15 AGM and Christmas Lunch

Details to Follow

22.11.15 Geopathic Stress
Beaconsfield Workshop and Presentation by Susan Scott Powell

Learn how to locate and manage negative energy lines, particularly  Geopathic Stress in the house and workplace, working remotely from plans. You will learn to spot the exterior visible signs of Geopathic Stress in the house and garden and learn of its causes and potential effects. Participants will also learn how to work with these and other damaging energy phenomenon to ensure a healthy house and environment.

In order to benefit from this workshop, participants should have a good understanding of the use of  a pendulum; to be able to get a good strong "yes and no" reaction.Participants are invited to bring A4 plans of their houses, preferably to scale, using one A4 sheet for each floor. Please also bring: rulers, pens and some coloured pencils, as well as your own dowsing tools.

25.10.15 Pixies, Elves and Peter Pan: A History of Fairy Belief
Beaconsfield Speaker: Dr. Maureen James
  An illustrated lecture which explores the history of the belief in fairies. This belief, which was widespread in medieval and early modern times, was evidenced in a number of popular tales and in folklore. It was thought that the fairies, if kept happy would help the crops grow and even help with house and farm work. If they were not placated they might take a healthy baby and leave an ugly changeling in its place, or generally cause mayhem. The talk will also look at how the popularity of fairies reached it's peak in late Victorian and Edwardian times with such novels and plays as Peter Pan, and The Water-Babies and at the similarities between accounts of fairy abductions and UFO's
26.09.15 Labyrinths and Stone Circles
  Field Trip: Adrian Incledon Webber

We will be visiting the Global Retreat Centre at Nuneham Park, Nuneham Courtenay, Oxon, OX44 9PG, which is 45 minutes from High Wycombe. Adrian will lead us as we experience the energies of their labyrinth after which we guided through building a stone circle. Adrian is a former Head of the Energies Special Interest Group of the BSD. We will meet at 2.30 p.m. in the Car Park of the Global Retreat Centre and will be finishing around 5.30 p.m. Those who wish to could also meet for lunch at a local pub beforehand

19.07.15 The Rollright Stones
Little Rollright Field Trip:

A day's outing to the Rollright Stones in the Cotswolds with Ron Dudley Smith. Ron is a Warden of the Stones and experienced dowser registered with the BSD. He will lead our dowsing experiences. Time 1:30pm - 4:00pm For those interested we will have lunch in the Greedy Goose at 12:00

13.06.15 TVD Cornish Weekend
West Penwith Group Event:
  The 2015 annual TVD getaway will be to West Penwith in Cornwall, led by John and Jill Moss.
10.05.15 The Rose and The Alchemy of the Heart
Beaconsfield Speaker: Sandy Humby

Learn and experience how the Rose can shift your energy patterns through her vibrational healing. The Rose has been in Sandy's life since her earliest childhood threading its way subtly in and out of her work and her conscious awareness until early in 2010 when a trip to The Alhambra, Granada, Spain at Rose time was to change the path of her life.For years she have been fascinated by The Esoteric, Sacred Geometry, The Magdalene and the story of the Feminine, The Cathars and the Mystery of the Book of Love but something new opened as the beautiful Roses from this Moorish Palace whispered to her Heart.

Sandy will share some of her journey with the Rose and the development of Rose Alchemy and the Rose Oracle. During the workshop we will explore the Mystery of the Rose, her importance at this time in our evolution and how she works to gracefully bring healing and inner balance, opening and activating our Golden Hearts. Bring your pendulums and rods and experience the shift in your energy that working with the Rose brings.

Sandy Humby is the creator and Author of Rose Alchemy - Rose Oracle for the Heart. She is a thought leader in the field of Vibrational Medicine and Heart Coherence, an Energy Alchemist and Pranic Healer with over 30 years of experience researching and working with the Human Condition. Rose Alchemy has evolved from Sandy's adventures into the Mysteries contained within the Heart of the Rose and the pure transformational power of Love

12.04.15 The Rollright Stones
Little Rollright Field Trip:

A day's outing to the Rollright Stones in the Cotswolds with Ron Dudley Smith. Ron is a Warden of the Stones and experienced dowser registered with the BSD. He will lead our dowsing experiences

22.03.15 Sacred Geometry and Your Reality
Beaconsfield Speaker: Karen French

Without geometry there would be no time, no space, no possibility of your existence. Not only your physical lives, but also your thoughts, actions and creativity rely on geometry. Sacred geometry and your reality is about rediscovery. It is about remembering the intuitive meaning and purpose of 5 critical simple geometric shapes and principles that combine to make a universal model called the Gateway to the Heavens. Once you are reminded it will totally change the way you look at your environment and your place within it.

NO complex mathematics are included or needed to understand this presentation and we will be doing a few very simple exercises to really appreciate the dynamics of the topics covered. Karen is an experienced workshop leader and the author of many books. Don't miss this exciting opportunity

22.02.15 Dowsing with Nature for a Garden Sanctuary
Beaconsfield Speaker: Sare Doughty Bassett

Using dowsing to link into co-creativity (working the energy of nature) to improve your garden. The talk will include tips on how to get the best out of planting, hints and tips for communicating and dowsing with nature collective and spirits. Sare will include instruction on techniques to help you plan and create a place of sanctuary. There will be practical exercises to use dowsing to help with information finding from plants and nature. Sare is an active member and Dowsing Tutor of the British Society of Dowsers. She has had extensive experience with earth energy, practical dowsing and healing work. She is also a trained life coach and qualified careers guidance practitioner

11.01.15 Orbs and the Alchemy of Space
Beaconsfield Speaker: Christian Kyriacou

We are pleased to welcome back to TVD , Christian, our House Whisperer and International Presenter, to speak to us about Orbs. Christian Kyriacou draws on his experiences of over 44 years with what he calls 'Geo-Etheric Structures' or Orbs which he has encountered in his work with people, buildings and landscapes. He will take us on a journey through many kinds of Orbs images so we can see and feel their energies and get a sense of what message they are trying to convey to us. Perhaps we may even get some to manifest in the room through our intention to connect with them.

Other worlds and dimensional realities have existed through eons of time, yet in the last 50 years or so the veils have been thinning and our faculties of perception are becoming more sensitive and refined. As with people, the world of Orb energies comes with many qualities and intentions, from the realms of the angelic and helpful, to the dark and demonic, or simply mischievous! Either way, we are all connected and share the same world of energy, so what are they trying to tell us about ourselves and the universe we live in?

30.11.14 AGM and Christmas Lunch

To be held at Penn Barn with lunch at the Three Oaks in Gerrards Cross

16.11.14 Dowsing the Dragons of Albion
Beaconsfield Speaker: Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare

Belinus Line is the north south equivalent of the famous St Michael Line. Considered to be Britains longest ley, it stretches from the Isle of Wight at the base of England and ends at Durness on the northern tip of Scotland. This secret alignment connects six cities including the ancient capitals of England and Scotland, geographical centres of power, and many famous prehistoric complexes. Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare will talk about their latest book, The Spine of Albion, which covers their 15 year research of the Belinus Line.

Having a natural ability to detect the yin and yang - female and male - dragon force in the land, the authors discovered that they follow this north–south axis and form a Node at key places of power within the British landscape. Their fascinating and thrilling pilgrimage uncovered a landscape full of hidden secrets and untold treasures including many legendary as well as real life historical characters that helped to shape our nation

19.10.14 Finding Missing Objects, Pets and People
Beaconsfield Speaker: Christopher Strong
14.09.14 Avebury Landscape Tour
Wiltshire Group Visit: Peter Knight

On this full day trip we will visit the magical landscapes around Avebury in Wiltshire. Visiting some lesser know sites during the day, including Alton Priors church, with its ancient yew and spring, Adam's Grave long barrow, the Sanctuary, the barrows on Overton Hill, Kennet stone avenue, Winterborne Monkton church and megalith, Silbury Hill, Alton Barnes White Horse, and we shall end up at West Kennet Long Barrow. Includes dowsing energies and connecting with this sacred beautiful landscape. Stunning scenery. Lunch at the famous Barge Inn (not included). As many will have already visited the Avebury Stone Circle this has not been included as part of the day's events. This tour takes in many sites so to make it easier we will, having made our own way to Avebury, be picking up a minibus for the tour

05.09.14 British Society of Dowsers Annual Conference
Keele University  
July Event in Planning
13.06.14 Exploring Dartmoor
Dartmoor Group Visit: John Moss
  A guided tour for Thames Valley Dowsers with John Moss. Dartmoor National Park is the largest and wildest area of open country in the south of England, with ancient woodland, high granite tors and vast tracts of rolling moorland
10.05.14 The Churches of Windrush Valley
Windrush Valley Group Visit: Kris Lee and Liz O'Sullivan

A day's outing (11am - 5 pm) exploring energy lines and history around Burford. We will meet at Burford church porch at 11am and, in the morning, will dowse the earth energies at Burford church. Kris will also lead a short tour of the church talking about its history and some of the heroes and villains associated with it. An optional donation to church funds would be welcomed. In the afternoon we drive to nearby Widford, where tiny ancient church is pretty much all that remains of the mediaeval village, and try to pick up an energy line connecting to Burford church and locate a Roman temple that may have existed on the site. Liz & Kris will also update us on their current thinking about the nature of earth currents and their relationship to churches.

You will remember that Kris and Liz showed us around Dorchester on Thames last year.Kris is an historian and his partner Liz is a dowser so we will have the best of both worlds! Picnic lunch and finishing at a tea shop. In the event of wet weather, we can do much of the day's event indoors. Parking in Burford is free, both on street (though some of this is limited), and in the car park at the east of the town. The walk from the car park to the church is relatively flat and there is some disabled parking near the church. It can be busy so do allow time to find a parking space. Parking at Widford is free, but there is a quarter of a mile walk along a flat unmetalled track to the isolated church

06.04.14 Healing Ancestral Patterns
Beaconsfield Facilitator: David Furlong

A Workshop on Healing Ancestral Patterns and Spirit Release presented by international speaker David Furlong. Bring your pendulums. As David is a well known speaker we expect this to be well attended and therefore places should be pre booked

23.03.14 The Cerne Giant. Landscape, Gods and the Stargate
Beaconsfield Speaker: Peter Knight
  Peter returns with a presentation about his the research that resulted in his eighth and latest book. He will look at the gods associated with the Giant phallic figure, such as Bran, Dagda, Gwyn, Osiris, etc and the folklore regarding the fertility aspects of the Giant. He will also show us his groundbreaking new discoveries of the astronomical alignments he has found, both solar and stellar, which date the figure, and the links with the stars of Orion and an Egyptian Stargate of Osiris - a doorway to the Otherworld
09.02.14 Graphology
Beaconsfield Speaker: Elaine Quigley

Elaine Quigley, BA Hons, MBIG (Dip) is a social psychologist who uses graphology - the study of the personality through handwriting - as a tool in personal development and team- building. Recruitment as well as partnership compatibility for both personal and professional interaction, can be facilitated by graphology that enables a realistic approach to what makes people tick. No matter how you were taught, as you experience life your knowledge and attitude change and your history is revealed in your writing and drawings.

Elaine's presentation will entail sharing information with each person, through handwriting, tree drawing and work style, as their strengths and limitations are explored in such a way as to recognise talents and encourage acceptance of negatives. No one is perfect, but working through what you have can be both revealing and reassuring. People are usually surprised and pleased when they are led to recognise the best way to make the most of who they are

26.01.14 Crop Circles
Beaconsfield Speaker: Peter Stammers

In 1994 Peter opened a mind.body, spirit centre in the heart of the sacred landscape of Avebury trusloe, home to the largest stone circle in Europe. He became embroiled in the crop circle debate when he went from observer to researcher with the center becoming the focal point for an American investigation team from Boston University (BLT - Burke, Levengood and Talbot), looking into the physical properties of altered crop. Over two years, Peter gathered physical evidence in the form of living plants for BLT and measured and catalogued many formations within the area of Avebury and surrounding landscape. His talk will explain some of the findings, present the raw data and provide some ideas and theories of his own, as well as demonstrating a peculiarity common to some of the formations not yet (to his knowledge) in the public domain anyway

01.12.13 AGM and Christmas Lunch
17.11.13 The Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramids
Beaconsfield Speaker: Nigel Grace

What is the truth behind the ancient pyramids and underground labyrinths recently discovered in Bosnia? Nigel Grace contends that they call for a rewriting of human history, as well as revealing profound technologies from our forgotten ancestors which have the potential to heal ourselves and our planet. In his presentation, Nigel will discuss scientifically grounded findings that point to an extremely intelligent pre historical civilisation with profound knowledge of cosmic geometry, advanced engineering and ancient technologies which respected Mother Earth and the benign use of universal energies. He will also describe his experiences of rejuvenation and transformation while working and researching in the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids profound experiences of love, harmony and healing. With his stunning photography, Nigel will take you underground to pristine waterfilled tunnels that connecting the five Bosnian Pyramids, which have laid undisturbed for thousands of years.

Nigel Grace is a researcher and volunteer for the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, a coach, businessman and author of the forthcoming book, Bridge to the Worlds of Light. He works closely with principal investigator, Dr Sam Osmanagich, from Bosnia and a dedicated team of archaeologists and geologists to further uncover the secrets of the Bosnian Pyramids. He has also studied the development of human consciousness for 40 years and has worked with Dr Deepak Chopra to promote healing centres for Ayurveda in the UK and USA

13.10.13 Having Fun, Exploring and Using Self Hypnosis
Beaconsfield Speaker: Tim Alberry
  You actually already know a lot about self- hypnosis, but just didn't know you did! Tim Alberry has been a Self- Hypnosis Trainer and Hypnotherapist for 12 years. His interesting, exciting and optionally experiential talk will separate the wheat from the chaff about what hypnosis really is and, more specifically what self- hypnosis is – and how understanding self- hypnosis can really help with theups and downs of life. The talk will be interactive and amusing, ending with an optional calming and relaxing hypnotic session
07.09.13 A Visionary Landscape Walk in London
London Group Visit: Chris Street
  We will start at St. Mary Le Strand and walk to St. Paul's Cathedral dowsing the energy lines and visiting Churches as we go. We will be dowsing "The Coronation Line" along the way and will attune to the energy of the sites for guidance, inspiration and healing
31.07.13 An Afternoon Visit to Chenies Manor
Chenies Group Visit: Geoff Crockford and Nigel Hughes
  A magnificent Tudor Manor House with amazing gardens . See www.cheniesmanorhouse.co.uk . A guided tour of the house and then dowsing with Geoff Crockford and Nigel Hughes who have previously found Roman and Druidic remains in the grounds
Well Dressing and Chatsworth
Derbyshire Group Visit:
  For our 2013 annual weekend event we will be travelling up to Derbyshire to take in a Well Dressing Ceremony and visits to some sacred and ancient sites. There will also be time for those interested to visit Chatsworth. Members only
19.05.13 Horse Whispering and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)
Buckingham Group Visit: Laira Gold

This event will take place at a stable yard in Buckingham. Laira Gold is a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor in Horse Whispering, and she is also qualified as a therapist for EAP which uses horses to assist in the treating of addiction in humans

05.05.13 International Dowsing Day
  The British Society of Dowsers have now declared this to be an annual event and we will aim to join with other groups , BSD activities, or make our own celebration of this important day in the dowsing calendar!
28.04.13 The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary
Shere Group Visit: Jackie Notman

A visit to the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary at Shere, Nr. Dorking, Surrey. http://www.sanctuary- burrowslea.org.uk/ There will be a talk about the Sanctuary, refreshments, and an individual healing for each attendee (15 minutes), and time to wander in the Chapel, Bluebell Woods and grounds. Members £5 ; Non members £10 (Minimum 10 people needed for this event, numbers to be confirmed before Christmas) Start 10.30 a.m. Please pre book

24.03.13 The I Ching
Beaconsfield Speaker: Jackie Notman
  Jackie is accredited with the Feng Shui Society (FSS) in the UK and a Trustee on the National Council of the British Society of Dowsers, as well as running an online New Age shop, The Little Shop of Charms, and a telephone psychic service, The Psychic Reader. She believes that by understanding the energy you have (which includes your characteristics, personality, talents and strengths) , the energy around you and how to harness it, and the energy cycles tha t change over time, you can workout what you're doing with your life, plan your goals and play the game of life with all the odds stacked in your favour. The source of the I Ching is an oracle based on the eight Trigrams, also known as the Book of Changes
13.01.13 Animal Navigation
Beaconsfield Speaker: Richard Nissen

Richard Nissen is a member of the Royal Institute of Navigation, which runs World Animal Navigation conferences where all the best
academics come together to meet and expound on their research on matters such as bird migration. He is also a dowser and a member of the British Society of Dowsers, and says, "Dowsing is a mystery just a s animal navigation is. I think that unravelling the mystery of dowsing probably unravels the mystery of animal navigation."

02.12.12 Annual General Meeting and Festive Lunch
  AGM and lunch afterwards. Details TBA
04.11.12 Where 13 Moons and Avatar Meet
Beaconsfield Speaker: Peter Knight

We are delighted to welcome back Peter Knight, a regular contributor to TVD's programmes, both as a guide and as a speaker. Peter returns with a new presentation in which he compares the wisdom and eco messages of his novel, Thirteen Moons, Conversations with the Goddess, to that of the eco-movie Avatar. Both narratives involve a hero going on a quest, and finding spiritual and environmental messages that lead to him perceiving a planet and Universe very different from those he had been taught to believe in.

10.09.12 Visit to the Dr Bach Centre
Nr Wallingford Group Event

A visit to the Dr. Bach Centre. Starting at 10.30 a.m we will look at Dr. Bach's house and garden and the head gardener will explain to us how the remedies are made. They will provide us with refreshments during the morning. After a picnic or lunch in the village we will go to Waterperry Gardens to explore the gardens. There is also a Gift Shop Gallery and tea shop!

Wye Wanderings
Ross on Wye Group Event
  The next eagerly awaited 'TVD on Tour' event will be 'Wye Wanderings' led by the British Society of Dowsers' Director John Moss. This year we'll be based in Ross-on- Wye. Our group weekends away have became popular events and the number of places are strictly limited
27.05.12 Surrey Hills and Wine Indulgence
Surrey Field Visit: Jeff Griffiths
  We'll visit Boxhill and Leith Hill, the highest spot in southern England. And then we'll indulge ourselves at the Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, the largest single vineyard wine estate in England with its luxurious corporate facilities
29.04.12 The Journey Home
Beaconsfield Speaker: Christian Kyriacou
  Christian's last appearance in the TVD was much enjoyed and we'll explore further the concepts to which he'd introduced us. We'll start with gong sounding once again followed by a look at sacred geometry. Then we'll move on to house healing and meditation to find the soul of the house and to integrate its energies
04.03.12 Electromagnetic Fields, Geopathic Stress and their effects on us
Beaconsfield Speaker: Anne Silk
  The human brain is able to pick up and interpret a wide range of signals. In 'Ancient Energy of the Earth', her study of earth energies and seismology, the speaker examines how geophysical phenomena affects us all in varying ways
08.01.12 Unlocking the Mystery of Numbers
Beaconsfield Speaker: Berenice Benjelloun
  The speaker, a teacher at the Connaissance School of Numerology, will give an interactive talk on the magic behind the numbers in your birth dates and names. The dynamic universal symbols that we call numbers can help you understand more about your connection to the great system of life. We will be looking at how, in numerology, we can tap into a greater understanding of the journey of the self through life
04.12.11 Annual General Meeting and Festive Lunch
  AGM and lunch afterwards. Details TBA
06.11.11 Alaskan Flower Remedies
Beaconsfield Speaker: Jo Ketteman
  Alaskan essences, developed primarily by Steve Johnson, are a unique range of essences as they include not only flower but also gem and environmental energies. This pristine habitat supports a wide variety of plants communities that display a strength, purity and vitality that is unsurpassed anywhere else in the world. The talk will introduce elements of this range and their application in daily life.
02.10.11 Walking London's Leys
  Facilitator: Chris Street

Chris Street will lead us along the Strand ley, one of Alfred Watkins's original London leys. We'll walk from St. Martin's in the Fields and cross several other ley lines en route. We'll see the church spires line up, detect the energy in the middle of the Strand and find the crossing points of other leys. We'll also take in Temple and St Bride's churches and St. Paul's cathedral and search out the neglected London Stone. We'll have a refreshment break en route. See Chris' site at http://www.earthstars.co.uk

A Weekend in Dorset
  Facilitator: Peter Knight
  A Weekend in Dorset led by Peter Knight. This field trip will include visits to the famous Cerne Abbas Giant, to stone circles, a henge monument and a holy well
05.07.11 Walk around Hurley
  Facilitator: Jeff Bridges

TVD committee member Jeff Griffiths will lead a walk around Hurley for the Marlow Society's Local History Group on Tuesday July 5. Hear how important a part Hurley played in World War Two, plus its links with royalty and scandalous happenings not to mention ghosts and underground tunnels in this picturesque riverside village. The tour will have privileged access to two properties with links to Hurley Priory. If you want to reserve a place please call Jeff Griffiths (01628 481980) by 30th June. Meeting point: The Olde Bell, Hurley High Street at 10:30. Please park in the public car park near the church at the river end of the village.

22.05.11 Dorset Sacred Stones
Beaconsfield Speaker: Peter Knight
10.04.11 Sonic Healing
Beaconsfield Speaker: Christian Kyriacou
  Harmonic Healing with Sacred Sound Christian Kyriacou, who styles himself a 'house whisperer', will talk about the 'soul' of buildings and how they harmonise with the spirit of the land. We'll learn how to align with the vibrations connecting us to the land and the ancestors for the benefit of our health
20.03.11 Earthstars
Beaconsfield Speaker: Chris Street
  A talk by Chris Street who has detected a vast network of sacred geometry linking many of London's ancient sacred sites. He believes these also link up with other similarly charged locations throughout the land. As most of these patterns are star- shaped, the name 'Earthstars' came naturally to him. Chris will share his thoughts on this phenomena, including the importance of the year 2012 which doesn't just coincide with the London Olympics but also with the Mayan end time
20.02.11 Roman Roads and Temples
Beaconsfield Speaker: Sue Brown
  A talk by Sue Brown who will describe the work being pursued all around the country on this topic by the British Society of Dowsers' Archaeology Special Interest Group
05.12.10 Annual General Meeting and Festive Lunch
Penn AGM at the Barn in Penn starting at 11.a.m. and lunch afterwards at a restaurant in Gerrards Cross

Healing Sounds

  Speaker: Rebekah Arthurs

An afternoon of meditation and singing bowls with an experienced workshop leader. Singing bowls are an ancient form of healing used by the Tibetan Lamas. Rebekah will perform a meditation using a range of singing bowls. Participants will then be guided on how to play singing bowls for healing purposes and to dowse for their healing resonances. Rebekah's website can be found at www.rattleandhumhealing.co.uk
Time 2.30pm. Venue Quaker Meeting House, Jordans Beaconsfield


Talks by TVD members

  Speaker: Various

Subjects include: Crystal Healing: Christine Ashworth and Trauma Release: Jan Trewartha.
Time 2.30pm. Venue Quaker Meeting House, Jordans Beaconsfield

05.09.10 Winchester
Winchester Facilitator: Peter Knight
  A day with Peter Knight in this Anglo- Saxon city uncovering its more ancient heritage. The Belinus Line goes through the city and its energies will be dowsed at several places. We shall also visit the Cathedral, King Arthur's Hall with its round table, St. Swithun's Chapel and other sites of local interest
29.08.10 Waddesdon Manor
  Field Trip
  Visit to Waddesdon Manor north of Aylesbury, Bucks. Meet at 12.30 for a tour of this impressive National Trust property and its grounds. A group afternoon tea will be taken at 3.30 pm
10.07.10 Stonehenge
Stonehenge Facilitator: Peter Knight

A field trip with Peter Knight starting at 3 pm and continuing into the evening. We'll explore Woodhenge and burial barrows. The day will include the Wessex Astrum, astronomy and the symbolism of the stones. It will end with drumming, meditation and earth- healing within the stone circle for which we have special evening access. Members only. £10 plus the special access fee of £14.50 per person (non- returnable in the case of cancellation and the place not being filled). Supper that night (extra) has been arranged at the Bustard Inn nearby. Members might like to stay overnight and spend Sunday further exploring the neighborhood.

16.05.10 Water Divining
  Facilitator: Guy Hudson
  A day session,10.30am to 3.30pm, at Brill, near Aylesbury with lunch (extra) in a local pub
28.03.10 Archaeological Dowsing
  Field Trip: Geoff Crockford and Nigel Hughes
  Venue: Abingdon Abbey
21.02.10 Remote Viewing
Beaconsfield Speaker: David Barry
  Time 2.30pm
24.01.10 Radionic Healing
  Speaker: Jacqueline Moore
Beaconsfield Radionics is a healing technique in which our natural ESP faculties are used to discover the energetic disturbances underlying illness and to encourage the return of a normal, healthy energetic field. Basic to radionic practice is a disciplined dowsing or radiesthetic skill. Radionic healing is not so much directed at the physical body but at the invisible energy matrices which lie behind it. Practitioners can discover factors contributing to disease within any living system and suitable therapeutic energies can then be made available to help restore optimum health. The origins of radionics are attributed to Dr. Albert Abrams (1863- 1924) of San Francisco but it should not be thought of as a recent invention as it harnesses ancient healing skills. Time 2.30pm. Venue Quaker Meeting House, Jordans Beaconsfield

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