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Title Totnes Astrology Group
Venue Totnes, Devon
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Contact David Matthews
Tel 01803 867145
Email dave@starlynx.plus.com
Schedule Fridays 2-4pm. More Astrology can be found on Soundart Radio, (in the Dartington/ Totnes area) on 102.5 F.M. under the title."THE MATTHEWS METHOD"

Broadcasts are on alternate Saturdays 4-5 p.m. GMT. Can be heard, simultaneously,anywhere, Online: - just go to the Soundart Radio Website and click to listen.

Fridays Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews

THE SUN. The Solar Logos: As the Cosmic Christ, the Light of Life, as the material reflection of the First Cause, the Sun in your Natal Chart, solar Myths and Heroes, the Sun and the Eightfold Year, the Solar Quest at Dartington

10.05.19 25 th Anniversary Meeting of the Totnes Astrology Group
  Facilitator: David Matthews

Inceptional Chart of 13 MAY 1994. Some notable Charts of the last 25 Years. TAURUS in general- with the implications of the current Transit of URANUS as it encounters Fixed Earth.

08.05.19 Earth Healing
Dartington Facilitator: Suzi Morris
  Time 12.30 Tel 0207 3511788
19.04.19 Saturn / Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn
  Facilitator: David Matthews

Both Saturn and Pluto are conjunct the transiting the Lunar South Node at this time, and Saturn is chasing the Retrograding South Node in Capricorn for most of 2019 with significant implications for all the structures, hierarchies, and,The Politics of our Planet

22.03.19 Aires and Mars
  Facilitator: David Matthews

The Sign of Cardinal Fire. Ruling Planet, MARS. ARIES in the Natal Chart (Bring yours). With reference, also, to the implications of the longish Chiron/ Aries transit, now underway.

22.02.19 Pisces
  Facilitator: David Matthews

With Ruling Planets, JUPITER (Traditional) and NEPTUNE (New). Pisces in the Natal Chart. Bring Yours. Transition from The PISCEAN AGE, to the AQUARIAN experience. Discipleship to Friendship, and from Faith to Knowledge

25.01.19 Aquarius. The Sign and the Archetype
  Facilitator: David Matthews
11.01.19 Capricorn Capricorn in Pluto
  Facilitator: David Matthews

Pluto transits Capricorn until late 2024, when it becomes established for some 20 years in Aquarius. We follow the current Transit of Pluto, in Capricorn, in our own Charts, and in other relevant Example Charts. Capricorn, by House, in the Natal Chart your particular mountain to ascend. Friendship and Goodwill especially valuable now as we travel together through some challenging and exciting territory

14.12.18 2019 Principal Transits and Features of the Year
  Facilitator: David Matthews
16.11.18 Stars Constellations and Deep Sky Objects
  Facilitator: David Matthews

Winter skies offer opportunities to gaze deep into the Infinity of Space. Stars and Constellations, and some recent discoveries to discuss. Including Eris and Sedna. How the Constellations are found in the Earthly Landscape

19.10.18 Libra
  Facilitator: David Matthews

The Balance, also a Roman Pound. A Cardinal, Air Sign; denoting the theatre of Relationships and Societal interaction. Libra in the Natal Chart. Bring yours

21.09.18 Signs of an Astrologer
  Facilitator: David Matthews

Astrological indications of aptitude and interest in the subject. Some Charts of famous and exceptional Astrologers. The Indications in your Chart of the same

13.07.18 The Sign Cancer and the Moon in the Chart
  Facilitator: David Matthews

As well as the MOON in the chart (bring yours) we assess the unusual and remarkable Solar Eclipse of 13 July which involves Pluto and occurs along Pluto’s own Nodal axis in Cancer/Capricorn.Coincides with Donald Trump’s planned visit to the UK on 13 July 2018

08.07.18 A Walk and Talk at Dartington
  Facilitator: David Matthews

A Walk and Talk at Dartington, start and finish at the Green Table Café. Invariably Congenial and informative. There is a sense that ancient Dartington was the home of a Brotherhood of Light and is, even now, a significant portal in the Etheric body of Planet Earth. A function far transcending the perceptions of the majority who now inhabit and visit the location. Also, to the benefit of many, the location of the writing of the Labour Party 1945 Election Manifesto, by Michael Young, which included a mention and brief description of the planned NHS, which was “born” a few years later 5 July 1948. 

29.06.18 Stargates Portals and Stellar Connections
  Facilitator: David Matthews

Gateways and turning points.  The emerging Totnes Terrestrial Zodiac. Pyramids and Portals in the South West. Significance of the Cancer/Capricorn axis. Humanity (Aries) and the greater Cosmos that beckons (Libra). Consideration of The Super-Galactic Centre at 2 Degrees Libra.( Bring Your Chart). 

02.02.18 Aquarius
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews
  Ruling Planets Saturn and Uranus. The keynote: Reform
12.01.18 2018 - Major Astrological Transits and Astrology
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews
13.01.17 2017 - Major Astrological Transits and Preview
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews
02.12.16 Sagittarius and Jupiter
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews
  Light, Hope and friendship in the Darkest nights
21.10.16 Landscape Mysteries
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews

A review of recent discoveries: the Salcombe Pyramid, the Strete-Totnes-Haytor alignment. The Berrystone Ley. Arthur in the Cornish Landscape Etc. Dartington, Totnes and environs: a symbolic, ritual landscape? Stars, Constellations and Earthstations.

07.10.16 Libra: A Turning Point 2016
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews

With JUPITER now in Sign Libra until 10 October 2017 the principles and presence of that Sign are emphasised, efforts toward harmonising, bridge building, rebalancing of relationships, healing, through the Arts, Music, and an enhanced understanding of Karma (cause and effect) are favoured.

The Full Moon of 16 October(Sun Libra Moon Aries) presents a rare alignment of bodies not unlike that of 23 June 2016. (As long as we are alert to the possibility of Jupiterian Inflation, Hubris and extravagance). Despite propaganda to the contrary, the new Shoots of a renascent Humanity are already detectable among the debris as an old Paradigm crumbles around us. PLANETS in LIBRA. Bring your Chart! (Libra is present in your Chart and plays a part in your Psychic constitution even if there are no Natal Planets there). Venus, Saturn, Uranus and their connection with Libra

26.08.16 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting. URANUS
  Facilitator: David Matthews

The 84 Year Cycle of Uranus, now in the late Degrees of Aries, suggests a distinct resonance with events and developments in the early-mid 1930s (e.g.-Dartington Hall Trust-1932). Orbiting way beyond Saturn, and the first major planet to be discovered (or rediscovered) since Antiquity,URANUS represents necessary, evolutionary change, inventiveness, rebellion; especially when the rigidity of the status quo becomes inimical to life, hope and freedom. A suggested alternative title for Uranus is PROMETHEUS:- (Forethought)-who brings Fire and Light to struggling Humanity-or to those who are willing to accept it.

Never more appropriate than at the present time. Examples of the Uranian effect, Past and Present and an estimate of Future Directions. Also critical Uranian stages in the life-journey at age 21, 42, 63, and, 84 at the Uranus Return.

10.06.16 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting. The Rare and Unprecedented Conjunction of URANUS, ERIS and CERES on 23 June 2016
  Facilitator: David Matthews

And occurring on the day of the EC Referendum (we have the EC CHART to view) - Regardless of the outcome of the Referendum, this Conjunction could represent a strong stirring, animation, wake-up time, with the UK as a focus. Locate this Conjunction in the Natal Chart - also bring yours!

09.06.16 (We are the) Co-creators of the age of Aquarius
Buckfastleigh Speaker: David Matthews
13.05.16 The Emerging World Society
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews

This talk will cover the following areas.

1. Spiritual Foundations and Antecedents.The Guiding Light. The pragmatic expression of an essential Vision now, in 2016. The Earth as One Country. The power of Friendship.

2. Jesus, John and Messengers of the Aquarian Era. South Devon (Dartington/Totnes) as a Nursery of a New/ Different Paradigm under the aegis of the Great Mother.

3.The Stars, Constellations and Mankind in this Holistic Universe. Arcturus, the Guardian. Stars of the Swan. Cygnus X1 and Cygnus x3 . The 12 Signs as aspects of Cosmic Mind

Venue Birdwood House. Time 2pm

15.01.16 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews

Notes and observations on the coming Year, key issues and Planetary Cycles. The New Politics and Jeremy Corbyn. A view of his Natal Chart. Sharing, Friendship, and recognition of our mutual interdependence on a Small Planet.2016 from the perspective of the 12 Signs, each a manifestation of Universal Mind. Local, and Global connections and the Pisces and Virgo Solar Eclipses of 2016. Bring your Chart

18.12.15 2016
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews

Pluto continues to transit Capricorn - ongoing revelations and deep seated changes in the political structures likely to continue. Pluto is transiting the same Capricornian zone as at the Industrial revolution - Steam power, Factories, Capitalism unleashed, Child Labour, etc and we see now the long term consequences of that era we need to raise our game, grow up and implement humane policies generally not beyond human wit and imagination?

More mutability during 2016- Planets in the Mutable Signs encouraging flexibility and inclusiveness, we hope. Mercury spends extra long time in the Earth Signs - practicalities; Earth Mysteries; Food, Money, 'walking the talk'?

Neptune and Chiron remain in Pisces - Refugees, Seas, Water generally, empathy for suffering, end of the line for an oldParadigm ? Visions from 1960's remembered - heavenly sounds and channelled inspiration

27.11.15 The Saturn-Neptune Square
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews

Saturn squares Neptune (Sagittarius to Pisces) 3 times over the next 10 Months:- 26 Nov. 2015, 18 June 2016, 10 Sept. 2016. Associations with -the Materialisation of the Spiritual, the erosion and dissolution of old, existing structures. A special connection between Saturn and Neptune: at the discovery of Neptune in 1846 it was then located in the same degree of the Zodiac, 25 Aquarius, and in close conjunction with, Saturn. So their mutual aspects are particularly interesting to explore.

The current Squares stem from the 'Parent' conjunction of these 2 in the politically sensitive degrees 10-11 Capricorn in 1989. The next Conjunction is in 2026 in 0 Aries. Links between Saturn-Neptune in the Natal Chart - bring yours !

11.10.15 Preperation for a New Age
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews

The outlines of a new paradigm which emerges from the rubble of the Old. Relevant to all – and the part that all can play. Including:- Issues Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic.From the Local to the Universal. Venue Birdwood House

29.08.15 Jumble Sale in aid of the Aller Park Project
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  The ALLER PARK PROJECT: progress continues on the Project to bring back into use the Aller Park building at Dartington as A Centre Of Education with emphasis upon Spiritual Values. More to discuss at both the above mentioned sessions and/or in subsequent E-Mail.

 There will be a Fundraising JUMBLE SALE on behalf of The Aller Park Project at Birdwood House, Totnes on SATURDAY 29 AUGUST, 11.00 - 3.00 p.m. We would welcome contributions for the Sale please bring yours, if possible, to Birdwood House between 10 and 11 A.M. on Sat. 29th August.

28.08.15 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews

SATURN: Saturn can represent obligations, duty, restrictions and the pressure of time and circumstance. But also the sense of work accomplished; deep wisdom gathered through experience; tried and tested methods and principles; the Gateway to the greater Cosmos.

We look at Saturn in the Natal Chart (bring yours...) and assess the implications of Saturns recent transit of Scorpio and its imminent move "next door" into Sagittarius

14.08.15 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews

The Spiritual Realms ever present, and active, now, through ourselves, in the world. The recent Encounter with PLUTO, in the Sign Capricorn as it continues to represent Transformation and Catharsis, especially in Politics. JUPITER and NEPTUNE in the Chart (bring yours to the session)  hope, dreams, visions,and -  Prophecy. The influence of the Star, ARCTURUS, as a Way-Shower and protective presence. Charts, examples and discussion.

13.06.15 Education for a New Age - The Aller Park Project
  Speaker: David Matthews
  Education, and preparation, for the wider world informed by the power of Spirit, and the Christ light ever present
08.06.13 Awakening Albion
Kingsbridge Speaker: David Matthews
  A view of the British Isles as a significant Nexus/Chakra/Laboratory/Crossroads of Global development especially as a potential "Beacon"; A place of Light. The talk will include Planetary Transits over next few years and the UK "Natal Chart". The Jesus/Joseph/Mary legends and traditions, discoveries and evidence of their "footprints" in Britain. Forms of governance; what is best for the World ? The Quaker methods the Inward Light at the centre of all deliberations. The Ley System discoveries old and new Time: 10.30-1pm Cost £8. Venue: Harbour House Quayside area, Opposite the Tourist. Info. Office
06.04.13 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  "TALES OF GLASTONBURY" A Compendium of Astrological Information relating to Glastonbury. Joseph; Arthur;The Chalice Well; The Abbey; "Avalonians", Past and Present; etc. With Planetary Transits and Future Perspectives
22.03.13 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  "THE POWER OF NEW BEGINNINGS" The prospect of: Renewal, Rebirth, Resurrection and affirmation of the Adventure of Life as the Sun joins Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries. ARIES in general and in particular, the "Aries Zone" in your own Birthchart the place of personal Renewal. and "Habeamus Papem"? Astrological "News" in general as 2013 unfolds.
16.02.13 Saturn in Scorpio and the Illusion of Death
Kingsbridge Speaker: David Matthews
  Time: 10.30-1pm Cost £8. Venue: Harbour House Quayside area, Opposite the Tourist. Info. Office
01.02.13 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  UNDERSTANDING YOUR NATAL CHART The Basic Steps of Chart Interpretation, bring your Birthchart or ask me to provide a copy for you
27.01.13 2013
Torquay Speaker: David Matthews
  Venue: Torquay Theosophical Society,Parkhill Road, (near the Harbour). Time 3pm
04.01.13 Cosmology
Totnes Facilitator: David Matthews
  A new Course and Study Group
21.12.12 Quiet Hour
Totnes Facilitator: David Matthews

On 21 December many people will be gathering, in groups large and small. Here at 6 Plymouth Road, Totnes, Devon, there will be a Quiet Hour part silence / part "sharing", between 11 and 12 a.m. on that day

16.12.12 The Promptings of Truth and Love. New Light in 2013
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews
  Time: 3pm Cost by donation
01.12.12 Light in Britain. The Inner Light of these Isles
Kingsbridge Speaker: David Matthews
  The prospects for 2012-15, as the need, and opportunity increases for a clear and confident expression of the Spirit in our world. Time: 10.30-1pm Cost £8. Venue: Harbour House Quayside area, Opposite the Tourist. Info. Office
30.11.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  "PLUTO IN CAPRICORN" ongoing Transformation: Collective,Social, Personal as Pluto reaches the "Political" degrees of 9-10 Capricorn. Bring your Chart to check your own current Pluto Transits. A look at the recent Solar Eclipse of 13 November in 21 Scorpio and the alignments of Winter Solstice 2012.
24.11.12 Walking the Walk
Totnes Speaker: David Matthews
  Sacred Landscape, Local and Global. Not a Public session, but if interested you might contact Gatekeeper Secretary Richard Douglas; tel. 01803 864680 for details
17.11.12 Age of Transformation
Paignton Speaker: David Matthews
  1.30 p.m. at Paignton Spiritualist Church (on the main Road between Paignton and Preston.)
26.10.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  THE ELEMENTS - WATER -Trines and Grand Trines in Water 2012/13.(of which there will be many, in a very Wet year) The "Water " in your own Chart
20.10.12 The Eye of the Storm
Kingsbridge Speaker: David Matthews

Trusting our Instinct for what is True, and relying upon our Inner Guide, we "home in" upon the Paths, the Teachings, the Sources of Light and Inspiration which best guide and support us in a time of great change and opportunity. As always there will be opportunity to glance over our own Charts highlighting outstanding Transits, etc. Venue: Harbour House, Kingsbridge. Time 10.15 Contact Helen or Michael Loxton 01548 854028

01.10.12 Tarot Class
  6 week introduction to using the Tarot. The class will run from 2.00 to 4.00 on Monday afternoons, and the cost is £10 per class. I shall provide Tarot cards for use in class, and also notes on the cards and on various related themes. If you would be interested in joining this class, or other classes that are already running or planned, please contact me at: evelyn@starlynx.plus.com or on 01803 867145.
28.09.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  whose Feast Day is, of course, 29 September. Charts, examples, instances of Angelic help, influence and inspiration. If you have/know of any such - perhaps you would share them on Friday 28th
29.06.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  How the Pluto Transit of Capricorn is transforming the Political/Financial Landscape. What's the "purpose" of this and the likely outcome ? Includes Greek Election Special; and the lighter touch of the Venus/Jupiter Conjunction in Gemini
08.06.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  Venus Transit. Where in your Chart does the Transit occur? What's the significance of this event? You might catch the final part of this Transit at Sunrise (in UK) on Weds 6 June but do use "Eclipse Glasses" (if you still have a pair) or try projecting the Sun's image onto a piece of white card through binoculars, this works quite well as long as the binoculars and card are held quite still. DO NOT look directly at the Sun through the binoculars !! Optimum viewing of this event can be found to the S.E. of Japan in the North West Pacific.(If you happen to be in the vicinity) And the Solar and Lunar Eclipses which "bracket" the Venus Transit
30.04.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  Earth the Planet of Music? From Beethoven to Beatles - Haydn to Hip Hop, From Gregorian Chant to "World Music" Charts and brief histories of notable Composers and Performers.Including Mozart, Vivaldi, Harrison and Hendrix and Glastonbury the Mother of Festivals.Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
13.04.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  VENUS aAs an Archetype; as an index of Love and Desire; of Taste and Values and, as a pointer to the Divine. Venus will Transit the Sun on 6 June a very rare event. What does this represent for us ? Again, we look (in brief) at Venus in your Chart, on the day. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
30.03.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  The Major Aspects. The Conjunction, the Opposition, The Trine, The Square. How to find, and Interpret them, in the Chart - bring your Natal Chart for this session. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
16.03.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews

Complete Bankers. All about Banks and Banking; examples and Instances, past and present. From the Roman Salt/Salary to the Federal Reserve and the IMF. The Future a simplified system; Credit Unions; barter and "freecycling"?

VENUS conjoins JUPITER in Taurus on 14 March do look out for this stunning conjunction in the evening sky on that date, or, during the week of 11-17 March. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145

02.03.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  "MARS RETROGRADE" - 23 Jan to 14 April 2012 And Retrograde Planets in general. How many Retrogrades do you have? and what does this all mean?? Discussion, with examples. Mars turned Retrograde at 00:53 U.T today, 24 Jan 2012. and now, from our perspective on Earth, will seem to move gradually backward through the Signs and Constellations until 14 April at which point it seems to pause, before gradually resuming Direct Motion.Mars is at Opposition on 3 March and beautifully placed for observation in the night sky late Feb/early March. 2 March is the feast of St. Chad (Christian Calendar) and a day traditionally associated with Mars. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
27.02.12 The Peacemakers
  Speaker: Dan Thompson Mills
  Here is the story of the longest running and truest democracy. An incredible tale of how it all came about. The peacemaker travelled across lake ontario to bring the peace making principles to the warring tribes of NE America. A true story an ancient tale that has huge relevance to all of humanity
17.02.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  2012 - MAJOR TRANSITS and Phenomena: this year sees the first of 7 Square Aspects between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn and, in the context of our own Birth Charts. Bring yours or ask me to print a copy for you. The "Parent" of this imminent series of Squares was the Uranus Pluto Conjunction of 1965-66 in Virgo.The lengthy transit of Mars in that Sign (see 2 March Session) could prove stimulating for that Conjunction, accellerating the process of (timely and necessary) change. SATURN continues its progress through Libra, entering Scorpio on 5 October 2012. and VENUS transits the Sun (a rare event) on 6 June. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
03.02.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  NEPTUNE IN PISCES 2012-2026 and a review of Neptune's recent Return to its Discovery location at 25 degrees Aquarius in 1846 - at which time it was conjunct Saturn. Materialised Spirit and/or Spiritualised Matter? and the "Occupy" movement? Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
13.01.12 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  Chart calculation afternoon. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
27.11.11 Turning the Wheel
  Speaker: Kevan Manwaring
  Tonight Kevan talks about his latest book Turning the Wheel. A very talented writer and friend Kevan comes from Stroud to give a Totnes launch of his fascinating book about ancient and modern British Ceremonies for festivals marking seasonal cycles. He will relate moments of sacred time he found in unlikely places and people. A sign of the times?
25.11.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  The day of a Solar Eclipse an ASTRO-CARTOGRAPHY Session. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
30.10.11 The Unity Theory of Time and Space, Matter and Light A New Paradigm for a New Age
  Speaker: Grahame Blackwell

It's been an interesting few months for cutting-edge physics. First Fermilab, CERN's friendly rival in the USA, reported a probable sighting of a totally new particle that would rule out the existence of the Higgs boson, the elusive God particle that is reckoned to be responsible for mass and inertia. CERN physicist and media star Brian Cox declared that, if confirmed, this would mean "RIP Standard Mode".

Tonight Grahame presents his new Unity Theory which does not throw the baby out with the bathwater when compared to existing theories, instead it presents a fusion of well-proven principles from Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, enhanced by a radically new perspective to provide a strong coherent base for serious well-informed future science. This new theory will be unveiled, including a detailed description of the principles of gravitational effects.

28.10.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  28 October 2011 as an Alternative end-date of the Mayan Calendar. At the Sun-Jupiter Opposition. Mayan, and "Western" perspectives on 2011-13 in general, with a focus on JUPITER in the / your Chart. Also - "Faster than Light" Chart for the announcement that Neutrinos can exceed the Speed of Light experiments at CERN and OPERA, in Italy. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
Starting 06.10.11 Astrology for Beginners
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  A six week introductory course. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
30.09.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  TRANSITION PLANET EARTH. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
23.09.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  TRANSITION PLANET EARTH. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
16.09.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  TRANSITION PLANET EARTH. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
Starting 14.09.11 Tarot Course

This is a six week course in learning to understand and use Tarot. In this course we shall explore the meanings of the cards, using the traditional symbolism, but also employing visualisation techniques to awaken our intuition and receive personal insights. In each class we shall use Tarot for others, and ourselves, thus learning by our practice. Tarot cards are provided for use in the class, but you are welcome to bring your own, too. The course can be extended if people want to further their studies. I have been using Tarot for over twenty five years, and I also teach classes for people with some knowledge of Tarot. The course will be held at my home in Totnes, and the cost is £10 per class. Please contact me (Evelyn Burgess) if you would like to book a place. Tel. 01803 867145

09.09.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  TRANSITION PLANET EARTH. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
11.09.11 The Power of Pure Sound
  Speaker: Dean Carter
  Dean will be giving a talk and Power Point presentation on the subject, as well as practically demonstrating The Power of Pure Sound by giving a min-soundbath that is guaranteed to promote meditative and deeper consciousness states, and cleanse and balance the chakras and aura.
02.09.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  TRANSITION PLANET EARTH. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
26.08.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  EARTH MOVEMENTS. Tectonic shifts from Tsunamis to Allotment Associations Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
08.07.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  The CARDINAL GRAND CROSS: July 2011 ongoing in 2011when Sun, Moon,Venus or Mars in Cancer link with Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn to complete this dynamic feature. We assess the implications, Universal, Social and Personal. Bring your Chart! Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
01.07.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  ECLIPSES. In general but especially those of 2011/12. On 1 July a Partial Solar Eclipse in 9 Cancer links with many significant Charts in a Political Degree Area.(E.C., Euro, U.K.,Canada, Australia, U.S.A. etc.) Includes occultations of Planets by the Moon e.g. 2012 features Moon occulting (eclipsing) Pluto in Capricorn on a Monthly basis from April onward. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com or Tel. 01803 867145
26.06.11 Early St Thomas Christians and the Hindu Society in India
  Speaker: Edmund Marriage
  The earliest version of the Acts of Thomas in the St Catherine's Monastery library in Sinai, states clearly that Jesus was having regular meetings with Thomas in India after the Crucifixion. The first Christian Syrian Church in India was founded by Thomas in Kerala, South West India, in AD 52, before the Caractacus family returned from exile in Rome to found churches at Llanilid AD 63 and Glastonbury AD 64. Britain 's King Alfred sent an embassy to Kerala in AD 883, headed by Sighelm, Bishop of Sherborne, to visit the tomb of Thomas, in what has now become the most Christian State in India . The Syrian Church remains today wonderfully integrated in its social customs with the surrounding Hinduism. The disciple scribes Matthew, Philip and Thomas recorded and witnessed the Mystical Discourses spoken by Jesus the Nazarene to his Inner Circle of male and female disciples on the Mount of Olives, before their mission dispersed to teach around the world. Christian O'Brien in the Path of Light (translations of the Askew and Bruce Codices) demonstrates that Jesus was teaching these disciples Surat (soul), Shabd (word), Yoga (union) as taught in the Druidic Academies and Mystery Schools of the Ancient World. The emphasis here was on the secular pursuit of knowledge, the truth before the world, the natural laws requiring the freewill and equality of men and women, and importantly knowledge of the transmigration of the soul. The British Christian Church was dissolved at the Council of Whitby in AD 664, 48 years after the great slaughter of some 2,000 monks from the Bangor on Dee monastery at the Battle of Chester by the Northumberland king on the authority of the Church of Rome
17.06.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  "GNOSTICS and GNOSTICISM." An Astrological study inc: Essenes; Cathars; Quakers; Sufism,etc; and following this Tradition through to re-emergence in the 21st Century
10.06.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  VILLAINS. A session to complement the former session.Some obvious candidates:- Hitler, Peter Sutcliffe, Henry the Eigth, most Politicians ?? Again suggestions welcomed for this topic. Venue 6 Plymouth Road, Totnes. Time 2-4pm. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com
03.06.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  The first of a Pair of sessions called HEROES (and Heroines). David Icke, Harry Potter, Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon. Do E-mail with any suggestions for this topic and I will endeavour to locate the relevant Data. Mother Theresa Venue 6 Plymouth Road, Totnes. Time 2-4pm. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com
27.05.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  SECRET SOCIETIES SESSION. Charts for the Bilderberg Group; Illuminati; Freemasonry, etc Venue 6 Plymouth Road, Totnes. Time 7.30pm. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com
20.05.11 Totnes Astrology Group Meeting
  Facilitator: David Matthews
  The Sun, in the last degree of Taurus is Conjunct the PLEIADES, on this day.Then, from the sublime to: - "McDONALDS" 2 Charts which trace the development of the Burger Behemoth. Also: The Vegetarian Society and the Vegan Society (Foundation Charts for both these groups of British origin). Venue 6 Plymouth Road, Totnes. Time 2-4pm. Email David at dave@starlynx.plus.com
24.04.11 Transcendent Spiritual Visionaries: Rabin Dranagh Tagore and Kahlil Gibran
  Speaker: Jeffrey Gale
27.03.11 2015 - Looking Back from the Future
  Speaker: Robert Mulliss
  Tonight we move forward in time to 2015. An evening of interaction and discussion as we outline a possible scenario for the future, one in which humanity realises that it is part of a cosmic living matrix
06.02.11 The Astrology of 2011
  Speaker: David Matthews

From an astrological perspective David regards 2011 as an outstanding and significant year. There are for example many planets moving in to Aries itself a dynamic sign of fire. Saturn's transit of Libra is also significant;it resonates with the dissolution of Glastonbury Abbey in 1539 C.E.

05.12.10 The Garden of Eden
  Speaker: Edmund Marriage
21.11.10 Willowby's World
  Speaker: Deirdre Edwards
  Award winning actress and teacher, Deirdre will share her experiences of the significance of land energy healing work that she has been led to do. She will explore the wisdom, communication and healing that is accessible to us in nature. Her experiences and knowledge have evolved in to "Willowby's World" a book of empowerment where the keys to land healing, earth consciousness and communication with nature are woven in to the narrative. Her intention is that you leave the gathering empowered and confident in your innate sensitivity to begin transforming yourself and your locality through a renewed communication with your special place in nature. www.willowbysworld.com
31.10.10 An Evening of Music and Poetry
  With: Marie Greeham, Zoe Hudson and Jeffrey Gale
  An evening of Irish and English songs with guitar and flute followed by poetry readings from Jeffrey and other local poets
10.10.10 The Sacred Geometry of Stonehenge
  Speaker: Paul Devereux
26.09.10 Orbs (El-Aeons), Plasma, and Earth Energies
  Speakers: Dean Carter and Lorna Heath
  Known for their work with the Centre for Pure Sound, Dean and Lorna have also become investigators into the world of 'super-plasma' phenomena and in this presentation make public for the first time their archive not only of Orbs (EL-AEONS) but what they believe to be the worlds first PHOTOGRAPHS OF EARTH ENERGIES! Breathtaking visual evidence of energetic phenomena well-known to dowsers but dismissed by many until now
22.08.10 The Right-Handed Universe: Why Antimatter Matters to You
  Speaker: Grahame Blackwell

Grahame takes us on a powerpoint journey into outer and inner space. He shows how and why the universe is fundamentally lopsided, as evidenced by a number of recent Nobel awards. He goes on to explain why this is likely to have far-reaching consequences for every one of us, in relation to travel, communications, energy - in fact, for the very survival of the human race. If you see one down-to-earth non-technical scientific talk this year, make it this one

Colour Life Coaching Certificate Weekend
Totnes Workshop Facilitator: Suzy Chiazzari
  In this inspiring and life-changing workshop, Suzy Chiazzari guides you through the rainbow of life-enhancing colours; Passion, Joy, Focus, Balance, Love, Intuition, Vision, Creativity and Transformation. so you can take control and create opportunities that allow you to enjoy a healthy and fulfilled life. Suzy uses her special Colour Life Coaching technique that shows you how to find your special colours to suit your personality and life-style and how to use colour to boost your self confidence, solve your problems and achieve your hopes and dreams. You will use colour to help you understand your relationships, past and present and to find your true life path.This two day workshop trains you to become a Colour Life Coach and if you are already a trained coach or therapist it can be used as proof of professional development. Log on to www.iriscolour.co.uk for further information.
01.08.10 Sound Experience Workshop - A Sonic Bath Meditation
  Facilitator: Martin Rudin
  Venue: St Marys Hall
18.07.10 Colour Counselling Using Colour Card Readings
Totnes Workshop Facilitator: Suzy Chiazzari
  Learn how to diagnose areas of your life that are out of balance and to give a chakra reading using Iris Colour Reading Cards. This workshop will also enable you to use Aura Soma oils. Log on to www.iriscolour.co.uk for further information.

Colour Light and Gem Facials

Totnes Workshop Facilitator: Suzy Chiazzari
  In this workshop you will learn to use Chinese colour facial diagnosis to discover areas of imbalance in your mind body and spirit.
Come and learn how to give a colour light therapy and a crystal facial and enjoy receiving both these beautifully relaxing facials yourself. Colour light facials use a colour crystal torch which are extremely healing and rejuvenating. These Colour and crystal facials can be used on their own or combined with other health and beauty treatments. The day is ended with a divine auric back, neck and head massage. Log on to www.iriscolour.co.uk for further information.
28.06.10 The Goddess Temples of Malta
  Speaker: Peter Knight
  Peter, author and founder of the DEMG, returns with another Powerpoint presentation on the sacred sites of Malta, including its ancient temples and tombs, Christian catacombs, Goddess figurines, Roman remains, Knights Templar associations, energy orbs and dowsing Venue: Birdwood House
16.05.10 The Life in Burma Today: The Dream of Aung San Su Chi for Democratic Society and Government
  Speaker: Sam Hkam
24.04.10 Life Today in the Gaza Strip and Ramalla
  Speaker: David Halpin
13.04.10 REKINDLING THE WATERS: The Truth About Swimming With Dolphins
  Speaker: Leah Lemieux
  A special evening in prospect when Canadian author Leah will be hosting a special screening of the award-winning documentary film The Cove - a powerful message to save the dolphins, followed by a lecture and discussion and introduction to her book Rekindling the Waters - The Truth About Swimming with Dolphins. Time 7pm. Venue Birdwood House, high st. Totnes, Devon. For further information log on to www.rekindlingthewaters.com
27.03.10 Weaving Words and Spinning Tales. An Evening of Poetry and Story Telling
  With: Zoe Hudson, Marie Creehan & Jeffrey Gale
28.02.10 The New Physics of Consciousness
  Speaker: David Ash

A fascinating evening in prospect when David will talk about his research; the idea of a new proven physics based on Indian Mysticism reconciling science and spirituality. Yogis in Ancient India probed the atom with their minds and saw "the smallest particles of matter as vortices of energy." Imagining atoms as material particles the ancient Greeks invented materialism. Seeing the vortex the Yogis realised maya; the illusion of material. The vortex has explained the whole of physics in terms of a single principle. If we could expand our consciousness to grasp these ideas a new physics would be revealed to us that is so straightforward that everyone can understand and enjoy. Connection with these higher dimensions provides an easy account in science for life after death and the spiritual realms. Concepts of soul and spirit fit in to this amazing new physics and Angels, crop circles, homeopathy, acupuncture, miracles and manifestations are seen as a higher level of science, explained clearly and simply along the life field, physic surgery and ascension.

13.12.09 The Well under the Sea
  Speaker: Kevan Manwaring
  The Well Under the Sea is the third novel in the epic Windsmith elegy which represents a lament for the lost of history; primarily for those fallen in the first and second world wars. Back by popular demand, author Kevan Manwaring is a writer, teacher & storyteller who lives in Bath . Winner of the Bardic Chair of Bath in 1998, he has been a professional storyteller since, appearing in diverse venues across Britain and abroad ( USA , Italy and Malta ). He is the author of Lost Islands and the ongoing Windsmith books. His poems and articles have appeared in several magazines and anthologies. Having previously talked at WRG Totnes on The Long Woman & Windsmith Kevan is looking forward to talking about the third instalment of his visionary epic, published by Awen Publications
25.10.09 Orbs and Earth Energies
  Speakers: Dean Carter and Lorna Heath
  Known for their work with the Centre for Pure Sound, Dean and Lorna have also become investigators into the world of 'super-plasma' phenomena and in this presentation make public for the first time their archive not only of 'Orbs' (EL-AEONS) but what they believe to be the worlds first PHOTOGRAPHS OF EARTH ENERGIES! Breathtaking visual evidence of energetic phenomena well-known to doswers but dismissed by many until now
18.10.09 The Mystery of Music
  Speaker: Robert Nicholas-Weil
  A personal exploration illustrated by his music
27.09.09 Tapestry of Light
  Speaker: Graham Blackwell
  Graham presents original theories from his book Tapestry of Light on the nature of everything
19.07.09 The History of Writing in Cultures: A way of revealing our origins
  Speaker: Edmund Marriage
28.06.09 Jain Balodaya Creative Education Project for Schools in Rajasthan
  Speaker: Jeffrey Gale
  A talk with two films about the work of the Tulsi Trust in India, bringing spirituality in to education and healthcare
30.05.09 Sacred Geometry Works!
  Speaker: Claudie Planche

Claudie presents the esoteric background of the seven archetypes found in sacred geometry and everywhere inside and around us. Focusing on the geometry of both history and the future and explaining the importance of current times


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