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16-04-19 Thousand year old Golden Age of the Christian Church of Jesus and Thomas in the Middle East,
Africa and Asia forming an intellectual base for Islam
  Speaker: Edmund Marriage
26-02-19 Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Bellini and the Holy Grail
  Speaker: Chris Jenkins

On the 500th anniversary of Leonardo D Vincis death in 1519 this talk celebrates the great painter of the period and the spiritual origins of the Renaissance under the guidance of Cosimo Medici. The Da Vincis paintings the Last Supper and the Transfiguration of Raphael are both connected with the Holy Grail and its mysteries

29-01-19 Poussin and the Greatest Secret in the World
  Speaker: Chris Jenkins
  Nicholas Poussin the 17th century French painter disguised within his art work many mysteries; the reason why the French king attempted to hide away his paintings in his collection

The Karma of Brexit. The Spiritual and Metaphysical Dimensions of Politics

  Speaker: Thomas Clough Daffern

This talk will explore the consequences for the UK of the implementation of Brexit, and discusses the whole topic from an esoteric, karmic and Druidical perspective. Should we leave? Or would Scotland and the UK would be better to remain united and part of a reforming EU? The speaker intends to cast some light on how to retrieve the situation, by emphasising, love, unity, peace and integral spirituality. By saying no to fear and hate, racism and xenophobia and anti-Europeanism.

04-12-18 Poussin and the Greatest Secret in the World
  Speaker: Chris Jenkins
  Nicholas Poussin the 17th century French painter disguised within his art work many mysteries; the reason why the French king attempted to hide away his paintings in his collection
30-10-18 The Templars and the Arc of the Covenant
  Speaker: Chris Jenkins
  A fascinating story of mystery and intrigue. The templars are named from the temple of Jerusalem built to house the Arc of the Covenant. Was this the reason that they spent so many years at the temple and what was the relationship with the Arc of the Covenant to the rest of the world.
25-09-18 The Cathars. The Spiritual Revival in the Middle Ages
  Speaker: Chris Jenkins
31-07-18 The Mystery of the Portal at Rennes le Chateau
  Speaker: Chris Jenkins
  There is a mystery surrounding Father Berenger Sauniere (right) regarding his sudden wealth; one of the things he did was to build a tower on the Rennes le Chateau estate copying a tower one in Girona. The two towers are located on a ley line connecting the two places. Tonight Chris will talk about the role of Rennes le Chateau as a portal; a gateway to the idea of a multi layered reality
03-12-16 Super Clues to Reality
  Speaker: Marian Matthews

3 years ago, after 10 years of research, I published my first book Aspects of reality: a user's guide to the universe. In it I looked at all the possible strands, or aspects, that made up what we think of as our reality. Starting with who and what we, as human beings actually are, I identified strands from science, spirituality, philosophy, religion, other elements such as continuation of life after death and many more topics that helped to make some sense of our reality and its interactions.

From the thousands of aspects that I found, I identified the main 7 and spent over a year talking to various groups about them and how they seemed to interact with each other to form what we think of as our reality today. Whilst I was talking I realised that some topics actually had embedded within them the super clues. Clues which gave insights to possible even bigger pictures of reality.

My new talk, Super clues to reality, looks again at my 7 aspects and shows the tantalising glimpses of possible amazing big pictures beyond our Earth bound reality. Venue Bogan House

30-01-16 Earth is the Womb of Angels
  Speaker: David Ash

David Ash will talk on the EARTH IS THE WOMB OF ANGELS. Based on his new books CONTINUOUS LIVING and THE VORTEX THEORY and the evidence of near death experiences he explains our soul destiny. From a life time of research as a spiritual scientist, David is convinced the purpose of our lives is to decide through the way we live whether we become an angel in the light with Life and Love, or an angel in the dark separated from Light, Love and Life. David says death is a delusion. It is not an end, but a beginning. Death is our birth as an angel!

David concludes with a Sacred Sabai Blessing accompanied by spiritual songs. The blessing is profound, providing a deep peace and connectedness to Spirit as a direct experience of the angelic realms of Love and Light.

David is author of:The Vortex: Key to Future Science (Gateway Books 1990), The New Science of the Spirit (College of Psychic Studies 1995), Activation for Ascension (Kima Global Publishing 1995) The New Physics of Consciousness & The Role of Evil in Human Evolution (Kima Global 2007), The Vortex Theory & Continuous Living (Kima Books 2015)


Walking Life's Path. A Journey into Soul Geomancy and Astrosophy

  Speaker: Mark Herbert

Is it possible for soul relationships to be expressed as precise geometrical alignments along etheric pathways over Earth's surface? Is it also feasible that the same soul associations can be depicted in sacred geometry upon the celestial sphere? What could any of these novel philosophies have to do with Midsummer's Day, or the “Cross of Light” or the Knights Templar?

An illustrated presentation covering the comprehensive observations, insights and analyses of Mark Herbert Earth Sensitive, Ley-man and Astrosopher , making a strong true life case for the pre-natal intelligence of the soul and its post-natal spiritual guidance

Dartmoor - An Area of Outstanding Management Neglect?

  Speaker: Edmund Marriage

Currently a tick, heather beetle, bracken, gorse, weed grasses, infested landscape devoid of grazing animals and wildlife with the exception of uncontrolled predators consuming the last of the endangered prey species, all at a cost to the taxpayer of some £126 million since 1998.

Or should Dartmoor be: A Viable, Productive and Diverse Farmed Upland Landscape Delivering Biodiversity
Healthy heather, two years after reseeding, free from heather beetle, tick infestation, bracken and unpalatable weed grasses, with 10 times the carrying capacity for livestock and wildlife. The Howden Moor Model of Upland Management, now a flagship of excellence created for the National Trust.


Origins of Agriculture in the Levantine Corridor and latest evidence on the Garden of Eden

  Speaker: Edmund Marriage
  Located in Southern Lebanon, 8 miles north of Mt Hermon and 25 miles west of Damascus - Images and results of our November 2009 Survey. The Restart of Civilization Following Global Catastrophe with Angels, Watchers, Tuatha De Danann, Druids and the links to British Christianity

Poetry. Gateway to the Spirit

  Speaker: John Gordon
  This talk will focus on the exciting ways in which poetry opens a door into the world of the Spirit. It features on much neglected riches of the British poetic tradition going back as far as Saxon verse, Medieval poems and the great tradition from Donne and Milton to modern day poets - John will illustrate the talk with readings from the tradition and also from his own recently published collection of verse. We will explore the ways in which poems achieve their impact upon the reader and bring great personal and corporate spiritual insight and revelation. Venue: Birdwood House

Sacred Geometry and the Template

  Speaker: Claudie Planche
  Sacred Geometry enhances our physical, mental and emotional health through the resonance of our original blue print with the building
blocks of the natural world. The Template is a very innovative healing experience which uses Sacred Geometry to strengthen us at all levels. www.stargaia.com or stargaia.com/the-template Venue Birdwood House

The Healing & Empowering Energy of Sound

  Speaker: Sara Jane

Today many Alternative Practises use Sound; whether it is the playing of relaxing music while you enjoy a massage or you are receiving a session in which Sound is an integral part of the treatment. Gongs, Drums, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Voice in the form of Toning and more are used. Their energy & vibration are proving very beneficial for helping heal both physical and emotional pain.

This is an Interactive talk and demonstration of Sound Energy; learn about and experience the energy of Toning, the use of the voice to help ease pain, both physical and emotional. Many physical ailments and pains are old emotional hurts that have not healed. Sara Jane's Talk touches on how she works with people to heal childhood traumas and help them feel more confident and happier in their life.

Sara Jane is the Master of Voice & Sound Energy and during this interactive talk & demonstration you will learn how sound works, experience the energy of the tones that Sara brings and we hope you will join in under Sara Jane's expert guidance. Intrigued? The best way to find out more is come along to Sara's Interactive Talk & Demonstration.

Venue Birdwood House, Totnes


Celtic Healing and Miracles

  Speaker: John Gordon
  This talk will focus on the exciting and oft neglected dimension of healing and the supernatural as practised by the early Celtic saints in Britain. The powerful holistic message of healing , cleansing and restoration will be explored with lively illustrations from the Celtic saints and remarkable modern healings. The talk will be preceded by an atmospheric song in Scottish Gaelic.Do come and learn more about and experience the rich well of Celtic healing
13.07.13 The Science of Unity
  Speaker: Dr Grahame Blackwell
  Venue: Birdwood House

Land of the Gods. Life and Spirituality in the Indian Himalayas

  Speaker: Carol Fraser

the Windsmith Trilogy

  Speaker: Kevan Manwaring
  Venue: Birdwood House (opposite Bogan House)

Writing for the Imagination - Creative Writing Workshop

  Facilitator: Kevan Manwaring

Imagination is a writer's greatest resource. This workshop will help you awaken it and explore its rich depths for the benefit of your writing, your readers and yourself. We will look at great writers of imaginative fiction and the treasure hoard of myths, legends and dreams, but the focus will be on your ideas and how to turn them into enchanting stories. For beginners and writers with some experience. Bring pen, paper and a favourite fairy tale. Notes will be provided. Sunday 2-4pm Cost £30/££25 concessions

Kevan Manwaring is the author of over 15 books including The Bardic Handbook; and The Windsmith Elegy. He teaches creative writing for The Open University and Skyros Writers' Lab. www.kevanmanwaring.co.uk


What and Where is Mind?

  Speaker: Jasper Solomon
  The word 'mind' is used in so many ways to express opinions, feelings and attitudes but what is it and is it anything anyway? It is commonly defined as the faculty of consciousness and thought but what does this mean and where is it? Can it be said to be anywhere? We will try some mind-storming to see if we can bring some clarity to our thinking about it and follow where it takes us.

Jasper has resided in Totnes for 15 years in retirement from being an architect and can chalk up 60 years of wrestling with this topic of what we are with some modest success in clearing away a lot of the clutter and obfuscation (lovely word!) that tends to accumulate around the subject.

Soundworks! A Sacred Sound Workshop based on Ancient Sufi Traditions

  Facilitators: Andrew G and Dr Seija Nurmi

What is Sufi? Sufi is an Arabic word that has two meanings. One is the wool of sheep and two, purity . This refers to the purifying of the soul, the psyche, the emotions and the body. As my teacher, world renowned Sufi Master, Adnan Sarhan would suggest, we begin to dissolve the negative-self, the ego. When all is purified, we become better and more enlightened human beings. What once appeared to be a problem, often isn't a problem any more. We perceive our circumstances through clearer and different lenses. Former participants have expressed they feel brighter, more joyous and more one and at peace with the world. To quote from sufi philosophy, 'we travel through the veils'...that obscures true vision, true reality.

The workshop: Sitting on yoga mats, I take you through a series of gentle stretch and breathing exercises. We listen to the hypnotic and transformational sounds of Adnan's drumming. We dance with optional silk veils (we will be bringing a few) . We whirl, such as the whirling dervishes from Turkey. We also do powerful voice chakra sounding meditations. I recount sufi stories. The desired effects from such workshops is to take us away from all the distractions of our lives ' out there', in order to connect 'in there' our true selves-our Soul . The results are frequently amazing.

Experience a sufi chant! Sitting comfortably with no distractions, with eyes closed, chant the sounds ‘ Moi Ji'. On the moi, slightly raise the head, to the upper chakras, and on the Ji slightly lower the head to the lower chakras. Do this for five, ten, fifteen minutes or even longer. On completion, feel the electricity running through your body. Do you feel, just a little different than you did at the beginning? I will be introducing other chants in the workshop.

What do you bring to a workshop: Yoga mat or something soft to lie on. (Essential). Also something light to cover yourself. ( Not essential), Silk or light scarf to cover your eyes. (Not essential), Silk scarf to dance with. (Not essential) . We will be bringing a few 2.5metre scarves, Light lunch. For further information log on to www.GalacticLight.com or telephone Andrew on 01903 501201.


Jesus and his brother James in Britain with the Druids

  Speaker: Edmund Marriage

Jesus is the central figure of his times, remembered by oral and substantial written Christian and Islamic records from many sources, describing his mission to restore good government in the homelands of the British people. It took over a thousand years before the people could obtain a Bible, Qur'an or Torah, and personally verify the corruption of the original messages through the vain teachings of priests, who from the start had created divisions and rules to control lives This breached the Druidic philosophy and practice centred on the Truth Before the World , and a basic doctrine that; without freedom of will there is no humanity ; freedom of conscience was both the birth and breath of manhood; the essence of the soul was will. Good government and peace was a fundamental requirement. Religion as we know it did not exist. This contrasts sharply from around AD 400 with Augustine of Hippo's Roman Catholic doctrine of Original Sin and the Denigration of Women, together with Islam's circumcision of women and current persecution of Christians, now shown to be crimes against humanity. Neither Jesus nor Mohammed wanted a new religion, both wanted to return to the Abrahamic Faith of the Golden Age taught by the Shining Ones, where t he king's primary role was to deliver to the people, freedom, justice, leisure and instruction. No one was above the law - the Edicts of An and Enlil, the Divine Justice of the Immortal Gods. Muslim faith claims to follow Torah writings, but then contradicts them. It claims that Jesus was a prophet, but ignores his teachings about non-violence, in practice and in the Qur'an. Author Christian O'Brien sets out his detailed translation of the prominent earliest Christian texts within the Path of Light , providing vital clues for a revised history of Jesus, and his teaching of advanced spirituality.

FFI Telephone Jeffrey Gale 01803 866349. Venue: Bogan House Costume Museum ( Opposite Market Square ), High Street, Totnes, Devon. Cost. £5 on door, including refreshments

27.02.12 The Peacemakers
  Speaker: Dan Thompson Mills
  Here is the story of the longest running and truest democracy. An incredible tale of how it all came about. The peacemaker travelled across lake ontario to bring the peace making principles to the warring tribes of NE America. A true story an ancient tale that has huge relevance to all of humanity
27.11.11 Turning the Wheel
  Speaker: Kevan Manwaring
  Tonight Kevan talks about his latest book Turning the Wheel. A very talented writer and friend Kevan comes from Stroud to give a Totnes launch of his fascinating book about ancient and modern British Ceremonies for festivals marking seasonal cycles. He will relate moments of sacred time he found in unlikely places and people. A sign of the times?
30.10.11 The Unity Theory of Time and Space, Matter and Light A New Paradigm for a New Age
  Speaker: Grahame Blackwell

It's been an interesting few months for cutting-edge physics. First Fermilab, CERN's friendly rival in the USA, reported a probable sighting of a totally new particle that would rule out the existence of the Higgs boson, the elusive God particle that is reckoned to be responsible for mass and inertia. CERN physicist and media star Brian Cox declared that, if confirmed, this would mean "RIP Standard Mode".

Tonight Grahame presents his new Unity Theory which does not throw the baby out with the bathwater when compared to existing theories, instead it presents a fusion of well-proven principles from Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, enhanced by a radically new perspective to provide a strong coherent base for serious well-informed future science. This new theory will be unveiled, including a detailed description of the principles of gravitational effects.

11.09.11 The Power of Pure Sound
  Speaker: Dean Carter
  Dean will be giving a talk and Power Point presentation on the subject, as well as practically demonstrating The Power of Pure Sound by giving a min-soundbath that is guaranteed to promote meditative and deeper consciousness states, and cleanse and balance the chakras and aura.
26.06.11 Early St Thomas Christians and the Hindu Society in India
  Speaker: Edmund Marriage
  The earliest version of the Acts of Thomas in the St Catherine's Monastery library in Sinai, states clearly that Jesus was having regular meetings with Thomas in India after the Crucifixion. The first Christian Syrian Church in India was founded by Thomas in Kerala, South West India, in AD 52, before the Caractacus family returned from exile in Rome to found churches at Llanilid AD 63 and Glastonbury AD 64. Britain 's King Alfred sent an embassy to Kerala in AD 883, headed by Sighelm, Bishop of Sherborne, to visit the tomb of Thomas, in what has now become the most Christian State in India . The Syrian Church remains today wonderfully integrated in its social customs with the surrounding Hinduism. The disciple scribes Matthew, Philip and Thomas recorded and witnessed the Mystical Discourses spoken by Jesus the Nazarene to his Inner Circle of male and female disciples on the Mount of Olives, before their mission dispersed to teach around the world. Christian O'Brien in the Path of Light (translations of the Askew and Bruce Codices) demonstrates that Jesus was teaching these disciples Surat (soul), Shabd (word), Yoga (union) as taught in the Druidic Academies and Mystery Schools of the Ancient World. The emphasis here was on the secular pursuit of knowledge, the truth before the world, the natural laws requiring the freewill and equality of men and women, and importantly knowledge of the transmigration of the soul. The British Christian Church was dissolved at the Council of Whitby in AD 664, 48 years after the great slaughter of some 2,000 monks from the Bangor on Dee monastery at the Battle of Chester by the Northumberland king on the authority of the Church of Rome

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