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Title Waverley Dowsers

Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godalming GU7 3JB (A3100, opposite Esso Garage)

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Contribution £5.00 (members, £8 non members)
Contact Michael Haxeltine

01252 541639

Email info@waverleydowsers.co.uk
Web www.waverleydowsers.co.uk
Schedule We have regular meetings where we share and discuss our members adventures in Dowsing. Waverley Dowsers are affiliated to the British Society of Dowsers

12-04-19 Annual General Meeting
  Group Event:
08-03-19 Nature Spirits at Holy Sites and Sacred Spaces
  Speaker: Adrian Incledon Webber
08-02-19 Orgone Energy
  Speaker: Roger Taylor
15-01-19 Annual Celebration Evening
  Group Event
11-01-19 Advanced Busby Pebbles for Healing
  Speaker: Steve Taylor
December Christmas Open Dowsing Evening
  Group Event
09-11-18 The Therapeutic Properties of Sound
  Speaker: Kay Kraty
12-10-18 Water Divining
  Speaker: Linda Prenter
06-10-18 Basic Dowsing Training Day
  Workshop / group event
  For beginners, this 3 hour session will introduce you to simple dowsing techniques with L-rods and with pendulums. Find out how you can apply dowsing to everyday life
14-09-18 Dragons and Serpents. Myths Symbolism and Earth Energies
  Speaker: Peter Knight
13-07-18 Practical Dowsing. Hands on at the Lammas Lands
  Workshop / group event
09-06-18 Hands on Dunsford Church and Holy Well
  Workshop / group event
08-06-18 Notes From The Dairy of a Sceptical Dowser
  Speaker: Christopher Strong
15-05-18 Psychic Protection. Do You Know Who You Are Travelling with Down the Psychic Highway?
  Speaker: Jane Court
04-05-18 Hands on Seeking of Energy Fields in a Sports Field
  Workshop / group event
13-04-18 AGM
12-01-18 Chiropody
  Speaker: James Everett
08-12-17 Star Gates
  Speaker: Anne Stallybrass
14-10-17 The Dangers of Electrical Smog and Geopathic Stress
  Speaker: Roy Riggs
30-09-17 Basic Dowsing Training
  Workshop / group event
  For beginners, this 3 hour session will introduce you to simple dowsing techniques with L-rods and with pendulums. Find out how you can apply dowsing to everyday life
08-09-17 Healing Potential (my experience and journey)
  Speaker: John Donaldson
22-07-17 Tilford Garden Visit
Tilford Group Visit
14-07-17 Tapping into Healing Energies
  Speaker: Keith Harmon
17-06-17 Waverley Abbey
Waverley Group Visit
12-05-17 Aspects of Healing
  Speaker: Steve Taylor
21-04-17 AGM
  Group Event
10-03-17 Megaliths Evening
  Speaker: To be Confirmed
17-01-17 Waverley Dowsers Christmas Dinner
  Group Event
13-01-17 Crop Circles Evening
  Speaker: Andy Thomas
11.11.16 Geopathic Stress / Heal Your Home
  Speaker: Adrian Incledon Webber
14-10-16 Spiritualist Evening
09-10-16 Waverley Abbey
Waverley Group Visit
16-09-16 Britains Elongated Skulls
  Speaker: Maria Wheatley
04-08-16 Staycation Day
31-07-16 Rustic Sunday at Tilford Rural Life Centre
Tilford Group Visit
12-07-16 St Marys Church
Guildford Group Visit
09-07-16 Old Sarum
Salisbury Group Visit
16-06-16 Thoughts on Dowsing
  Speaker: Nigal Twinn
05-06-16 St Catherines Well
Winchester Group Visit
22-05-16 Plant Dowsing
  Group event
16-04-16 AGM
  Group Event
08-03-16 Healing with Sacred Symbols
  A Talk with Adrian Incledon Webber
09-02-16 Health Healing and Dowsing
  A Talk
12-01-16 The Work of Raymon Grace
  A Talk
10-11-15 Healing Horses by Communication
  Speaker: Gaynor Davenport
17-10-15 Exploring Dowsing Techniques
  Workshop / group event
  This is a follow up to the basic dowsing course. Time 2pm
08-09-15 The Dunce's Hat. Testing the recent revelations of how the hat affects its wearers
  Speaker: Michael Haxeltine
19-07-15 Exploring the Labyrinth and visit to St Cross
  Workshop / group event with Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare
  Venue: Winchester - All day
14-07-15 Water Dowsing
  Workshop / group event
  Venue: Fleet Time 7.30pm
13-06-15 Basic Dowsing Training
  Workshop / group event
  For beginners, this 3 hour session will introduce you to simple dowsing techniques with L-rods and with pendulums. Find out how you can apply dowsing to everyday life
12-05-15 Farnham Park
  Field Visit / Group Event
14-04-15 AGM followed by Weird and Wonderful Devices
  Speaker: Michael Haxeltine
11-04-15 Exploring Dowsing Techniques
  Workshop / group event
  For beginners, this 3 hour session follows on from the earlier session called "simple dowsing techniques"
10-03-15 Crystal Communications
  Speaker: Beverley Kinane
  Our speaker on this occasion will be Reiki Master and Spirit Communicator Beverley Kinane who will tell us about working with crystals. Learn who your crystals really are, how to connect, listen and work with them and understand how they can promote health and happiness for all the family. Also learn how to look after your crystals to keep them singing in peak condition! Beverley will bring a selection of crystals including several pendulums for us to experience hands on practice
22-02-15 Basic Dowsing Training
  Workshop / group event
  For beginners, this 3 hour session will introduce you to simple dowsing techniques with L-rods and with pendulums. Find out how you can apply dowsing to everyday life
13-01-15 A Chat About Chakras
  Speaker: Michael Haxeltine
  This talk follows a session last year when Michael encouraged us to dowse for meridians in our bodies. This time, he will talk to us about chackras, what they are, what they do, and how to see, sense and feel them. Michael believes that they exist in animals as well as humans, and possibly in trees and plants too
18-10-14 Basics of Dowsing
  Facilitator: Harry Oldfield
  Waverley Dowsers will be providing a 2 hour workshop on the basics of Dowsing at their Godalming meeting hall on the 18th October from 2pm until 4pm, if you would like to come and join in the fun of Dowsing please contact us as we have to prepare for everyone. Learn how to find your missing items, take care of your plants, be a better cook and the other 1001 things that dowsing can do for you (read some of our articles on the Waverley dowsers article page) we can also provide dowsing rods for you to use and we may have some dowsing rods for sale
Digital Monitoring of Your Dowsing Progress
  Facilitator: Harry Oldfield

A set of unique dowsing workshops with a difference. Whilst you practice dowsing and balancing subtle energy fields, your own energy fields will be captured on digital media showing evidence of your progress. This is possible thanks to an invention of Dr Harry Oldfield whose New Energy Vision imaging system will be used. In fact Harry will himself be operating his camera and interpreting the findings. You get to meet him and find out more about his work with light, auras, crystals and healing.

A special dowsing workshop for all Dowsers where you will be able to see your progress and recognise your use of subtle energy use in real time visual imagery. Venue: Central London

09-09-14 Waverley Abbey
  Group Visit
  Waverley Dowsers will be visiting Waverley Abbey in Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8EP on the 9th September along with the Mayor and guests, please come along to see some experienced dowsers search the Abbey grounds for missing buildings plus there may also be the opportunity to search for Earth energies and perhaps even some ghosts
08-07-14 King George V Field
  Facilitator: Michael Haxeltine
  Waverley Dowsers next group meeting will be 8th July, 2014 Archaeological Dowsing to aid the work of a local historian at King George V Field, Farnborough GU14 6PQ To be lead by Michael Haxeltine. We will be hunting for the precise locations of some features which are no longer visible to on the ground
15-04-14 AGM and talk on Practical Dowsing
  Speaker: Steve Taylor

At the Waverley Dowsers next AGM meeting on the 15th April long time Dowser Steve Taylor will be providing a talk on practical dowsing, he will be presenting ideas and demonstrations of dowsing that you can use in the garden, home and even at work.

Dowsing is not just about chasing down Ley lines and underground water streams exciting as they may be, but Dowsing can also be used for cooking, gardening, finding your keys and discovering electro-magnetic fields in the home that may actually be detrimental to your health. Make sure you don't miss this exciting talk of possibilities

11-03-14 Dowsing the Stonehenge Landscape
  Speaker: Don Bryan

Following last year's enlightening presentation on Dowsing the Arthurian Legend, we have invited Don back to give us a talk on his experiences dowsing the Stonehenge Landscape. Don is an experienced Dowser and Chair of the BSD Archaeology Special Interest Group

14-01-14 Going with the Vibes
  Speaker: Keith Harman

Keith is Chair of both the Association of Energy Therapists (AET) and Middlesex and Surrey Archaeological Dowsers (MASAD) and Vice Chair of the International Association of Health Dowsers (IAHD). He is also on the Executive Team of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA). Keith is experienced in many fields of dowsing and is a registered tutor with the British Society of Dowsers (BSD).




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