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Title Wellspring

Rode Chapel, High Street, Rode, Somerset, BA11 6PA

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Contribution £5.00
Contact Caroline Williams
Tel 01373 831046
Email carolinewilliams205@gmail.com
Schedule 'Wellspring is a group meeting monthly in Rode (nr Frome), Somerset. There will be talks on diverse topics including health and well-being, earth mysteries, astrology and other alternative ideas. It is for anyone interested in different approaches and ways of thinking. Meetings held monthly on Thursdays - 19.15 for a 19:30 start. Refreshments included

29-11-18 The Secret Language of Numbers
  Speaker: Richard Abbot
18-10-18 Empower Yourself with Egyptian Alchemy
  Speaker: Joanna Bristow-Watkins
12-07-18 Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits: Clearing Ghostly Imprints and Healing the Dead
  Speaker: Paula Fenn
07-06-18 From Sinixt to Somerset
  Speaker: Celia Gunn
05-04-18 Your Zodiac Soul
  Speaker: John Wadsworth
01-03-18 Gong Bath
  Speaker: Sound Transformations
02-11-17 Power Animal Medicine
  Speaker: Janet Bradshaw
05-10-17 Improving Your Energy Levels Through Nutrition
  Speaker: Maria Bez
06-07-17 Soul Story Evolution and the Purpose of Life
  Speaker: Tim Freke
  In this presentation, based on his ground breaking book Soul Story, philosopher Tim Freke offers an alternative to the current pessimistic worldview. He will explore a new philosophy he calls Emergent Spirituality, which reconciles modern scientific knowledge and perennial spiritual wisdom, by suggesting that everything is emerging into existence through the evolutionary process, including those qualities of life considered spiritual.
11-05-17 The Other Way. The Way into Faerie
  Speaker: Rae Beth
06-04-17 What do the Stars Hold in Store for Us?
  Speaker: John Wadsworth
16-03-17 The Wisdom of Oak Birch and Yew
  Speaker: Penny Billington
12-01-17 Walking with Horses
  Speaker: Janet Bradshaw
01-12-16 Stolen Images - Pagan Symbolism and Christianity
  Speaker: Peter Knight

The talk is based on Peter's book about how the Church adopted and assimilated pre-Christian myths and symbols for its own use, to help promote its agenda. Most Christian icons can be traced back to an older origin, and many churches were also sited on ancient holy places. The Church also took over existing Pagan festivals and turned them into Saint's days. This talk links Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Celtic and other cultures to the new religion you will be surprised at what you find! Refreshments. Doors open 7.15 for 7.30 start




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