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Title Weymouth and Dorchester

Menzies Room, Upwey and Broadwey Memorial Hall, Victoria Avenue, Weymouth DT3 5NG

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Contribution £5.00 (£4 concessions)
Contact Roma Harding
Tel +44 (0) 1305 816644
Email spiraloftranquility@btinternet.com
Schedule Talks start at 19:30. Second Wednesday of the Month


Albion Dreamtime - Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons

Weymouth Speaker: Peter Knight

The Celtic Wheel of the Year

Weymouth Speaker: Roma Harding

The World of Stonewylde

Weymouth Speaker: Kit Berry

Other Beings that Inhabit Our Reality with Us

Weymouth Speaker: Marian Matthews

Working with Spirit: an evening of Spiritual Guidance and Clairvoyance

Weymouth Speakers: Tony and Sandy Whitehead

Mysterious Artifacts

Weymouth Speaker: Klaus Dona

Spring Equinox Along the Fleet

Weymouth Walk:

Music As Healing

Weymouth Speaker: Magdalena Atkinson

The Celtic Wheel of the Year

Weymouth Speaker: Roma Harding

Imbolc at Little Bredy and Valley of the Stones

Weymouth Walk:

Past Life Regression and the Origins of Humanity

Weymouth Speaker: Dolores Cannon

Hidden Heresies in the South Dorset Landscape

Weymouth Speaker: Johnathan Harwood

No Meeting in August


Earth Energies and Colour Healing

Weymouth Speaker: Maria Wheatley

Art. The Bridge between Science and Nature

Weymouth Speaker: John Dalton

The Secret Places of West Dorset

Weymouth Speaker: Louise Hodgson

Beltane Walk

Abbotsbury Facilitator: Roma Harding

Earth Energies and Healing Energy

Weymouth Speaker: Maria Wheatley

Spring Equinox Walk

Weymouth Facilitator: Roma Harding

A Window into the World of Stained Glass

Weymouth Speaker: Angela Woodhouse

Wheel of the Year

Weymouth Speaker: Roma Harding

Demonstration of Mediumship

Weymouth Speaker: Jeanine Glynn
  Start the year with an evening of clairvoyance

Winter Solstice Pilgrimage

Abbotsbury With: Peter Knight

A Gatekeeper Trust event led by earth mysteries tour guide and author Peter Knight. Cost £7. Meet 11.15 am Abbotsbury Car Park (next to Swan Inn) for car share to Abbotsbury Castle car park (557864).  Circular walk ending around 4pm, distance 5 miles (approx).
This pilgrimage will connect us with the energies of the winter solstice in the sacred landscape of the South Dorset Ridgeway, an area rich in prehistoric sites (see Ancient Stones of Dorset, P Knight, 1996).

Sites visited: St Luke's Chapel, Kingston Russell Stone Circle, the Goddess Stone, Grey Mare & Colts long barrow, the Moot Stone, tumuli on White Hill, and back to Abbotsbury Castle hillfort for sunset. The walk will include aspects of silent walking, meditation, Earth-healing, dowsing, ley lines and astronomy. Our intention is to share with you an appreciation of our ancestors' connection with this sacred Dorset landscape at this special time of the year, and how we can connect piritually with the land and sacred sites today.

Note: there are no toilets en route. Please bring winter/waterproof wear, boots, dowsing rods, and packed lunch.
Please book via Roma Harding


Yule Social Gathering

Weymouth With: Roma
  Roma will summarise the Wheel of the Year and recap on some of our pilgrimages at the solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days, which we plan to continue next year. An open evening for sharing ideas, inspirations and buffet. Bring food to share.

Health Hazards of Wireless Technologies - The Inconvenient Reality

Weymouth Speaker: Peter Gane

An awareness evening with Peter Gane, supporter of the charity Electro-Sensitivity UK, which aims to help those suffering from electro-sensitivity (ES) and to educate the public about related issues. Peter will share some of his considerable knowledge of electro-sensitivity and associated conditions such as ME, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, multi-chemical sensitivities, pregnancy complications, ADHD, autism and cancer, also ecological damage. He also aims to inform the wider community, especially those with a duty of care, and to promote precaution when using current wireless technologies, whilst encouraging the development of safer systems and devices. An evening not to be missed to find out more about the dangers we are all facing, for those who care for mankind, future generations and our ecology



Weymouth Speaker: Patricia Davis

Tricia has been teaching psychic-spiritual development classes since 1979. Having worked as a medium, channelling knowledge from the higher dimensions, her talk this evening will be about 'Communications' - linking the visible with the visible realms.

In serving life, love and light, we can all learn to communicate with these 'Field to Field' connections that need resonance with particular frequencies. This can be likened to tuning-in to Divinities, Times, Places, People - incarnate or discarnate, or any field of 'like frequency' within the Cosmos. Come along and be inspired to further your own understanding and development on the spiritual path


Transition Town Weymouth and Portland

Weymouth Sophie Banks

Open to anyone interested in developing resilience to the chaotic changes and challenges happening locally and globally. Sophy will help us to understand how forming a group that looks at these issues and by using interaction, psychological, spiritual and open discussion, we can tap into a personal and a collective strength. In the busy modern world a group such as this (which in the Transition movement is sometimes called a Heart and Soul group), can give a gentle space to be still and be in the moment.

Inner Transition groups create places where people come together to deepen their connections, to find support and share feelings such as fear and vulnerability, to strengthen qualities of trust, compassion, acceptance, and to explore profound questions about the kind of world we are transitioning towards. Transition is unusual among many movements for social or environmental change in weaving the inner and outer pieces together as part of one whole. And yet there are challenges involved in including this territory what exactly is Inner Transition? Venue: St. Anne's Schoolroom, Radipole Lane , Radipole, Weymouth Time: Time 7pm

This session is free but donations towards costs will be gratefully accepted. As space is limited it is essential you book a place by contacting Margaret Tidball . e mail: maggietidball@gmail.com or phone 01305 786300


5 Years of the Weymouth and Dorchester WRG Group Celebration

Weymouth Group Event
  Tonight is a celebration of 5 years of the Weymouth and Dorchester WRG group. A evening of nourishment of soul, mind and body in prospect. Bring inspiring poems and of course, cake!

Christmas Social

Weymouth Group Event

Landscape Zodiacs

Weymouth Speaker: Anthony Thorley

The Shamanic Path

Weymouth Speaker: Agatha Rogers

The Cerne Abbas Giant. Landscape, Gods and the Stargate

Weymouth Speaker: Peter Knight

Reflections on the Sacred Landscape of Dorset

Weymouth Speaker: Gary Biltcliffe
  The county of Dorset is a rich in folklore and has a landscape full of prehistoric remains and great hill fortifications such as Maiden Castle. Using folklore, archaeology, history and common sense, Gary Biltcliffe will delve into the purpose of these mysterious places and point to a link with distant cultures such as the Phoenicians. The old folk used to call Dorset ‘Little Egypt'; perhaps there is a good reason. Gary has dedicated the past 30 years to historical research and investigation of earth mysteries, ancient civilisations and lost knowledge. He has appeared on television and radio and lectured for dowsing and earth mystery groups both in the UK and in America. He is the author of two books: The Spirit of Portland - Revelations of a Sacred Isle and The Spine of Albion - An Exploration of Earth Energies and Landscape Mysteries along the Belinus Line

The Wheel of the Year

Weymouth Speakers: Roma and Agatha

The Bosnian Pyramids

Weymouth DVD showing of Sam Semir Osmanagic's UK presentation

The discovery of the first European pyramids, found in the heart of Bosnia, has changed history as we know it!

The Pyramid of the Sun has four perfectly shaped slopes pointing toward the cardinal points and an entrance plateau leading to a complex system of underground tunnels. Four more ancient structures on the site are known as the Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of the Dragon, Pyramid of the Love and the Temple of the Earth.

In all over 100 temples have been identified in Bosnia, probably c onstructed by the Illyrians, the Western Balkan offspring of the most ancient people of Europe, the Pelasgians known in antiquity for building walls and objects with massive or cyclopian blocks of stone.

An opportunity to find out more about this remarkable project now visited by many volunteers from the Bosnian American archaeologist who spent 15 years studying the pyramids of Latin America and has found remarkable similarities in the pyramids of Bosnia. Having battled mainstream scientists, politicians and the problems of institutional funding, Sam's extensive knowledge and sense of humour shines through


Winter Solstice Celebration

Abbotsbury Group Event: A gathering to celebrate the 2012 winter solstice at Abbotsbury hillfort. Meet 6.45 a.m. After attuning to the temple of the stars at the place that aligns geomantically to Deneb, the main star of Cygnus the Swan, we will have a small fire ceremony. Meditation prior to sunrise over Portland facing the winter solstice sunrise axis along the chesil bank. Sharing of poems and prayers to celebrate this transformative time. Then w alk (optional) along the ridge under the white hill back into Abbotsbury. Please let me know if you wish to come to receive practical details, car share arrangements etc. The hillfort is a short steep scramble up a bank.

Seasonal Social Evening

Upwey Group Event: A reasonably priced menu, log fire, festive ambience awaits all this evening

The Ethics of Love

Upwey Speaker: Didi Ananda Ragamaya

Join Didi in an evening when she will share her journey as a Yogic Nun and musician. She will talk about her spiritual practice from the yogic perspective and discuss the ten yoga principles in creating harmony and balance in both our personal and social lives – the Ethics of Love. Didi will also briefly explore the layers of the mind from the perspective of Tantra Yoga. Discover new ways of 'living our truth' and explore the different elements that make us uniquely human as we journey towards lasting peace and beyond. The evening will end with a short meditation, feel free to bring a cushion


The Shamanic Way

Upwey Speaker: Charlotte Gush

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual practices in the world. In time-honoured tradition, the ancients would sit around the fire, share stories and honour the beauty in all nature, celebrating what had been learned or gifted. Sacred ceremonies include Despatcho, mythic mapping, shamanic journeying, sand painting, celebrating the seasons and the ancestors. Charlotte will explain that the Shamanic Path is simple, nourishing and available to all, its tools and practices are relevant to our lives today and hold many answers to modern day questions. Ceremony is a conscious celebration of something you feel in your heart!


Showing of 'Olympic' Presentation

Upwey Speaker: Ian Crane

This evening will be a DVD showing of his illustrated presentation given the day after the Olympic opening ceremony. It covers many of the subversive messages conveyed by our media, with Ian's own brand of humour and interpretation. With 'Olympic fever' now coming to an end, it is well to remember that we are constantly bombarded by subliminal information and news - much of which is not necessarily negative. All we have to do is be awake and listen! Underlying many hidden agendas is a call to awaken to the potential for empowering humanity.

Time permitting we will also show part of a fascinating talk by DOLORES CANNON about what is happening as the Earth goes through its next incarnation. Dolores is a prolific author, speaker and healer who, as a past-life regression therapist, has documented thousands of cases of past and future lives. She explains that humanity developed as a result of planet Earth being seeded as an experimental laboratory in our cosmos, and discusses topics such as karma, extra-terrestrials, children being born with ‘advanced' DNA, and the importance of letting go of past patterns to deal with new incoming energies


No Meeting


The Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)

Upwey Speaker: Jenny Eddison

Chiron the Wounded Healer

Upwey Speaker: Jon Dyer

Music, Nature and the Elements

Upwey Speaker: John Dalton

The Five Word Legacy

Upwey Speaker: Noel Lockyer Stevens

Herbs for Spring Cleansing

Upwey Speaker: Fiona Heckels

Love the Beauty of the Soul

Upwey Speaker: Claire Whiles

Claire Whiles will show a Light and Energy Channel film premier that discusses Love in all its aspects as we move into 2012. Learn more about The Light & Energy Channel , aired on a weekly basis from Dorset, that aims to join people across the world with common interests. Find out what's in store for future shows with fascinating interviews covering new science, sacred sites, nutrition, healing and much more!


Healing from War, Working for Peace. Israel, Palestine & Germany

Upwey Speaker: Barbara Cohen

Barbara will update us on her trips last year: to the Holy Land, Poland and Germany , working at a grass roots humanitarian level to support peace initiatives. In Israel & Palestine she returned to the Peace Village of Neve Shalom/Wahat Al Salam, where Jews and Palestinian Arabs all citizens of Israel live together in complete equality. This trip included meeting a wonderful Palestinian Quaker, and staying in the Old City of Jerusalem, before travelling north towards Haifa and Zfat, near Galilee.

At a time of enormous civil unrest in Israel , with mass demonstrations directed against war and towards peace and non-violence, it is a very hopeful time for social change! Her visit to Poland included a workshop, "Healing the Hurts of World War II". In Germany she stayed near Bremen , where a Jewish museum has been opened in remembrance of the Cohen family, who lived there for several hundred years but were killed in the war. Barbara will share her inspiring and moving experiences of the people and the healing of the hurts of nations



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