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This picture gallery of the Wessex Research Group Network contains images of interesting phenomena associated with the exploration of consciousness. All images that contribute to this theme of exploration are considered for display and are gratefully received.

This page shows images of the Summerland or the spiritual plane of illusion painted by psychic artist Frederick Lionel Brown. The Summerland is a no-physical dimension where souls go after death. It is a place governed by thought form rather than physical form often a place of reflection prior to a soul moving on to the next part of the journey.

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The Summerland or afterlife plane of spirit


The power of the light
Pathway through the Wood of Illusion (1938)
Pathway to a higher plane
Holy water descends to lower levels
Painted Jan 1958
The Cavern of Folly - A Way Out (1931)
Painted December 1960
Open View on Pilgrims Road


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