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This picture gallery of the Wessex Research Group Network contains images of interesting phenomena associated with the exploration of consciousness. All images that contribute to this theme of exploration are considered for display and are gratefully received.

This page shows work depicting souls and the progression of the soul and consciousness beyond death by psychic artist Frederick Lionel Brown who painted during the last century.

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A spirit guide welcoming a new arrival
The progression of souls through the planes of spirit
This particular image depicts a nature spirit or elemental being. The idea of extended worlds of consciousness beyond the world of man although not central to our current evidence driven thinking, has in recent times re-entered the modern psyche. The existence of Elemental or Devic kingdoms (everything; the elemental, mineral, animal, vegetable, fire, water) as living, dynamic, sensate expressions of consciousness, was very much a part of thinking in the classical world and also of medieval scholars such as Paracelsus. Source: Wessex Research Group Archives . See newsletters page Newsletters (March 2009 edition) for more information.
Painted in 1940 this suggests that however low we might feel we have become the divine light is always there and all we have to do is ask for help
The soul's journey
Painted in 1936
Painted in 1938
Painted in 1941
An ascended master
The Summerland


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