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This picture gallery of the Wessex Research Group Network contains images of interesting phenomena associated with the exploration of consciousness. All images that contribute to this theme of exploration are considered for display and are gratefully received.

This page shows work by artist Jay Risdon much of who's work is about the energies of the Earth. Below is a general selction of images

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The Cosmic Template (pictured opposite) illustrates the relationship between our higher self that exists in the plane of spirit and our earthly lives as human beings incarnate in a physical body. In many respects it represents a template for all aspects of evolving consciousness (in human form or otherwise).

The top (head) part of the diagram depicts the Monad (or higher self aspect of the soul) which works with our spirit guides to develop the different aspects of the lower self, bringing them in to balance. The Higher Self is represented by the colour Pink. The main aspects of the Self are shown as the physical (green), the mental or thinking (blue) and the astral or intuitive (purple). We might think of ourselves as a column with the Monad (Higher Self) at the top and the physical body at the base.

Despite our existence in a physical form (a body) we retain a lifetime connection with our Higher Self or soul through what is known as our etheric (or subtle energy) body. This connection is depicted by the golden colour that extends right through the diagram to the level of physical existence (depicted by the green cross and ball at the base of the picture). The Etheric Body could be thought of as a structure of vital forces or energies and when death comes, it returns to source and the Physical Body collapses and disintegrates. See newsletters page Newsletters (July 2009 edition) for more information.


Archangel Michael Lifeforce
The intelligence of Gaia
Energy diagram for the Earth as it is wished for before April 2015
Aryan Energies as they will be on Earth in the Etheric plane later in the Aquarian age
Aryan Energies as the were on Earth in the Etheric plane at the start of the Aryan period
The mutual understanding and cooperation between human and devic consciousness that will be brought about in the Aquarian age with the illumination with the Christ Light
Atleantean Energies at the etheric level as they are on Earth today
Diagram to seek the aid of the Angelic realm in promoting concord between Earth spirits (eg Gnomes) and humanity in areas where the Earth's crust has been maltreated
The Transmutation of the Chakra system operating through Earth as it moves from 4th level vibration to 5th level vibration
A particular sound of the Solar Logos (spirit) as it is given out in the Aquarian Age
Air Deva
Gign energies from the 11th dimension
Water deva transmitting energies from the 10th dimension


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