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This picture gallery of the Wessex Research Group Network contains images of interesting phenomena associated with the exploration of consciousness. All images that contribute to this theme of exploration are considered for display and are gratefully received.

This page shows work by Norwegian artist, author and researcher Sigmund Sontum. Below is a general selction of images for further information log on to http://toyoufromthesource.com

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"The Return of the Feminine" - "Your Fear is Based on a Fantasy that is not Safe Enough to Reside in the Very Presence of Now"

"Your True Being is Loving Light and Profound Wisdom. Your Real Weapon is Light"
"Reality is Really Magical When You Are Still"
/> "When Forcing Your Mind Gently to be in the Presence of Now Every Second, Time Will Gradually Dissolve"
"When All is Done in the Stillness of not Doing Your True Identity will be Revealed"
"As How to Relate to all Darkness Purely Bring in Light"
"We Recommend Those Who Define Channeling to be Mysterious to Tell us How Your Radio Works"
"Moving with Awareness of Presence in the Second of NOW is all There is to Life on This Planet"
"Feel the Peaceful Stillness Reach Your Soul as You Become Aware that You Have It All and Always Will All the Time for the Rest of Eternity"
"Words Cannot Explain Anything About the True Reality Since Words are Constructed from the Need to Make Life Logic Which it is Not"
"Do in the Being, Be in the Doing"
"Diversity Will Always Challenge Your Ego / Mind as it Wants Everyone to be Like You"
"When You Walk this 3D Planet Your Ego / Mind Will At Once be Activated in Problem Solving and Rights and Wrongs"
"Channeling is Nothing More than Being Able to Tap into the Frequencies in the Air"
"Everything is Nothing Less than a Miracle to Wonder About"
"Forget Reason and Logic Breathe Gratitude Move in Stillnedd Wonder About All That Is"
"The So-Called Civilised World is by far the Most Brutal and Primitive Life on this Planet"


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