The Astral World


The Astral World is the plane or dimension where everyone goes upon death, when the physical body is shed, but consciousness continues in the astral body.

A person in an astral body has passed into a non-physical dimension where they can continue their eternal development and expression, until ready to incarnate again on Earth or elsewhere for further lessons and experiences. 

As one evolves spiritually one moves from the lower into the higher astral planes and so into a  higher vibrational frequency resonant to their level of development. Those in the higher astral planes are closer to graduating into spiritual planes or etheric realms, but can also choose to incarnate again on Earth or another planet to undertake a spiritual mission.

Many beings including spiritual masters have volunteered to reside in the astral realms in order to be close to the Earth and help souls incarnated in physical form on the Earth to raise their energetic vibration.

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