Title: The Old Religion: The Psychic and Spiritual Craft of these Isles

Speaker: Dr Serena Roney Dougal

The roots of the old religion originate from within the spiritual beliefs of ancient cultures; these earliest civilisations primarily being goddess worshippers, who lived in tune with the sun, moon and seasons. These beliefs still exist in our modern literary, religious and folk traditions, the development of civilisation having led to the ritualisation of this ancient wisdom and a shift from the Celtic (lunar) calendar

Title: Our Journey of Ascension

Speaker: Chris Bourne

Ascension might be defined as the movement of consciousness from one plane of reality into a higher one. By 2012 the consciousness of Gaia (the Earth) will have shifted from the third dimensional to a fifth dimensional vibration, one that places love and respect for all life at the centre of its thinking. Chris expands on these ideas combining quantum theory, the teachings of the mystic tradition and his personal experiences to present a picture of this profound shift; the nature of reality, the nature of ascension and the 5 gateways (awakening, re-alignment, transfiguration, enlightenment and resurrection) associated with the expansion of consciousness. For further information log on to www.openhandweb.org

Title: Reincarnation and the Evolution of Consciousness

Speaker: Pat Law

The lecture begins with a description of reincarnation and karma; the karma that we carry through from successive incarnations and that which we create in our present incarnation through our thoughts and actions. Pat then describes the evolutionary path of universal consciousness, how we have progressed from existing in a non physical form to our current state of physicality where our physical form has evolved more quickly than our consciousness. We are now at a point in our evolution where we are called upon to rebalance this progression through the development of consciousness

Title: Virtual Reality and the Paranormal

Speaker: Stanley Messenger

 What is reality? Are we presently conditioned to a false reality, which we will only begin to see through when we embark on a path of inner development. We each create our own realities, but collectively have now crossed a threshold where we must embark upon a journey and grasp a new higher reality to realise our full human potential. Stanley suggests that the very nature of time itself is changing, bringing a new, wider realsation to each and every one of us. Paranormal events like UFO's and Crop Circles serve to remind us that one day the paranormal will become the norm

Title: Spirit Release

Speaker: Jane Satchwell

Jane talks about her experiences as someone who helps release earth bound spirits. Earth bound spirits can remain in the earthly plane for a variety of reasons attached to people, places, or objects or become confused through an event such as a sudden death and so exist in the eternal now. Jane's approach to releasing spirits is to communicate with them to find out what issues hold them to an earthly plane. Spirits it seems like people can often become stuck!

Title: Spiritual Awakening 

in our Time

Speaker: Sir George Trevelyan

Sir George describes how we are in the midst of a spiritual awakening. This presents the opportunity for us as individuals and the totality of humanity, to take a quantum leap in consciousness. It is the great event of our age and the challenge for us all is to connect without higher selves and place love and service to others at the centre of our thinking. A wonderful lecture that presents many interesting ideas, not least the idea that we are spiritual beings and as such are "immortal droplets of God"

Title: Glastonbury as a Prehistoric Observatory

Speaker: Nicholas Mann

A fascinating lecture in which Nicholas gives us a glimpse of how our ancestors (circa 2,000 years BC) felt it important, to monitor planetary activity using features in the Glastonbury landscape. Use of the landscape has changed over time, but why did the ancients feel it important to monitor planetary activity, not just in Glastonbury but worldwide? What clues can this research give us in relation to knowledge of the celestial cycles of lunar and planetary activity and of our own human relationship with the cosmos?

Title: The Enlightened Body. Unlocking its Secrets through Light Touch Therapies

Speaker: John Wilkes

John discusses the differences between the holistic approach to health and the allopathic approach and explores some of the esoteric aspects of holistic medicine including Kundalini energy and states of enlightenment. In the latter part of the talk he describes how Osteopathy and Cranial Sacral Therapy have evolved since the 20 th century and also about his experiences as a therapist

Title: Genesis Unveiled. The Lost Wisdom of our Forgotten Ancestors

Speaker: Ian Lawton

Ian presents his findings from the research he has undertaken re-evaluating the content and meaning ancient texts and traditions from across the world and in particular the pre-flood traditions. One common theme that emerges from looking at the ancient wisdom traditions is the idea that everything is created from a divine source and that everything is energy. Whatever their background, ancient peoples had a spiritual world view, a universal understanding of the cosmos that included the ideas of cycles of time, life and perpetual change or progression. Ian then talks about the descent in to matter and the challenges in anchoring the spiritual world view in to the physical plane. What then can we learn from the events of the past in respect of the present time of transition?

Title: Dimensions in Space and Time

Speaker: Lilla Beck

We are at a time in our evolution when we are set to experience a merging of the dimensions in space and time. In this lecture Lilla describes the nature of some of these higher dimensions or vibrations; their characteristics and their meaning as expressions of energy, colour and consciousness and how they relate to our own spiritual growth. There are an infinite number of dimensions, some containing cities and great halls of learning, others containing absolutely nothing. Earthly life puts us in a very special dimension, one where we can learn to love unconditionally out of our freewill

Title: Colour Crystals and Sound

Speaker: Lin Law

Lin begins the talk by describing her life's journey and how she came to be working with crystals, colour and sound as mechanisms for healing. She then talks about how she works with energy, how the emotional state can affect the physical state and how and why the techniques work. As we fully enter the Aquarian age the importance of each (crystals, colour and sound) will become even more apparent as we realise that everything is energy and that everything (including our selves) resonates.

Title: Right Mind Right Body

Speaker: Josephine Sellars

The speaker presents channelled information from a spiritual guide (William Thomas) on how we might empower ourselves to live healthier and happier lives and so combat the stresses associated with modern living.

These insights indicate that we must examine the relationship between mind and body, recognise the power of positive thought, imagination and visualisation and understand that we need to achieve stillness to help us balance our emotions.

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