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The Wessex Research Group Network - Home 

The Wessex Research Group Network - Home 

The Wessex Research Group Network (WRGNetwork) is a co-ordinating network and a focus for groups and individuals concerned with new areas of research and experience. It operates in the belief that there is enormous potential in many people for growth of consciousness, which is often stultified by the feeling of being alone through a lack of support. 

Whilst the network does not confine itself to any particular range of topics or beliefs, it has a special interest in history, science, culture, art, holism, ecology, earth mysteries, the metaphysical, the spiritual and the evolution of consciousness; in particular the true spiritual nature of the human being and our role as planetary stewards.

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A platform for ideas this website contains details of the groups and organisations associated with the network, a calendar of events, monthly newsletters, digital lecture archives, articles, picture galleries and video archive.

Everything is offered in a spirit of fair play as an educational assist. Contributions to the archives or monthly newsletters are always considered.The network has no religious or political commitment to dogmatic belief, its unofficial motto being 'unity in diversity'. It was founded in May 1980 by a group that included Nigel Blair and Sir George Trevelyan.

The latest additions to the Audio Archive are: Yoga as a Way of Life. Wholeness through Yoga and Exercise and 

Spiritual Man at the End of an Age

The latest additions to the Article Archive are The Ascension Opportunity for Humanity and the Earth (parts 1-4).

A full listing of forthcoming talks, workshops, seminars and other events can be   viewed in the calendar

The latest newsletter (January 2020) is available for viewing or download (click on image below)

 This months edition contains a full listing of events, news and articles on Treading a Noble Path into the New Year and Energy Healing

Monthly newsletter containing details of events, articles and book reviews

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