Meditation can help us on so many levels bringing into balance the body, mind and spirit. The physical body follows the mind with our thoughts and emotions expressed in the alchemy of the physical body. Meditation helps us live in the moment taking us beyond any mental limitations the mind imposes, reducing the possibility of dis-ease and bringing body and mind into balance.

Meditation is also our gateway to the universe. Connection to universal consciousness frees the spirit and reminds us of our divinity as spiritual beings grounded in physicality. We remember that we are multidimensional and far more than just body and mind. 

When meditating focus on positive themes and associated words. Creative or positive thoughts and emotions help maintain a healthy body and free us from lower vibrational (negative) thoughts. Here are some themes on which one might meditate.

Light - We must strive to be the light of the world. Visualising light flowing into every cell of the physical body can help healing and rejuvenate it. 

Joy - The great joy of being - what prevents us from being joyous? Allow ourselves us to let go of hinderances and return us to a joyous state.

Peace - Agitation and apprehension fill our minds yet there is peace all around us if we can see it. Stress transfers itself from the mind to the body. Peace can bring health and healing.

Guidance - Sometimes in life we don’t know which way to turn, producing conflict within us. If we are receptive to guidance meditation can take us on a path of light to wisdom and understanding, the frustrations of thought gone. 

Life - Sometimes life doesn’t make any sense at all, wearing us down as we ruminate on things. Meditation can help us let go of the weariness of life as we rest the mind and know that strength is within. Life is for living!

Love - To love and to be loved are the basic ingredients of health and wholeness. To enter into love we have to let go of our resentments and disappointments and start by learning to love ourselves. Only then we can love others as we would ourself. Love is the higher impulse within us all.

Rest - To rest is to be recreated. Sometimes we need to be still and let go. Human Being instead of Human Doing.

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