Communicating with Spirit


Communication with spirit is often a natural gift that people are born with, interconnected with the six sense, but it can also be developed with practice. Meditation is one gentle way of developing ones communication skills and may entail no contact with spirit, although it trains you to listen to yourself and the inner voice. 

Working with your own energies and practicing Psychometry (speaking information which comes to you through holding an object such as a photograph, ring, keys, necklace or pen) or learning to read people’s auras are other enjoyable and informative ways to learn. Spiritual development courses and groups can also provide safe learning environments.

The next step of progression on your spiritual development path would be to learn contact skills and to allow spirit to work with you, through safe practice of grounding and clearing negative entities after connection. When working with spirit and energy it is important to be as clear a channel as possible and only to use these abilities for the highest good of all concerned. 

Mediumship describes the different ways by which we can communicate with guides, spirit helpers and returning loved ones. It encompasses Clairvoyance (clear seeing of spirit), Clairaudience (clear hearing of spirit), Clairsentience (the clear sensing of spirit and the auric field) and Clairgustance (tasting). The power of clairvoyance may also be experienced through mind linking, trance speaking and Psychometry (mental mediumship or objectively seeing as in the physical plane). 

Under certain conditions a medium can be the vehicle for relaying information to the living and they may use one or a mixture of skills to communicate with spirit, enabling them to describe loved ones, spirit guides, in the other dimensions and also describe visually things around your environment and family, providing valid and valuable help and advice for your life (present and future).

Communicating with spirit can be challenging but also rewarding. We are reminded we have the potential to live our lives as multidimensional spiritual beings; grounded in physicality yet also part of a universal web of non-physical creative consciousness. Enjoy walking your spiritual path with love and light, walking in the light of spirit and universal unity.

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