Title: Understanding the Living World

Speaker: Alan Hall

The variety of mineral, organic and radioactive substances dumped into the global ecosystem through anthropogenic activity is immense. Alan gives an outline of the scale of the problem before describing sustainable approaches using plants to cleansing water and rebuilding aquatic habitats. He then discusses the impact of electro magnetic radiation on trees and methods for the alleviation of this source of stress upon them.

Title: The Emergence of the Grail Race

Speaker: Sir George Trevelyan

Sir George discusses the importance of the myth in human consciousness and describes how in living our lives we are living the greatest myth of all. In this epoch human consciousness is called upon to make a quantum leap to bring to birth a new society and so a new era for humanity. He describes how it has been the task of the west to investigate and master the world of matter. We must now rediscover our identities as spiritual beings and transform the Earth from being the planet of wisdom to the planet of love, ridding it of egotism, greed and rivalry. "Walk on yourself and serve the world". 

Title: Male and Female Energies

Speaker: Gordon Strong

Gordon describes aspects of masculinity and femininity and how each of us can benefit from understanding and appreciating the dynamics of the inter-relationships between male and female energies. He considers these interactions in terms of the past, the present and the future.

Title: Edgar Cayce’s Story of Man 

Speaker: John Walsh

Edgar Cayce has been described as one of the most remarkable men of the twentieth Century. John begins this talk by documenting some of the extraordinary events that characterised Edgar Cayce's life. He then expands on his work as a healer and prophet before presenting Cayce's view (based on the information that he received through readings) of creation and the story of mankind, our origins, evolution and challenges as spiritual beings.

Title: Karma and Relationships

Speaker: Judy Hall

We incarnate on this planet in a physical form to educate the soul mainly through the experience of interaction with others. Judy describes different facets of Karma (soul groups, soul mates, twin souls and the eternal triangle) and how these impact upon our life time journey. As we pass in to the Aquarian age we must clear that karma that is associated with the last 2000 years and so perpetuate our soul evolution with the emphasis being on love, growth and development.

Title: The Cathars and the Destruction of Christian Mysticism

Speaker: John Lloyd

What happened to the Cathar Christian culture that spread out from the Eastern Mediterranean in the 11th century as far as Spain, Bulgaria, France, England and Germany? By the 14th century this culture had completely disappeared with only a series of secret societies left (Masons, Templars and Rosicrucians). In this informative lecture, John provides us with an insight in to the beliefs of the Cathar society and describes what happened to this culture that was based upon ideas of religious knowledge rather than the concept of religious authority.

Title: The Celtic Tradition of Myth and Magic

Speaker: Marion Green

Prior to the written word dominating our conscious and intellectual thinking, the Celts combined sound with an oral tradition that was in keeping with their intuitive and (by modern standards) extra sensory and deep perceptive awareness of the oneness of everything. Marion provides a marvellous description of Celtic society and how the beliefs of the Celts often contrasted with those of the Romans.

Title: The Weaving of Geometry. Evolution and the Human Story

Speaker: Heather Paton

In this detailed lecture, Heather begins by relating how through studying physical form in art she began to see it as energy patterns in space and time; a journey that led her to the work of Rudolf Steiner who through clairvoyant experience had described in detail the evolution of the Earth as a process of the densification of energy in to matter. Heather describes how this process has shaped the evolution of humanity from a time before the earth was a physical form through to its future predicted state. 

Title: Astrology and Self Understanding

Speaker: Zach Matthews

A marvellous introduction to the subject of Astrology, its role, uses and meaning today's world. Science came out of Astrology, but where Astrology itself originate? Zach describes how Astrology is imbedded in pre and Christian culture and how it relates to our soul, ego and fate. He then talks about the role of the planets and the twelve signs of the Zodiac

Title: Channelling Pure and Simple

Speaker: Susan Luffman

A wonderful talk and a description of a personal journey of learning that has enriched the speaker's life, teaching her how to be open and loving of herself and others. Susan describes how she was introduced to channelling and how she works with guides and ascended masters. There then follows a demonstration of channelling that involves communication with and a message from the ascended master known as Sananda. A marvellous insight for anyone interested in this form of communication.

Title: Angel Helpers

Speaker: Father Rene Claudot

The universe is constantly evolving and in a state perpetual transition and progression. Humanity is intrinsically linked to this universal evolution and is linked to a hierarchy of beings that exist in non physical form such as Angels, Spirits and Deva's. These beings are working with humanity to help us to expand our awareness to a higher state of consciousness. Our task is to recognise that we are physical, mental and astral beings that exist not in isolation but as part of an unfolding universal blueprint that is creation.

Title: Exploring Consciousness through the Alexander Technique

Speaker: Gunda Fieldon

Called the Zen of the western world we learn in this talk how Frederick Alexander developed the Alexander Technique and how he concluded that body, mind and spirit are all interlinked. Improving the body is more than just a process of physical correction but also about mindfulness, universal connection, self love and living in the present rather than worrying about the past or future.

Title: Ley Lines and Earth Energies

Speaker: David Kingston

Ley Lines form a grid that concentrates and carries Earth energies around the globe helping to sustain the planet and life on it. Earth energies make themselves apparent in many features within the landscape including Ley lines, black streams, standing stones, portals, tumuli, castles, churches and mazes.  

In this talk David describes how these energies can affect people and how our own energetic fields can connect to those of the Earth to help replenish and heal ourselves and others. He also talks of his experiences when dowsing the energies of crop circles and sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill and Glastonbury Tor.

Title: Understanding the True Nature of Self

Speaker: B Sudesh

 This talk explores the relationship between body (physicality), mind (intellect) and soul (spirit). We live immersed in physicality, driven forward by our intellect and it is easy to forget about the soul.

If we can turn inward and connect to the metaphysical aspect of the self we can bring our true self, our higher spiritual nature characterised by the energies of wisdom, peace, compassion and harmony into our daily lives. As bundles of living energy we can raise our energetic vibration and balance the human (the physical vehicle) with the being (the true self).

Title: Mythology as an Expression of Truth

Speaker: John Lloyd

Found in every culture on Earth Myths often share common characteristics. This talk describes the role and component parts of myths (e.g. the hero, the quest) and their relationship with the persona; the masks we create as we grapple with our daily lives. In the modern world myths provide us with exercises in imagination, truth and exploration and so remind us of universal truths.

Title: Beyond Limitation

Speaker: Ramala

What do we consider the limitations of our being? Beyond Limitation discusses the idea of limitation from the perspective that we are spiritual beings and part of an interconnected universe of consciousness.

The rigours of living an Earthly life grounded in physicality, mean that limitations seemingly manifest in many guises, not least in the way in which we limit ourselves through beliefs and opinions. If we expand our consciousness to understand that we are multidimensional and interconnected, we can go beyond what we perceive as Earthly limitation. Our consciousness is therefore the only limiting factor (if we allow it to be)

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