Politics for Healing and Transformation


Political negotiation has historically (and still is largely) based upon strategies of mistrust that are  based on three assumptions.

The first is that we are separate from each other. The second is that there are not enough resources for everyone, and the third is that the outcome of any negotiation results in having a winner and a loser.

These strategies are driven by powerful institutional structures that influence or govern all aspects of human affairs (political, religious, business, health…etc) and over time they have created their own energetic signatures (cultures) reflective of the ways in which they operate. 

The incoming Aquarian age requires humanity to work together to tackle challenges that are global in context. Everything is now interconnected - everything dependent on the actions of someone or something else. Rather than working from positions of mistrust, separation, self interest and resisting the idea of change, we are asked to move forward in a different and higher way.

Political interaction provides humanity with an opportunity for spiritual growth if we understand that we are not separate, that there are enough resources if we share them and that their needn’t be winners and losers; we can all be winners. Successful political interaction based on unity, respect and compassion will bring more meaning to our lives as we are driven forward with a higher sense of purpose. 

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