Within our emotional bodies we carry the energies associated with the many different types of experiences from past lifetimes.  

At this time of planetary ascension we have the opportunity to cleanse and heal our emotional bodies by releasing those denser energies associated with lower emotions (such as resentment, guilt, fear, anger and frustration) and nurturing higher energetic vibrations associated with love, compassion and selflessness.

Individually and collectively we will all feel the effects of change, but it is important that we go with the flow, that we do not judge ourselves or succumb to fear, and we accept ourselves for what we are and open ourselves to our divinity. In doing so we begin to understand that we are light beings and far more than just beings limited to the consciousness of matter and 3rd dimensional form.

Consciousness and Matter


With every Breath I take, my Consciousness, which consists of my thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories and beliefs, is projected onto the atomic substance of physical matter.

What I think about, what I put my feelings and energy into, I am bringing into form.

Matter can therefore never be more important than consciousness.


The Astral World is the plane or dimension where everyone goes upon death, when the physical body is shed, but consciousness continues in the astral body.

A person in an astral body has passed into a non-physical dimension where they can continue their eternal development and expression, until ready to incarnate again on Earth or elsewhere for further lessons and experiences. 

As one evolves spiritually one moves from the lower into the higher astral planes and so into a  higher vibrational frequency resonant to their level of development. Those in the higher astral planes are closer to graduating into spiritual planes or etheric realms, but can also choose to incarnate again on Earth or another planet to undertake a spiritual mission.

Many beings including spiritual masters have volunteered to reside in the astral realms in order to be close to the Earth and help souls incarnated in physical form on the Earth to raise their energetic vibration.


Enlightenment, presented as a rarified state of consciousness virtually unobtainable by anyone living on Earth, is a concept that takes one further from the actual truth of the idea, which in essence is about being ordinary.

The way to enlightenment starts with understanding that we are all children of the universe and that we should strive to live as illumined beings. Every living creature in nature is illumined and through their existence they enrich the world. The morning trill of a songbird is but one example. 

We (humanity) are illumined creatures but with the capacity to stray from this state of being and so disconnect ourselves from the Logus and the universal energy underpinning truth. All to easily we confuse our minds with religious, scientific and political ideologies as well as with the intellectual clutter that we gather, when we think about how we should behave and what we should believe? 

To be ordinary is to be illumined; that is to say we let go of artificial constructs that create a phoney enlightenment and we learn to love ourselves and live our lives as warm hearted, compassionate and courageous human beings.


The Aura is a field of energy radiating outwards from the body into the space surrounding it. The complete human aura consists of different and intermingling energies vibrating at a characteristic resonance or vibration. The complete aura includes the physical, pranic, astral and spiritual bodies. 

The auras of the pranic and astral bodies are generally clear or opaque. The aura associated with the physical body can provide an indication of physical health and usually extends around 60cm from the body. Within this the auras associated with the mental principles (instinctive mind, intellectual mind and spiritual mind) are associated with colour and can provide insights into the mental state of a person.  

The colours of the spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) can all be present. The colour red at one end vibrates the lowest energetic frequency with violet at the other end vibrating at the highest. Each colour in the spectrum can range from dark and dirty shades to  be almost translucent; the more translucent a colour the more spiritual and less material the thoughts that produce it.

Red is associated with instinctive mind, a dark red associated with the lowest type of thought vibrations, for example anger, hatred, sensuality or animal passion. A clear red can denote courage. 

Yellow is associated with intellect, communication, learning. Dark and dirty yellow indicate conceit or pride whilst a golden yellow is associated with spiritual wisdom. 

People with orange in their aura  (a combination of red and yellow) often display arm and friendly personalities and an optimistic outlook. 

Dark or dirty green is associated with envy and jealousy. A clear green is a sign of tolerance, politeness. 

Blue is the colour of religious conviction and a translucent blue is the colour of spiritual love. Indigo sits between blue and violet, the latter associated with either material or spiritual power depending on the shade.

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